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Elite: Dangerous - 22,000 light years Trip

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Travelling this distance took about 11 hours of time, not including the occasional loitering in systems to take some pretty pictures. There were many nebula along the route, but real life time pressures forced me to ignore many as I had to get to the stricken Jacques station.
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John Morley (16 hours ago)
I remember Elite from the late 80s. It was one of the best PC games of the time.
Harry (7 days ago)
Lol, if voyager could've travelled this fast we wouldn't have been obligated to watch it
stucknote (1 month ago)
With my recent not even far jump, I got so sleepy I crashed onto the Sun too many times!
Weird_AF (1 month ago)
What the hell is hyper space exactly though. I know warp is probably something like the alcubeair or however you spell it drive so how does hyper space work. Do you jump into a different demension were moving 1km there is like moving across a solar system in our demension. So you just do that then jump out into normal space in a completely different location or what?
Rolling Bloxer (1 month ago)
Couldn’t you use the neutron highway?
DrakeDealer (1 month ago)
How do you find any of this fun?
Scott Manley (1 month ago)
It’s like climbing a mountain.....
Blas (2 months ago)
*HONK* "Fuel scoopi-Fuel scoop disengaged. Frame shift drive charging."
Skeezy Greedo (3 months ago)
Lmao "next season will have space legs" *2 years later* → Still nothing new and exciting
Skeezy Greedo (3 months ago)
+Scott Manley yeah tuesday will be adding a lot of exciting things i agree
Skeezy Greedo (3 months ago)
+Scott Manley woah scott replied! Awesome!
Scott Manley (3 months ago)
Yep, still waiting. But update on Tuesday adds a lot
Lucas Yeager (3 months ago)
i wish ksp had that much planet
Milan Ondrak (3 months ago)
You should try Beagle point. Thousands of jumps, thousands of sun's.
First Name Last Name (6 months ago)
Heh.. this trip ended my game on ED... I got half way and attempted suicide but couldn't! I bet if load up now i'll still be out there, all those quests expired... all alone. Great game!
Malicious Muppet (7 months ago)
i was at colonia once..... got bored... blew myself up to respawn at threvick. there aint jack shit to really do their besides cartographics
Scott Manley (7 months ago)
Things have changed now, still a long way from most of the action.
tyranasorusrex (8 months ago)
Found the Planet But not the crashed Fighter is it north or south of the mountian and how far?
Crash (8 months ago)
Shoulda did a Neutron star jump. Saves a ton of time
Galileo (8 months ago)
"I started to stop a lot to take pictures of my ass next to the stars"
Edward Yaspi (9 months ago)
11hrs ?! Wtf I actually just arriving to colonia and I do 4 or 5 hrs no exploration except TWW
Edward Yaspi (9 months ago)
Ooo yeah actually do a jumpaconda for this whit 71ly for jump range and sorry for my English not my native language FLY SAFE ! Cmdr! a great greeting from 🇲🇽! Arriba arriba taco burrito !
Edward Yaspi (9 months ago)
Scott Manley hi! Yeah! Is the best way I've used for exploration outside the bubble is the first time I go out and use the neutron highway but I also had a bit of luck because I have an AFMU grade3 and I just arrived to colonia with 3 or 5 repairs to the MDD (I do not remember correctly) because your MDD is wearing out, if you can take your AFMU grade 4 is the best option so you do not go so "limited" mmmm and another example yesterday after leaving my account a week after arriving in Colonia yesterday I left from colonia to sag. A made 1: 15hrs think about using it and good luck ;) 🍀👍
Scott Manley (9 months ago)
Did you use neutron highway?
Bartacomus Kidd (9 months ago)
Is this like Freelancer?
Block Gaming (9 months ago)
how do u have enough fuel?
aTTaX Media (9 months ago)
landing a helicopter is by far much more difficult than anything you can do in ED. get a copy of X-Plane and try to start a helicopter there, and you will see what i mean.
Tactical Derpy (9 months ago)
nice. hmmm. 2k an hour so 2.537 million divided by 2000 divided by 24 is 52.8541666667 days andromeda is a month and a half trip mind blown
Shibaaa (9 months ago)
Did you use the neutron highway?
Scott Manley (9 months ago)
No, when I did this it wasn't in the game.
slime 15140 (10 months ago)
Idk if it is worth 650,000 cr but i might do it
slime 15140 (10 months ago)
Correction: 692,000 cr
Lee Croft (11 months ago)
This must be unreal played in VR.
Lee Croft (11 months ago)
Only just stated playing this on my Xbox One, what an amazing game, just... stunning. The scale is scary but unlike anything, just incredible.
2019 Ford GT (11 months ago)
did you ever use the neutron star highway
Dachshund Doggo (11 months ago)
Would it be safe to use the shipyard in Jacques Station? Cause I hear it has an FSD (Probably like a size 60 FSD lol)
Scott Manley (11 months ago)
Jacques isn’t sharing though :(
Dalton Garrett (1 year ago)
You should have used the neutron highway, it could have cut don’t your time to a quarter of what it was
Takos Cheese (1 year ago)
I did this in VR. It was awesome.
ThatRandomNerd (1 year ago)
Hey I’m doing the same thing but shorter, from beagle 2 all the way to the Pleiades, and all just to look at some thargoids :)
Dirag Biswas (1 year ago)
Wait this isn't Kerbal Space Program....
Mike Ashman (1 year ago)
Somebody survived on that wrecked ship, foot prints everywhere.
WizdaBaws (1 year ago)
Was about to make a trip to the Eagle Nebula myself because I was expecting the Pillars of Creation picture to actually be in the game, and you would be able to explore it. Nah, got a hundred jumps in and gave up (was using an upgraded Viper MK4, had a poor jump range for exploration). Looked it up afterword and realized that it would have been a waste of time. On my way back to The Bubble now. At least I'll get a boatload of creds from scanning systems!
WamblyGrain (1 year ago)
I remember 1-2 years ago in elite before we had engineers. Getting 1,000 ly in half an hour was amazing. Now getting 1,000 ly in half an hour is pretty bad...
Neisan Land (1 year ago)
Elite dangerous is still a brand new game, I expect that they'll add more stuff.
Travis Farrell (1 year ago)
My asp explorer is getting 46.03 at absolutely full fuel, no cargo and with a passenger cabin with passengers, and the latest route calculated was 3750 Ly in 88 jumps, which goes by pretty fast.
bashpr0mpt (1 year ago)
Wasting 11 hours to see an imaginary image of an imaginary star system in an imaginary galaxy based on guestimates not reality doesn't seem sensible to me. Frontier are almost as bad as Squad when it comes to unconscionable behaviour. Except where Squad from Kerbal Space Program borders on the criminal--at least the criminally negligent and open theft of code and intellectual property--Frontier are the absolute worst most cancerous developers when it comes to lying to their user base about fixing problems. They've been caught multiple times in lies, and NEVER fix anything. I still see daily complaints from users about shit we dealt with in the original kickstarter beta. Not to mention they've failed to deliver kickstarter promises, or then later SOLD them at cost.
The Master Reaper (1 year ago)
Man you must had alot of money or been doing jobs while traveling because repair and fuel cost Lol
Zijie Wu (1 year ago)
sounds like a super boring game lel
leon baugh (1 year ago)
I made it to colonia and then from there to sagittarious *A in my cutter that only has a 21LY jump range. Well over 1500 jumps in total. I'm currently on my way back to the bubble as of 16/1/18. 50 jumps from gandharvi
BigFatDuck (1 year ago)
Hey Scott! I was thinking about taking a 160LY trip with my Asp Explorer and I need a better fuel scoop. Do you know where I could find one like the one you have in this video?
Dathouse (1 year ago)
wait so if this station teleported what if you had your ship in there went offline before it started to act up and came back after it teleported? Would you just be in space where it used to be? would you go with it?
Ryan Manley (1 year ago)
Wait... your name, sounds familiar. Im part Scottish soooooooo.
Chandler Ray (1 year ago)
22,000 is nothing. Try 65,000 towards beagle point from sol...... good luck.
SnakeBuster (1 year ago)
How big is your fuel storage?
Keith Johnson (1 year ago)
But still cannot walk around in or the outside of our ships, like in star citizen game.
Crimson-fox Twitch (1 year ago)
Wouldn’t it just be faster to use the Neutron Highway? If you did this with something like the Anaconda for comparison you could do the journey in around an hour
Scott Manley (1 year ago)
maybe, but back when I did that it wasn't an option.
Matthias G. Kajtár (1 year ago)
This is Every Man's Sky
Mike Streams (1 year ago)
Would like to make a trip with you sometime I made the trip back in 7 hours and streamed the whole thing live
Mike Streams (1 year ago)
May have deleted it in which case I don't mind doing it again if I can get a few people to hang out and watch me do it! You don't have to stick around the whole 6-7 hours either. It sucks sitting for 12 hours but I am down to do it if I can get enough support. Jaylive gaming can verify that I did do the trip as he was in my stream when I did it.
The Master Reaper (1 year ago)
Mike Streams where's the video?
Daniel Heywood (1 year ago)
(XB1) the art of pressing Y thousands of times
Adrian Mak (1 year ago)
are all planets in the game can be landed ?
im actually traveling with sidewinder to Sagittarius A , wish me good luck XD
Mike Ozmun (2 months ago)
Let's pour one out for this brave explorer, Joins Crib Infiltracíon, who is still somewhere out there in the black.
Sucicdal Boi (4 months ago)
+Death Parade or maybe he's lost his mind, being an explorer is lonely after all....
Death Parade (4 months ago)
11 months later and he is still not there. Maybe its the time dilation thingy.
Sucicdal Boi (7 months ago)
Joins Crib Infiltración 8 months later and he's still getting there
Dachshund Doggo (11 months ago)
Joins Crib Infiltración bad idea, But lol. Good luck, have you made it there yet?
throathammer1 (1 year ago)
There are a shit load of people in this comment section that really think they have the universe and all of its secrets figured out. You heard someone like bill nye say something and all of a sudden its the be all end all of everything as though there is nothing new to discover on the matter... LMMFAO!! Its gotta hurt to be so blind.
TheReaverOfDarkness (1 year ago)
I propose a solution to the jump-out-at-a-star issue with Elite: Dangerous. The problem is that jumping out at a star is cool for the first few times and an iconic part of E:D so they don't want to get rid of it, however once you've been playing for a while it gets very tiring. Here's my solution: make a more expensive, larger, and less fuel efficient jump drive which pops you out further from and more to the side of a star. Now newbies will still be forced to jump near a star, and even veterans may choose it for better fuel efficiency, or if their ship is too small for the drive to be a good choice. But for those who really get tired of jumping near the star, they can make a sacrifice to get rid of it.
o b i t o (1 year ago)
So im going to get elite dangerous soon but I have a question. When i get it on xbox one, can i then convert my stats to pc once i get a good gaming pc.
Jeik Jonk (1 year ago)
FaZe MoIsT no
Haris Zark (1 year ago)
I'm sad to say that ED looks very boring to me. And I really like space sim games. So, what you mostly generally do in that game is "flying" from one system to the other without purpose...and doing it for 11 hours?....I have no words....
Haris Zark (1 year ago)
SuperDipMonster , yes but, there is not much of anything else...that's why it looks boring...
CMDR Qrusha (1 year ago)
Haris Zark, only if you're exploring, otherwise there's not that much jumping.
Weaver (1 year ago)
Man, I made this trip a few days ago and it was awful, but the feeling when I finally got there...
Williemay100 (1 year ago)
its a really beautiful game
throathammer1 (1 year ago)
!?how TF did you do this in that ship?!?
ptroinks (1 year ago)
Why did he have that path of bookmarks along the way? I'm very new to the game, so I'm just wondering...
ptroinks (1 year ago)
Oh, man! Those are 1000ly sections? Jeez! Well, I can't wait for my own long journey :). When I have enough credits for a well-equipped ship, I'm going to Saggitarius A, with a pilgrimage to earth on my way back ;).
Scott Manley (1 year ago)
+ptroinks so I could show the route I took and give you and idea of what 1000ly sections look like.
tj o• (1 year ago)
Nuteron stars next time ha
Seb Cliffe (1 year ago)
deal with it - I've an asp ex with a 23 million credit 6A fuel scoop, 878 per second
Locutus of Borg (1 year ago)
Not going to lie but this game steps on no man sky it has everything that game has but better except life but still better and no man sky copyed that thing thats shows were ships are at come on No man sky unlike no man sky in the center of the universe there a black hole not credits of who made no man sky i was disappointed after buy no man sky.
Locutus of Borg (1 year ago)
I had to there too but a passenger mission and exploration gave me 100 mil plus 38 mil for passenger mission and 30 mil in my character and boom my anocanda :) :)
The Gmork (1 year ago)
How do you plan your route for a trip like this? Is there a web site you can use?
j alex (1 year ago)
Couldn't you use the neutron highway to greatly shorten your travel time?
Xedilian (1 year ago)
ahahaha i can't believe you went that far with an ASP. What a joke lol
wobblypops46 (1 year ago)
Jeez, I'd rather stab my eyeballs out with a fork.
Andrew M. (1 year ago)
I wish there were wormhole stations or something for extreme distances. Maybe in season 3.
Chris Ward (1 year ago)
Holy crap. I thought my trip to Colonia was long with a 50ly range. I did the Eagle Nebula site seeing trip too.
Matt Magee (1 year ago)
Hi noticed that you have booked marked the galaxy map any reason for this?
Robert Day (1 year ago)
Literally Laughed out loud from the first 3 minutes of this video. Love ya Scott.
Dunda (1 year ago)
How the hell are you able to store 11 hours of 1080p footage on your computer? I remember taking footage of subnautica that was only 1 hour long and it was huge!
Scott Manley (1 year ago)
Realtime compression, don't capture raw footage. Also, some of it was 1440p.
If I had this game I would be in the outer edge of the galaxy.
21willyx21 (1 year ago)
What keeps me from buying Elite Dangerous is that you look at the whole game from cockpit. Give me the option to walk my ship as it travels to space and its instabuy for me. Thats actually something I am looking for in any game.
BabyEater (7 months ago)
21willyx21 you can explore planets. But you have to be on a rover.
Matichek (1 year ago)
jumping sooo boring
Sukkulents (1 year ago)
Jim Ownby (1 year ago)
I just completed this journey last night, after about 6 weeks of elapsed time (this boiled down to about 1k LY per day, including scans.) The duration was due to this being an exploration mission rather than a speed run. Scans totaled ~100Mil (across probably ~1000 systems scanned), so not what you would want to do to get rich quick.
hr1meg (1 year ago)
This is pretty damn cool.
Ergo Gray (1 year ago)
I have a question, how rare a metallic rings around planets as opposed to metal rich ones? Is it 1 in 10, 1 in 100, ect..., Been traveling for a while and have yet to see one, was wondering if you knew the odds.
Nikolas Tesla (1 year ago)
How many neutron stars did u see?
Shirako of Reverse (1 year ago)
I'm on a pilgrimage to the far side of the galaxy, estimated 65,000LY from occupied space, currently at 17k, out, I really need to get back to it, I'm trying to just do 1,000LY a day, as I'm scanning as well, so if if looks cool, I'll scan, discover, and continue on....I managed to fin a world with an atmosphere of 100% water and another with 100% helium
Michael B Hildebrand (1 year ago)
Nicely done, Scott!
Taylor C4 (1 year ago)
Actually I came here thinking I was wronging something, that there should have been a way to go faster between so far systems without having to play 10 hours just to reach something, I'm disappointed to see there isn't...
ProDiT (1 year ago)
Taylor C4 honestly makes the game more realistic imo
Emcipio (1 year ago)
Scott's a member of /r/AspsInFrontOfThings now :)
Bloom (1 year ago)
you have tout come back
HollatotheBalla (1 year ago)
What's a good explorer ship on a budget to get across a large distance (I have about 8 mil CR in reserve)? I assume when I dock in a fairly modern space station, I can import my other ships, right? How much is that usually?
deadlyangel666 (1 year ago)
In case you're still wondering, the asp explorer ship is a must buy if you want decent jumprange, I get about 37,35 ly jumprange depending on cargo or passenger cabin installed assuming you lighten up your ship to D-grades, (max out your fsd thou lol 5A preferably engineered) make your ship as light as possible, + No weapons, class 3 instead of the standard class 5 shield lol
Dylan Youngs (1 year ago)
I'm currently on a passenger journey to somewhere near the center. 26,000 LYr @ 28.7 jump range. 52,400,000 cash tho
Dylan Youngs (1 year ago)
yeah I got back pretty quickly asI rushed it - I would never do it again but it was worth the 135 million. (76 mil for exploring). It was a good experience but you need something else to occupy you
CaZeScythe (1 year ago)
Young Youngs Are you back yet
CoffeeandSpice (1 year ago)
at 10:15 i thought he said "taking pretty pictures of my ass next to these stars" 😂
George Abreu (1 year ago)
Are there any black holes in this game?
George Abreu (1 year ago)
+Scott Manley​ That's awesome! °^° And thanks for the direct reply too!
Scott Manley (1 year ago)
+George Abreu lots
what did he use to move his head around?
jay300m04 (1 year ago)
Excellent job Scott. Can you tell me how to get the "gold skin?" I see so many people with it but I don't know how to get it. Please help me. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
tj o• (2 years ago)
destiny from stargate universe refuels using suns to; ) she's an old ship though, 60 million years old.
Manabender (2 years ago)
I did an exploration trip once. Intended to go to Sagittarius A*. Would have been about a 58,000Ly round-trip the way I was doing it. I got bored about 3,000Ly into it and turned around. Still totally worth it though; when I got back, I sold all the exploration data for around 6 million credits, slapped my name as "first discoverer" on several dozen stars and a handful of interesting bodies, and went from neutral to allied with the controlling faction. (My jump range was about 44.30Ly; I had a super-engineer-upgraded FSD) Maybe next time I won't chicken out!
DarkChrisHour (2 years ago)
22,000+ light years... you are pleased you're finally there. To have gone so far, and the vast almost endless jump screen it took to get here...But it is tarnished by the knowledge that you have to do it again in reverse to get back.
some guy (11 months ago)
DarkChrisHour rookie numbers, try Beagle Point, 65000 light years
Misha Dark (2 years ago)
Elite truly is one of the best, and in my opinions THE best game out there right now. I love everything about it. Sometimes I just sit and stare for ages at the majesty of some of its sights.
You don't scan planet surface with discovery scanner tho. It's Detailed Surface Scanner.
Steven Cook (2 years ago)
you should get a heated office chair to simulate the feeling of having the heat from the sun warm up your butt :)
Despair (2 years ago)
I started to play the game today, and after screwing around with the controls for an hour and thinking "fuck this keyboard + mouse, I'll use my XBox 360 controller", I gotta say it's pretty fun. Although I mostly do delivery missions, since this "Sidewinder" is just bad. I was thinking about doing passenger missions for a living, but after seeing this, I'm starting to question it if that's such a good idea...
Ferval Lankman (2 years ago)
What's the build for this asp?
tim tom (2 years ago)
I feel his pain

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