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Oracle SQL Video Tutorial 1: SELECT Statement

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Oracle SQL Video Tutorial: SELECT Statement . In This video we explained how to use select statement. "oracle as" "what is oracle" "sql and pl sql" "pl sql pl sql" "pl sql &" "& pl sql" "pl sql and" "pl sql and sql" "oracle to sql" "to sql oracle" "sql to oracle" "oracle 10g" "oracle 11g" "oracle database" "database oracle" "oracle data" "oracle download" "download oracle" "tutorial on sql" "tutorial for sql" "sql tutorial for" "sql tutorial" "sql and tutorial" "visual basic tutorial" "oracle 9i" "oracle on windows" "linux oracle" "oracle and linux" "oracle linux" "oracle on linux" "pl oracle" "oracle forms" "oracle sql pl" "oracle pl sql" "oracle dba" "tutorial for oracle" "tutorial of oracle" "tutorial on oracle" "tutorial in oracle" "oracle tutorial" "tutorial oracle" "oracle free" "free oracle" "oracle apex" "tutorials for sql" "sql tutorials" "tutorials on sql" "oracle certification" "certification oracle" "oracle software"
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Text Comments (3)
dan m (2 years ago)
fucking retard
lastcat12 (6 years ago)
CAn you please place the Table data so that we also use the same for practice Thanks
Khazzar Ali (6 years ago)

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