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How to Apply Concealer

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How to Apply Concealer. Part of the series: Makeup Techniques. Applying concealer should be done after moisturizer and foundation around the nose and under the eyes. Improve your concealer techniques with help from a professional freelance makeup artist in this free video on makeup techniques. Read more: http://www.ehow.co.uk/video_6533928_apply-concealer.html
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Text Comments (7)
Jenna Love (1 year ago)
She keeps blinking, how annoying smh
Chloe Kit (1 year ago)
Why is her hair not all the way back that's annoying me
Pilar Plasczyk (1 year ago)
I was very interested in size video but the lighting is so poor it doesn't make justice to appreciate the final result.
madeeha ali (2 years ago)
Was this filmed in like 2008 cause there dressed like it
A Here (3 years ago)
Better lighting and close up application would be helpful!
GiMarie (3 years ago)
Shouldn't the moisturizer and the spray dry completely before applying foundation?
Eve Black (3 years ago)
Slippers.... REALLY?

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