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Versace | Spring Summer 2018 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Versace | Spring Summer 2018 by Donatella Versace | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video - MFW/Milan Fashion Week) #Versacetribute #Cindycrawford #Carlabruni #Claudiaschiffer #Naomicampbell #Helenachristensen
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Roxy (1 day ago)
They've changed the audio on this video, the original was so much more amazing combined with the show...
Aavale' Storm (3 days ago)
Black and yellow!
Petroscka Guray (6 days ago)
These are models, and the reason for their tall height is to model for all heights and their walk is exaggeratingly expressing the fashion of clothes that their wearing.
herawlord 27 (9 days ago)
The music so disturbing
Rob C (12 days ago)
These are obviously not humans. I suspect they're all androids.
Tess Peng (17 days ago)
So far I haven't seen anyone wearing this nitch market garment at all in 2018 no matter woman with money or girl as good as model. None. Guess if you want the whole outfits might cost you two or three money income to have them on.
Elaina Beasley (18 days ago)
I love EVERY piece on this runway.
Kpop Besu (19 days ago)
I love all the outfits omg ❤️😍
Alfri Anhar (22 days ago)
why is the audio changed?
eli E (23 days ago)
3:02 Who is she ??
Annisa Kesha (3 days ago)
Teddy Quinlivan
Naomi Disaster (26 days ago)
They're walking way to fast , sheesh make it slow and rememberable
Admilson Santos (26 days ago)
Alejandro Cornejo (1 month ago)
Did any one noticed that they changed the soundtrack!!! I feel so sad for that
Joylin Espejo (1 month ago)
They're all thin tall model wow
NEW NORM TRUMP (1 month ago)
Dani Jaramillo (1 month ago)
Tyblerone (1 month ago)
This cracks me up because everyone involved in this still thinks this looks cool
Hazel Boyce (1 month ago)
Striking and dramatic...I like...your models look angry very unpleasant...are they going to war??there is style in ones face as well....try it!!'
AB0V3 ‍ (1 month ago)
Marvelous show. Strange or not, I really like the show room for some odd reason. Models are pretty as can be. Appriciate all the clothes, but the ones I liked the most were the all-black ones, the pale pastel blue ones, the baby pink ones and the ones with the sea motives. The closing was very touching as well. Bless...
tarangolian gmx (2 months ago)
Donatella Versace no woman to be admired: she is a drug addict, living on cocaine in order to manage her daily life. Her body looks like that of a boy with muscles- not the body of a woman. She is far too thin due to her cronic eating malfunction.Her eating malfunction also affected her poor daughter Allegra, who was almost dying from anorexia (you can google her photographs)... Please, do NOT admire artificial people who live in a fake world and who can only manage their life by using drugs. Listen to Donatella´s voice: she sounds as if she had a cold - because her nasal septum (=inner nose wall) is destructed by cocaine use. There is no need for idealizing ill people who live in a DRUG BUBBLE.
Marlisse Torres (2 months ago)
The editing on this video is crazyyyy.
Manuel Trujillo (2 months ago)
Girl at 3:34?
carpe diem (2 months ago)
The monster versache jesus
Lily Maria (2 months ago)
So this s what heaven feels like 😇😇😇😇
yehtut aung (2 months ago)
Versace's clothes are boring
Jessica Amadeus Jackson (2 months ago)
Versace clothes are EXCITING. But they are not for boring people
Estaba mejor la otra cancion xd
Zareen Tasnim (2 months ago)
The camera work is so bad!
thomas thomas (2 months ago)
why it's a different song ?
Esg sg (2 months ago)
what is this scary illuminate music tho
Bella Dean (2 months ago)
Versace is really my vibe!!!! I love how gold black and white put together 💕💕💕
cat rg (2 months ago)
came here after the fashion show for 2019 to get my hopes back cause..
Myesha Sharrun (2 months ago)
Walk ladiesssssss!!! The fits are giving me LIFE! 😍😍😍
Diese Leonie (2 months ago)
why did the music change, noooooooooooo
애리엘 애리엘 (2 months ago)
Most of the times I'm not satisfied with Versace but this is actually great! I mean I'm in love with this collection! GREAT JOB👏👏
Jessica Amadeus Jackson (2 months ago)
Well of course its great. Its Gianni's designs. Donatella is no Gianni
Rogger Ataides (2 months ago)
Acabaram com o vídeo
Jessica Amadeus Jackson (2 months ago)
What happened to the audio tribute to Gianni??!
Evenly (25 days ago)
Jessica Amadeus Jackson ikr wtf
David Dean (2 months ago)
I really admire designing,fashion shows and modeling but I'm a guy..sad
seiji iwaguro (2 months ago)
Beautiful 👏👏
rigii nti (2 months ago)
I want in my closet 40 of them soo muchh!!😍😍
Natalia Paterson (2 months ago)
I watch this religiously! is it just me or have they replaced the music?
junkaa07 (2 months ago)
Kaia is too beautiful for the runway. I'd rather look at her face rather than the clothing
cat rg (2 months ago)
beautifully intimidating.
Rogger Ataides (2 months ago)
Mas que desgraça de som é esse ?
Rogger Ataides (2 months ago)
O aconteceu com o som original ? Pq mudaram o vídeo?
Tobeyforever (2 months ago)
Versace glorious! Last of the designs by Donatella. I know she is staying as a consultant. But eventually Michael Kors will replace her now that it is his company. Now those dresses are collectors masterpieces of art.
B M-Y (2 months ago)
0:44....Bitch, work that granny outfit.
Dark diamond (2 months ago)
It's so beautiful
Cindy Xia (2 months ago)
They're giving it to MK......nooooooo
Jessica Amadeus Jackson (2 months ago)
Dior and Louis Vutton were sold too. It happens in the world of fashion
Scorpio (2 months ago)
10:16 Model on the right was the hottest!
Kalion Lucas (2 months ago)
Her name is Gigi Hadid top n.1 in the world right now
sammy fabillar (2 months ago)
So powerful😍
serdar akbaş (2 months ago)
4,40 🔥🔥🔥
serdar akbaş (2 months ago)
serdar akbaş (2 months ago)
wowwwwww the best show.
Rebeca Romero Alas (2 months ago)
And Linda Evangelista????
Sally Ruizesparza (2 months ago)
lo más hermoso
Excelente trabajo de producción
Solveg Rasmus (2 months ago)
crappy fabrics,cheap looking
asdfghjkllila (2 months ago)
the blue outfits snapped
Layla Foster (2 months ago)
what’s the song at the end
six Angela (2 months ago)
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Golden Group (2 months ago)
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bomb roses (2 months ago)
The song
Mir Kadri (2 months ago)
Very very bad.
Avery Erhard (2 months ago)
Kendall and gigi are unbelievably ordinary beside these true unique beauties
Sarah Leach (2 months ago)
Excellent show. The best . Well yes but Dolce and Gabbana is next
RobRossiFan (2 months ago)
This collection is 1000 times more gorgeous, stylish and expensive and ICONIC than SS 2019 that is sad.
Jessica Amadeus Jackson (2 months ago)
Well thats Gianni's genius
RobRossiFan (2 months ago)
I guess it's gonna cost the same but.. you see the difference?
oxygen (2 months ago)
Loved the clothes.
Alejandro Teobal (2 months ago)
Me encanta la pasarela en especial la iluminación es muy bonito las modelos algo delgadas pero bien
Jonathan Cervantes (2 months ago)
Song's name please!!!! By the way I'm Johnny
Sydney Adams (2 months ago)
Are you supposed to walk slow or fast, with a lot of bounce or little bounce, do you move your arms fastball back and forth or calmly
M CV (2 months ago)
Ayman Bakri (2 months ago)
Women's Dress https://amzn.to/2NXMOwJ
Carlo Falconette (2 months ago)
look at the clothes, not at the models...
Aizimath A. Samath (2 months ago)
annie 1 (2 months ago)
3:36 what is that thing that fell off from her onto the floor
Isaac Orcard (2 months ago)
Kendall quedo seca en ese trio... Grace Elizabeth la opaco.
emilsky2001 (2 months ago)
I dont understand why Yasmeen, Linda and Christy Turlington were not here.....even for just one show
escapefrommyself (2 months ago)
Rest in peace Gianni Versace, the greatest designer ever!
Satan’s Wife (2 months ago)
Excellent. Who else watch this so religiously?
Lily Maria (2 months ago)
Satan’s Wife meeeeee
Katerina Patiniotis (2 months ago)
7:24 What's this walk???
Katerina Patiniotis (2 months ago)
3:04 She walks like a horse!! 😂
Prakriti Singh (2 months ago)
12:31 -I got goosebumps
Katherine Ujhazy (3 months ago)
i wonder if the other models in fashion shows with Gigi and Kendall sit together and laugh about how awful their walks are. they’ve got to be a huge joke to the other models in the fashion industry.
Elisa Bianchini (3 months ago)
Una delle mie collezioni in assoluto preferite. Ricorda il passato ma con la visione dei giorni nostri. Un bellissimo mix di tempi . Se avessi qualche 'spicciolo in più '....ahahahaha. Stupenda collezione 😍
lisa starves (3 months ago)
I v watch fashion ever.. so long ago.. i was 12 years old i love fashion.. tv
Martina Zeugner (3 months ago)
I love it so much ^^ Each costume is amazing
Valeria Ponce (3 months ago)
Valeria Ponce (3 months ago)
Romero Constantini (3 months ago)
0:46 Is that duck face necessary?
dimitris trap (3 months ago)
I am searching for versace migos song NOT THIS SHIT
dimitris trap (2 months ago)
+escapefrommyself Go listen Migos Versace song mate and all the other migos songs
escapefrommyself (2 months ago)
This is NOT shit. Its one of the best fashion shows!!!
Celso Hernandez (3 months ago)
I know Zara is known for copying everyone but they really copied the SHIT out of Versace recently lol
Annisa Kesha (3 days ago)
Yeah and chanel and tom ford too
rigii nti (2 months ago)
Dandara Rimbaud (3 months ago)
Kaia gerbers walk is so good. But she’s so so skinny. Someone feed her
RODRIGO SANTOS (3 months ago)
10:51 song name please !?
Stella Perez (3 months ago)
5:24 did anyone else noticed?
Stella Perez (3 months ago)
This collection is pure fire 🔥🔥
smh dafuq (3 months ago)
Model at 9:40 looked a legit god. Holy fuck those eyes and the outfit just killed it
Tracey Wingfield (3 months ago)
This is a wonderful collection. All heart. The late Big V would be proud. Sleek, great cuts, not one piece disappoints. Yessss! This collection is a 10.
alexandro rios (3 months ago)
Deammm gianni versace most be pround of donatella versace amazing fashion show most of my sunglasses are versace and a few t-shirts and shirt 👏🏻🙏#VERSACE-FOREVER
Mr. Destruction (3 months ago)
dude.. those clothes are ugly and too extra
escapefrommyself (2 months ago)
Those clothes are superb!! Fantastic designs that your sorry ass cant efford either way
Pinky T (3 months ago)
Gigi how she became runway model is beyond me...she cant walk she doesnt look the part....money can buy way in i guess... same to kendall...

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