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THE MAN WITH THE MAGIC BOX | THE MAN WITH THE MAGIC BOX | Trailer | English Subtitles | 2017

73 ratings | 76666 views
#festival #trailer zu THE MAN WITH THE MAGIC BOX | THE MAN WITH THE MAGIC BOX, Bodo Kox, 2017 Polskie Horyzonty Originelles Sci-Fi Abenteuer: In dem dystopischen Warschau der Zukunft verliebt sich Neuankömmling Adam in die reservierte Goria. Um sie zu beindrucken, findet er ein Schlupfloch in der streng regulierten Welt, was ihn scheinbar in andere Dimensionen führt. Bald verschwimmen die Grenzen zwischen Halluzination und unvorstellbarer Wahrheit. A novel sci-fi adventure: in a dystopian Warsaw of the future newly-arrived Adam falls in love with Goria. In order to impress her he discovers a way out of the subversive reality that engulfs them, which appears in turn to transfer him to another dimension. This leads to a blurring of the boundaries between hallucination and unimaginable reality. Termine beim FFC | Screening times at FFC: Fr 10.11. | 22.45 Uhr | Glad-House-Saal Sa 11.11. | 19.30 Uhr | Kammerbühne Das volle Programm und mehr Informationen | Full festival schedule and more information http://www.filmfestivalcottbus.de Weitere FIlme im Programm des FilmFestivals Cottbus 2017 | More movies in the programme of FilmFestival Cottbus 2017: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNlpMa-Bznhkgu738LaDHb1RAAOAh9Aq2 Copyright: Alter Ego Pictures Sp. z o.o.
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Text Comments (15)
Photosounder (3 months ago)
This screams "Hey look, we can do just like the Americans! ...by copying them ...poorly".
Sandeep Kumar (8 months ago)
watch it here. http://www.mkvcage.com/the-man-with-the-magic-box-2017-720p-brrip-950mb/
shubham thakur (9 months ago)
What is the song at the end?
Jan Kelemen (4 months ago)
Maanam - Krakowski spleen
Tchello Silveira (9 months ago)
Fight Club - Ending scene copy !!!!
SATURN 2120 (9 months ago)
Worth Watching
S A (10 months ago)
So, basically it's a mixture of some popular Hollywood movies... Nice marketing strategy! (Not nice at all)
hasan barkan (10 months ago)
mufljuz (10 months ago)
polak shit
Kasia Walczak (9 months ago)
Why are you saying this?
Jack Demiurg (10 months ago)
they ripped last scene from fight club, sooo weak
No2Blame (3 months ago)
so every time building exploded is rip off? And i bet that fight club scene with exploding building wasn't the first. Maybe for you it is the first movie with exploding building, i bet you are very young boy
My thoughts, exactly. After watching the trailer, I can tell that this is a rip off from many movies. Meh.
Iggsy81 (10 months ago)
Looks interesting!
Natalie G (10 months ago)
The Man's got a Magic Box... You wud think he could at least pull something new and creative out of it.. But no.

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