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On The Far Side

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Text Comments (1352)
Today I Found Out (5 months ago)
Speaking of comic strip creators that very suddenly disappeared from the spot light, What Ever Happened to the Creator of Calvin and Hobbes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwMn9VMOBmQ
rcg 5 (2 days ago)
You must add the story about Jane Goodall. That is staggeringly funny.
Rena Streetman (1 month ago)
I have always enjoyed The Far Side.
Observer (4 months ago)
Rebecca Gibbs don't forget bull barbecuing hamburgers
Gamesturbator (4 months ago)
This is too weird. I didn't even look at your comment until after I looked up Calvin and Hobbes. And I didn't look that up until I'd already watched this video. I then noticed that both videos were published on June 9th! I then returned to this video and noticed this comment pointing to the video on Calvin and Hobbes!
Sufiya H. (5 months ago)
sleepingkirby: I liked the one with the scientist with the test tube stuck on his nose. "Just pull it off and apologize..."
Wf Coaker (40 minutes ago)
Some Western dressed people can be seen through the window of a house while inside the “tribally” dressed people are frantically trying to hide all their mod cons, screaming “Anthropologists!!” Lol
Dave Joseph (4 hours ago)
How the heck did Larson come up with so many different ideas?
CauseAndEffect (7 hours ago)
If atheists are wrong about the afterlife, will they get to say, 'oops'?
dampaul13 (12 hours ago)
I can't remember when, how or why I discovered The Far Side, but I remember in year 9 (late 80's) a mate and I use to meet each morning in the at the school library before class and grab the paper. We'd each have a guess at what page the funnies were on, read The Far Side, then do the daily quiz. We did this every day for 3 years. It just resonated with both of us. We couldn't figure out why others didn't find it funny. I think my favourite might be ' "And so," the interviews asked, "do you ever have trouble coming up with ideas?' Well, sometimes," the cartoonist replied. ' If people out there haven't read 'The Prehistory of The Far Side,' please do. It gives a great insight, background and magnificent anecdotes on The Far Side. For me, the only other comic to come close to The Far Side was 'Non Sequitur' by Wiley. Such great memories. Thank you Mr. Larson.
Rabbit Snare (19 hours ago)
One of my favorites was the "Buck & Cut": a guy is coming out of a barbershop - angry with his bad haircut - but the barbers cut hair while the customers ride on those motorized bucking horses. Loved the irreverence.
Kenny Taylor (19 hours ago)
I loved your video! The Far Side was one of my favorite cartoon strips next to Family Circle. I found the history of the Far Side fascinating.
Rabbit Snare (19 hours ago)
Larson has had a chance to re-charge his batteries. He should come back - for the sake of his fans who miss The Far Side and had to go into therapy when it ended. (Same goes for the Calvin and Hobbes guy.) He doesn't have to do a daily strip. Just put together a book or two of new stuff. His audience is still there, waiting.
snaplash (20 hours ago)
I bought the whole collection. Huge, heavy, and the only hardcover books I own. Complaints? I'd like to see a collection of these, with the subject cartoons.
floxy20 (20 hours ago)
All his cartoon figures are obese. The cartoons would not be nearly as funny if this were not so.
mrbreezeaau (23 hours ago)
My favourite is the cows standing on their hind legs and leaning on a fence talking.... then one says "Car" and they all drop to the ground and start eating grass. Classic
ToddtheExploder (1 day ago)
Who’s Bubbles?
ToddtheExploder (1 day ago)
Gary Larsen was probably the greatest one-panel cartoonist ever. Besides Robert Crumb, he’s my favorite cartoonist. Total madman.
Mal-2 KSC (1 day ago)
What's the difference between a rock guitarist and a jazz guitarist? The rock guitarist plays four chords for thousands of people, while the jazz guitarist plays thousands of chords for four people. Thank goodness he doesn't need to do it for money.
Robb Chastain (1 day ago)
My favorite Far Side was his play on surfers looking for the perfect wave. It showed a happy chimp swinging on a vine through the forest with the caption: He had seen Mozambique. Now most of Tanzania was behind him. Of this, there was no doubt, Chippy had caught the perfect vine.
Chris Keck (2 days ago)
Whoops. Thought you were Michael Stevens for a second there. I'll move on now
Laura Willits (2 days ago)
Another weird and wonderful Washingtonian.
Joseph Wiese (2 days ago)
Did he say Gary Larson was born in 1915? And, he's still alive today 2018 ? So, he's 103 years old?
savagecub (2 days ago)
Today I found out why Simon looks so much like a bespectacled speaking penis..........
Calvin Barrett (2 days ago)
Thank you for the channel
Calvin Barrett (2 days ago)
stephen jacobs (2 days ago)
153 dislikes?? Who are you people? Perpetual stick up your asses? Jees!
Nightfeather (2 days ago)
f for Thag Simmons
Brady Postma (3 days ago)
Best comic strips of all time (in no particular order): · The Far Side · Bloom County · Calvin & Hobbes · Sherman's Lagoon · possibly Peanuts if you disregard how poorly it has aged
Bjorn Arnesen (3 days ago)
Dinosaurs went extinct because South Africans invented the vuvuzela.
Barry Gibbons (3 days ago)
along with "The Far Side", I also liked "the King's a Fink"and "Hey B.C.".
Losaiko Go Blue (3 days ago)
I always looked forward to opening the paper to 'The Far Side' in the morning paper with a cup of coffee.
Tommy John (3 days ago)
Hard to pin down a favourite Far Side cartoon but the one with a whale onstage giving a speech to an audience of whales says, "So I said, ya think I got a hole in my head?" Or something close to that.
izphuzzy (3 days ago)
Holy crap, this was wholesome.
Wogden 700 (4 days ago)
Wow your voice is annoying to listen to
#catdestroyerofworlds (4 days ago)
Wait... this isn't vsause
stretch654 (4 days ago)
Gary's cartoons were so funny. I guess his sense of humor was kind of ground-breaking (like Monty Python) which is perhaps why some people thought it was weird or offensive. Then again maybe they were just up-tight dickheads.
Curtis Scott (4 days ago)
Excellent video! Yeah - I discovered The Far Side years ago and believe it to be a series of works of genius.
Kenny Scott (4 days ago)
Complaints about the far side?Bugger me there's some sad and humourless people in the world. You got to wonder about them. The far side is one of the funniest cartoons ever I think.
Joe Momma (4 days ago)
How do you spell droring?
Mother Time (4 days ago)
Good info. I usually kept my favorite calendar frame on my desk. When food goes bad, food in fridge are putting guns at other food.
Dale McCorkle (4 days ago)
What a horrible video! I can't believe you made Larson seem so boring.
Nathan Lawson (4 days ago)
Genius. He made me laugh every day. He absolutely invented memes, only his were hand drawn
SteveG 6513 (4 days ago)
Really miss those days when I got a paper every day just to read The Far Side. Calvin and Hobbs and my all time favorite Bloom County. Thanks to Berkeley Breathed for bringing the BC back to life.
Steve White (4 days ago)
Gary Larson, Genius. Quite simply.....pure genius.
sean hurley (5 days ago)
Spiders building a web on a slide in a park “If we pull this off we’ll eat like kings”
Wa-Ching Itall (1 day ago)
Or the one where the two bears are sitting in an old abandoned car in the woods, and one says to the other: "Think about it, Murray. . . if we could get this baby runnin', we could run over hikers, pick up females, chase down mule deer. . . man, we'd be the grizzlies from hell."
Park Tamaroon (5 days ago)
Mitch loses a pocket knife.
RFC3514 (5 days ago)
1:03 - Octo... what? The plural of octopus is "octopuses" (English) or "octopodes" (Greek). They don't eat pies.
J H (6 days ago)
I swear, I've never read so many comments, but you people keep describing the cartoons!!!!!...and thank you.
Chris Himes (6 days ago)
speeta (4 days ago)
His comic strip began looking like a knockoff of Gahan Wilson's art before he developed his own handstyle.
Dario Impini (6 days ago)
Seattle found it "weird and offensive". Shocking.
Russ Gallagher (6 days ago)
A great cartoon that's sorely missed!
John Wood (6 days ago)
He was GREAT !!! We all laughed until we cried when a friend of ours didn't understand the Thagomizer ,no matter what we said.😁😁😂
Mike LaBo Music (7 days ago)
Reading people’s descriptions of their favorite far side comics is the best part of this video. Great post! I miss Larson’s work, so much, and live whenever i see one of his comics around.
Glenn LeRoy (7 days ago)
If all possible I would like to know what happened to Herman also a single cell cartoon that would appear in the news papers
Cris James (7 days ago)
I love the farside.
Steve Waclo (8 days ago)
Super, but a photo of Gary would have been nice. Don't make me Wiki! 😀😀😀
Spaghetti541 (8 days ago)
How could you not bring up the best and most understandable strip, "Cow Tools"? I am very disappointed.
Robert Rushton (8 days ago)
Do one on Jim Unger' s Herman next, I'll guess G. Larson was aware of it, a lot of similarities in their skill with one frame.
Robert Rushton (8 days ago)
A favourite scientist one, "Now class, note that the faster I drum my fists on Simpson's back, the more he sounds like a motor boat", so many others.
Wa-Ching Itall (1 day ago)
Or - The three lab-coated, bespectacled scientists standing in front of their dilapidated rocket, with a large picture of how the rocket SHOULD look hanging on a wall behind them, and one of them is saying: "It's time we face reality, my friends. . . we're not exactly rocket scientists."
TheGroundedAviator (9 days ago)
Dinosaurs smoked tobacco!
Thund3rb1rd (9 days ago)
I absolutely loved Far Side.  Miss it very much.  Very few intelligent comics these days.
Ankle Donna (9 days ago)
"Bummer of a birthmark, Hal."
Zalmoksis44 (10 days ago)
Why is everybody illustrating nowadays with banal stock photos? I really prefer seeing just your face talking than these.
Zalmoksis44 (10 days ago)
I don't think "octopi" is correct. (It's not a Latin 2nd declension noun). Anglicized "octopuses" is much better I think. Because no-one really pronounce it really as "octopodes" what would be its plural where it comes from, that is from a latinized ancient Greek word.
Juan0003 (10 days ago)
"Boneless chicken ranch", "Not too close Higgins, this one's got a knife", "And notice gentlemen, the faster I go, the more Johnson sounds like a motorboat"... so many classics!
James Meritt (11 days ago)
Who is John Galt?
Sean Huntley (11 days ago)
I really, really miss The Far Side
Fsilone (12 days ago)
Dude, I live in Sumner lol didn't realize he was from my hometown!
hatfieldrick (12 days ago)
If you ask me, it's no accident that scientists and academics love The Far Side. His quirky sense of humor appeals to intelligence and the open mind. I would bet just about anything that the people who complained about his strip were the kind of narrow-minded ninnies who are offended by ANYthing unconventional because they simply don't have enough functioning neurons to rustle up a sense of humor.
Wee Pat (13 days ago)
My favorite Far Side, was of two crocs kicking it on the river bank with debris all around, and one says, "That was incredible. No fur, claws, horns, antlers, or nothin' ... just soft and pink."
Al Cor (13 days ago)
OK have to give one of my favourites, something most with a dog has probably done at one time.  Man putting a milk bone on the dog's nose saying wait, wait, wait, and the dog thinking "that's it I'm going to kill him"
TheDoctor (13 days ago)
I must have a twisted sense of humor, I LOVE Far Side. Best comic ever!
OutnBacker (15 days ago)
In keeping with Larson's sardonic world view, I found this video to be the epitome of stereotype for British stiffness. The Far Side was - to me - and to my brother, to whom I always sent Far Side b-day cards, the funniest, most warped, incisive humor ever. Never did I or we, find them in the least disturbing. So much for the thought that Snowflakes are anything new since 2016. But then, as a resident of the Seattle area, I can attest that it started here early on.
dBREZ (15 days ago)
Far Side...Reminds me of two things. The 80's and reading actual newspapers.
Anna Ferrara (16 days ago)
Still so funny, probably even funnier as an adult than when I used to read his comics as a kid.
Barry Werdell (16 days ago)
There was a Far Side cartoon with a child with an enormous head and an apple on it and a man ready to shoot it off with a caption like William Tells dilemma. The Douwn syndrome readers complained and Larson's reply was "Bet Charles Schultz never got these kind of letters."
Nathan Carlos Rupley (19 days ago)
There is no such thing as a "Burmuda python". Did you mean Burmese python?
kathryn flynn (20 days ago)
Mr. Larson lived a few blocks away from me. Another neighbor discovered this while walking his kid to the school. There were drawing cells sitting in the top of the trashcan. The neighbor went through them and grabbed a couple and put them in a stroller. This went on for sometime, the neighbor looking forward to going through Mr. Larson‘s trash on Monday mornings. One day sitting pristinely on the top of the garbage was a signed cell of a man going through his neighbors trash. It was a perfect likeness, stroller and all. Mr Larson stood in the front window watching it all unfold and grinning with delight. It made me love his comics all the more.
killerpeaches7 (21 days ago)
His strips.... pure genius. Sadly in today's overly PC world, I'm sure the complaints would be 100 fold from the thin skin types who just can't laugh at anything. *sigh*
Kaiju Adventures (21 days ago)
Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes are two of the greatest comic series ever made.
christian powell (22 days ago)
HerpyDerpyDoo11 (25 days ago)
Worry not, Far Side fans. In some newspaper markets, a decent replacement called "Rhymes with Orange" exists, which is just as funny.
Mama B (26 days ago)
Three words: Boneless Chicken Ranch. I had a shirt of that one and it was my favorite shirt all through my teen years.
David Bramwells (27 days ago)
When I was a kid back in the 1960's, I so wanted to live with the Addams Family, they seemed so normal to me, so it is no wonder that my taste in comics is The Far Side, Ballard Street and Non Sequiter.
John Abbate (27 days ago)
My favorite Far Side was a man was getting attacked by a werewolf. The caption read “In his final moments, [the man] remembers where he seen the ugly tie [on the werewolf] before.” And it is revealed that the ugly tie owner was the gun store salesman who sold the man the “100% pure silver” bullets.
Escape Velocity (28 days ago)
It seems the baby docs in medical school were enamored with Larson in the 1980s. That's where I first became acquainted with his work.
Merle Morrison (28 days ago)
IIRC, when he retired he went to Sri Lanka to decompress.....
Obstinate Prime (1 month ago)
Cat fud
Xhumed (1 month ago)
I loved The Far Side when i was younger, my Dad had a bunch of the books and i must have read them all dozens of times. I love that the thagomizer is named from one of his cartoons.
Robert Bray (1 month ago)
So when I was 15, I was with some friends and we took one of my friend's father's car for a joy ride. It ended up on its roof. After things had calmed down, my parents bought me this card. https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcSjDsqS9GlUUWVRqMDgS0gT_R5LahUcGJwwoISroVQhTk0ri5iY
tdietz20 (1 month ago)
Larson is also on record stating that he does not appreciate his cartoons being shown anywhere without his approval. https://www.themarysue.com/far-side-creator/
Anyone else remember the one with the lion in the elevator and it almost shut on his tail
INFERNOmunky (1 month ago)
somehow I did my first book report on the far side...
Wheels Lifts (1 month ago)
He was definitely abducted by aliens and forced to stop the comics, some say that the anal probe is still inside him monitoring his insults of aliens. Some say the anal probe can turn into an ice cream truck.
Owen Wolf Co. (1 month ago)
Yay! That means I share a state with a legendary cartoonist!
Al Tortugas (1 month ago)
Well done, Simon.
Robert Melvin (1 month ago)
Most comments are "here's my favorite" so here's mine: cops walk into a lab and see all these dead cats - yes, curiosity did kill these cats. And yes, I hung it up in my lab.
northerniltree (1 month ago)
When I peruse through the Sunday comics, I might read one or two out of them all, because they almost all suck- in a stupid kind of way. The cemetery of cartoon mediocrity, as Larson put it. He actually made me snort.. Isn't that why you read a comic?
nowvoyagerNE (1 month ago)
Larsen's cartoons were twisted...they piqued the part of the brain that loves twisted stuff, just around the corner from the part of the brain that has the trigger for hysterical laughter.
Marc Atteberry (1 month ago)
We should find him, and poke him with a stick until he is funny again.
pmw8000 (1 month ago)
He published a book of cartoons he "could never publish." My fave in that book was an Easter cartoon, depicting Jesus pouring Himself a cup of coffee, with a a thick, wavy stream of strong coffee splashing into the cup. A coffin with the lid slid off sat behind Him, in the background. Jesus is saying, "Dang! I feel like I've been for three days!"
Carol Norton (1 month ago)
I have missed Larson more than all my ex-husbands added together! wish he would go back to drawing and give me a reason to live.

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