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Japanese Knife That Doesn't Need Sharpening

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NHK World J-Innovators
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Londinium Armoury (15 days ago)
For anybody who wants a quick run down of what this video is I'll explain quickly, they are coating the knife edge in carbides, which make the blade last a lot longer than stainless steel blades, they don't compare this carbide coated blade to high carbon steel blades, or deferentially hardened blades with hamon. These knives are not terrible but when they do eventually go dull, you won't be able to fix them up yourself, unless you know how to coat blades in carbides at home or in your workshops. You will have to send off these knives back to the factory, so they can fix the damaged carbide coating, that of course comes off after much use. Good gimmick, not good for maintaining them at home for most people, I could put the coating back on myself I know how, but I doubt most non smiths who just want a good knife can. So I would say a high carbon tool steel knife would be better for the home buyer, as they last ages and can be re sharpened at home by anybody.
Adrian Eyre (15 days ago)
No they will take over the world I don't want to see one in my moms kitchen
W N (1 month ago)
Ingenius! Innovative approach. Only the Japanese would be this fanatical. In the 80s, a Japanese mechanical engineer patented a never-need-sharpening blade edge. Mini vertical serrations to a scalloped edge. Inspired by rows of shark's teeth. Genius! It truly worked and was introduced on affordable knives. The patent has since expired and sometimes see it used on steak knives from China. I don't think it gets used much due to the intense tooling and grinding needed.
Lord Krythic (1 month ago)
I'm from America, if I need something cut, I just grab the gun and unload an entire mag into it. Get on our level, Japan.
Or you just learn how to sharp your knife and it will stay with you for at least 10 years
Dan C (2 months ago)
I think there is a translation error. This is a knife that you do not need to sharpen Vs a knife that does not need sharpening. The Owner said in the video when your knife is dull send it back to the factory for reprocessing / sharpening / add Ti carbide edge. YOU cannot sharpen the knife at home!. Anyone still using there Ginsu knife?
ngh_985 (2 months ago)
Ethan Bearden (2 months ago)
It would have to be a tungsten alloy for something to be almost sharp for the rest of your life
marty Slay (2 months ago)
cutfusius say a knife that does not need sharpening is a knife thats never used.
IrishSavage87 (4 months ago)
US steels are the best and last I checked they still need to be sharpened
Tommy 2Guns (4 months ago)
When she cut the rope did anyone else notice how hard she was pressing and with the ordinary knife she hardly pressed
Ronaldo Roda (4 months ago)
Jeff Smith (4 months ago)
Idk why but people struggle with sharpening of any kind by hand or machine and many people just buy new cheap knives when they’re dull so a knife that takes longer to go dull could be popular... just don’t take this knife to a stone as he says send it in the carbide will destroy the stones
Sam Lee (4 months ago)
I'm pretty sure during the rope cutitng demonstration, the "other" knife wasn't dull at all............... LMFAO.
csknives2140 (4 months ago)
it pisses me off the way people slice tomatoes. you dont do it from top to bottom, then you get a bunch of goop that falls out. you cut it side to side, then it is way more attractive and edible and you get a more even dispersion of seeds pulp and meat
Neol saboy Ezio (5 months ago)
hockey ama 😂😂😂😂
parishm (5 months ago)
must be made of Vibranium !
Scadster (5 months ago)
Neat idea. I wonder how much one costs?
Leon H (5 months ago)
The only knife that doesn't need sharpening is one you never use
Gripptastic (5 months ago)
Oh Lord, those sleeves! I feel like I'm watching a puppeteer, like the Swedish Chef or something!
Bo Ek Houl (5 months ago)
Show me the knife that needs no sharpening, then I will show you where the Pegasus lives.
Sean B (5 months ago)
The jagged edge does eventually wear down after some time. Look at cpm S110V. It has a high carbide content, but still eventually shows signs of a stressed edge.
WV591 (5 months ago)
only 430 dollars. such bargain. sorry we are hooked on Chinese junk that needs sharpening every 5 minutes and don't hold the edge.
vulturnuszan (5 months ago)
The BS meter went crazy them my eyes popped out as that guy tried his best to make mining the fuck out of the ocean floor sound like a good idea. Like we have fucked the surface so bad the best thing to do is fuck the oceans even more now too...
First Last (5 months ago)
What the fuck happened to her voice? Scary.
j cap (5 months ago)
Fuck this fake pls dont be fooled
Douglas Waugh (5 months ago)
I need this coating on the end of my teeth, 30 years ago. Marvelous stuff Samurai
Ivan Earl (6 months ago)
cutting paper proves that the paper was stiff enough to be cut. try tissue paper and almost all knives will fail, however, the knives with harder steel and well made might just make a few cuts.
alanmycheong (6 months ago)
Oceanic dive knives all ready had a model decades ago ... specific use.
Jason Brunsting (6 months ago)
Beginning -This knife does not dull! 7:20 if or when the knife becomes dull send it back to the manufacturer since manually sharpening it will ruin it. WHAT? Make up your mind, does it become dull or not? If this is its main selling feature then get the information right
Thondup Andrugtsang (6 months ago)
That is amazing.
Mighty-F (6 months ago)
When you use a knife you musst sharpening, or don t use it and put it in the Vitrine. Than youbare right
Philip Deppen (6 months ago)
Omfg these guys think they can fool people of course the firsr knife didnt cut you fucking retards used a dull one to make the other one look good. Wow
Dean Bailey (6 months ago)
"You don't need to sharpen it, when it gets dull you simply send it back!!!" That should have been what they said.
Neriya Yadai (6 months ago)
Sure, if you make the steel dense and hard enough the edge will last longer but when that knife will need sharpening (and it will at some point) it will be a nightmare to sharpen. I guess this knife can be beneficial for cutting soft materials such as vegetables.
Rasmus Christoffersen (6 months ago)
Well, if it does not need sharpening how come performance dropped over 60%? (as shown at 3,00 minutes)
Smith (6 months ago)
Dr Spaseebo (6 months ago)
Total nonsense.
Happy Engine (6 months ago)
Only Ghost Peppers never need sharpening.
Cyclo TeChTwIsTeR (6 months ago)
Little know secret for long lasting edge is to piss on your blade prior to it's next use. Or just pour a little ammonia over the blade, piss is better.
I'll go take that knife and smash and slash rocks with it. Let's see how it fairs
mogbaba (7 months ago)
A Knife that doesn't need sharpening and holds the sharpness for ever means the end of the industry.
Not A Meth Dealer (7 months ago)
A properly made knife doesn’t need sharpening. Often. My dad made a knife for his friend 30years ago, and it’s still sharp enough to cut paper, it hasn’t been sharpened, and was used each week to trim back bushes.
DEMKeys (7 months ago)
I call bullshit just by looking at the title.
its Jun (7 months ago)
Cannot imagine getting a cut with those jagged edges...
frenzen .H (7 months ago)
No need for sharpening,all you need is busoshoku haki
Uthael Killeanea (8 days ago)
The video in short: The blade edge is coated in a bunch of VERY hard bits. Bits make it act like a micro-saw. As the knife wears down, the steel is gone and the bits fall off, but a new bunch of bits comes to the new edge, preserving the micro-saw sharpness. Also, If you abuse it too much and it DOES get dull, send it back to them and they'll repair it to be as good as new.
Cascadia Yt (7 months ago)
Why does her voice change pitch
Lithuanian GLOCK31_NH420 (7 months ago)
Ya.. it isn't truly sharp tho... but, yes there's a but... in the kitchen cutting live bone.. veggies and meat the carbide keeps a small jagged edge to allow for the catching action to start a cut. But you would not be able to get a close shave or get the blade scarry sharp like my carbon steel pocket and combat knives... On the same tolken... you do not let anyone use truly stupidly sharp knives unless they are a knife person and when I sharpen my wives knives I put a shallow utilitarian edge that may not be as sharp but will stay sharp for a while.. ya I could let her use 12,000 diamond stone edge with a green red then plain leather stroping... but it will cut you deep even if you fumble it once and the edge hits you.. you do not let people use kitchen knives that sharp unless their a trained chef with an awareness of stupid super sharp is.
Paloma Autista (7 months ago)
Last Nucalibre (7 months ago)
2:20 what happened to their voice? Just looked around in the comments, they are speeding up and slowing their voices to match their lips (not very effectively), this one was the easiest to spot though.
Mighty Raad (7 months ago)
I smell..... *Bullsh*t*
James T. (7 months ago)
Hahahha, such BULLSHIT
Abdiel Gonzalez (7 months ago)
"The edges become blunts overtime" WOOOOJOOOOOO HELL YEAAAHH I NEED MYSLEF I KNIFE
Sparkz (7 months ago)
Her voice though lol
Dane L (7 months ago)
What kind of Japanese are you if yer not using a wet stone to sharpen
Wucifer slayer (7 months ago)
that little blip at the end about the mineral resources is rally something to think about
Matthew M (8 months ago)
Titanium carbide edge. Wow revolutionary. 😒 As a hobbyist knifemaker I can do this at home with a cheap bodgy setup. And believe me the cutting ability of tc is far inferior to good steel. Probably it's best use to me is maybe if I'm making a knife for saltwater use. Where good steel won't hold up well. Make a titanium blade (which is relatively soft but good corrosion resistance) and carbidize the edge on it to give it more hardness and edge retention. Imho it can't give a good push-cutting type edge but is pretty good for sawing type cuts. And holds that saw-cut type edge for a long time. If I carbidize one side of the edge than you just sharpen the opposite side when it wears down. Imho though these aren't knives intended for heavy use, kinda last resort knives. So you're better off having a regular titanium knife which will wear quicker and not quite as keen an edge as carbidize, But it's not a big difference and regular titanium you can just resharpen it quick and easy If it gets dull. (Unlike carburized) And this is only where using good regular steel isn't suitable. Anyway, it's just me but I wouldn't buy or want this gimmicky knife. And I certainly wouldn't use a crappy pull-through type sharpener like that on ANY knife that dulls. 😂
johnnie walker (10 months ago)
Garbage knives
Thom Lloyd (11 months ago)
Is that the mom from Fresh Off The Boat?
John Ornelas (11 months ago)
bull shit
Bill Hanson (11 months ago)
that'll do it p
Ronsonn Swandom (11 months ago)
why does she talk like she has autistic giantism
RavenJaws (11 months ago)
Holy jesus fuck that voice over though
Lazarus Lee (11 months ago)
I remembered years ago the famous knives were from Germany. These knives were from Germany Solingen. The brand is the Eye. Now I cannot find it anywhere in Singapore. These knives were favored by Fruit Sellers. They never needed sharpened at all. Why ? They were cutting pineapples everyday until the blade of the knife became curve. Once I brought some fruits and used the fruit seller knife to cut for myself. So far so good until one day in my carelessness I just lightly touched the blade and the blood flowed out. From that day onward I never touched that knife again. This knife is called in Singapore as ONG LYE THO or pineapple knife. So to all pineapple lover I have a word of caution. Don't ever eat pineapple on an empty stomach. 60 years ago I was ten then (1958) and a green grocer on a tricycle was passing by my house and I brought from him a cut pineapple for ten cent. Oh what a lovely sweet fruit before lunch. So for the next three days I ate it before lunch. Then after eating it I felt a very sharp needle piercing from the top of the stomach down through my intestines. I have now never eat pineapple on an empty stomach again. Sweet yes but ACIDIC. It can CORRODED your interesting lining.
hollow god (11 months ago)
what the fuck did they do to the audio
Amirul Zikri (11 months ago)
why do they use detective conan case solved theme song as background music
BOOSTEDLASER (11 months ago)
I gave my shun away.Have MUCH better now
Paul A (11 months ago)
They are very rare cause they hold a Samurai soul. Scientists are currently for a way to synthesize Samurai and decrease production costs.
Garrett Awalt (11 months ago)
lol this is dumb. unless you use a laser a knife of any metal or and sharpness will overtime become dull. no matter what. Unless the knife is as thin as the sharp edge it will overtime lose its an edge. but with the blade being as thin as the edge it would cut and not until you completely wore it out or until the blade is gone it would be sharp but it would either bend VERY easily and/or break from its hardness. THIS IS BS PEOPLE. and for the record even katanas's get dull and they use way better materials
Riley Raine (11 months ago)
No such thing. Even diamonds become dull over time.
schlooonginator (11 months ago)
Lol, all good knife steels use "carbides" to cut. You don't need to add "titanium carbide" to a knife edge if it uses goos steel, even stainless steel. First, the definition of a "stainless" steel is a steel that contains at least 13% chromium. This large amount of chromium is unable to dissolve and form...drum roll, chromium carbides, the remaining chrome resists rust hense stainless. Steel is just iron and carbon, the addition of carbon form carbides which are hard and cut. Steel also contain other metals such as chromium, vanadium, Manganese, Molybdenum all of which affect strength, toughness, edge holding and hardness and many form carbides with the carbon element. This is a property of the steel itself which is why there are good expensive knives and cheap knives. The best steels use powdered metallurgy that evenly distributes these carbides throughout the steel. Sure you do not need to sharpen it because its a coating and you simply cannot. Once it wears, and it WILL wear, you throw this knife away whereas a good knife can be reshapened exposing fresh carbides to cut.
Cat - Uber (11 months ago)
I acquired cancer from this video. btw *J* *A* *G* *G* *E* *D* *N* *E* *S* *S*
Ruther Bustos (11 months ago)
Bullsh*t, There is only one type of knife that doesn't lose it's sharpness-The "Only for display" ones.
William Fretwell (11 months ago)
You can buy a cast cobalt knife with dendritic cobalt carbide, it lasts ages and sharpens with two strokes each side on conventional stones. Downside: rather expensive and smaller.
Richard Gladle (11 months ago)
Titanium (hard metal) Carbide (hard substance)
nick capstick (11 months ago)
cobalt alloy steel side material with 13 chrome stainless steel handle ......that's all it is lasts longer than an ordinary knife BEFORE it needs sharpening.
Oscar Gold (11 months ago)
Not possibre that the "ordinary" knife wasn't that sharp to beging with?
WiKiD15 (11 months ago)
Madam that thing is not a knife sharpener its a knife honing
TheModer8ter (11 months ago)
John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus. Jesus the Messiah died for the remission of sin, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later, Simply believe in this and you have everlasting life.
Toby Q (11 months ago)
Although it is innovative, I don't think I'll be replacing my knives. A jagged, toothy edge is only good in the kitchen. In the end, the knife will still have to be sharpened, and sharpening with any decent stones will strip that carbide and the result is a boring old knife.
eclipse (11 months ago)
I love all the ignorant comments from people he have never tested the product and are only going off of their assumptions.
Karim Davis Films (11 months ago)
The way the dialogue between the woman and man has been dubbed reminds of a Dragon Ball Z episode
CrucifyRobinHood (11 months ago)
PMSL. That's not a knife, it's a file. It's also a great way to supplement your tiny pieces of ultra hard metal intake. I would be surprised if any reputable food service businesses use this atrocity. It may have a legit use as a light stonecutting tool.
Raman Jaatav (11 months ago)
Stall it in Muslims country they would love to use this over humans...
neroknives (11 months ago)
And it’ll still go dull and the knife is trash, but a good knife, don’t cut in things you shouldn’t, and the knife will stay sharp just as long, possibly longer, and can be re-sharpened, but on waterstones not pull threw.
neroknives (11 months ago)
Well this is stupid, the used a 1$ knife with the worlds most shit steel. Get a knife in hap40, zdp189 etc it’ll out-cut that knife.
toamaori (11 months ago)
"it doesn't cut at all!" Cuts through except for the last few threads... "It doesn't take any pressure at all!" While applying lots of pressure... Credibility rating .... 0/10 xD but after seeing the titanium carbide deposition innovation... they seem interesting... but I like sharpening my knives so would need to use on for a while before making a proper judgement....
diGritz1 (11 months ago)
Never needs sharpening......but if it does send it back, we will replace it, fix it, resharpen it what ever it takes for free. It's a simple but effective scam.
ProudToBe AnAmerican (11 months ago)
Translations over animated like kung-fu movies.
Jim Butler (11 months ago)
I have a knife that never needs sharpening, until it gets dull.
Sheraaz Djorai (11 months ago)
Her voice al off a sudden became battery low like the old days or im too drunk
cris rose (11 months ago)
drops knife knife falls onto table and cuts through it knife falls onto floor and cuts through floor knife cuts through the ground and continues down into the core of the earth knife keeps going through the other side of the earth and out the other side earth cracks and splits in two along the cut earth is destroyed and the knife falls out of the remains of the earths gravitational pull knife travels through space cleaving planets and suns in half, leaving a path of destruction in its wake the knife makes it all the way across the universe and cuts the entire universe in half universe collapses into a giant black hole which sucks the knife in upon creation of the black hole another universe was formed on the other side knife falls through black hole and into new universe where it continues its path of unstoppable carnage
DEMKeys (7 months ago)
You really took your time.
Teun (11 months ago)
wtf is that low voice in all of a sudden ?
Atlas WalkedAway (11 months ago)
You don't have to apply any pressure at all!... as the blade shakes from the obvious force she's exerting.
BoyBalastog (11 months ago)
The explanation is somewhat misleading: a jagged edge is "sharp" in the same way that, on a larger scale, a serrated knife or saw is "sharp", but you can go far beyond that level of sharpness by making it less jagged and grinding to a much smoother thinner edge. What you're getting from this carbide coated blade is a knife that, at best, stays at average sharpness for a long time, but it's not as sharp as would be a properly sharpened bare steel knife ground and polished to as fine an edge as you can get it. It's really more a choice of long-lasting average sharpness vs. much higher peak sharpness but faster wearing.
Ms. Nightshade (11 months ago)
I knew there was some sort of carbide there!
Moodymongul (11 months ago)
whatever the pro's and con's it's still an interesting idea. The maker (imo) is trying to mimic Wootz steel. As Wootz had natural carbide filaments in it. So, as the 'iron' part of the edge wears down, the ends of these carbide filaments protrude out from the edge (creating a microscopic saw edge) and a very long lasting (and easy to maintain) cutting edge. If you know where to look in India it's possible to find billets of this steel (actually left overs rediscovered/dug up in old forges many hundreds of years old - when the historic Wootz steel mine was active). As I know some modern makers have sourced this material for special blades projects. fyi - I've seen various blades forged from true 'old' Wootz. I advise anyone interested to track down and examine one.
Anubis Ma-At (11 months ago)
'the climate in coochie is warm'. well of course, if not, dickies wouldn't want to visit!
Anubis Ma-At (11 months ago)
michelle you got ass baby

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