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Oracle Goldengate - Part 2

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You will learn configuring oracle goldengate on SQL Server database.
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John Nope (7 months ago)
This is not training. It is someone's example of how they use GG for their purpose. Hesitant dialogue, constant use of crutch words, as well as constant use of the English prepository word, "ok" after almost every statement. Annoying as hell! Confused about his own steps to get them executed. Please learn that the use of the word "Ok" in English is used primarily as a prepositionary phrase which elicits a RESPONSE FROM THE READER and stop using it - unless you actually mean to determine whether the listener is actually ok. Are you constantly asking your listeners if they are Ok? The reason foreigners never learn to speak English correctly is because no one ever has the gall to correct them, out of a desire to remain polite. However, politeness can still be achieved by instructing foreigners to speak English correctly. You are unsure what to say, so you use "ok" (along with "um...", "ah..") in almost EVERY SENTENCE you speak. This is known as using crutch words. This makes the tutorial unlistenable to an American English speaker. You spoke for one hour to get 15 minutes worth of simple legitimate content delivered.
VAHID NOWROUZI (2 years ago)
thanks for sharing your knowledge.
nikhil jaladi (3 years ago)
Thank you...
Cristian Tovar (4 years ago)
You can use "ADD TRANDATA DBO.*" That will help when you have a big data base with 1000 tables and u dont want  add the trandata 1 by 1.... Can you upload your guide for the community? i see that it is good!!
Sajin Varghese (4 years ago)
very well explained...thanks a lot sir!!!
praveen gokarn (4 years ago)
amazing in depth explanation - kindly implement the same for oracle on unix/linux
GoldeGate-Newbie (4 years ago)
I am a newbie at GG.  Thanks for your video, I was able to setup Extract, Pump and Replicat processes, but facing two different problems:       I have two Target databases (oracle running on windows): 1. On Target1, I am trying to login into the database using DBLOGIN command, but get the "Invalid command".  However, the MANAGER process is running fine on this. 2.  On Target2, I was able to add REPLICAT process successfully and running, and on Source, both EXTRACT and MANAGER are in running status.     When I commit a record in the source table, the PUMP abends with message "ERROR   OGG-01496  Failed to open target trail file C:\GG\PUMP_DIR\PU000000, at RBA 2107" I appreciate your sincere help on this.  TIA
metamanager (5 years ago)
Mahendran Ponnusamy (5 years ago)
Do we need to have supplemental logging for Oracle tables as well?
Mahendran Ponnusamy (5 years ago)
Nice explanation. It would have been useful if you compare any Oracle table to enable trandata.

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