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Heroes of Might and Magic 3 - Best Town / Лучший замок

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Heroes of Might and Magic 3 - Best Town. Strongest Town & Weakest Town in HOMM3 are show in this video, this is very old classic strategy game for PC. This game also have two expansion packs for the turn-based strategy game Heroes of Might and Magic III - armageddon blade and shadow of death. [Doing fights between towns] Each town's army consists of the creatures it get's each week with a fully upgraded town (grail excluded). [The misleading table] If you stopped the video and took a look at the chart, you probably noticed that something isn't right, like Inferno winning Stronghold in one battle, but losing in the next one. This is because of the hero's specialties, I forgot to remove them or pick heroes whose specials wouldn't impact the battle. Типы городов/Town: -За́мок (англ. Castle) -Опло́т (англ. Rampart) -Ба́шня (англ. Tower) -Инфе́рно (англ. Inferno) -Некро́полис (англ. Necropolis) -Подземелье (англ. Dungeon) -Цитадель (англ. Stronghold) -Кре́пость (англ. Fortress) -Сопряжение (англ. Conflux) Hазвание видео: Герои меча и магии 3 Лучший замок и oбзор игры [Дыхание смерти] (0) DIY guides: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MB0njxQm2fM&list=PLwiSkdgFgik7CvkMgw6pm4vm8iW2pZPYt (0) Headphones dB/SPL sound tests: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rtax-9KXoE&list=PLwiSkdgFgik6nqlkYgtxoyUo2SdCKgOgI (0) Tests and some entertainments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbECmby8cug&list=PLwiSkdgFgik5vqneZAB0uaNMtYqd3_xLx (0) Unboxings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9AIEE8Pr8c&list=PLwiSkdgFgik4Ecs876nyqL50ruIW61VXp
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Text Comments (540)
Cekeybula (3 days ago)
That's so weird, when I played Homm3, I tested towns myself, and for some reason, Dungeon seemed easiest for me, and with conflux I was non stop getting rekt on left and right. That's so weird.
Tom DeCoste (12 days ago)
Only good things about Conflux are Phoenix and Magic University (though Earth and Air magic are fairly easy to come by through XP). Everything else is pretty crappy. And the graphics are seizure inducing. I would rather play as Dungeon or Cove and take over a Conflux town to get the Phoenix and Magic University.
SomeHand Sama (13 days ago)
you are aware of that centaurs isnt the best lvl 1 unit, right?? everybody knows that halabardiers or whatever their name was (from castle anyways) is the best lvl1 lol
kaya cenk (14 days ago)
Hota best mod !!!!!!!
C Alex (15 days ago)
I only play Castle for loyalty.
Timur Markin (19 days ago)
Voted for Necropolis and Dungeon
Hristo Stefanov (1 month ago)
1.Doungen 2. Necropolis 3. Rampart
I played Necropolis on random map with harder units and death ripple was just effective on hordes :D
Andrzej Gogołek (1 month ago)
You are wrong deal whit it :)
bladesteel (1 month ago)
Necropolis and the hero Thant. Animate dead and loose no units lol.
umbrella. oli (1 month ago)
Castle with Adela and Diplamacy Skill rocks the map. My Favorite Style and great Playstyle has Dungeon for me (especially in WoG). xD
Tim Klasson (1 month ago)
The fun part of this game is that it highly depends on the map and the player in regards of which town is the best in the game. Claiming that one town is worse than the others is not always conclusive for every game and the same goes for claiming that one is better than the others. I tend to feel like Castle is the strongest one cause of the unit abilities, 2 flying, 2 ranged, 2 units that strike twice on attack and one that can retaliate twice or infinite number of times. But I also tend to be reminded that strenght is not always set in stone as time and time again you can receive a heavy beating by pretty much any other town, of course it depends alot on the heroes skill and magic. The sides will never be balanced enough in a real game for it to matter which town is best. Thats the art of true balance in a game and that makes this game one of the best games in history of strategy games. In the end sticking to one town-army is never optimal, atleast in my own experience, and I tend to mix flying units with a few ranged regarding which units I can get my hands on that are the strongest in regards of number. As long as you have Expert Leadership, that is the best strategy in the game, anything else is just bonuses. :) Anyways, love to see this nostaligc beast get some love in todays Memestream (in regards to Mainstream).
Agirmetal (1 month ago)
If you play random map especially in harder difficulties Tower is the best because you can find lots of gems from all those unguarded mystical gardens and so you may build giant/titan buildings as early as possible
Salkin 3/4 (1 month ago)
Upgraded Harpies are basically ranged unit with limited range so it means that dungeon has 3 ranged units,
Viktor Ko (1 month ago)
I Play everygame for 200% and ein with Castle-conflux 😆😂😂😂
Mirza Mandzo (1 month ago)
Not sure any of this can be applied to player vs player random generated map, cause if you have expert wisdom any spell can be learned. With diplomacy it doesn't really matter, you make your own variety of creatures. No matter the town, I will always welcome enchanters, sharpshooters in my party XD And let's not forget that early game also means nothing in player vs player situation. What matters is who conquers Dragon Utopia's most and fastest. I remember having perfect games, without a single unit lost and yet opponent who had insanely bad start would wreck me if he had found dragon utopia before me. Decision making in late games is also not a factor of units, but spells, artifacts, and so many other factors. Yeah, I agree that conflux has a lot of advantages compared to some towns, but then again their hero special skills are not that great, compared to some other. Armor, sorcery, intelligence, diplomacy and so on. Each skill that give percentage per level to some skill is very tough to deal with. But let's say you are a castle player and you get 7-10 griffon conservatories during the game, you instantly surpass the number of angels to any other 7th level town. I could point out so many other examples, but after 20+ years of playing this game, the reason I still love this game is that every game is different depending on these small factors which can instantly turn the favors for any player :) God I love this game!
Xander1097 (2 months ago)
I prefer Castle or Dungeon
Lurkens Kanal (2 months ago)
Necropolis, get necromancy and then get a diplomacy hero, use diplomacy on low level creatures around the map to make them join you, send them all back and convert to skeletons. you will beat any town with sheer numbers of skeleton warriors you can make
Musky The Husky (2 months ago)
You wanna hear a russian joke? IZ BAAAAAD! Bullshit not a guide
ArtūrsM (2 months ago)
You are welcome write your personal review, which is best heroes might and magic 3 castle :)
Plamen Kisov (2 months ago)
My favorite castle is Necropolis the only bad thing there is Ghost Dragon. They have great skillfull Heroes with access on Wisdom and Expert elemental magic in late game having teleport skill is great also implosion but if you play Necropolis beter put Recanter's Cloak becouse you will be vulnirable to Armagedon also prevents Revive spell also Animate Dead is lvl3 so you wont be affected negatively the unique spell Dead Ripple will hurt all units exept Undead Units so if you play Undead use Expert Earth Magic is really importand. The lack ot lvl7 strong creature is covered with Necromancy spell witch is alowing you to build massive amount off skeletons witch may become thousends and thousends if you have bonus artefacts or more than one Necropolis Cloak of the Undead King if you can asseble it you will win almost everygame expesionly when you start getting Liches with Necromancy. The Dead Knight is one of the best lvl6 creatures Vampire Lord with Drain Ability to revive , the Lich is hiting the adjustend targets so you can use war machines of your opunent as your advantage, Skeletons they are not the best lvl1 unit but you will have swarms of them even legions The Zombies are the slowest unit in game (Im not sure) but they also have their weapon they can couse Implossion the Wraights are weak but they are mainly used to drain opunent spell points. Yeah I know the best castle is Conflux its Just overpowered but Necropolis is much more fun to play. Double Population even with weak units like Sprites is too much and all spell imune units you just need to find Armagedon and you will have no problem winning the game as you have half of your units immune to it. Castle and Tower have great creatures but they are too expensive you basicly need to have 4-5 other castles with city hall to can buy everything and upgrades to Archangels or Titans.... yeah if you have enough rss those towns would be the strongest but you will need to reach 6 monts to be close to buy everything Griffin Bastions could be in favor for Castle so they are maybe the 3rd best. Then for me 4rd is Tower, then Comes maybe the Rampart becouse they have better Archers than Dungeon they have better lvl6 unit they have the best lvl1 unit ,after Dungeon is Inferno and worst towns for me are Fortress and Stronghold they are just too bad at spells they have some good creatures but the lack of magic is too bad for them also they are a bit expensive castles expesionly Behemot/Cyclopse Upgrades with 20 crystals needed is too much
New Music Lyrics. (2 months ago)
shittest video ever, conflux is shit, stronghold is shit wtf are you talking about?
ArtūrsM (2 months ago)
yea :)
New Music Lyrics. (2 months ago)
tikko redzeju ka tu visp latvietis nahuj ble
Anders Hass (2 months ago)
Worst thing about Conflux is you need to upgrade in order to get ranged units
ArtūrsM (2 months ago)
but it's only problem in very small map.
chillywilly541 (2 months ago)
Definitely no consensus at all in the comments regarding strongest and weakest towns, which is a good thing seems fairly balanced
Edgar Allan Poe (3 months ago)
It doesn't work best if you simulate the fights, sometimes when I simulate a battle I lose but then I play it myself and win
ArtūrsM (3 months ago)
of course, but this lack of all fights equals in this test :)
The Game Theory (3 months ago)
Dungeon is clearlyone of the weakest town in the game. 1) Subterrain is bad, narrow corridors are problematic. If Dungeon start on surface then they won't benefit from native terrain advatages. 2) No low level shooter and evil eye is expensive and deal little damage. They are not realy good at cleaning up maps. 3) Statistically this town produces one of the least HP and damage output. 4) low weekly growths 5) No powerstack like Skeletons, Demons, Vywerns etc... 6) Expensive buildings, expensive creatures. 7) Very hard to get dragons. No idea why they require mage guild lvl2-3.
CrashPCcz (2 months ago)
black dragons and armageddon combo is mighty powerful...
ArtūrsM (3 months ago)
thanks for personal review.
Yay conflux is my favorite town!
Sgt. Arch Dornan (3 months ago)
0:45 Рыд зы дыскрыпшн фор ыкстра дытэйлс!
Bartłomiej Czupała (4 months ago)
contact me (anyone) if you want a match (Heroes III Complete, tcp/ip via hamachi), you can choose Necropolis, I'll go for Castle (2XL) ;)
ArtūrsM (4 months ago)
good luck :)
LaDiM Animation (4 months ago)
O ser, vy iz anglii?
ArtūrsM (4 months ago)
дудки, я из Прибалтика - Латвия :)
Hypogonadism (4 months ago)
Iv never played conflux. But i understand its OP. With that said i would rank the towns like this. 1. Conflux 2. Necropolis 3. Castle 4. Dungeon 5. etc
ArtūrsM (4 months ago)
I recommend try conflux :) Just for experience.
Konstantin Savin (5 months ago)
Stronghold for life
4rgenn (5 months ago)
Fortress and Stronghold are very understimate! They are very good for rush, cause buildings cost less then other, and even creatures are cheap even if ther are a lot of strong units. Gorgon is the best level 5 unit in the game, awesome stats and death stare is simply OP. you can dominate the game, with a group of Gorgons by easy kill level 7th units. even Dragon fly and basylisc are awesome. Stronhold behemoth is a fucking monster, can easy kill everything in this game, he is very cheap, and thunderbird too, second strongest 5th unit of the game after gorgon. those two units in combo with ogre blood are fucking good. . with Fortress and Stronghold often i dominate the map, with rush strategy, if you fight the other town in the early months, they can't win, unless they have developed much of their hero's magic.
mjöllnir teormyn (5 months ago)
It depends on the map. 1- Necros are overpowered in Large and extra large maps due to large numbers of skeletons(skeleton transformer/all the other towns 1st, 2nd level creatures+Necromany+raise dead being a level 3 spell instead of level 4 spell resurrection and so on). 2- Dungeon looks all around good( good mix of fly and ranged units but if you play impossible single player you have little chance cuz you have to build that beholder building to move on which costs 1 of every resource). Playing impossible with Dungeon is nearly impossible. 3- Fortress on the hand can be deadly in small and medium maps with Bron or Tazar as a starting hero. Bron starts with 5-7 basilisk(only hero who starts with level 4 creature) and you can immediately build wyvern building which is nice(Dragonflies are also my favourite level 3)+plus you can clear dragon utopias with mighty gorgons)
Koen Mildenstein (5 months ago)
Rampart is my favorite, and when done correctly fortress can be a formidable foe given you have a teleport spell and a resurrection spell for the gorgons
TFG AMBROSE424 (5 months ago)
Wtf why do think the phenixis are so good maybe its easy to have a army of them but they are so weak i mean 20 black dragons could beat 20 phenoxis ( rubber chickens)
ArtūrsM (5 months ago)
but in on week you get only 2 black dragons, that means, 20 black dragons grow in 10 weeks, for this time phenoxis will be 40 lol
shadowdancerRFW (5 months ago)
Tell you what, I play Stronghold with Crag Hack. I haven't been beaten yet in pvp, and I doubt I will. Most people are stupid and they underestimate barbs and Fortress, they soon taste defeat. Very fast and very ugly.
Only Inferno, only hardcore!
Kamus RetroGamer (5 months ago)
20 years playing homm3 and my favourite is dungeon. The only problem with creatures is the fucking manticore. Tower is great but only ir you have a gold mine... Is hiper expensive. 1. Necopolis 2. Dungeon 3. Castle (I dont count conflux)
ArtūrsM (5 months ago)
yea, conflux is cheating town :)
Tom Bombadil (5 months ago)
I play Heroes of Might and Magic 3 since 1999 and have a lot hours of experiencing everything. In many and many hours of tryouts, longplays etc I think that the strongest castle is Dungeon. Conflux actually is stronger, but I think it's not fair made castle. But the dungeon is pretty strong compare even to Conflux. Why? 3d and 4th level archers. It gives the biggest output of your long range units and they cost relatively cheap, their growth is fast, no hard requirement to build their buildings with upgrades (compare to Archi-mages for example). The most significant thing is to make accent on archery in the beginning while you conquering resources, fighting computer AI. Upgraded harpies are also can be helpful in the beginning. Troglodytes can be a good target for enemy AI archers. I agree that their 6th level is weak but they can attack weak targets pretty effectively, block archers. In the later game there no such need in archers. Titans are awesome, but when you'll get to them there will be many long distance 7th level creatures that it doesn't make sense to lay on the archery. And black dragons, which are immune to all the spells are also flying fast and biting very hard. So I think dungeon is pretty balanced in the beginning and in the end. And I like minotaurs - they kick ass on the 5th level. Very good defence in the middle of the game and good trump in the later game. Let's compare dungeon to other castles in terms what I've said Castle - pretty weak archery in the beginning (but upgraded crossbowmen of 2d level can attack twice). Monks are expensive to build in the beginning. Archangels are good, but more expensive than black dragons, and they aren't immune to spells. Rampart - pretty good archery with 2 attacks on the 3d level.. and that's all. But still good compare to dungeon. Pretty weak (but fast) 4th level, strong but slow 5th level. More useless unicorns even compare to dungeon's manticores because of their speed. Gold Dragons are little bit weaker compare to black dragons. At least gold dragons has a turn before black dragons. Tower - mages are very expensive, but at least you have master-gremlins to shoot! Gargoyles are pretty weak so I'm trying not to send them to fight. Genies are weak in defence, but good at attack. Also casting spells - sometimes it's just cool and helpful. Titans are the best archers in the game, but it goes into knuckle-fight at the moment when you build it. Nagas are also slow like unicorns, but very strong at attack and defence. Inferno, weak archers of the 2d level, even upgraded. So... we don't have any archers here. I like their close fight attacking units, but closer to the end you have to replace all units with the higher level creatures. If you can win before it gets hot - you can choose Inferno. Necropolis - liches are very strong, but very expensive and the building is expensive cause requires rare resources (in the beginning), but there is a good solution to use Vampire-lords instead. I don't like ghosts and zombies. Not very useful in all the game. Stronghold - very strong melee at all and pretty good archery in the beginning, but with only one 3d level unit. Okay cyclops are good, but I'll prefer to focus on behemoths in this moment. Fortress - my tactics for this castle is based on melee of course: basilisks, wyverns, and flies. But gorgons has a deadly eye! So if you have at least 10 gorgons you can try to find azure or crystal dragons, capture them with gorgons and make them serve to you.
ArtūrsM (6 months ago)
Look here's a excellent review comment :)
Ander Pierce (6 months ago)
Dungeon + Deemer for some early meteor shower spam :P
Matteo Duell (6 months ago)
That level 7 fighting chart is fake! The angle should have won every one. I checked it myself.
ArtūrsM (6 months ago)
i thought, there are hero impact on outcome.
BRUGAR (6 months ago)
I think inferno is probably one of the weakest towns, most of the heroes aren't too good, besides arch devils and efreet sultans only cerberi are decent creatures, the pit lords do have the ability to resurect fallen creatures into demons but they themselves aren't too strong, the demons seem to be one of the weakes lvl4 creatures ever, the imps do take a spell point after using magic but they are easy to take down, mogogs could be awesome creature but their mass damage has a side effect that harms your units at least I usually end up skipping their turn in later game after geting decent 1-2 turns with them. Basically, all time I had played this gime in my life, I found Inferno town as one of the hardest to play really
misster490 (6 months ago)
4:16 +Black Dragon
Keyshell (6 months ago)
I think it also largely depends on the map. On a very small map, I doubt Conlflux would beat Stronghold, and on an XL map, Necropolis almost always wins.
DJShire (6 months ago)
I was always best with rampart and stronghold. My two favorites.
Bill Bishop (6 months ago)
Dungeon first then add a rapart and only play against computer players all 7
Zominet12345 (7 months ago)
yo bro why tower win vs remparts and remparts win vs tower xD ?
ArtūrsM (7 months ago)
it's random magic.
SgFnp (7 months ago)
Незнаю даст для тебя дизлайк и нехороший коммент чего то неплохого, однако ты лошара. Ты бы блят еще на китайском озвучивал. Или таковой реакций ты и ждал ? Для таких утырков кушать отдельное пункт в аду, с раскаленной кочергой в пятой точке.
ArtūrsM (7 months ago)
отчего этак злостно ? попросту вводить субтитры.
Alistair Brock (7 months ago)
Ive found stronghold and fortress to be strongest cause one has + offence and the other + armorer.
ArtūrsM (7 months ago)
good strategy :)
machtharry (7 months ago)
This is what makes this game so epic. Reads the comments. For almost every town in game you find someone arguing why it is the best and not conflux. I personally like to play with Rampart the most, followed by Castle and Tower.
ArtūrsM (7 months ago)
I also like this epic game so :)
rohl1979 (7 months ago)
Лучший замок это тот, где руки прямые с мозгами! Делать диаграммы, гласить заунывным голосом...
GO! (7 months ago)
Вэри гуд, комрад!
Osiedlony (8 months ago)
There is no easy answer on what is the best. All depends on available: artifacts, spells, resources, time, heroes, towns etc. etc. But probably we may agree on what is worst. xD And the worst is Inferno, he he he he. And that's because whatever category You pick, there is always a better town (units - plenty, magic - ie. tower, hp - everything, special abilities - plenty, heroes - again, same, plenty of, cheaper town/units - same, etc. etc.) and in every other Inferno is at most decent, but more likely weak.
ArtūrsM (7 months ago)
100% exactly :)
Mikita Marus (7 months ago)
Wrong. You are playing on the grass - this gives the advantage to Castle, Rampart and Conflux. I perfomed same battle on sand (but excluded Conflux - it's just a wrong castle): 1) Tower - usually wins because of 3 units using ranged attack and Naga Queens. Titans are the toughest monsters at 7th level and have ranged attack. Archimages do massive damage at ranged attack. Master Genies can apply Pray (very helpful!) or Slayer (massive damage to opponent's 7th monster). Golems are the toughest unit at 3rd level (but not the most useful). 2) Fortress/Castle/Dungeon - depends on the luck. Will your Gorgons apply Dead Sight / morality / etc. Fortress have lots of tough melee warriors with thick skin and fearsome extras like Dead Sight / Turn to Stone / Weaken. Castle has Archangels who can bring back to life some units - for example, Knights with their massive double damage. Dungeon has Minotaur Lords with incredibly strong punch, two ranged units who are tough to fight with melee, harpie queens are really tricky for the opponent. And, pf course, Black Dragons are extremely tough and can penetrate 2 rows. 3) Rampart - 8 Dendroid Soldiers are very tough and can keep the opponent's 7th monster stuck. Elven Warriors can do massive damage, but be careful to protect them. Gold Dragons are weaker than Black, but act earlier and also can penetrate 2 rows. 4) Necropolis - Vampire Lords are extra tough, best unit of 4th level IMO. Dark Knight are excellent as well - second after the Naga Queens. 5) Inferno / Stronghold - also depends on luck. Will your Thunderbirds apply Thunder? Sometimes happens twice per battle, sometimes zero. Will Magogs have a chance to strike 2-5 units at a time? Will Cerbers have chance to strike 2-3 units? Etc.
ArtūrsM (7 months ago)
so good review :)
Derrick Liu (8 months ago)
Unfortunately when you consider the effects of artifact s. Things go down really differently.
ArtūrsM (7 months ago)
there is a different game with artifact use.
1Alex Borlean0 (8 months ago)
In late game all the skeletons accumulated can easily die from one shot delivered by titans.Tower ftw
ArtūrsM (7 months ago)
the Titans are very nice, but pity that so costly
Tây Hải (8 months ago)
That sir mulich so strong hero
Leon Degrelle ϟϟ (8 months ago)
Online = Castle and Necropolis
Aleksandar Jedini (9 months ago)
Fortress is very strong if you focus on defense.. every town has pros and cons
ArtūrsM (9 months ago)
exactly :)
Conflux castle and necropolis are my favorite but I always do random town otherwise it Is boring
ArtūrsM (9 months ago)
random game is good training :)
ks i (9 months ago)
Necropolis for da win
Paweł Pniewski (19 days ago)
+ArtūrsM true
ArtūrsM (9 months ago)
only in larger maps I love Necropolis.
Tor Brian Surdal (9 months ago)
what u said that necropolis 7th creature is the weakest is not tru, it has weakest stats yeah. but it has the best ability witch is the age thing. it has a 25% chance on hit and it HALFS the hitpoints of a crature. so if u have hundread black dragons and 100 ghost dragons hit u and this happens. then the black dragon is worse the ghost dragon in hit points. ghost dragons is awesome!
Bartu Dündar (8 months ago)
That is a great ability when it hits but its RNG. So its not always gonna work.
Dungeon seems perfect to me. But archangels are still cheating level 7 creatures.
Kevin Slater (9 months ago)
Rampart, those dwarf treasuries man, those dwarf treasuries. Who cares if you have better units if you can’t buy them?
Staszek27 (10 months ago)
Who needs 7th level creatures in necropolis when you have vampire lords.
ArtūrsM (10 months ago)
but then don't use quick combat :)
Weilan (10 months ago)
My favorite is Rampart, solely because of how it looks like, followed by Conflux. Necropolis and Inferno are my least favorite.
DuraheLL (10 months ago)
If you remove what is banned in tournament, all the OP stuff. That is just stupid to use (upgraded vampires, upgraded phoenixes etc) the towns really do compete with eachother greatly.
Prätorianer (10 months ago)
Agree on conflux because of Phoenix and Armageddon bombing, but Necropolis will always be my favorite.
Pan Thukan (10 months ago)
THATS MY OPINION :) In multiplayer: 1. Conflux yup, 2. necro. 3. castle. 4. dungeon. 5.stronghold. 6. fortress 7. rampart 8. Tower. 9. Inferno. But when u play solo: 1. necro 2. conflux. 3. castle. 4. dungeon. 5. tower. 6. inferno. 7 stronghold. 8. rampart. 9. fortress
XfStef (10 months ago)
HoMM 2 is better.
Jan Gadze (5 months ago)
Andrei Miga thats a good point, didnt look at it this way. All i saw was a wasted move 4 fast units
Andrei Miga (5 months ago)
Jan Gadze I don't play too many xl maps in h2 so I think you are right. And about the absence of the Wait button in h2: I think it is good. First, flyers can go to any hex on the battlefield, no need to wait to go all the way there. In HoMM2 there are slow powerful units (like hydras) and fast weak units (like boars and gargoyles, or even wolves). The fast units can be used to block the enemy shooters in the first move, while the slower units can be used to defend shooters (dwarves, golems). In h3, the fast creatures move first, but if they wait, they move last, so no need of bringing slower units to the battle. This reduces diversification.
Jan Gadze (5 months ago)
Andrei Miga i see your point, but i think this mostly matters on small maps. I might not know enough about smaller maps because i always play l or xl maps, but lets put it this way: on a xl map with 5+ equally skilled players warlock and wizard have a clear edge for the overall win. Yes if you manage to pressure them early you might take them out but if not you pretty much lost. Where as in h3 simply the tile arangement in a combat increases the skill required to fight well by a big amout. Also stuff like not being able to wait takes a lot away from fast units thst arent fast enough to get to the other side. For example rocs (hope they are alsp called like this in h2). In midgame if you dont have haste your first move is pretty much wasted. And just to be clear about the rest, i've never played any heroes besides 2&3 so i cant talk about h4+
Andrei Miga (5 months ago)
Jan Gadze yes, but let's not forget each faction needs a different playstyle. Yes, a wizard with titans will wreck a sorceress, but let's not forget that Titans are expensive and that in early game (where I will count only Tier 1-3 units for easier following) Wizards have Halflings, Boars and Golems, while Sorceresses have Sprites, Dwarves and Elves which will do much more. If the Sorceress attacks early the Wizard stands no chance. How does faster early game not fix that? Please don't take into account AI's stupidity. Plus, even in endgame, let's just picture a regular battle: Phoenixes go first, hero casts Haste on Druids/Elves or even Mass Haste and then they get some free shots at those Titans. And in endgame the number of Elves can be over 150. And about the Barbarian Warlock example, it is the same thing going on. In early to mid game, barbarians can get very high attack values, and Orcs and Wolves will do really well.
Jan Gadze (5 months ago)
Andrei Miga dont get me wrong, i do understand that ressources have to be considered but the gap bewtween barbarian town and warlock or wizard and sorcerer are just way to big. You can roam the map with 10 titans and beat almost 2 months worth of sorcerer troops without using any tactics. Heroes3 did a way better job, ofc titans still have highest base dmg but a behemoth will fuck shit up cause he deals tons of dmg ignores 80%armor and has the same health pool. But having a lvl 7 unit be so much more dominant than a whole towns lineup hurts the balance. Not even the faster earlygame.fixes that. And thats just monsters, not including for example that every hero from.a town starts with the same skills. Having logistics for example will on around 80% of the mals simply be more useful than navigation as a preset starting ability.
Alex DemiHuman (11 months ago)
Dungeon 4lyf yo
Jan Sitkowski (11 months ago)
Rampart sucks, unless you're jew, and want more gold.
Jan Sitkowski (11 months ago)
What's good about rampart? Full list : Jew guild. That's all. Everything else is garbage. With inferno, at least you can use Pitlords to change all your creatures below level 4 to horned demons. I managed to make 666 horned demons in my army with this little trick.
ArtūrsM (11 months ago)
do not say that, there are some good heros :) I love sometimes play with rampart.
Aster (11 months ago)
дизлайк, нефиг без субтитров заглавие на российском мастерить
ArtūrsM (11 months ago)
нажмите кнопку субтитров :)
Bach Hoang (11 months ago)
conflux is best because winning is relatively easy on all map sizes. Even though I'm a Necropolis lover, I have to choose Stronghold / Fortress / Conflux when playing M and below. Most conflux mirror matches happen on smaller map sizes (which is boring when people just use the same strategy).
Khorne (11 months ago)
For many years now Tower has been my best town to play, i love everything about it, splitting Genies into 3 stacks for buff stacking is tons of fun, using the vision spike on turn 1 is great value and Titans are just amazing at everything.
ffarkasm (11 months ago)
I fckin hate conflux
sErgEantaEgis12 (11 months ago)
Are you Russian? Because your English skill is very good.
ArtūrsM (11 months ago)
Thanks, but no, I am from Latvia, Baltic states, very close to Russia.
neil Taylor (11 months ago)
what i like mainly of the castle is the griffins unlimited retaliation and the halberds higher attack and defence rating compared to most level 1 creatures, 2nd in place would be skeleton warriors
neil Taylor (11 months ago)
downside to inferno is the weakness of defence of the imps, same goes for sprites. plus the magogs fireball attack doesnt really help much when it hits your own team as well
Matteo Duell (1 year ago)
The Phoenix is the weakest creature I did this my self and the black dragon won for me
ArtūrsM (11 months ago)
yes, but you get 4 Phoenix in week + they to regenerate in fight.
mauser98kar (1 year ago)
Но я все равно знаю - Некрополис всех крутить желал будто ту светящуюся пирамидку на верхушке собственной Темницы душ. Единственная стратегия - насилуй всю карту. Единственный итог - полное приемущество. Конфлюкс со всеми своими плюшками все-таки не способен приостановить некромантов с Плащом Короля Нежити.
The best town must be castle because it is adaptive to every situation
Daniel Bobeică. Glad you agree with me
Daniel Bobeică (1 year ago)
town guard the castle is the best and the powerful castle with the most adapting creatures
ArtūrsM totally agree
ArtūrsM (1 year ago)
Main factor is player playing skills :)
Mary Jane (1 year ago)
Castle=prayer +prayer hero speciality ,best spell= town portal . Game over
toader alex (1 year ago)
everytime when i play heroes 3 complete edition or wog at impossible with Stronghold and heroe Crag hack i won ,Behemoths are the best level & creature !
toader alex (11 months ago)
that's why i have haste and i play on 200%
Mathijs S. (11 months ago)
behemoths are worst tier 7 creature if your opponent has skill since they are just too damn slow, try playing on 200%
mola4everyourz (1 year ago)
should have been neutral terrain, castle + rampart get +1 +1 for units on grass and +1 movement, biased tests
The Quattro (10 months ago)
Man I tried to clear your avatar from my screen -.-
nicolenadeem (1 year ago)
anybody can tell me where to download the game? i havent played it in many years
Ben Schwarz (11 months ago)
ArtūrsM (1 year ago)
on torrents pages.
Ben Smith (1 year ago)
crap analysis
ArtūrsM (1 year ago)
what you think should be included in the second video ?
Shadow Priest (1 year ago)
Fortress both won and lost against castle, whats up whit that? ?
Milen Tanev (1 year ago)
my opinion, adding the town related collections is. 1st - conflux, it is OP. 2nd- necropolis - with one 3 item collection you get liches from necromancy. 3rd - dungeon - with the health collection you get unstopable fast 7th unit and 2 ranged. 4th. stronghold , the same reason as number 3, and 5th - castle, the morale bonuses, the ressurect and the units are insane
ShoutsWillEcho1 (1 year ago)
Conflux feels a bit gay though
Mickazilla (4 months ago)
no u
DANIELS4 (1 year ago)
Nezināju , ka ir kāds lv youtuberis ,kurš filmēja šo spēli , žēl , ka vairs nespēle...
Streiche Mafia (1 year ago)
Latvitis cau
NeonuxLV (5 months ago)
es ari lv !! :)
Streiche Mafia (1 year ago)
ArtūrsM es nu latvitis
ArtūrsM (1 year ago)
Hi hi :)
Patrick Ferguson (1 year ago)
I main Tower and I kick ass in it. Even on “impossible”. With a few notable exceptions when I accidentally gave all my troops to side hero and attacked with main. It would have been alright if that player didn’t have shackles of war.
Patrick Ferguson (1 year ago)
Wow bad grammar, hope you people understand what I said
Patrick Ferguson (1 year ago)
I forgot the name of the hero but I always try and chain-lightning. Of raise my spell power as much as possible in 1 month and I rape someone and take their towns
ODee (1 year ago)
Conflux and Necropolis are strongest, but N is #1 assuming skeletons are being gathered correctly. I would love to have Conflux win, but the skeletons are too powerful when they're plentiful. You can get hundreds of skeletons in the first few weeks. No other faction can beat that. Tower is the worst for super-slow and expensive developement - you get the army buildings very slowly because you need almost all of them, in order, and the mage building is absolutely too expensive which makes it almost impossible to play on impossible(hahah). Fortress is the luck-based team. It's only good if you can get a lot of Wyverns from Dragon Fly Hives, otherwise i would personally claim that it's even worse than Tower, although the fact that Fortress gets Wyverns from town buildings really quick, is something to remember. Other teams are quite balanced, all have big strengths and big weaknesses, and are more or less viable than others in different maps and situations. You gotta remember that HOMM3 has a LOT of luck, so if you get a much better start on say, Tower, like way better artifacts and more of them, you can still beat Necropolis or Conflux obviously. Also, if you pick Hard or easier difficulties, Tower rises pretty nicely, but Fortress stays really bad regardless.
Storeslem (1 year ago)
i always thought 4 phoenix a week was a bug at release. its pretty unfair imo. still tazar beats all
velichka nikolova (1 year ago)
Best 3 towns for me 1st place Necropolis- Man,1 vs 7 and this thing still wins . It is very easy to build it for less than month.No morale makes them good combo with Conflux also all units are immuned to Mind spells which means you cannot berserk or disable the lich to shoots.Necromancy skill at Expert level is like this :They kill 50 skeletons of yours but you take 200 after fight and this makes them a difficult opponent to face.If you have Animate Dead and Expert Earth Magic this puts end at all opponents ,especially with having Shuckles of war in your hero so you can perevent running from a fight.The cloak of undead king is easy to get and once when you have it,liches are spawned in your army.4-5k of Skeletons and Liches just destroy your opponent with 1 shot,Vampire Lords can handle more than 4 attacking opponents an they drain life from living creatures as well,Dread knights are dealing doubled damage + Curse which is big advantage in their level 6 .Ghost dragons may suck but they are faster than Hydra,Behemoth and Titan and many creatures which makes it easy to end a game.In 1 line this castle is perfect even for a starting a game. 2nd place Dungeon-Mana Vortex keeps your SP doubled most of the times,you can find Armageddon in the castle compared with Conflux where you can`t,Artifact Merchants gives you all you need for your heroes like an artifact for a strategy and the Portal of summoning too....Take a house of a Dragon on your map and make your army more useful.The building isn`t so difficult ,because most of the times the maps have sulfur,wood and stones,but yea only the Dragon Cave needs much resources which is the most difficult part.However The Harpy Hag is good same as the Conflux`s Sprite (Fairy or like I call it butterfly 3: ) Skip 1 move with it an you get 2 strikes later without opponent`s retalitation,Medusa has so tough shooter and mele attack stone gazes which is sick at moments,Minotaur or the cow-Man Good Morale and strong damage makes them dangerous as Vampire Lord,Manticor or the lion is not bad if paralyses opponent also it has 11 points speed which is advantage before it`s another stats.The Black Dragon =Immune to all Spells,300 HP,15 Speed (Yup not the best but still good) and +50% dmg when fights with Titans +Armageddon FEARS EVEN THE NECRO players with 2-3K skeletons and if you have implossion=gg cuz Phoenix even in big numbers dies as well. 3rd place I should say Rampart-Expert Diplomacy + Army of horses is all you need to win an opponent becuase Diplomacy can joins more big level units and makes you invincible for army of Skeletons or big number of slow units if you mass slow them during a battle.Treasure is good cuz 10% gold boost at start of a week,fontain is usefull for resources too.Centaur is the best 1st level unit with 10HP and speed 8 which is good for it`s level,The dwarf shields an inflicted spell 20+40 % depends UPG or not and nice 20 hp and defense.Grand Elf is probably good shoote-Shoots twice and has good speed which is annoying if you have good morale for the opponent,Pegasus (the horse) drains enemy`s mana faster,UPG one has speed 12 ,Speed,also has good stats and numbers per week,the Dendroid tree soldier is slow but tough opponent which is good for defense of a team,Unicorn has magic aura to reflect spells same as dwarf and it is fast as centaur+this blinding spell and 110 HP makes him good level 6 unit AND Gold dragon-It makes better dmg than the Phoenix and many level 7 creatures,it is faster than many creatures incluing Dungeon`s Black Dragon (only weakness which is not immune to implossion) has 250 HP same as Archangel. Comment your armies and why if you like this comment.
schwako1 (8 months ago)
Expertly said. Once I want to add is I like Castle. Very cheap buildings only need Wood and Ore! Only buildings to use luxury resources are angels and mage guild! Enable to build up to lv. 6 champions using only Wood and ore! in the early days. Because you don't use the luxury resources it's very possible it will accumulate, enabling you to b tier 7 in the first week.
ArtūrsM (1 year ago)
excellent a review comment :) thanks a lot :)
BlasterBlastoise (1 year ago)
:'( Conflux got removed in HD edition..
Ben Schwarz (11 months ago)
you should get the complete edition then patch it to HD
GoldMasterAssassin (1 year ago)
No, I have the town you probably did not click past Fortress.
MikeKye200 (1 year ago)
Russians were always great at HOMM3.  I can remember back in 1999 they'd turn up at TOH with their pet maps and everything planned to perfection, including hero chaining plans; they'd demolish most opponents on their pet maps ;p
MikeKye200 (1 year ago)
The Archangels are my favourite 7th level creature with their Resurrect ability and the Castle is probably my favourite town; but, yeah, Conflux is fantastic, especially starting with Grindan and his Earth magic and Slow spell.

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