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Clothes Etiquette for Women Over 50 : Fashion for Women Over 40

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Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Ehowbeauty Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/Ehowbeauty Dressing your age means following the proper etiquette and wearing the right clothes while out and about. Learn about clothes etiquette for women over 50 with help from a style expert in this free video clip. Expert: Bryn Taylor Contact: www.therestylist.com Bio: Bryn Taylor is a style expert and founder of The Re-Stylist, a personal styling firm in New York and San Francisco. Filmmaker: Pierre Forcioli-Conti Series Description: There is never an age that is considered "too old" to be fashionable - its all about what you wear and how you wear it. Learn about fashion for women over 40 with help from a style expert in this free video series.
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Penelope Lambson (8 days ago)
Lots of funny and expressive comments! Better than the video... But I’m a classic dresser myself and at 68 like to have a wardrobe that is easy, workable and calming. I enjoy the many creative, colorful styles some women my age group wear with great flair and panache. I feel like I’m dressed for the circus and seeking attention in clothes that are highly artistic and different although I’m an artist. Classic quality feels right for me so I quite like the featured outfit. It’s obviously not everyone’s cup of tea.
Amanda Rose (3 months ago)
Unbelievable! Literally a woman dictating to older women what they and shouldn't wear. It is for women, regardless of age, to decide, not you. Got that ?
Shemae Lee (3 months ago)
im 28 and watching how to look older because some says i look like 22.
Dress Up Dana (4 months ago)
Wise women over fifty, this young woman is doing this video, because they couldn't find one of you all to agree to such nonsense.
Lisa Estrada (5 months ago)
Please have some over over 50 to do this... cmon now folks!
011090 (5 months ago)
I disagree that you cannot have fun with fads or trends.
NARC FREE (6 months ago)
I wear what ever feels right to me, like I put something on and I immediately FEEL IT or I DON'T. Thats good enough for me. Aint no one with Miami Vice style jacket on , going to be taken seriously any way :-)
My Name (6 months ago)
this video is shit
Laura Wilde (7 months ago)
I wonder if a bikini is classic lol
Kat B (7 months ago)
To all you idiot women who are writing hateful comments why were you watching this video in the first place?! Wear crazy stupid styles if you want bt don't come to a video for advice then spew hatred. The woman in the video did a good job and gave good advice.
Mirjam Spiekman (7 months ago)
What a load of crap...
Susan Mazzanti (7 months ago)
Young lady, when you get old enough to know what you are talking about, I'll listen. The styling on that coat or jacket has already made a couple of rounds and is not a classic in my book. I love real classics but that does not do it for me.
Amanda Wolf (8 months ago)
See dominique sasche -shes owesome
Sangita Sethi (8 months ago)
This is supposed to be a video but there is nothing to see, I rather read all that she has been talking about on Google! I am 57 and I wear skinny jeans without having to worry about "etiquette."
shawn170204 (8 months ago)
So in order to dress properly women in their 40'-50's should stay basic and not venture off the boring path. Geez lady get a grip you ha e no idea as to what women in their 40-50's think 💭 or take into consideration everybody should dress to let their personalities shine through. 😂
listensoftly (8 months ago)
Why are you still showing this video...why????
janey2562 (8 months ago)
She has no right the to give advice on what to wear to people older than her. Some people look a lot older in classic clothes.
Samantha Eckert (8 months ago)
This is horrible! From the poor fitting blazer she’s wearing to the dull, lifeless dialogue, the video is not informative or accurate. Please try again.
2829hrcnc (9 months ago)
Somebody fix her eyebrows!!!! Pleased!
Radha Sreedhar (9 months ago)
Sooooooooo funny..... she thinks she knows what she is talking!!
Paper Primrose (9 months ago)
So style, fit and fabric are for women over 50????
Allison Craig (9 months ago)
I’ll wear baggy and float if I feel like it. Can’t wait to see how she wants to dress at 50+. Those clothes are so boring. Have fun with clothes at any age.
Running On Coffee (9 months ago)
You tried!! These women here refuse to dress their age apparently. Hand them a tank top and ripped jeans and send them off to Wal-Mart
Jacky Newcomb (9 months ago)
Or ... wear what you want ❤
vanillaorchid (9 months ago)
One of the most ignorant and patronising videos I've seen. Why not ask some women over 50. Ask me.
Tom Smith (9 months ago)
Ladies..you dress any way you want as long as you feel good about what you have on....f*ck them all....you go girl!!!
Luann Combs (10 months ago)
This is good for all ages.
Nancy Davis (10 months ago)
Oh I always take notice of someone young than my daughter !
Sue Boyd (10 months ago)
I'm 59 an wouldn't be seen dead in that boring outfit! We ladies don't all want to be in "black pants" get your legs out girls 😃embrace an love your body. Age just a number 💕💕💕
gwyneth grove (10 months ago)
What a load of rubbish... I’m nearly 60 and have a better figure now than when I was 40, better skin, better hair....wear what you like, what suits you and that you love.
Dora Tiscareno (10 months ago)
She's no where near 50 Please...stop talking
Jan R (10 months ago)
Have a 50 year old manican body to display. That one is 21.
Jan R strange comment... how does that mannequin have an “age”? I’m 63 and I have a very similar shape. Am I missing something?
adele de Wet (10 months ago)
This advice is fantastic especially for me that dont know a thing about fashion or style keep up the info for over 60s
Couponstocker US (10 months ago)
Athena Wisdom (10 months ago)
Shut up!I am over 42 and i still like to wear worn out jeans and show belly button-blouse!And people still thinks i am 19 or 21!
Nita Frank (10 months ago)
Tush, just go to Matalan.
Sandra Simpraga (10 months ago)
After seeing this poor young woman dressed so boringly and outdated, talking in lifeless monotone voice, I do not see how she can teach anyone how to dress to impress. She needs some style lessons first. She is talking about women over 50 like they are dinosaurs. Very distasteful video. Ageist too. If she looks so boring now, I wonder how she will be at 50 lol
Yvonne Van Den Herreweghe (11 months ago)
I hate tailored,"elegant" look.I've always had a more boho type draw-I hate pendant necklaces,blazers-to each her own, but I'm glad I don't worry about "appropriateness".
Janie Peace (11 months ago)
You know what you can do with this video...dont you? Such antiquated "etiquette" rules? Be YOUtiful in what feels right to you ladies. Wish I cold unsee this one.
Barbara Eifler (11 months ago)
Honey, YOUR style is old fashioned! I would tell YOU how to dress well, and I’m way over 60,
Mary K A (11 months ago)
Sorry, I rarely disagree with youtubers, however, I feel like you need to catch up with the mood of the 21st century. I woman over fifty can always add a trend that is not classic. Many women over 50 are youthful looking, confident and playful. Classic clothing. I agree, is a must in everyone's wardrobe regardless of age. If classic is your style and prefer to wear only classics when you are over fifty then I say go for it. However, to be told that or to insinuate that looking for trendy pieces if you are over fifty is not appropriate is ridiculous. The advice is sound in general but it is only a part of the modern woman. P.S. I am almost 60, have classics and trendy pieces that I mix and am constantly being stopped by people to compliment my style. I will forever continue this method of dressing and so should most women over fifty.
Maria Von Borstel (11 months ago)
I am a old hippie, so I am not boring. Love colors flowers long hair etc, you get it.
Cindy (1 year ago)
Really? Is that what I want? I'm 60+ and I know that for ME, NOW is exactly the right time to try trendy cuts, bold colors, and different styles! At this time in my life, I realize how unimportant other people's opinions of me have become. What I feel good in is what I will look best in, because I will exude confidence and a happier countenance. And what is right for me might be completely wrong for another woman my age (just as at any other age). But hey, these are your opinions. You might just want to wait until you've actually experienced a thing before you speak as an expert on it. JMO.
Cindy PERFECTLY stated! ❤️
Cat Julien (1 year ago)
bull there is no age limit to fashion please this is stupid
ann marie carolan (1 year ago)
Dear God, rubbish. Boring and dreary. That coat is awful. You need a new job.
marie watson Jones (1 year ago)
Well I'm 53 and no my profile picture is not a old one and no I don't get botox lol. This is a ridiculous video and I wear vintage and hight street and always look classy.
Sandra Miranda (1 year ago)
She's kinda dressed like the mannequin , she might be 50. I agree with the ladies below in the comments.
De Cnijf Kris (1 year ago)
Bryn is dressed good.
Little Mom Pasadena (1 year ago)
I don't get it.  If you wear what you want anyway, why are you even looking at this video? There would be only one extremely short video on YouTube on how to dress if the only good advice was, "Just wear what you want!"   You are free to reject any advice, but why all the smugness and snarkiness?  It's just suggestions about what you might think about.  Yes, you can run around with torn jeans or a miniskirt at 60+ and no one is going to say anything to your face but PERHAPS classic styles might be more flattering.  And who can argue about clothes having a good fit being more attractive? I am 63 & very fit and I also break the rules, but I want to know what the rules are.  Unlike some of the posters here, I do care about how I might be viewed by others.
deca 7003 (1 year ago)
Uninformed, outdated advice n Poor judgement of what over 50 women shld wear...
hendi fox (1 year ago)
What a bore!
itziebitz (1 year ago)
Omg who cares how old someone is or what anyone thinks. Wear what the hell you want.
GNIC (1 year ago)
I wish I could hit the dislike button like a thousand times. This is so ridiculous that it's nearly a parody.
Jessica Rabbit (1 year ago)
good advice and suggestions for those who want it- not sure why the others are complaining everything you said made sense and you're only offering suggestions
Eugeniadella (1 year ago)
Pop Hits (1 year ago)
Stop patronising people..There is no etiquette for clothing..wear what YOU want..
Diana May (1 year ago)
I’ve been doing it wrong. I’ve worm
Donna McMenamin (1 year ago)
Awful! You have no clue about style! Especially for "women over 50"
dawn zeraus (1 year ago)
aha... I am more than 50 and I love wearing trendy and fashionable clothes...just not wearing shorts and mini skirt anymore.
Joan Anne Wallace (1 year ago)
Omg - how boring. I wear all colours.
sheila E (1 year ago)
love this video... Love being 50...
Esprit San (1 year ago)
You have not a clue, that's for sure!
Moya Montgomery (1 year ago)
Nikki Tobin (1 year ago)
Who made her a fashion guru ... this video is ridiculous
Maria Gamboa (1 year ago)
Kelly Ann (1 year ago)
I completely agree with this. I'm 56. You can't go wrong with this approach, There'a still a lot of room for trends and fun with this. Of course, if one wants to completely do their own thing, throwing caution to the wind, that's fine too. Just have fun with it.
Happybidr (1 year ago)
Lordy, Lordy, honey. I remember when your "look" was in "fashion" ( that's a swear word, in my mind) and it was a decade before you were born. Pushed up sleeves and raised collar? I threw that jacket out years ago.
yrellim (1 year ago)
Am 47 and this stuff I would wear to work if I got up late, very late
Nancy Myself (1 year ago)
To the 632 who gave this a thumbs up, please don't limit yourselves this way! You're not Edith, obeying Archie's order to "stifle yourself". Wear red. Wear purple. Have a mono color capsule wardrobe. Wear whatever you love! And be comfortable. This is 2017, and no one can dictate what you should be. Just.....naaa.
Editha Portes (1 year ago)
I love it...if just have to wear a clothes... it might be just simple & looks me cute...its so really fantastic... ilove strip / plain...
TeaWithBecci (1 year ago)
Confusing???? Ummmm NO
carolynan (1 year ago)
Im am not going to become an old frump
Clelia Hinojosa (1 year ago)
i do not heve to wear those ugly colors
Clelia Hinojosa (1 year ago)
you look yourself like 70 years old
Hana Tanana (1 year ago)
This is an old fashioned way of thinking.There are no rules in fashion anymore. Wear whatever looks good on you and whatever makes you feel happy!
Dwightinho56 (1 year ago)
By following this advice one would immediately look 10 years older. Terrible examples.
Ruth Thomson (1 year ago)
give it a miss dearie and stop being so blasted patronising. You're too young to give advice to experienced wormen who are way more worldly than yourself darling...Good luck in your styling career.
Ruth Thomson (1 year ago)
how old is this girl? How long has she been around in this world? What should fifty and beyond look etc etc....??? It is all about personality and what works for the individual dearie me ...lolol
Being Nancy (1 year ago)
Please stop trying to put all women over 50 in the same box. You are an ageist. We are not homogeneous group. As in any group....there is much diversity. This is so condescending.
Julia Royall (2 years ago)
I'm fifty and I'll wear what I feel good in. As I've been dressing myself since for as long As I can remember I'll use my own judgement
Carol Alford (7 months ago)
I’m a 55 yr old woman that doesn’t act or behave my age. I think these videos are for the hosts themselves or for woman that have no idea. Me, I’m confident in my dress code
Nicole Sonobe (1 year ago)
Julia Royall exactly!
Kaz baz (2 years ago)
I wouldnt wear pink but other ladies would suit it. I love the long flattering necklace. I wouldnt use a clutch bag as it might get stolen or I would loose it being meno brain. The trousers and top are nice too. I recently have found clothes I like at Peacocks! as they have classic fitted, affordable clothes you wouldnt freak out if you sat on chewing gum etc. I find Bon Marche a bit too old style for me but their Jeans really fit lovely as they do slim leg and come up a size smaller! I dont wear dresses as I thought they didnt flatter me and my OH hates me in them - but on trying on more expensive dresses for a wedding I found they can make you look surprsingly slim - just got to find some good support stockings for lymphodema leg. I did think of a nice fitted tux style trouser outfit but have had some strange reactions to that. My sister says I should wear a fasinator on my head but that is deffo not me but my cat might like playing with it. I gotta do some serious shopping/trying on. I lost my way when I had my thyroid removed and put on 2 stone.
Ruth Thomson (2 years ago)
she is too young to be giving older women advice of this sort. Totally condescending and patronizing. Typical younger woman thinking she knows it all.
Reedus Rulz (2 years ago)
I am pushing 50. I wear eclectic and bohemian clothing and if people think it's wrong, too bad so sad.
Great styles and educate for women over 50! Love your suggestions on Women's Apparel .
Sparkles (2 years ago)
Patronising woman/girl.
auroraangela (2 years ago)
Are yоu making thesе mistakеs with yоur man? https://twitter.com/fa7995e147ea99c49/status/804693412402241537 Clothees Еtiquette for Womеn Over 50 Fаshion for Wоmеn Ovеr 40
Ilse Wenzel (2 years ago)
I am 70 but feel much younger. Thank you for this for the older woman
Dusty Tanner (2 years ago)
I'm 58 and recently started dressing like the 40's...
I am not to that age yet, but when I get there one can bet that I will NOT push the sleeves up on my jackets.
PatJ61 (2 years ago)
Good video and valid tips.
Bettylou (2 years ago)
Wear what you want. Some women are very youthful and age is not relevant. Some are like the Duggar family and the clothing is extremely aging. Some are classic and some just cute. Be yourself.
Synick (2 years ago)
I won't be caught dead in pink. It's not fun. It's revolting.
julie Wallis (2 years ago)
wear what you want ladies!
morevaseret (2 years ago)
I'm pushing 70 and don't accept this. I wear what I think suits me and in colours that I like. My hair is long ( waist length), never wear trousers or blazers only dresses My hobby is Playford dancing in Georgian costume. Don't tell me I'm too old for this too. Absolute tosh.........
morevaseret (2 years ago)
morevaseret (2 years ago)
Good for you. We will keep to long hair. My Gran had her hair down to her knees. She wore it in two plaits wrapped around her head. She always looked so elegant. As a child when we went to stay with my grandparents, my sister and I used to love watching her at night when she undid her hair and brushed it. Happy memories. :)
MsRosieA (2 years ago)
+morevaseret Oh, LOVE IT!! I like long hair too but I used to work with this woman that was just 6 months older than me and she used to tell me to get my hair cut like her saying "Women of a certain age should have shorter hair - it's more flattering..." FORGET THAT! My hair is down to my nips (doesn't grow any longer :( ) - AND I LIKE IT! P.S love the whole "Georgian" thing too - beautiful..!
Mary Kali (2 years ago)
I've been dialing up my younger side, exercising and don't care what anybody thinks on my off days.
Gatto Nero (2 years ago)
How absolutely condescending this is -- from the too-young presenter speaking patronizingly about middle age to the use of the word "etiquette," which implies that certain styles of dress on a middle aged woman are somehow socially offensive. And the clothes featured are hideous. The cover-up coat in a "fun" color and the long pendant are such cliches. Women of any age should feel free to express themselves through their clothing and not be limited to anyone's idea of "tailored classics."
Erika Ruppert (1 year ago)
Gatto Nero I a well over 70 & know how to dress,depending on the occasion. Would not followso eone elses rules just like I dont keep up w the Joneses as we r all i dividuals
Just Me (2 years ago)
Being in my 50's I am still getting hot flashes and never wear a jacket over my shirt. I would burn up. I think this outfit would be nice for work. I like wearing jeans at home and going to the store.
TheBklynMe (2 years ago)
I, also agree with most of the comments here. This generic what 50+ should where, independent of personal style, body type & / or size is tiring. So I have a question for the commentors: Whom are you following on YouTube for style advice/tips? Or maybe just fashion videos videos you liked? Not necessarily, age appropriate because that just seems to be non starter but, I love to hear any stylist subscriptions which have been helpful/interesting. Thanks in advance.
TheBklynMe , I like “Busbee Style, “Lauren Messiah”, and “Dominique Sache”. All can be found on YouTube, and Erin Busbee also offers free downloads with her email subscription. All are very likable, informative, and a nice blend of classic & contemporary. Not boring!
sweetjulie39 (2 years ago)
Please don't presume to tell this 50+ year old what I want. I dress for me.
Elaine Carrillo (2 years ago)
Sorry, I am a slim, healthy 65 year old and I thought her suggestions were excellent.
Sparkles (2 years ago)
I'm happy for you
Laura Kenney (2 years ago)
I felt some of her tips were good -for all ages !
Level 19 (2 years ago)
gosh no trendy cuts?... wtf does that mean. I gosh your assuming that everyone over 50 is a size 20! and no shape!...In fact your too OLD Fashion! get some class

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