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500+ Feminine Given Names with Pronunciation · Girl Names

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The most popular feminine given names in U.S. History. This ranking was created based on data avaiable from the Social Security website (http://ssa.gov). Every year of the period 1880-2014 was taken into account. Frequencies for each given name were combined. For some homophones (equal sounding) names like "Sara" and "Sarah", the most popular form was used. Related names like "Marie" and "Maria" were treated as different. BOY NAMES VERSION COMMING SOON! Subscribe here for notification: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLHyzSNMJZVtQaBs9uWO4vA?sub_confirmation=1 __________ Have you found this video helpful? Any comment or suggestion is welcome! Video created using python + moviepy.
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Text Comments (135)
Starsha Lewis (17 days ago)
Aw my name didn’t show up is it that unique
Lina Plays! (20 days ago)
6:36 , 264 My name it can me Lena or Lina they are the same
Esther Moses (29 days ago)
Esther #145 💛
Tonya holifield (1 month ago)
Wtf margarita
Laura's world! (1 month ago)
My name was there
Cxndy Moon (1 month ago)
They will never say my name...
cai hong (1 month ago)
My visitors names 11:00 1:22 6:47
Jessica Rodriguez (1 month ago)
No one has my real name thx God.
cai hong (1 month ago)
1:22 JanaAlayra.com
Ava's Tube (1 month ago)
My name at 8:20
Ava's Tube (1 month ago)
At 3:00 she said tabit not tabitha
Preethi Preethi (2 months ago)
Names are repeating
Micah Miravite (2 months ago)
Of course my name isn't here
Mine was in 201!
Maxpein Zin (2 months ago)
Many Unique names on wattpad like: Maxpein, Zarnaih,Zaimin ,Tob,Lee roi,Deib Lohr, Dein Leigh,Lohrton,Dei Min,Maxrill,Maxwell,Lovemir,Randall,Maxpaun,Mokz,Maze,Heurt,Maxmor,Agaser,Ciufan,Kimineah,keziah,Yssay,Choco,Eerah,Cargosin,Harlon,kev,Rhumzell,Dash,Blaze,Yago,Mallyu....Unique names by : Maxinejiji (the Author of Hes into Her) More: Zein, Ace criage, Allison,Raze,Matthew,Davies,Cedric,Fritzy,Luxury...I forgot the other names...Btw..Unique name by: Kib (the Author of "Hell University") 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 Like if you want more👍👍👍👍
ShelbyTheWizard (2 months ago)
6:52 Finally my name actually makes it into one of these things. My name isn’t even that unique lmao.
sherrys berrys (2 months ago)
11:37 number 35...close enough
Howard the Alien (2 months ago)
I’m Ashlee Hmmm
Ashy灰色的 (3 months ago)
Gosh...my name is all the way at 11:58 19!
Gacha Mermaid (3 months ago)
Gacha Mermaid (3 months ago)
Baby Names Girls Boys (3 months ago)
Awesome selections of names 😃
Avalon Hosford (4 months ago)
What about me? Lol. Forget Evelyn, it’s Avalon now honey.
Crystal Doll (4 months ago)
Can you find my weird name that will probably never be in here:Kami
whismeldi OMG (4 months ago)
No one has my name 😢💙💜❤️
whismeldi OMG what is your name? My name is Ellie ❤️it is probably just a very unique name!
Rina C (4 months ago)
Riley and Shelby which one is better???
David Sheehy (5 months ago)
130 YAY my name
Cheery Mae Atun (5 months ago)
I use Myra and Lila when rping in roblox
Kris Niña Bautista (5 months ago)
My name is Zena and its not there lol
ShairahTheGachaTuber (2 months ago)
(John ZENA JOKE) mine Is Not There either 😭
Marshmellow marshmellow (5 months ago)
My friend and sister's name were on here but my name will never be there
Carolyn Rivera (5 months ago)
I’m confused: some people pronounce Lyanna like “LY-AA-NNA” and some like “LEE-AA-NNA” which one is the correct?
Naia Barrionuevo Mozos (5 months ago)
Bonita is kind of weird because it meand pretty in Spanish
SienaandLeah (5 months ago)
SienaandLeah Omg Leah's such a beautiful name💕
Kylie B (5 months ago)
I kinda wanna name a future baby girl Anastacia (ana-stahs-ia)
Nealuba heart (5 months ago)
Latoya? well Latalia is kinda the same so yea!
Nealuba heart (5 months ago)
And Natalia too!
Anna Neilan 7 (6 months ago)
I hate my name 😔 My name is Anna
Lovely name Anna❤️
Anna Neilan 7 (4 months ago)
+whismeldi OMG Im not saying I hate the name specifically. I meant I don't think it suits me. I think it's nice for other people.
whismeldi OMG (4 months ago)
+Anna Neilan 7 ppl have that name don't say that
Anna Neilan 7 (5 months ago)
Alexander Bolton Thank you :)
Alexander Bolton (5 months ago)
TypicalGamerGal 7 I like that name
Kenneth Estanislao (6 months ago)
I have a classmate named serena
Jamey Leanne Cooper (6 months ago)
A teacher at school is called Estelle
Lacey Aaronson (6 months ago)
Hi me? I thought it was pronounced JAYMEEEE
Lacey Aaronson (6 months ago)
461 is me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gabrielle Unicorn Moreno (6 months ago)
I am looking for Chelsea... Why do I love that name soo much? 💕 CHELSEA SLAYYSSS
Julia Mänty (6 months ago)
73 Julia
Scarlett Brown (6 months ago)
How about Scarlett
Lilly The Wolf (6 months ago)
I don't see my name yet but my middle name came Marie
Jamey Leanne Cooper (6 months ago)
So is my sisters middle name
Aaliyah Shroyer (6 months ago)
They put Britney twice 😂
Aaliyah Shroyer (6 months ago)
Word 390 3:50 is my name! Has black letters and green background 😂
Alexander Bolton (5 months ago)
Aaliyah Shroyer aaliyah
julia sidan (6 months ago)
Wyatt Woods (6 months ago)
karen 12:03 #15
Neil Beare (7 months ago)
Who's writing these for nothing because your bored Me!
Aaliyah Shroyer (6 months ago)
I’m bored. If I have kids I know what to name them haha 😆
Neil Beare (7 months ago)
Correction : who's writing these down
Lucy Hoffard (7 months ago)
8:05 my name! 196
My name (Alinka) is soooo not popular but idccccc
Frayson 04 (8 months ago)
In Germany is Jan a very usual boys name🙄
Alexander Bolton (8 months ago)
My favourite was 159.
Celia Kosman (8 months ago)
Omg I have bin searching for my name for so long finally I found it! thank u!!
Marshmellow marshmellow (5 months ago)
SunBreakSlimes Restocks tutorials and other Crafts what is it??
feqwix (8 months ago)
Lovely name!
Celia Kosman (8 months ago)
I love how if two names like Allie and Ellie were put in with one then the other after they will be pronounced the same!😂😂
Marianne Santos (9 months ago)
Marianne is my name💖⚡
Ashley Madriz (9 months ago)
I’m 19
Ashley Madriz (9 months ago)
My name was there
Bambi Xxx (9 months ago)
My name is so comon annd its not on there !!!!! (Holly)
Gacha Mermaid (3 months ago)
8:16 yes it is
Riya Bhatti (9 months ago)
Ivey meek
Sparkle {Johanna} Kitten (10 months ago)
Who else has a unique name and nervously listened to see if your name was there.
melody vanilla (14 days ago)
Cri my name isnt in there :') my name is vania and the closest thing in that video is tanya :') i rlly wanna know how you pronounce that word in english cuz my ''mother'' language isnt english .-.
Starsha Lewis (17 days ago)
Me my name is starsha
Yes xD.
fuuny life (1 month ago)
Gems25629 (5 months ago)
My name is sapphire
Henrieta Hylander (10 months ago)
My name was 449
Edith Tapia (11 months ago)
My name is Edith and my sisters are Karen and Janet they are twins😂😂😂😛😂😂😂.....jajaja
Spoopy Pusheen (11 months ago)
All of my friends and people I know got on before me but two friends!
seaturtle girl (11 months ago)
How in the heck is Pat a feminine name i mean thats a guys name isnt this girls , please tell me why
feqwix (11 months ago)
Can be used for both genders, it's the short form of Patricia or Patrick.
ItzTurtleMuffinz (11 months ago)
Eyyyy my name!...
Kazoo Queen (11 months ago)
XsundaeX (11 months ago)
If anyone has trouble naming your baby something nice and less popular, this is the video for you. But the pronunciations are hilarious lmao. “StefANie” “BAYtsy” “Rilly” “Tabith” “Odd Drien”
napolitain 567 (11 months ago)
And Juliette ?
Chirpy Birb (11 months ago)
537 is my name yay.
Barbara The Pastel (11 months ago)
6 my name
Saph's World (11 months ago)
Trinity, Paige and Becky, my bffs was on here but I'm not on here lol
ZeroxMoon Studios (11 months ago)
454 yas my name finally xd
Elizabeth (11 months ago)
17 (on my mom's account)
øłMercy (11 months ago)
øłMercy (11 months ago)
Ool and jana is my best friends name in real life
Jenna Collins (11 months ago)
psycho girl my name is Jenna so close to the same name lol
øłMercy (11 months ago)
Welcome To Your Tape (11 months ago)
424 also my name but I’m male so why am I even here?
oreo ` (11 months ago)
Eve Brown (11 months ago)
Love tottaly useful and continue the good work...
Audrey Woodall (11 months ago)
500 - 139 = Audrey
Itz Faith (11 months ago)
I swear to said some names more than once
XsundaeX (11 months ago)
FaithTheFan //JustFaith but spelled differently lol
gabriella grace (1 year ago)
314 try me
Kananda Artu (6 months ago)
Gabriella VanHoosier po
X_.ARMY._X (1 year ago)
My name was number two😀😀
summer lps (6 days ago)
Ashy灰色的 my name is better than yours
summer lps (6 days ago)
LACey. No
summer lps (6 days ago)
XsundaeX 16. Bitch, you must be named margarita
Da Brownie (6 days ago)
+summer lps Your comment is really rude, I hope you will learn manners soon..
Erin Jedrzejewski (1 year ago)
Cheryl Searing (1 year ago)
My name was at 10:45
Read more (1 year ago)
Connagh Smailes (1 year ago)
It's my sister
Connagh Smailes (1 year ago)
Was there a Phoebe
Kyla Mai Robertson (1 year ago)
Ha Ha no Kyla
Victoria Zalewski (1 year ago)
I’m 67
Dan Qing (1 year ago)
My name is on the list
Delilah Starxx (1 year ago)
It didn't have my name will idc lol
daliya abdulkareem (1 year ago)
Delilah DD same here
Amira Martinez (1 year ago)
Delilah DD same
mia faure (1 year ago)
my name is 210
Leni Tuazon (2 years ago)
1:55 threadbanger!!!

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