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SUNY Purchase Unofficial Campus Tour

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This is the unofficial tour of SUNY Purchase. Get a glimpse of the Student Center in full swing as well as the apartment areas on campus.
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Steven Hummel (1 year ago)
Im a sophomore here currently and its crazy how things have changed, the stood (student center) is really bad compared to that footage
Angelall0ver (5 years ago)
Oh my god I'm applying for colleges already and I reallllllyyy want to get accepted into this college!!!! :3
MrJpman2 (5 years ago)
So did you ever go to purchase?
officialdirtyoreo (6 years ago)
referring to the racial diversity, how is that? i saw pretty much all whit people
Mikespike27 (7 years ago)
do u think its easy to still make friends even if u dont dorm and you live like 25 min away in rockland county ?
Michael Howard (8 years ago)
my goal is to attend SUNY Purchase for the Acting B.F.A program! I've had my eyes set on this college for a while now, so hopefully I make it in next fall! Follow me on twitter! @MichaelwHoward
prokells (8 years ago)
do you need to stay in a dorm or just go every day ?
CSN_Ripley (8 years ago)
@guitarshredder920 I loved Purchase. I left and I miss it. The Stood is awesome. The VA building is awesome. Lots of talented people go to Purchase. It's definitely diverse. The only thing that would stop you from liking Purchase is if you were a homophobe, racist, complete and utter closed book, etc. Visit Purchase.
DudeManGuy1019 (8 years ago)
The Stood looks like The Max from Saved by the Bell.
guitarshredder920 (8 years ago)
lol o thats crazy..... but how is the college in general?
jsilks22 (8 years ago)
the college is basically based on diversity..its nuts
guitarshredder920 (8 years ago)
man i want to go here but i dont see to much diversity.... well from yor experience is it diverse?
javalink1 (8 years ago)
Thanks for the info Slyboots. Okay, i almost just spit up my morning coffee...Purchase has a STARBUCKS? WTF?? Corporate america has invaded. Back in the mid 90's, the only thing that we had to deal with in that respect was (of course) Pepsico across the street & the fact that the performing arts theatre was funded & named after them. Geez, talk about times-they-are-a-changin'. Oh, & what's with the lame name "Fort Awesome"? Ugh.
javalink1 (9 years ago)
I went to Purchase in the mid-90's & i see that it's still the same, & i mean that in the very best way possible...it is the most unique place for artists & performers, Purcgase was always flying just under the radar. Loved it, miss it. One question: where is The Stood located? It wasn't around when i went there. We all hung out at Pub in Campus Center North, or Coffeehouse in Campus Center South. These still around? thanks fpr posting!
Joseph Miller (9 years ago)
Appreciate it. I'm looking at graduate schools for Art History (coming off of undergraduate degree in Dramatic Writing with only an Art Hist. minor). I know Purchase is big into theater so I thought the academic environment might be good for me. That's too bad about the campus. I go to SCAD in Savannah now, and the city and the college are really interconnected. Our "campus" is all over the city. Sounds like it would be a rough transition.
Joseph Miller (9 years ago)
Something about the academic environment, or the local setting, or anything someone coming to the area/school might want to know. I don't mean to hate on you, but SUNY Purchase seems to have virtually no youtube presence.
Joseph Miller (9 years ago)
Ugh. What a waste of time; three minutes and not a single bit of useful information.
waterlillie04 (9 years ago)
i'm in the second to last picture! exciting =)
meshellers (9 years ago)
rad video i'll be there next year : ) can't wait!

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