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How to Build a Magic the Gathering Deck (beginners)

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/charalanahzard Twitter: https://twitter.com/charalanahzard COMPETITION ENDS ON THE 7th OF MARCH. Enormous thanks to Hasbro for the give-away opportunity, and the cards supplied in this video! So, this week I teach you guys (mostly beginners, though) how to make your first Magic the Gathering deck. This card game has existed for ages and I only got into it 2-3 years ago, but have had heaps of fun (mostly teaching others to play!). It's definitely a bit hard to get into since, from the outside, it seems quite complex. If you build a deck this way and then start playing with friends etc. you'll very quickly pick up how to play, what you need to change, what cards you like, what strategies you like, and what weaknesses your deck has. From the steps in this video, you really just need to test your stuff out and start buying more cards to get a FULLY SICK DECK YO! So hopefully this helps some people out :). Art Prints: http://society6.com/charalanahzard/prints Tumblr: https://www.charalanahzard.tumblr.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/charalanahzard
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Text Comments (1021)
Darryl Regan (13 days ago)
Thanks for the help
Axiom Sakopy (16 days ago)
Sexy baby i want to play with your body, not with cards.
Alanah Pearce (16 days ago)
hunter _ald (29 days ago)
I played magic for year just wanted to see how other make their decks and its about right lol i play with black and use lots of swamps and my others is green and i use forests
carl miller (2 months ago)
Well I played magic for a little while, yes I played black but with white in it, it's a (Extort) deck but it's EDH 💯 card deck, my deck is about kinda like a vampire, I suck the life out of my opponents to increase mine, but when I gain double the life it does that to my opponent or opponents like the vampire that when I gain life an opponent loses that much life same with Senguinated Blood but it's a enchantment.
Sonny Chaudhry (2 months ago)
Thank you for the clarification!
Don Mangrubang (3 months ago)
I am new player I have question about non land cards?
Jay R (4 months ago)
tcg is broken or expensive. rather f2p hearthstone. magic online needs to be more accessible for the masses and not so damn expensive
Darksidestoner Gaming (4 months ago)
hey i know im kinda late getting into magic but your video help me out alot thank you so much and im playing red :)
Metal Clark (4 months ago)
Man, I wish .... the internet existed as we know it when I played. Took me forever to learn these basics lol
wagwanmacreps (5 months ago)
I've done it how you've done it
Fatal Shore (6 months ago)
More cards is not better..i have thousands of cards and trying to deck build is really difficult cos i get sidetracked...and those 20 cards you found that you like would be a pile of like 300 in my case lol..not to mention sub piles of every color with other cool ideas for deck, and combos..and uhghghdghjdjgh
Raime 1245 (6 months ago)
Black and red deck with scorpion god as the centre of fun
shourt round (6 months ago)
Lourd Macson Cango (7 months ago)
nice video! very helpful! :)
Jonathan Wuong (8 months ago)
I play black and white
Let's Plays & More (8 months ago)
Are the rules the same on the Magic The Gathering Board Game from the card game?
Shannon Amend (9 months ago)
I know that you can get solutions for that on woodprix website. just google 'woodprix' :)))
Seidy Angel (9 months ago)
my coler is blue and all my magic cards are water
Kevin Ce (9 months ago)
are you real? You such the perfect wife
Patrick Archibald (9 months ago)
You keep impressing me. I hope to play games with you one day.
Robert Peterson (10 months ago)
How many single pack of cards you need to make 60
Jacob Corona (10 months ago)
1000 comment good vid
imperfect cell (11 months ago)
LOL I'm good I 5000 cards and just slow and don't know how to build a deck I'm just now starting to get into the game I just collected the cards now I have like a lot of guards have like two suitcases full of just cards
Victor Delatorre (11 months ago)
there's an app called magic 2015. Its pretty good, and there's a ton of people playing it.
UberAwesomeMan9 (11 months ago)
i want to get started playing magic and i know that i want to have a deck that revolves around dragons. in your opinion what are the best into decks and booster packs to get as many dragon cards as possible (without breaking the bank).
Adventure Studio (11 months ago)
@Haxaldr , Thanks for the suggestion it really worked for me!
Kenneth Markwith (11 months ago)
Red is my least favorite color, but I just tend to play the strongest cards. Whatever color that leads me to, usually blue and X.
Flying Dutchman (1 year ago)
One of the few magic player who see a pussy everyday...
Richard Smith (1 year ago)
Lies. Girls dont play mtg
Whyx Nowx (1 year ago)
Thank you for the great video! Please continue uploading ;_D My beautiful girlfriend also plays magic: at the moment it's a Merfolk mono blue aggro deck.
Jose Mendoza (1 year ago)
Green nd blue
Death Eater (1 year ago)
I do black White Lifelink/Deathtouch and then undying/flying
I wish someone could teach me how to play :(
Karnex (1 year ago)
I will
Dale Fehr (1 year ago)
great video and thx as it helps us newbies to the game.
Young living (1 year ago)
I play blue and green because I like to confuse the opponent with the cards I play
ILUVTACOZ 420 (1 year ago)
You only need 23 land for 1 7drop
M F (1 year ago)
What's diff btwn standards and planeswalker? Are the cards interchangeable
FUCK OFF (1 year ago)
i wish i found a hot chick that played magic, all the ones at my college are fat
Jose Laires (1 year ago)
im also a black player
Gaming How (1 year ago)
Omg Alanah you play Magic. Just got into it. Love u on Beyond also.
Ash Boy (1 year ago)
I use green and I started because of my friend he got me into it
gughino larva (1 year ago)
I want to play pink mana now
Metalisha (1 year ago)
just took a look at you're channel and i realized that you don't upload that much magic anymore D:
Metalisha (1 year ago)
oh........ are they allowed to make you not do what you want? (i assume, you might also just hate it now, have not really looked into you're channel)
Alanah Pearce (1 year ago)
Unfortunately the company I work for says I'm not allowed to.
Epicjj101 Games (1 year ago)
Thanks for the help
Encryptedte (1 year ago)
Look to get back into mtg
Zeroy Planeswalker (1 year ago)
how could I make a voodoo deck
Action kid (1 year ago)
I normally play as black and white or green and white. Although the deck I'm favoring rn is mainly colorless
Geko Games (1 year ago)
Aw shet the givaway ended 2 years ago ;-; btw, i play white :P
AnselAlly (1 year ago)
Ill play magic if I run into girls like you often
Anonymous 166 (1 year ago)
I just play black and blue
Eric Rynchek (1 year ago)
Just so you know you have to have at least 60 cards minimum but the is no maximum, also black mana is best mana
Matthew blok (1 year ago)
i play green an white best also my deck is Creature (23) 1 Scute Mob 2 Caravan Escort 1 Beastbreaker of Bala Ged 1 Knight of Cliffhaven 1 Frontier Guide 1 Affa Guard Hound 1 Turntimber Basilisk 1 Tajuru Archer 1 Daggerback Basilisk 1 Stonework Puma 1 Grazing Gladehart 1 Veteran Warleader 1 Joraga Bard 1 Ondu Giant 1 Makindi Griffin 1 Wildheart Invoker 2 Graypelt Hunter 1 Kabira Vindicator 2 Territorial Baloth 1 Avenger of Zendikar Sorcery (4) 1 Oust 2 Sheer Drop 1 Primal Command Instant (3) 1 Groundswell 1 Repel the Darkness 1 Harrow Artifact (2) 1 Explorer's Scope 1 Seer's Sundial Enchantment (2) 1 Khalni Heart Expedition 1 Retreat to Kazandu Land (26) 2 Graypelt Refuge 1 Stirring Wildwood 2 Turntimber Grove 2 Evolving Wilds 9 Plains 10 Forest 60 Cards
stone sherrill (1 year ago)
the physical cards I have from all these packs are mostly white and red so I'm gonna build a deck out of those two :)
Jake Colvin (1 year ago)
Black and Green!
JAMES HALL (1 year ago)
Hmmmm. pretty girl that plays magic. There's a first for everything.
JAMES HALL (1 year ago)
You have to have at least 60 cards on a deck. I am a zombie mono black. Or I am a mono red aggro deck. I use liliana deaths majesty and Chandra torch of Defiance.
levikirkland54 (1 year ago)
All I heard was Alanah. Everything else after that was just a blur. lol good visuals though.
ImPro FoShow (1 year ago)
that dead pixel haha
Luke Hill (1 year ago)
Forest so all my subjects in the wilderness will over run and defeat all other coloured creators in Magic the gathering 😈
Jason Stephen (1 year ago)
whats the best way to learn....I have gone to my local comic book store Magic night but no one is willing to play me in order to show me how to play
Sean Sharif (1 year ago)
You're hot
j fman000 (1 year ago)
I play green and white
Horst Schlemmer (1 year ago)
You're hot. I think I love you! :-*
sw3rvz (1 year ago)
nice just got my first starter deck and a bunch i found at thrift shops, hope i could build something good
Thomas Gorissen (1 year ago)
the marsmist titan might cost 7 but you can play it for 3 mana if your devotion to black is 4
Dill Pickle (1 year ago)
All I want to know is how many cards in a deck
Conner Kap (1 year ago)
The Eevelutions 60 or more
Machamp's Metal Shop (1 year ago)
Magic is fine and all that, but let's play some Pokémon TCG!
Smengsquare Boabpants (1 year ago)
my second name is pearce
Mai (1 year ago)
i play green and black red and white blue and white my main is red and white i used to play red and black but changed it to red and white because i had a planswalker
Jūju (1 year ago)
Is it ok to have 3 colors in one deck? I used swamp, mountain, and water.
Alanah Pearce (1 year ago)
You can!
GM Picasso (1 year ago)
thanks for helping me
Bob Cat 1313 (1 year ago)
I play with green and blue and sun I forgot the name of the sun
Caleb Gordon (1 year ago)
nice hair maybe there is hope for us guys
I only have a little pack of cards my dad gave me witout knowing how the fuck to play with them, so i ended up havung them as collectible cards just because. I might give this a try though
jed gould (1 year ago)
As a beginner, I was frustrated by watching you handling the cards which I couldn't SEE. Alanah Pearce a delightful Aussie name.
Daniel Crutcher (1 year ago)
elf green or nothing
Tanner Logan (1 year ago)
Just wanna say thx for making this vid. Also whats the cheapest way to get started?
emeraldwarrior (1 year ago)
Good god Aus is lucky as hell i dont see any cute girl mtg players in the states damn
Aar3nt (1 year ago)
Was watching some dude talking about a magic man cave with his uncle, then i saw this pretty lady thumbnail to the right ---> looks much more interesting :D!
finno playz (1 year ago)
I also do magic tutorials, and funny enough I also play death, and I really want my white and black planes walker, grim
Celesinezeks Gaming (1 year ago)
even though this video is 2 years old it really helped, ive only recently started playing Magic the Gathering and I started with the Ajani Deck, but now i have the chandra deck which someone gave to me, I also have a deck of cards that i was given form a draft pick that somebody one it consists of Forest and swamp. Im told its not a functioning deck, but it works and i can win with it. How do i make it a functioning deck. 22 lands in total.
Board Game Sanctuary (2 years ago)
Great video Alanah. Helped me heaps!
WEE WILLY (2 years ago)
for a past time devoted to such far fetched premises, most MTG players seem very suited to society as it stands, snug as bugs as a matter of fact. Not that I would be about discomforting people for it's own sake, but some people actually do live life and treat communities in that manner for some reason. Commonplaces
1LitreofCola (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video. I'm trying to build a red/blue deck. But I've always played with pre built decks from my brother in law or virtual decks, so building my own deck is a little intimidating.
Billy S (2 years ago)
green and white for the win
Valkyrie (2 years ago)
30 lands holy fucking shit
Ryan McClelland (2 years ago)
In a mono-black deck at that. O_o;
Tigerdragon76 (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video. I'm just getting started so this was very helpful.
Tigerdragon76 (2 years ago)
Wow you're beautiful.
Grey (2 years ago)
I would play blue and wight, blue because I'm a water bender and wight because it's team/army based and I think that would go good together.
Yellow Bannana (2 years ago)
i play white green black
zoob m (2 years ago)
this the kind of content I'm here for! except, aren't you required to have 60 cards minimum?
Narcous (2 years ago)
+zoob m Well the minimum is 60 and it would be better for your deck to have around 60. definately less than 100 so that the cards that you have are easier to get, if you have a few really good cards in it, it will be harder to get them if the deck is larger. So "around 60" is pretty much correct.
zoob m (2 years ago)
+Narcous she says "about 60" rather then "minimum 60" (if I remember correctly) which is what I'm commenting on.
Narcous (2 years ago)
zoob m at least 60. You could have 200 if you really felt like it
Alpha3690 (2 years ago)
Thanks for that got a bit overwhelmed from the amount of cards I have and this helped a lot thanks
500Hobbits (2 years ago)
Alpha3690 #firstworldproblems XD
LeviSam Goings (2 years ago)
This is a bit difficult to watch - the camera's not in focus. Also black and blue for the win!
Alanah Pearce (2 years ago)
Well, actually, the camera is just focused on the cards instead of my face :)
isuk withnames (2 years ago)
please make magic duels let's play vids!
pingas mah boi (2 years ago)
You are so beautiful with purple hair!
tom202404 (2 years ago)
as a female magic player I just started getting into it but I hear there's alot of sexism....
Ryan McClelland (2 years ago)
Not so much sexism, it's just that not a lot of female players are as open about playing the game or interested in competitions so it's remained a very male dominated platform.
jjhollier (2 years ago)
nerds wil prob be floored to see a woman they can play with.
Leo Lombardozzi (2 years ago)
tom202404 People cry about soup being too sexist these days. While there are some awful people in the Magic community, most are fundamentally decent.
Some Wiseguy (2 years ago)
John Caruso (2 years ago)
Mountain aka fire
qwertymadness1 (2 years ago)
This is the first video I ever saw of you! so special <3
DreadZenon (2 years ago)
I know that this is from a couple of years ago but eh the hell with it. I'm a blue player mostly. The ironic part of this is that in most games I'm usually power based but in Magic I'm more so knowledge and spell based.
PePeng Tuklaw (2 years ago)

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