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Mandarina Duck for Men Review

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My 5th review! I look at a little known scent from a little know Spanish designer house "Mandarina Duck for men". Soft, spicy, fruity, peachy!
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Daniel Valsesia (3 years ago)
Just for your information, Mandarina Duck it's an italian brand, not spanish. Thanks for your review
Kristofer Maves (6 years ago)
lol thanks, man. I have a lot of NBA jerseys, but I do really like the Mavs a lot.
KK (6 years ago)
nice jersey. . now u are my favorite reviewer for sure
Kristofer Maves (7 years ago)
@park0120 Much longer than this, I can say that. I haven't worn it in a while, but I seem to remember getting more than 6 hours out of it. Maybe I'll have another try and see how it lasts.
Alex Park (7 years ago)
how long does pure black last on your skin??
Kristofer Maves (7 years ago)
@scroonchface Its a pretty big difference. Pure Black is sweeter, louder, heavier and better suited for cooler weather. It reminds me a bit of JPG Le Male actually. This is softer, lighter, fruitier and can only be pulled off in hot weather really. Both are pretty good though

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