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Lacoste Eau De Toilette L.12.12 Mens Fragrance Review • Luxury Lifestyle Channel

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Lacoste Eau De Toilette L.12.12 Mens Fragrance Review • Luxury Lifestyle Channel Supplied by Lacoste UK http://bit.ly/LacosteFragrance Check out my other channel here http://www.youtube.com/geekanoids/ Help Support What I Do … http://www.davidcryer.uk/ Subscribe to the "Geek Out with Geekanoids" Podcast http://bit.ly/GeekOutPodcast Our latest Geek Findings: http://www.geekanoids.co.uk/ Please use our Amazon links ... it doesn't cost you a penny extra - UK http://bit.ly/GeekUK • USA http://bit.ly/GeekUSA Canada http://bit.ly/GeekCa • France http://bit.ly/GeekFR Germany http://bit.ly/GeekDE • Spain http://bit.ly/GeekES Italy http://bit.ly/GeekITA More Useful Links http://www.twitter.com/Luxury_Channel/ https://www.facebook.com/LuxuryLifestyleChannel/ http://instagram.com/Luxury_Lifestyle_Channel/ My Tech Website http://www.geekanoids.co.uk/ Intro & Outro Music Credit Geek Time Mellow 3 - Original Track - ©2015 Geekanoids By Chris Wonfor - http://www.youtube.com/cleffernotes
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Text Comments (31)
toobalkain (6 months ago)
When it comes to fragrances, in the context of luxury, designer fragrances don’t count, niche ones do and they’re usually much better, with more character, more unique, better materials, usually nothing like citrusy scents most designers choose to offer, try Creed Aventus or Tom Ford Tuscan Leather.
Anas fahim (10 months ago)
Is it long lasting?
Watch Lifestyle (9 months ago)
About 2-4 hours.
AGentlemansJourney (2 years ago)
This is pretty much like a resort in a bottle. Gives off a vacation destination feel 🤔
Watch Lifestyle (2 years ago)
Well said, nice description.
Pew die pineapple (2 years ago)
I really like the smell of it when I go to jcpenny I get free samples of it because I'm to cheap to pay 72.00
Ramy Hosny (1 year ago)
Luxury Lifestyle but it here for cheap dude https://www.ebay.com/itm/262758390380
Watch Lifestyle (2 years ago)
es super deliciosa tengo la blanca y ahora la amarilla es super rica
Jorge Ace (9 months ago)
Hola, de verdad solo dura de 2 a 4 horas como dicen arriba?
Coty Bumagat (2 years ago)
This one smells really great!
Watch Lifestyle (2 years ago)
+Coty Bumagat I totally agree.
earlbee31 (2 years ago)
I didn't manage to get one in my Christmas stocking.
Watch Lifestyle (2 years ago)
+earlbee31 Maybe next year. Happy New Year to you.
Igor Berlin (3 years ago)
Dave, just wanted to let you know that after watching this video I went to a local store and this fragrance really does smell great. I'm gonna definitely get one for myself :)
Watch Lifestyle (2 years ago)
+Igor Berlin Awesome choice Igor, thanks so much for watching.
earlbee31 (3 years ago)
It looks and sounds amazing I hope I will get one in my Christmas stocking
Watch Lifestyle (2 years ago)
+earlbee31 Did you get one?
Liam Watters (3 years ago)
I speak from experience...BUY THIS FRAGRANCE!!!!!!
Watch Lifestyle (2 years ago)
+Liam Watters Thanks Liam.
iLikeNapkins (3 years ago)
I actually just bought a Lacoste shirt on eBay just because of this video! Thanks
Mustafa Ayam (2 years ago)
Why ebay? Wtf thats alll fake! All from china. You should have went to the lacoste store...
Watch Lifestyle (2 years ago)
+iLikeNapkins Awesome, congrats on your new purchase.
pradeep k.s. (3 years ago)
Wow, super shirt... love the colour...
Watch Lifestyle (2 years ago)
+pradeep k.s. Thank you so much, Happy New Year.
Bob FromBrisbane (3 years ago)
Good review, I might try this one out. Cheers.
Watch Lifestyle (2 years ago)
+Bob FromBrisbane Definitely worth a try Bob. Happy New Year.
Cosmin DD (3 years ago)
Thank you verry much for this video :) I think i will buy this for christmas.
Watch Lifestyle (2 years ago)
+Cosmin DD Great choice :D
j (3 years ago)
Did they send it you out to review? Because it is kinda useless in all 'scents' on youtube. But excellent video as always!
Watch Lifestyle (2 years ago)
+illicit99 Yes and IMO it has a nice fragrance to it.

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