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NECRO - "RAW TALENT" OFFICIAL VIDEO (Hot Lingerie Models Playboy Girls Dancing Russian Latina Butts)

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Text Comments (308)
Armando Parra (5 months ago)
likee. you
Armando Parra (6 months ago)
mami love.
cHim4ro (6 months ago)
this is amazing song - 1984 - suga pula - feier euch seit 2003 !
Louis Mahmood (11 months ago)
Brandon Sanchez (11 months ago)
Tequi ero
Brandon Sanchez (11 months ago)
Y tequierocoger
Joshua Smith (1 year ago)
"I suck on their fuckin tits like I'm goin' to jail for years" haha fuckin love this shit!
Shannon Patrice (1 year ago)
Ok 💖💖💖💖💖
Shadow Assassin (1 year ago)
'Cheaper than pussy from Estonia' LOL Killed it.
EastMan (1 year ago)
love vagina 🖕
Nikita Batchelor (1 year ago)
pissing on you while you sleep enjoy the wet dream
Alejandro Moya (1 year ago)
da zaebis
MichaelLee AdamsJr (1 year ago)
I'm thumb down 187.
Mario Gomez (1 year ago)
Jermaine Johnson (1 year ago)
Dope beat and hook
Dikson Beatmaker (1 year ago)
Andrew Collier (1 year ago)
man.... i fuck with this all day wish the song was longer beat i hype
Jackie Sims (1 year ago)
any cam girls want to chat
ThatGirlSMOKEY SLUG (1 year ago)
My foreplay got females in fear cuz I suck on their fuckin tits like I'm goin to jail for years
Steve Geez (1 year ago)
mas firmee que WOW stay down necromancer oorraaa
Jimbo Ukno (2 years ago)
Lucifer Sinister (2 years ago)
Whos the first bitch?
lexa - (2 years ago)
fuck good girl😃yo
Mike Hafiz (2 years ago)
necro must be happy coz he be able to fuck all those hoe in this video....
ThatGirlSMOKEY SLUG (2 years ago)
I fuckin' love this song but Necro is so ugly now :( Makes me sad. He was soooo hot during his glory days.
{ TokiTripleSixxx } (1 year ago)
Don't you mean his "Gory days"? Lolll.
ThatGirlSMOKEY SLUG (1 year ago)
NECRO VIDEO I do look in the mirror bitch and I get niggas. You're an ugly ass nigga 😂 Wack ass you're old news now old ass bum
NECRO VIDEO (1 year ago)
Says a fat pig slob - go look in the mirror whale
Greg Key (2 years ago)
that's great way to let it go out with
XADIENX (2 years ago)
86 Measures of Game, Stay Stagnant in fragments whore.
Matthew Coolness (2 years ago)
I like Necro, Bill, Vinny, & everyone who's part of the scene. I've never liked listening to other dudes rap about them fucking. On "Mr. Scarface is back" I loved the whole record except for the the song where he describes fucking the whole song, telling the girl "lick the cum from my dick". I'm just not interested in having a dude, talking in my ear, about getting his dick sucked, with sound effects in the background. Does anyone else feel this way? Even the Eminem songs where he's "hollering at the ladies", are just wack to me.
Brandon Clarke (2 years ago)
Fuck yes necrooooo
Kyle Higgs (2 years ago)
cage is better
**Epic- Escapade** (2 years ago)
now there ŕ sum real women 4 should. ...hottest n confident ....yum yum gimme summer. ..
Jowdn xxx666 (2 years ago)
lucky mf
Lucifer Sinister (2 years ago)
Jordan McIntyre nah he just has the $
Manmeet Singh (2 years ago)
Jani Lukkaroinen (2 years ago)
nam, it looks so darn good... And wery hot!
Mos Burger (2 years ago)
"my foreplay got females in fear, cause I suck on their fucking tits like I'm going to jail for years.".. that flow
paulalex17 (2 years ago)
Pissing on you when you're asleep, enjoy your weat dreams.. !!
Yiieeeeh !!
SKYWOLF GBM (2 years ago)
Junior Caro (2 years ago)
صالح معراوي (2 years ago)
Junior Caro سكس.
Саня Сычёв (2 years ago)
Заебись ему....
dourakidis (2 years ago)
Xaxaxaxa necro for president ...
David Wood Tv (2 years ago)
josh cooper (2 years ago)
love pussy
Jimmy Cross (7 months ago)
magnefficient gaming (2 years ago)
beat is raw as fuck even years later
nerf nerf wikk (2 years ago)
lov you necro:)
lexa - (2 years ago)
good girl * necro*
seanwasere ytbe (2 years ago)
SigMonolith (2 years ago)
very nice song, salute by a metalhead
MisanthropicDread (2 years ago)
My talent is raw, like Jerry Butler in 1984.
rvanye busy (2 years ago)
cesar lucero (3 years ago)
my future wedding song .
budbuster (9 months ago)
ahahhaha :D
Jess Paski (3 years ago)
fucking love necros music!!
Jonathan Morales (3 years ago)
Necro Is fucken whack i onlyl like that one song whos ya daddy
Jonathan Morales (3 years ago)
Jonathan Morales (3 years ago)
Joshua Becker (3 years ago)
+Jonathan Morales Fuck you necro is the best rapper. you're just to stupid to get his lyrics faggot!!!
michael ferrara (3 years ago)
con safos (3 years ago)
Fuckin brilliant love him
Lo Life (3 years ago)
U mad bro?
Kristýna Červenková (3 years ago)
Alexander Moriarity (3 years ago)
I've been so busy with my own music haven't been able to catch up on some music happy I found this dude u more raw then the word raw.
the more timez u say puc the more raw u are its my favourit word ... puc puc puc puc puc
D Chaps (3 years ago)
necro gives no fucks thats why hes so raw, you got pussies these days subliminally using sex as a theme mise well just lay it out there lol necro is the man
Gravy Trane (3 years ago)
I like hot pussy!
Chillin Rengo (3 years ago)
Push that pussy back on my dick ! haa
C D (3 years ago)
Nice tune bro Necro. Keep up the great music, you make me so proud.
Sean welk (3 years ago)
Dope as br beat and killed them lyrics neco u never dissapoint
Golden Princce (3 years ago)
https://www.facebook.com/events/879372142120805/ Audition!!!!!!!!
thabo norexe (3 years ago)
That's Necro brigade no comments
Benjamin (3 years ago)
Exactly how a bitch should be treated
Jesus Verduzco (3 years ago)
He is straight . I like the beat and the bitches he needs more work though..
D Carrier (3 years ago)
Where's all that raw talent? It definitely isn't rapping or anything musical at all. Rhymes sucked and the video was stupid. Some jokes were a bit comical but I couldn't get past the part where he thought he was cool... With raw talent.
BigDad138 (3 years ago)
+Donald Carrier By Raw he means like sexual shit, if you listen to his library of music though he's got more than enough credentials to say he has real raw talent though. I can tell you don't know shit so i have to inform you on it....
Washington Jackson (3 years ago)
Who the fuck ru to say anything? From the looks of your profile pic your probably off yourself by 30 anyway
Samuel Smith (3 years ago)
Is that supposed to be rap? Or do u have turrets? Good luck making money sucking duck behind the waffle house,lmmfao
Samuel Smith (3 years ago)
And you're so much harder, right? Lol
Jesus Muñoz (3 years ago)
Love this ish
sander allik (3 years ago)
This instrumental is mad insane.. Necro production is soo fucking dope that guy sure knows how to use drums! Viva Necro!
Repel Steeltje (3 years ago)
Necro is the king
Dalton Fraser (3 years ago)
Cheaper than pussy from estonia lol im half estonian
procrastinator (3 years ago)
+Dalton Fraser you are half that cheap than
IceCat7 (3 years ago)
hellz yes
Logical-Psycho+ (3 years ago)
I didn't say that, I would gladly go there just for the bitches though! lol :D
IceCat7 (3 years ago)
+Logical-Psycho+ why do you think estonians are pussies?
IceCat7 (3 years ago)
+sander allik it's on my to do list
Montana Tony (4 years ago)
REMIX  >>>> watch?v=r9tCEd8LU98&spfreload=10
I fuck with this dudes videos
дамы норма бит не че этак
Paul'Nuke' Matthews (4 years ago)
EIS (4 years ago)
se me paro el pico
Andrew Clemente (4 years ago)
Hell Yah straight Game .love the Style Homie . PLAYA 4 Life!!!!
anekzdwg g (4 years ago)
dope my brother!
anekzdwg g (4 years ago)
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anekzdwg g (4 years ago)
i feel sorry for you arab i hope u get cancer and die you ugly animal
dan (4 years ago)
this is horrible!
DAttGuy 87 (4 years ago)
How? Unless your a feminazi
NergalOnFire (4 years ago)
Raw talent huh? I imagine if ebola could speak it would sound like this guys music.
IceCat7 (3 years ago)
P-sharp (4 years ago)
konstantinos petrakos (4 years ago)
you suck
Eric K (4 years ago)
definitely some nice russian hoes from brooklyn ;]
IceCat7 (3 years ago)
russian?? they don't look russian
Kg Ghost (4 years ago)
Short. but to the point...
Cody kelley (4 years ago)
those look like some grody ass bitches necro.
deebs karnt (4 years ago)
this shit is dope
bogus MERK CC (4 years ago)
Oscar Barriteau (4 years ago)
dat ass
Caiman Industrial (4 years ago)
finally his old style is back bitches sluts and such on a video and rapping to death!!!!!!! 
lolPaperclip (4 years ago)
All the girls in Necro's videos are all the same.. 5/10 faces, with smokin bodies.. GREASY
IceCat7 (3 years ago)
what do you expect?? They're his actual hoes lol. At least they're not fake like pop bitches!
Longshoreman X (4 years ago)
Yeah these bitches be ratchet
fullmetaljaco (4 years ago)
Nah, the one with the light blue bra&pants has a wonderful face...
DantezMaritu (4 years ago)
Incredible fucking track. Always piss myself when listening to this
dominic dewick (4 years ago)
necro rules this song not long enough tho
asterix645 (4 years ago)
Perfect song, great beat, awesome whore-torturing lyrics, and the double-voiced chorus/hook sounds great... ...only one flaw. Too short. More stuff like this Necro, please. You are one amazing dude, it's nice to see you sticking to this horrorcore rap for so many years.
Jimmy Cross (7 months ago)
asterix645 hard core uncut
Longshoreman X (4 years ago)
This is an amazing song.
Justin Case (4 years ago)
classic necro !
Zach Wengert (5 years ago)
You're obviously gay if you don't like this song
Joshua Smith (1 year ago)
Gay if you don't like this video!
satva (1 year ago)
Zach Wengert glad I love it as I'm confused about my sexuality. well.... not really. but eh... well no reason to post all this/that info here..
cstephen1991 (4 years ago)
River Fienx (5 years ago)
huge fan of horror-core rap in general, but this track is a miss for me
IceCat7 (3 years ago)
Twiztid ftw, don't say that to Necro thou lol he will ban you from his fb xD
River Fienx (3 years ago)
+MrScoobySnacks23 Nocturnal by Heltah Skeltah is another good one. But yeah, those are good horrorcore albums..not that ICP bs. 
MrScoobySnacks23 (3 years ago)
+River Phoenix Don't forget the Gravediggaz, RZA's side project.
IceCat7 (3 years ago)
you are both wrong it is called deathhorrorcorerap
hankheavy (4 years ago)
+Phvrvoh Phonk Whatever floats your boat :) good talking to ya
michael leyva (5 years ago)
Antony Vlatkovich (5 years ago)
Nerco does it again
Jaywalking AtTwentyAte (5 years ago)
this song is dooooo doooo.. 

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