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Following a drunk driver

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So here is the full story. I originally saw this lady and called 911 (went to the CHP office from a cell phone) and then proceeded to video her from there. No one came or called back from 911 but gave them as much info as possible. After that, she got off of the freeway and had to call the sheriff's department, which we did. We followed her for the reason that if anything did happen, we would have evidence. Sure, I could have dragged her out of the car but I am not going to get in trouble because of her. She was arrested for being under the infulence and on meth. This video was given to the CHP and Sheriff's office as well.
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Carol Nygaard (5 hours ago)
I would have called 911 a lot sooner than you did. She could have killed someone and you would have been partially to blame for not stopping her.
Hayden Clark (5 hours ago)
—gasp!— “oh I thought she was gonna” —wheeeeze—
my sweetness (6 hours ago)
You two are idiots! Call the fucking cops! You guys should be arrested for not reporting this! This is not funny! Fucking jerks!!
Cam Blazin (8 hours ago)
This is just sad... these dudes are pathetic. When you see someone driving like this, call 911 IMMEDIATELY. something like this is an emergency. They even said “man I wanted to see her crash” whenever she got on the exit. Awful.
Lisa Ramsey (11 hours ago)
On top of that you waited till after she wrecked, really?,,?
Lisa Ramsey (11 hours ago)
Don't ask where CHP is if you did not call CHP. You better hope you guys get in a wreck by a drunk and no calls 911
Link_Team (16 hours ago)
+1 for dash cams
Link_Team (16 hours ago)
err wait no. this is a +1 passenger cams (im not sure)
belgianquill (18 hours ago)
Giggling twats!
jerry sacher (18 hours ago)
I80 east. Beautiful.
robin kellyjean (1 day ago)
You would be laughing pretty hard having watched her kill someone's entire family and doing nothing to try to get her off the road. This is ridiculous
Lili Garcia (1 day ago)
I think the camera is drunk
Timothy Sakelarakis (1 day ago)
holy shit that camera is drunk af....made me dizzy
Jstin Y. (1 day ago)
*Play this at 0.5x*
Cutie Cat Slimes (1 day ago)
Rendy De Schryver (1 day ago)
driving true a red light yourself not really smart but hey young and stupid is oke for you guys
Rendy De Schryver (1 day ago)
dude you wanna see a crash, well put the gas to the pedal steer for a tree or a wall than you have and are in one
Elizabeth Mitchel (1 day ago)
These guys sound like two fat greasy nerds
MsJustaskme (2 days ago)
You guys are idiots.
Phuc Do (3 days ago)
They should have called police early
Joe Framo (3 days ago)
You should be accountable for watching this for all this time you need to go to jail
Joe Framo (3 days ago)
Instead of calling the police department you want her to have an accident you're a dumbass
Sam Drake (3 days ago)
She's drunk or drugged not tired
mjkmojofool (3 days ago)
Good job guys, thanks for helping out.
blnstr (4 days ago)
You guys had more than an adequate opportunity to call CHP while on the freeway and since you DIDN'T, you did a disservice to the suspected drunk driver all drivers in the immediate area. All you wanted was to see a crash for the thrill of it, and you recorded yourselves running a red light. If the police wanted to see your video, you would have incriminated the driver at least on that count. Shame on you two.
Libby Rees (5 days ago)
what was the end result after the cops got there
Eric Chang (5 days ago)
Why didn't you guys call 911????
mvbuffers04 (6 days ago)
Why wasn't the police called earlier?
Platinumbones (6 days ago)
Let her be Bum ass nigga
Steamy Sulixx (7 days ago)
you’re super rude, you that, right? maybe you’re the drunk drivers for following someone who’s probably just having a really bad day and can’t handle much. you guys looked like stalkers, and laughing about everything, when someone could’ve been killed? call 911 next time, idiots.
Sundaydish1 (7 days ago)
So when the cops saw your video did they give you a ticket for running a red light? EDIT: Fuck me I just saw this is 5 years old
Jonah Barroga (9 days ago)
Read the discription
JeTTiScoobs326 (10 days ago)
really? you have nothing else to do but drive around? go help little old ladies cross the street now.
Ma Sato (10 days ago)
The driver probably thinks she's being followed (by you apparently) and she's trying to shaking your tail
Teresa Navarro (11 days ago)
you are estupid ...why dont call 911.. you are so estupid she can kill some body...you MORON..
Tom Lof (11 days ago)
you two fuck tards are just as bad as she is. if you want to watch cars wreck, watch NASCAR.
This guy a completely Ashole he's running red light mother fuckers had to be n idiot when u see something like this u pull them over get a hold of them take the keys off the ignition n tell them to call someone to come get them if u are a life saver you will offer to give them a ride instead of waiting for them to commit an accident.
Tina Bergman (12 days ago)
Call the police now
_ItsDesi_ (12 days ago)
"Aah i wanted to see her crash" Me too my friend,me too
shaunDonmusic D.F.G (12 days ago)
You guys recording this said u wanted to see her crash u guys should be ashamed smh idiots before u try to help the situation before anything had happened you thinking about youtube views well congrats you got the views idiots
Entropy Regen (13 days ago)
These guys are awful to not call 911!
Jeff Banner (13 days ago)
I hope you guys called police if she hurts someone your just as guilty for watching her its not a joke,you 2 are idiots
Dopekid99 (13 days ago)
Im 16 and i swerve sometimes because im new @ driving but im hella not intoxicated because I have to be the magical age of either 18 or 21 to get wasted and have fun with alcolhol and beer.
Daniel Lovett (13 days ago)
These two dumb fucks wanted to see her wreck and get hurt. What dumb fucks. They let her almost get in head on collisions and did not have enough brains to call 911. Two fucking complete bumb fucks. Two fucking looser ass holes. They thought it was funny.dumb fucks. Wait all that time before getting the idea to call 911. Two stupid liberals. What dumb mother fuckers. They need there dumb fucking asses beat
Señor Frogz (13 days ago)
You both sound like pussys
Stan Long (13 days ago)
A couple of lovers needing excitement.
miguel proença (13 days ago)
snitch XD
texaswildcat2000 (13 days ago)
911 dude....not general number....when reporting impaired driver....by dialing 911, you remove third party which wastes time....
buckofama (13 days ago)
Don't know what's worse, the drunk or listening to Beavis and Butthead carry on for eight min.
Mel Bella (14 days ago)
Why would you tease and make jokes. Call 911 ASAP
Fun with Emelie (14 days ago)
You guys should've stop her/him from driving when u guys got 2 the light, come on guys
De Selby (14 days ago)
"Oh I want to see you crash". What a fucking asshole. It is bad enough that she is under the influence and you want her to crash for your amusement? Get over yourself asshole. You are just as mentally fucked up as she is. There are 2 losers in this video, and you are one of them.
M JONES (15 days ago)
What a pair of twats
Raymond Larcom (15 days ago)
you wouldn't walk and pull her out of her car because you wasn't going to get in trouble but you ran a red light to chase a drunk driver and you could have possible killed someone yourself
[email protected] (15 days ago)
I don't get this at 4.15.."What if I record a crash? WAUW", he says!!! It's not a movie guys!! This was real life and they had so much time to end this drunk drive!! Why didn't they stop it before?? For more "LIKES" on You Tube??
Thunder Bird (15 days ago)
3 Drunk Dummy’s Why not call 911 , taping for YouTube??? Totally insane two idiots
Jacek Bancyr (16 days ago)
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Gerald Ball (16 days ago)
How illegal must you be not to. Call 911 10 minutes ago?
Gerald Ball (16 days ago)
Call it in dumb asses
adam clark (16 days ago)
You cunts just wanna watch someone die and film it? “Where’s C.H.P. when you need them?” Waiting for your call probably... get up in front of her and stop her pussy. “I wanna see her crash...”. You wanna see her kill someone? You guys are pussy ass cunts!!!
Jonston Baines (16 days ago)
Sounds like a duramax to me
Kellie Brogan (17 days ago)
Should of called 911 early on
Daniel Patterson (17 days ago)
You guys waited to long to call for help
Keesha Slack (17 days ago)
Why would u not call the cops are u fucking stupid I swear to god people are so stupid
Rosemary Agras (17 days ago)
So you both ran a red light lmfaooo
Ashely Jones (17 days ago)
And by the way prob trying to get away from ur bum add thinking u following her then say wanted to see u crash
Ashely Jones (17 days ago)
People like u deserve s flip phone no camera Then how u figure she drunk she could have been under stress crying etc heartless bastard
Dan Conner (18 days ago)
Done this a few times. Twice I have been ran off the road by two drunk drivers, head on, in a marked police vehicle. Scary even for a police officer.
deeandjoe01 (18 days ago)
Its pretty fucking disgusting that these assholes are hoping for this person to crash. Why would anyone wish for that? You wish for some innocent person to be hurt or even worse, killed so you can have some awesome footage for youtube? Sick fuckers.
Donna Griffith (18 days ago)
If she hits someone or kills them it's just as much your fault is it is hers for not calling it in and just doing this for a video for YouTube. Makes you just a sick as she is!
micah grubb (18 days ago)
I think place the call first morons before she does kill someone. That kinda shit can’t wait! You spent minutes filming before you called. A bad crash is half a second
Rere West (19 days ago)
Your story descriptions don't match video recordings . You didn't call 911 UNTILL several minutes into video so you could videotape her without the cops ruining YOUR FUN !
Rere West (19 days ago)
Why didnt you call 911 and update them when she left freeway. Cops are looking for her on freeway and she's not even there. You waited WAY TO LONG TO CALL 911..ON PURPOSE.
RJ Jackson (19 days ago)
Theses idiots are looking to be killed! why follow unknown allegedly intoxicated people! and video record them, these strangers could have a weapon or anything! Just not smart...
Mas Gonderawi (19 days ago)
You two idiots could've put an end to all of this (preventing the accident at the end) the moment you realized that she was clearly drunk driving. But no, you wanted to make a long video so you could upload it on YT.
short sighteddog (19 days ago)
Why the hell did you not block her off at the lights???
66jesko (20 days ago)
This is aweful "I was hoping to record a crash"....yea why wait until someone dies due to this behavior. Should have called it in almost immediately especially after hitting the sign jesus H christ.
ISauce4Fun (20 days ago)
call the cops
O Wyzewon (20 days ago)
Nice running of a red light jack off.
kimberly 85 (20 days ago)
So yeah u did good by following her...but shit must you sit there and laugh saying "I was hoping she would wreck so I can put this on YouTube" y'all are both ignorant as fuck!!! What if she would have gotten into a wreck with a car with kids or babies and killed them? Yeah really fucking funny..goddamn douchebags
nineteen96 (20 days ago)
Don't worry, guys. I believe what you wrote in the description :)
Wil O (20 days ago)
Lol why would she follow the SUV to the parking lot, peel out of there haha
ss10 (21 days ago)
2:25 "oh i wanted to see you crash"; the description was changed to say they had called 911, but only after they were called out on it in the comments section; these idiots keep laughing at the dangerous driving; and lastly, you don't follow a driver under the influence, although i guess you do if you're just looking for views on youtube. disliked 👎 4:15 "damn i thought i was gonna record a crash, that would've been awesome". how mentally ill do you have to be to say something like that? done watching this crap.
Carlos Dyer (21 days ago)
If one of you would have called the police as soon as you spotted her, she would have gotten pulled over before you finish this video.
Haley S. (21 days ago)
You should have called the police right away she could have killed somebody people that have their own families children anything could have happened you call the police right away if you see somebody driving like that better to save a life then lose an innocent one.
Haley S. (21 days ago)
The crash could have been completely avoided if they would have called 911 in the first place even though it wasn’t anything thank god it still could have been avoided.
Lisa Bennett (21 days ago)
Why didn’t you call 911
Ashley Mitchell (21 days ago)
Honestly I wanted to see y'all crash now that would've been worth watching.
David DeMento (21 days ago)
3:30 into it. Do these idiots call the police?
Keenan Wishom (21 days ago)
S/O my 530 people
Keenan Wishom (21 days ago)
Ayyye Auburn!!!!
John Fisher (22 days ago)
ASMR does vehicular manslaughter...WITH audio description for the visually impaired. Who knew?
paul s (22 days ago)
All these videos end at the good part, I want to see the drama not just the carnage.
Pete Hricko (22 days ago)
Where’s CHP? Why did you wait so long to call? Laughing and hoping she crashed! She could have killed someone. You’re just as reckless as she was running a red light. What gave you the right to endanger everybody else by running that light? Assholes!
VH 5150 (22 days ago)
Should have called the Police at the beginning. Pretty irresponsible. “Hey look at me! I’m following a drunk or someone who’s dead tired, gets into an accident and post it on YouTube!”. Thought the right thing was gonna be done...but not till after the fact that a accident occurred.
When ur hitting that vape 💨 1:28
Sancho Lōw Era (23 days ago)
You Irresponsibly Blew Through A Red Light...
Steve Silvas (23 days ago)
Ok Scum bags. . call 911 to report this ridicous video... These idiots are just as guilty doing NOTHING!!!
Wesley Gray (23 days ago)
Watching this seriously does make me rage inside. I want to jerk this person outta their car and beat the living hell outta them! I'm a recovering addict and I used to be really bad on IV drugs, and used to get absolutely blitzed in to oblivion but I still yet never drove in that state! If I knew I was past the point of driving, I wouldn't! Shit, I wouldn't hardly drive if I had only taken one hit of weed! The only thing that would make this video better is if they stopped and pulled this person out and whooped the shit literally out of them! Why aren't they using the phone to call the police instead of using it to record?
xxsavage xx (24 days ago)
Good job following her or else she probably would've not been caught and got on a crash
Mohammad Sadi (24 days ago)
Your guys are ashole..... don't you call 911.
JE (25 days ago)
Wat a pair of dumbs-it's both of this freaking idiots worry more about recording than try to pulled her over, and sound like total B-tches and snitches when they start talking to PD

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