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Where The Bears Are - Season 7: Episode 6 ASS PLAY BEARS

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DOWNLOAD previous seasons on iTUNES, AMAZON, GOOGLE PLAY and VIMEO ON DEMAND! https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/where-the-bears-are-6/id1321283155 https://www.amazon.com/Where-Bears-Are-Joe-Dietl/dp/B077YWBQ77/ref=tmm_aiv_swatch_1?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=&dpID=51Agrl8HEtL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=detail https://play.google.com/store/movies/details/Where_The_Bears_Are_6?id=07BMnSBZHiQ&hl=en_US https://vimeo.com/ondemand/wherethebearsare6film DOWNLOADS are also available in our online store at: http://wherethebearsare.acmeprints.com/downloads/ MERCHANDISE available at: http://wherethebearsare.acmeprints.com/featured BUY UNCENSORED DVD's of all seasons at: http://wherethebearsare.acmeprints.co... FOLLOW US at https://www.facebook.com/WhereTheBear... and https://twitter.com/WhereTheBearsR WHERE THE BEARS ARE is a web series following the exploits of 3 bear roommates sharing a house in the hills of Silverlake. It is "The Golden Girls" meets "Murder She Wrote" with big, hairy, gay men. This series is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES! Please subscribe to this channel! Thank you:) Wood and George present a sneak peek of their upcoming porn extravaganza Ass Play on the Orient Express at a clothing optional gay resort with Wood starring as fictional world famous detective Herpes Poor-Ho on the trail of a murderer. But the all too real stalker continues his rampage by locking Nelson (Ben Zook) in a steam room and leaving him to die of heat stroke. Wood: Joe Dietl. Todd: Ian Parks. George: George Sebastian. Cyril: Scott Beauchemin. Sebastian St. James: Steven Shaw. Devon: Jason Vaughn. Conner: Ryan Oji. Diego: Guillermo Suarez. CCBC Audience Guy: Christopher Helmke.
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Text Comments (95)
roni ari (8 days ago)
waw... i love skin black
Craig Graham Cook (13 days ago)
Who is the sexy guy, with the tattoo's and red and yellow trunks and round black glass and flat cap?!? He's HOT!!
T J W K 2 (24 days ago)
Damn! Why'd they blur out the black guys booty?
daksh khattri (25 days ago)
Wow I want all those gorgeous guys
daniel Rodrigues (27 days ago)
Sigo ele no Instagram me chamo Daniel Rodrigues
HENRIQUE LOUZADA (30 days ago)
ante não tem mais legenda em português, por que?
Rusty W (1 month ago)
And while I love all of you, Rick Copp is hands-down the wittiest: "you are officially Cheryl Ladd". LMOF.
Rusty W (1 month ago)
So even though you pixelated the asses, Google required me to sign in to 'give my consent'. WTF
Jayesh gaikwad (1 month ago)
We very much like your episodes but not English language communities, so make episodes Hindi and show us it is our request.
Erwin Nivo (1 month ago)
GentleCat (1 month ago)
PLEASE what's the social media of Devon, I'm begging you!!
Manish Chary (1 month ago)
I like this
Carl Eaves (1 month ago)
Wood Burns is such a hoot and funny. Hey Wood please check my ass !
Andrew Lyons (1 month ago)
Joe Due to is my favorite bear. I can't wait to hug him when he is naked.
Lil chapitoo (1 month ago)
Wiil there be more episodeos or seasons?
Dustyn Vega (1 month ago)
Nelson getting locked in a steam room is kinda cliche lol
Khedr Sabbouh (1 month ago)
So beautiful I like so much I m gay man Arabic from Lebanon my age 36 I looking for relationship with married only gay old man age 40 /60 only
D J (1 month ago)
Khedr Sabbouh i want your long love in life time love you
D J (1 month ago)
My number +91 9945708527
D J (1 month ago)
Khedr Sabbouh i am marry you onely ok
D J (1 month ago)
Khedr Sabbouh i love you i want you
Khedr Sabbouh (1 month ago)
+D J welcome and nice age
Volvandese (1 month ago)
I have been waiting for George to show up all season :)
Jay Tops (1 month ago)
"I truly believe that ass play is my greatest achievement yet!" LMAO
Zero 2 Hiroki (1 month ago)
Yay!!! George is in this episode!! I love George. He’s my favorite character. If he turns out to be the one sending the threatening letters, I am gonna cry.
Greggory1987 (1 month ago)
I am addicted to this show!!
lover boy (1 month ago)
Wow how so hot
João Carlos (1 month ago)
I love every Cyril appearance. 😍
Sashazur (1 month ago)
João Carlos Cyril was more interesting when he mumbled.
Blacqlove (1 month ago)
I love this series. But why is season 7 the final season?
Lee Cox (1 month ago)
Because that's the way Ben, Joe, and Rick want it. They decided last year that there would only be seven seasons of WTBA because they're ready to move on to other projects.
Winder Lenier (1 month ago)
Jajaj the simpsons
Jonathan Sosa (1 month ago)
Guillermo Suarez Gil 😍
james quinn (1 month ago)
Another great episode guys , all the sexy bear goodness got me hot collar ! and i noticed a poster advertising a leather pride weekend , will we see some bears in leather ? thanks again x
Christopher Canale (1 month ago)
Beautiful big huge full powerful bubble butt on the black Muscleman awesome amazing body Sir let me muscle worship you
PusheenFury (1 month ago)
what a hot episode, literally
theromangv3 (1 month ago)
4:18 That scene were supposed to be hot but I it made me laugh so much, Wood is my favourite character.
Calvin Allen (1 month ago)
Nelson was being way too harsh on Todd. Obviously he is suffering from trauma
HOTRODRICH (1 month ago)
Let's see Woods dick
O. SSouza (1 month ago)
Estava ansioso para ver esse episódio com o Guillermo Suarez, 😉✌️👏👏👏🐻
John K (1 month ago)
Given everything that's happened so far, shouldn't Nelson be more scared of Cyril?
Trey Willamd (1 month ago)
John K cffffffffffggg
St Alshkailyvggh (1 month ago)
I want saks
St Alshkailyvggh (1 month ago)
I love you lan
Superb episode from this season
Moving On Dương (1 month ago)
How dare you intend to suffocate Nelson and make him a burning piece of flesh! He's my favorite bear!
Ikemesit Harry (1 month ago)
Midul Ali (1 month ago)
I want to join
Rafael Cárcamo-V (1 month ago)
I can't wait for the next episode. When will this season start streaming as a whole on line, like google play?
Rafael Cárcamo-V (1 month ago)
+Where The Bears Are then I guess I will have to buy the Vimeo for my birthday (Nov.2) and the Google Play when it comes out to keep the collection together. 😊
Where The Bears Are (1 month ago)
The DVD will be out November 1st. Vimeo too, but iTunes, Amazon and Google Play take a while to get going. PRobably closer to January for those.
Hugo Lopez-Laguna (1 month ago)
When it ends on this way.. that
Errol J (1 month ago)
Can't wait until I get my DVD so I can see this all uncensored!!
D J (1 month ago)
Errol J send me your DVD
Logan Bear (1 month ago)
where can I get a copy of the "Orient Express" poster?
RIcky Vaz (1 month ago)
Sooooo hooooked I found this series late so I had to binge everything on Mondau and now I am so current I am so ready for the next work. You guys are hilarious and all kinds if sexy.Congrats and much success from #DaPlusSizeModel
Cleilson porfirio (1 month ago)
To começando a achar que o todd tá com dupla personalidade. Pergunta, estou sentindo falta dos detetive nessa temporada. Eles não vão participar, o que houve com eles?
Goytá F. Villela Jr. (1 month ago)
Vi que o George Unda (detetive Martínez, ARFFFF!!! WOOF!!!) apareceu no trailer e o pessoal já respondeu acima: eles ainda vão aparecer.
João Carlos (1 month ago)
Também estou sentindo falta dos detetives, penso que vão aparecer mais para frente. Dupla personalidade? Será?
Goytá F. Villela Jr. (1 month ago)
+Where The Bears Are, that was PORTUGUESE (Brazilian, to be more specific), not Spanish. But they're closely related enough for you to understand the comment and reply also understandably in Spanish.
Where The Bears Are (1 month ago)
57/5000 Me gusta tu teoría Los detectives aparecerán en breve.
FURinTeeth (1 month ago)
I licked my screen when Nelson got in the sauna.
I kiss him and my number 919704556881
Hugo Lopez-Laguna (1 month ago)
It is going to slow... no much action... getting bored
Hugo Lopez-Laguna now ur friend
Hugo Lopez-Laguna (1 month ago)
+Nagarajunimmala Nagarajunimmala who is this
Hugo Lopez-Laguna hiiiii
Hugo Lopez-Laguna (1 month ago)
+Dysth Ymia that is true, previous season it was a death or some clues of the killer(s), probably all the trailer was part of the last three episodes that have the all action. Almost half season and just BS... For a last season they own me my money I donated...
Dysth Ymia (1 month ago)
so far its been 15% todd PTSD, 10% plot and 75% fanservice lol
萬爺 (1 month ago)
that hat bear is cute
萬爺 (1 month ago)
@UCEjx6pzrqou4ZAlZxKton0w no i am Chinese,if you want make gay friends with Japanese,you can download 9monster,almost Japanese use that APP( ˘•ω•˘ )
Ian Parks (1 month ago)
We did the season 7 commentary the other night (with me tuning in remotely from home in Washington DC)....this episode is much better uncensored! Those butts! Other fun tidbits: the steam in the sauna was all CGI, the crowd at the pool scene was shot two weeks after the dialogue was filmed, and my scene with Ben was shot in 2 takes cuz we were losing the light really fast. 10 episodes left this season! I can’t for you guys to see the last 3!
Lilik Putra (1 day ago)
ian parks handsome
farid farid (14 days ago)
I spent lot of time looking for naked pictures of you ... but I didn't find anyone... I want see ure big A**
Vann Shuttleworth (1 month ago)
I hope this isn't the last time you guys work together. You guys are a well oiled machine!
Erico Silva (1 month ago)
Hello Ian, with each new episode I'm more satisfied, I love each one of you. mostly you. I'm loving it this season. From your Brazilian admirer.
Ian Parks i want more from u i hard fan of u
TheNeos07 (1 month ago)
Damn pixelation! Though those asses still looked amazing!!
Oindrila Sen (1 month ago)
Reggie..you're adorable man..I love you ❤
Zero 2 Hiroki (1 month ago)
Oindrila Sen I just realized: Reggie wasn’t in this episode!! Awww.
Test Test (1 month ago)
The ending is so hot 🔥🔥🔥
Silo Decruz (1 month ago)
I think the black guy is porn actor race cooper
Dysth Ymia (1 month ago)
Silo Decruz - ryan looks absolute nothing like cooper, they have totally different body types lol cooper is a lean otter and ryan is thick and muscular
Where The Bears Are (1 month ago)
NO. It is Ryan Oji. A bodybuilder who lives in LA. Really great guy.
William Cox (1 month ago)
Agatha Christie is turning in her grave
Jay Tops (1 month ago)
Let her spin
Louis H (1 month ago)
That black bear is hott. Are you sure you cant squeeze out a few more seasons? Please don't go :(

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