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Street Fighter Cosplay: Cammy, Chun-Li and Poison Pretty Russian Girls (Moscow Game Expo)

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Street Fighter Cosplay on Igromir (GameWorld) 2011 Russian Game Expo. For those who are wondering the girls' names are: Maria (Chun-Li), Christina (Cammy) and Victoria (Poison), or Masha, Christina and Vika in short. Watch more Russian Gameworld babes: http://bit.ly/1eiTI2B. October 8th, 2011.
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Text Comments (69)
Lord Heskey (8 months ago)
That Cammy has booty for days
augustjologs1 (2 years ago)
Cammy and Chun Li are beatiful!
Thiago Couto (2 years ago)
Segunda-feira: Cammy, Terça-feira: Poison, Quarta-feira: Chun-li, Quinta-feira: Cammy e Poison, Sexta-feira: Cammy e Chun-li, Sábado: Poison e Chun-li, Domingo: Cammy, Poison e Chun-li ;3
benjovi55 (2 years ago)
1:26 Keanu Reaves made a guest appearance
Street Fighter (2 years ago)
street fighter x tekken video chun li fighting good. i love her
Nile river (2 years ago)
Wait. We're in Russia right? Where on Earth is Zangief? This is his homeland, he should have been there.
Frode Falch (3 years ago)
so many Virgin nerds in this video :)
xzotic92 (3 years ago)
just kill me
Danny Nisar (3 years ago)
can any body tell where these cosplay festival bieng held ?… ..
Danny Nisar (3 years ago)
so beatiful girls i think they are models never seen such beatiful cosplay before and so perfect styling three of them so pretty faces ....good job girls
Ronny el chucho (3 years ago)
como se llama la Musica!!!!!
Simon Peters (3 years ago)
FINALLY a Chun Li who looks like the Chun Li from the videogame! 2 things that are the main exports of Russia: Natural Gas and SLUTS
watch your fuckin mouth bout people. sluts come from every damn country.
supersev2001 (3 years ago)
why cant Austria have fighter Jamaica has one Mexico has 2 honkkong has 1 brazil has one France united kingdom
Ricardo Kutz (2 years ago)
Sorry, Arnold is too busy making movies..... ;)
supersev2001 (3 years ago)
the reason for learning russian what not that because its a beautiful language perves
supersev2001 (3 years ago)
+supersev2001 what its a beutiful language
Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad (3 years ago)
2:18 spot the iphone
ben inglis (3 years ago)
People Reviews (3 years ago)
i can see her nipples
OtakuRhi (3 years ago)
Dem SF ladies tho ;)
charmdler boing (3 years ago)
just watch 9:13...
Vince (2 years ago)
Michael Davis (3 years ago)
Cammy's ass god damn....
David Lilley (3 years ago)
Poisen was better than the real poisen and camie damn girl you need t be the cammie in street fightervfrom here on and ill buy ever single game as long as i can see its you your amazing xxx
seal1 (3 years ago)
And no actual russian cosplay fighters. :P
Linux4UnMe (4 years ago)
I want all 3 on display in my bedroom :D
Omara Wilson (3 years ago)
Don't we all
Iorveth (4 years ago)
wow cammy is making me horny god damnit
Ryu Adrian Hoshi (4 years ago)
Huau , cammy, chunli y poison !! 3
Mario Ng (4 years ago)
Cammy is damn hot !!!
Cammy роскошна, в особенности ее ноги! Но и другие девченки на высоте.  03:10 секси!
Sunahara Raja (4 years ago)
love the cammy one, braids for days!
ladykobraofficial (4 years ago)
What's the song at 3:10 please? 
ThePokefreak98 (4 years ago)
DaTscheka (4 years ago)
Holy Shit, This Poison Cosplay is so damn hot. Lovin these Girls, the game and some of the comments here^^ You trollin guys are hilarious;)
Deivid Nascimento (5 years ago)
The guy in the back 11:36 , look to the left idiot!  forget the video game just a sec!
braulio moreno (5 years ago)
Jaja de que las pobres chavas que estaban ahi han de haber dicho,puta madre pinches weyes ya dejenos en paz jajaj xD
Antony Brayan (5 years ago)
Antony Brayan (5 years ago)
Josh Trayer (5 years ago)
Oooo baby
kiralyball (5 years ago)
Very good video from Street Fighter. :-)
gravurian (5 years ago)
I think their boobs is not big enough
Chue Yang (5 years ago)
y is harry potter in the backround
Cameron Campbell (5 years ago)
dude be tripping @ 3:19 after looking at cammys ass haha!
Salatmaker (5 years ago)
NO NO NO sit down very bad, i'm russian not Turk not Muslim etc. i'm russian and you must say, "No, there is no vodka, go away"
Aca (6 years ago)
No you can not blow up street fighter
TheBill12344321 (6 years ago)
my jaw touched the floor when i saw cammy damn
gfaafg (6 years ago)
Fortunately there are places where true virgins can look like a man! aushuahs
Tomek Spawn (6 years ago)
Very nice costumes! I wish to make one for myself.
janetkissjanetkiss (6 years ago)
They have all got perfect costumes and their poses are amazing !!! love it <3
NextBase Czeon (6 years ago)
4:52 <3
willywillyli (6 years ago)
Dat Ass! *.*
dogan k (6 years ago)
im here for cammy
dimadgsoft (6 years ago)
поджарить и пережаривать
Proxy13 (6 years ago)
dam every pose is good
Musab Bulut (6 years ago)
This is the best Chun Li I have ever seen after Chun Li.
Godzilla5000 (6 years ago)
The girl dressed as Cammy is the sexiest!!
very sexy!!! :)
stillridin1 (6 years ago)
the guy at 1:51 was taking a pic of sammys butt!!!! llolol
José Luis Corona (6 years ago)
Camy es una muñequita muy hermosa. Se ve lindísima la niña. Me enamoré de ella.
grzesiekromcio (7 years ago)
@TheKyraPoland hehe co ty gadasz ta co byla przebrana za poison ( ta z różowymi wlosami) to dopiero ladna laska pozdro :)
TheKyraPoland (7 years ago)
wow that cammy is really gorgeous both body and face ! :)
grzesiekromcio (7 years ago)
these 3 girls looks sooooo awsome in these outfits and cute too
RisingVictor (7 years ago)
I feel so happy knowing there are great cosplayers in Russia. I'd love to visit just to have fun in those conventions and make more cosplay friends. Im always in the mood to make friends. Im a Ryu cosplayer myself. and a damn good one.
Salatmaker (7 years ago)
@CJake3 18 очевидно кушать
CJake3 (7 years ago)
@YHuKyM1 Перед горячей на всякий случай советую ознакомиться со статьями 134 и 135 Уголовного кодекса Российской Федерации. Надеюсь, что они все-таки постарше, однако... фиг его знает... )
Salatmaker (7 years ago)
поджарить их нужно было а не фоткаться

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