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Ralph & Russo | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018/2019 Full Show | Exclusive

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Ralph & Russo | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018/2019 by Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video/1080p - Paris/France)
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Daniel Feld (20 hours ago)
I initially liked Ralph and Russo . They brought sophisticated and intriguing creations, not to mention cohesive collections that United concepts, colors and textures as a whole . Today they have dissolved to more immature taste and have lost all that brought them recognition. Perhaps the House has hired a different design team is my guess
Zulkarnain Mahmud (1 day ago)
Cohesive or no.. Fashion got no rule.
Azerty Uiop (1 day ago)
Aucune originalité , pas de cohérence entre les creations , on dirais plusieurs pieces de différentes collections..
Heidi Bentley (4 days ago)
Beautiful thank you adore 😘
Ayesha Gull (7 days ago)
شمس الشموس (7 days ago)
اكره حمادة والمصري اكرههم يا عالم من اعماق قلبي
rein balana (10 days ago)
Some of the looks are amazing but nit cohesive
Karina Gonzalez (10 days ago)
Hermosos!!! Excelentes diseños! Un placer ver esta colección!
Louvinia Hayes (11 days ago)
Celeste Jacquet (11 days ago)
8:18 Penelope Cruz at The Golden Globes
Kasmine Reed (11 days ago)
Sexy clothes.
Elisabeth Sonuga (13 days ago)
Es gibt hier keine Hände für euch zum halten.
Elisabeth Sonuga (13 days ago)
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Elisabeth Sonuga (13 days ago)
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Elisabeth Sonuga (13 days ago)
Vorne kurz hinten lang mit schleppen.
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Elisabeth Sonuga (13 days ago)
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Elisabeth Sonuga (13 days ago)
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Elisabeth Sonuga (13 days ago)
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Elisabeth Sonuga (13 days ago)
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Elisabeth Sonuga (13 days ago)
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Elisabeth Sonuga (13 days ago)
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Natalia Menindez (13 days ago)
great outfits
Fresh cut Onion (14 days ago)
Been done...designs.
Massimo Giordano (14 days ago)
Incredible mix style
Kingdom Linen (15 days ago)
Love this collection.
camilo yo (16 days ago)
2:24 i loved that dress
Fly by night (17 days ago)
I LOVE this house. Their tailoring is impeccable., but this collection was hard to watch. No color board. No cohesion. Was all over the place. Looked like a montage of pieces from different collections. (and different houses) Come on R&R... Step it up to your normal station.
Brittany Dawson (18 days ago)
I personally love the show, I can understand the old glam futuristic feel. I thought it was interesting and original, it was nice to see a new side of them.
Love Maria Borges :)
Wicked Amoeba (1 month ago)
These looks are so powerful and elegant. I love it!
Charli Blake (1 month ago)
Well that was awkward 😬
marcia vilela oliveira (1 month ago)
Very 80's makeup loved it
People! Stop being so critical. Heidi Klum said it herself “all designers pull from each other.” There’s but so many necklines and silhouettes you can work from. A-line skirt, circle skirt, pencil skirt, flare, etc. same with neck lines and sleeves. It’s all the same from R & R, to Gucci, Versace, Chanel., etc they’re all the same with different fabric. Sit back and enjoy the show😉
Glenda Vasquez (3 months ago)
I felt I was washing 90s Versace with a bit Gaultier.... I hate it.
Alejandra Garcia (3 months ago)
Neon Demonesque
Erik G.020115 Gonçalves (3 months ago)
deeboolove (3 months ago)
Yips... trying to honor the classic and be cutting edge at the same time makes a pizza mess of ack... 😜
BubblegumPink00 (3 months ago)
Fabulous as usual!
jungshook (3 months ago)
12:14 great walk xD
Kiki holway (4 months ago)
I liked some the fabric they used and details in some parts but I liked a lot of their older gowns and this isn't their best work to me
Sagitarius Maximus (4 months ago)
Bella colección , indiscutible. Sólo que me recuerda a los diseños entre Yves Saint Laurent ,Christian Delacroix y Emanuel Ungaro...... 👍
eniretak33 Pal (4 months ago)
1.24 2.26 4.55 5.19 5.35 6.28 7.08 8.56 9.12 11.31 14.40 Et mariée Magnifique ! en 12.21 Formidable collection et très belle découverte que celle de cette couturière ! Merci !
Caribbean Mermaid (4 months ago)
I will agree that their collection seems like it has no cohesion but upon closer inspection I see they have a clear inspiration: Bianca Jagger's Studio 64 looks in the late 70s early 80s. And Jerry Hall. They're not an artsy couture house and quite frankly that auits them just fine. Sometimes you just want a smashing outfit. Not everyone can afford to be a living work of art.
YoureDone96 (4 months ago)
Yes there’s no cohesion but the garments are gorgeous and love that Maria closed the show, she looked like an angel
Matteo Crea (4 months ago)
very cool, not the usual black/white/grey thing
Die Hard and all the mvies from 1989 till 1995 style.:) Nice details though.
fashnavi (4 months ago)
Absolutely stunning collection but I wish that the designer could have used a good proportion of BLACK & ASIAN models.
Dieva Dimitrizya (4 months ago)
i love how they chose models those r not extremely skinny so it looks rational for me
NOMAN’S DIY BOX (4 months ago)
The last time when I said wow to their collection it was in 2016! After that they started going down for me. But the bridal was better than last time but still awful
Maria Elvira (4 months ago)
Rdeklie B.March (4 months ago)
Are tgey dure its a WINTERFALL collection?
illusion illusion (4 months ago)
Daniel Samaniego (5 months ago)
Oh por dios, cada día R&R es mi marca favorita, sin duda me encantaron todos sus diseños.🤩
astaria rex (5 months ago)
The reason why most did not like this is because it appears to be Haute Couture marketed to a younger, less refined audience. The usual customer of haute couture is a refined, sophisticated woman with maturity. These items are much more immature and less refined. How the younger class will afford Haute Couture, I do not know, but this is their collection. I'm a Givenchy girl myself.
Amita Sharma (5 months ago)
Best designs ever 👍👌
MsKingNat (5 months ago)
Breathtaking...When I'm looking at models I believe that androids or replicants were already secretly invented to work for fashion industry. They are so alike perfect.
mdomingz18 (5 months ago)
and this is how you ruin somewhat nice (not groundbreaking) dresses with horrible models, horrible styling and horrible set
Connor Ainley (5 months ago)
Very disappointed in Ralph and Russo. As their clientel devolves from classy dutchesses and actresses and moves to trashy musicians, I’ve seen a steep decline in the sophistication of their pallets and designs. Not to mention the choreography of their shows. How very saddening.
VAN-ANH Vu (5 months ago)
Those shiny big buttons didn't work for me.
Scoop7 (5 months ago)
I wish these designers save the gowns for the end oh but wait their whole collection are dresses 👗
michal5809 (5 months ago)
They are absolutely my favorite! I'm obsessed with their collections! Always on point- LOVE
Byanka Lowess (5 months ago)
Dress no. 1 Elizabeth Harley Versace ugh
christina zundl (5 months ago)
only fun☺☺
Cate Omelchenko (6 months ago)
Music is awesome
theresia2012 (6 months ago)
i want to be a rich bitch so i can buy these piece of artwork. that yellow dress at 3:02 was amazing.
HAMED Ahmad (6 months ago)
Gorgeous is it
marvin raphael monfort (6 months ago)
colored girl as bride like at chanel! love. so many breathtaking looks! kudos =]
Marzhan Sarsenbayeva (6 months ago)
amazing 😍😍😍
Audrey Prim (6 months ago)
Amazing as usual.
youssoupha fall (6 months ago)
Extraordinaire Purée beauté
Pedro Henryquez (6 months ago)
Amazing!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏
shalom peace (6 months ago)
Mila VB (6 months ago)
Amazing seamstresses. Fine couture. Kinda bleh collection.
RUI RUI (6 months ago)
what the hell happened to Ralph and Russo? you guys started with a bang, now whats all this?
Athava Valisio (6 months ago)
I think the collection is scattered and lacks cohesiveness but the gowns individually are beautiful, though there are some that boarder line tacky like the poofy pink dress (in my opinion). But I must say to all of you who complain about how "unoriginal"/"tired" these looks are you have to remember that creativity has it's limits and IT'S. A. BUSINESS. they are not going to take high risks with a design if it's not going to sell well or appeal to enough people to warrant creating it, they may have a fabulous design that's very artistic, however if the cost of making the dress outweighs the benefits/profit there is no point in making it unless it's for publicity. You are coming to the wrong place if you want something artistic it's like you're trying to walk into a taco bell when you're looking for a burger, they don't sell that here. Plus they can only do so much with fabric in a reasonable amount of time as a fashion design student let me tell you this is not easy. at all. there are is a lot of math and adjusting, for example when creating 1 design like pants designers can take up to 2-6+ hrs for the first draft, 1-4+ hours can equal 1 adjusted sample cutting out fabric by hand is normally 1-2++ hrs, sewing can be 6hrs++, and can make 8+ samples, the more fabric and detail it has the longer the hrs, Haute Couture means it's mostly done by hand, after learning how to sew and pattern make I respect clothing so much more I feel the public should respect it too unless you aren't really into fashion. If you want stuff that is artistic and different try : Guo Pei https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1ew-tsk8KA Iris Van Herpen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0I_EWW8LbuI
Ru Alb (6 months ago)
2:56 song pleaseeeeeeee
ausra zi (6 months ago)
Labai gražu. Otkutiuras plevena.
varani 757 (6 months ago)
WOW!!!!...JUST WOW!!!.....
Luis Alejandro Beauty (6 months ago)
Beautiful 😭
Jeremy Laurent (6 months ago)
Creatividad y armonia simplemente espectacular
Madina Atymkhanova (6 months ago)
Bibi Sharipova is here)))
Maz Fernandes (6 months ago)
No originality, no cohesion, no fun. 👎🏾
wow (6 months ago)
4:19 ???????
Bato Bato (6 months ago)
Many of the gowns are amazing 👌🏻
José Pherrera Silva (6 months ago)
It's pretty beautiful
Alan Olivo (6 months ago)
The makeup screams 80's <3
Tahir Ahmed (6 months ago)
Very sleek and smart models walking on ramps and making ramp so beautiful with not only their dresses but their necklaces, rings and shimmery dresses looking just awesome........and two models forget to wear their undergarments...........wooooooo........so cute and so lovely to see them always....
Joel Johanez (6 months ago)
RaverFatKid (6 months ago)
Kąt Hârlėy (6 months ago)
Love the red Dress...i want it😍
Brenda Fuller (6 months ago)
something is different...this is the first show where my toes didnt curl :-(
Nicolás Jurado (6 months ago)
Maybe this does not feel like an actual collection, probably because the lack of cohesion or whatever, but what I love about Ralph & Russo is that they make couture... great. I mean, every outfit (well, most of them, that one dress that looked just like Diana's wedding dress was kind of hideous) was just stunning. And they do not make clothing only for rich old ladies, they make clothes that would work great for young women, and also for nature women. I really liked this collection, but I was a little bit dissapointed with the wedding gown... I feel it has been the worst one they've done in years.
Nima mor (6 months ago)
Song please
HELP KEY (6 months ago)
camera man from other shows should learn from the cameraman on this one😂
Seyit Rudern (6 months ago)
This collection is a disgrace to Haute Couture. I think if YSL was alive today he'd laugh and cry at the same time. There is no talent here. No hard work. Just because a Qatar princes buys it doesn't mean it's Haute Couture. The chamber has lost its grip on who deserves the title. These two couldn't design one decent looking gown to save their lives. Okay so you make a shit load of money, but what's the point? Your creations will never be hung in a museum in 60 years. Or appreciated.
Ghana Mafia (6 months ago)
Yesss honey....I getting a lot of Charlize Theron J'adore commercial vibes.
Selia Ortiz (6 months ago)
not great ok
Raven (6 months ago)
many of the necklines of those dresses have been seen in the previous versace collection

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