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A Living Prayer - Alison Krauss HD

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A living prayer by Alison Krauss. Being a living prayer, an example for Christ. Song Lyrics: In this world I walk alone With no place to call my home, But there's one who holds my hand Through rugged roads, through barren lands. The way is dark, the road is steep, But He's become my eyes to see, The strength to climb, my griefs to bear. The Savior lives inside me there. Chorus: In Your love I find relief, A haven from my unbelief. Take my life and let me be A living prayer, my God, to Thee. In these trials of life I find Another voice inside my mind. He comforts me and bids me live Inside the love the Father gives. In Your love I find relief, A haven from my unbelief. Take my life and let me be A living prayer, my God, to Thee. Take my life and let me be A living prayer, my God, to Thee.
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y. francis (3 days ago)
Through rugged roads, through barren lands. The way is dark, the road is steep, But He's become my eyes to see, The strength to climb, my griefs to bear. The Savior lives inside me there.
Martin Maechler (7 days ago)
Such a wonderful conversation with our heavenly father -- sung by an almost heavenly wonderful voice -- thank you so much !!
Thin Law (13 days ago)
wonderful song. Amen
try-much harder (13 days ago)
her voice melts my mind .
WilliamSLeibSr (13 days ago)
God gave you such a gift, Alison. Continue to use it to sing His praise!
Cynthia Dillard (17 days ago)
Petsana (29 days ago)
Pure and beautiful voice! Sweet melody and huge at the same times. Thanks to share
Patrice menard (29 days ago)
C'EST merveilleux 🎧🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🎉💫🎆😍💖♥️
Caleb Turner (1 month ago)
What A beautiful song by such a talented beautiful artist blessed by the Lord God ❤️
lois Hopton (1 month ago)
Rick Larson (1 month ago)
Beautiful! Lee
Nicole De Grâce (1 month ago)
Thank You for posting this clip .... Beautiful song & Alison voice is so so beautiful
Loretta Cogar (1 month ago)
Amen..Without God I am nothing... He is my constant and never leaves my side.. Unlike man he will never fail you and let you down... Thank you God for loving me!
traylorvh (1 month ago)
Beautiful. This is my daily prayer.
Alan Fox (1 month ago)
most mainstream audiences got to hear about alison krauss through her album with robert plant and she did the original verson of you know nothing at all irish singer ronan keating for the film notting hill and covered gareth brooks if tommorrrow never comes and his old band boyzone did anne murray you needed me.
Joyce Lindsay (2 months ago)
Such a talented, wonderful Lady. Beautiful , meaningful, gospel song. What a voice!!
Cheryl Allen (2 months ago)
I sing this all the time because it was my hubby fav and after he left mine too. I now know the meaning to the word in my life.
Vernie Attaway (2 months ago)
Such a beautiful heatwarming song.
PREETIKA DHAWAN (2 months ago)
Jerry Montago (3 months ago)
The picture of Mother Theresa, a follower of The Great Whore in the book of Revelation, wrecks this video for me !
Paul Slaney (3 months ago)
Such an angelic voice so fitting for this song.
Lynnemargaret Phillips (3 months ago)
Oh my just lovely.
Himself Lee (5 months ago)
Gives me goose bumps. So beautiful.
Mike Gross (6 months ago)
I believe God HAS taken Alison's life and made her a representative of Him by the songs she sings and the life she is living! Hope nothing happens to ever change her life or her attitude to Christianity.
Dan Dixon (6 months ago)
Best song ever,You have the heart of our Lord in your soul thank you
Dan Dixon (6 months ago)
Go girl,you not walking alone
Dan Dixon (6 months ago)
Angel voice
Julz XD (6 months ago)
Thankyou Jesus for never giving up on me, even when I fail you.... Your never ending unfailing love is stronger and deeper than anything this world has to offer.
Thomas Fannon (6 months ago)
Whoever believes in me will never die and I will raise them up at the last day
ROBERT snyder (7 months ago)
This song really strikes home. Now in my later years I live by it.
Jerald Bailey (7 months ago)
Take my life and let me be a livin prayer to the amen JESUS
Rev. J. Roger Allen (7 months ago)
I love you Allison for singing this this song.
Dawid Miskowiec (8 months ago)
❤🙏❤ Praise be to God. She has a great voice.. thank you Lord for being there for me always..
K Nanes (8 months ago)
Thank you Ron Block for your exquisite work. And thanks to the angelic and soaring voice, Alison. Peace to all.
Shawna Klink (8 months ago)
This is the last song my mom listened to. She requested it the night before she passed away. RIP mommy I love you. 9-14-18
SeanVplayer (7 months ago)
Prayers for comfort and peace Shawna. God's love for you.
Brian Saling (9 months ago)
I needed this song today! Such turmoil at my place of work. I need peace...
SeanVplayer (7 months ago)
Praying for you brother.
Bill Brown (9 months ago)
Very beautiful song God bless all
susan stone (9 months ago)
Just found out my little sister's turn came with the cancer. This song comforts both of us. Guess that's it.
johncharles4 (9 months ago)
What will we say when we stand at the Throne of Judgement. God loves us and Jesus died for our sins to be forgiven and wash us clean in soul and spirit. Please accept Jesus as your Savior if you have not already and love God with all your heart.
Rudy Klassen (2 months ago)
Irish Field (10 months ago)
Beautiful song ever Alison so worth listenning ever thank you :D :D
Elizabeth Ashby (10 months ago)
Sheila Barron (10 months ago)
Thank you God for taking care of me ♥️
Charles Myers (11 months ago)
this is a good song
Jeanne Smoker (11 months ago)
fishermanpat1 (11 months ago)
My favorite all time singer. I listen to her whenever I can.
Ardy Abshire (11 months ago)
For much of my life my bible was my only companion..
smokie4jesus (1 year ago)
Bill Lutsch (1 year ago)
This song offers comfort, even as you go through an MRI
Laura Clemons (1 year ago)
I have no fear if I had fear I would share nothing, if any my heart is broke from betrayal nothing more.
Laura Clemons (1 year ago)
I believe it’s the strength that carries me when I feel weak. But you wanna talk bout me and make judgements but can’t talk to me that’s an issue and I do not want to be part of it!
Nancy Foix (1 year ago)
In This World I Walk Alone With No Place To Call My Home But There?s One Who Holds My Hand On The Rugged Road Through Barren Lands The Way Is Dark, The Road Is Steep But He?s Become My Eyes To See Strength To Climb, My Grief To Bear The Savior Lives Inside Me There In Your Love I Find Release A Haven From My Unbelief Take My Life And Let Me Be A Living Prayer, My God To Thee Through These Trials Of Life I Find Another Voice Inside My Mind It Comforts Me And Bids Me Live Inside The Love The Father Gives In Your Love I Find Release A Haven From My Unbelief Take My Life And Let Me Be A Living Prayer, My God To Thee Take My Life And Let Me Be A Living Prayer, My God To Thee This world is not my home: I am a pilgrim in this world: but there's one who holds my hand on the rugged road through barren lands on my way home to You, on my way home to You. And a certain scribe came, and said unto him, Master, I will follow thee whithersoever thou goest. And Jesus saith unto him, The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head. Matthew 8:19‭-‬20 KJV These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off, and were persuaded of them, and embraced them, and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth. Hebrews 11:13 KJV Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul; 1 Peter 2:11 KJV And if Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin; but the Spirit is life because of righteousness. But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you. Therefore, brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live after the flesh. For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live. For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father. The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God: And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together. For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. Romans 8:10‭-‬18 KJV
Anne Turner (1 year ago)
Love it
Sheila Barron (1 year ago)
Thank you God for watching over me Thank you Alison
davefistr (1 year ago)
Ano velmi pravda !!!
Diane Wyatt (1 year ago)
I jut cry I love him so I’m lost in his love
Ron Mifsud (1 year ago)
Such an Angel ...voice
William Poff (1 year ago)
Valerie Terrell (1 year ago)
You might actually check the lyrics next time you make a video.
Michael Gaynor (1 year ago)
Beautiful, he does have a plan for you!
Anthony Headrick (1 year ago)
Extroidinary voice.
Rod Brehm (1 year ago)
Love Alison. Beautiful voice
Leslie Dion (1 year ago)
A pure angelic voice that reaches the highest of heaven!
HisGrace1954 (1 year ago)
🎼 🎶🎶 ☆.•*´¨) 💞 Amen 💞 ☆.•*´¨) ♪ღ♪. 💞 ╬
A. Zero (1 year ago)
Very Peaceful
Pamela McCall (1 year ago)
Is there a possibility of getting the PowerPoint without the Numidian. Would like to use in church with a soloist.
Sandra Guerra (1 year ago)
floyd rains (1 year ago)
My hope is in Jesus. God is good. Peace in His Church.
Riley coffelt (6 days ago)
Amen what a wonderful God we have
Philip Meredith (1 year ago)
After all the hyped up music and over produced pop we have this jewel. Thank you for some calm reflection.
G Holcombe (1 year ago)
Should be "my griefs to bear." Not "my grieves." (Good grieve!)
FRANCIS GHAN (1 year ago)
Marcella Morgan (2 years ago)
lovely song
Girizd Loránd (2 years ago)
Dear video-author, keep it continued! :)
Michael Adams (2 years ago)
God has found his earthly voice through Alison Krauss's Gospel songs
Laura Jackson (2 years ago)
Thank God that I have him that never gives up on me and Loves me !
Anthony Jones (2 years ago)
I'm not a particularly religious person but I find this song beautiful.
Crystal Howley (10 months ago)
Anthony Jones the living God is above religion....may he bless you and keep you.
Janelle Charlet (1 year ago)
Anthony Jones God doesn’t want a religious person. He wants a loving relationship with you through Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior. You can’t go wrong if you accept Jesus into your life. It will never be the same. I hope if you haven’t already made that decision you will sense the Holy Spirit calling you. Praying God’s blessings on you that you will make that decision. I agree this is a very beautiful song & it always blesses me to hear it.
Susan Hull (2 years ago)
love love this song!
maj77 jurkiewicz (2 years ago)
A very special song
IC Silversides (2 years ago)
The words of this song are so very true and inspirational....and a voice that is so very pure and sweet. Excellent video and song!
lespetitesdalles (2 years ago)
un charme et un romantisme fou ,une des plus belle voix , une chanteuse unique le cœur rempli de tendresse
Murray Savage (2 years ago)
Thank you Alison for the beauty in your voice that is a gift of God.
…listning to "Valerius sin lille sofakrok" on Radio Nordkapp Thursday 3. November 2016, kl 19-20 (7-8 p.m.) (Norwegian time) 9 tracks with Alison Krauss & Union Station in my music program on local radio in Norway. «Baby Now That I've Found You», «Bright Sunny South», «Tiny Broken Heart», «Cluck Old Hen», «Stay», «Faraway Land», «The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn», «A Living Prayer» and «Every Time You Say Goodbye» .
Bill Brown (2 years ago)
Just ask God he will take care of us always.
angelo lopes (2 years ago)
Voice of an Angel and a proof of Faith,many thanks!
Tyler Giroux (2 years ago)
I played this song at my dads funeral. We both loved Alison Krause. Just listening thinking of how lucky I was to have a father like him.
Julz XD (6 months ago)
Bless you 🙏❤️
melinda spinks (9 months ago)
Tyler Giroux
Brian Saling (10 months ago)
Tyler Giroux your so lucky. Mine was a bomb. Drank smoked took very little interest in providing for his family of 5
Joe Walker (1 year ago)
Tyler Giroux he must have been a great daddy for you to appreciate this song about our loving heavenly father, and the gift HE gave us so we will be able to see the loved one's we have in heaven. I lost my dad a while back, it's painful, but knowing one day, is an awesome thing. GOD bless
Michael Gaynor (1 year ago)
Tyler Giroux,know you honored your Father well! Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
YRB (2 years ago)
Lovely song, and that's what it's about. Praise and glory to the Lamb of God.
Cynthia Sanchez (1 year ago)
刘坤 (2 years ago)
Nancy Foix (2 years ago)
Yes, Let me be a living prayer!
3speedjohn waaa (3 years ago)
another lovely gift from Alison
Carola Wingert (3 years ago)
Just beautiful Praise To our King of Kings
Jim Chumley (2 years ago)
Amen ive known this loving and gracious Savior and Lord since that awesome day 12-26-83
Just Me (3 years ago)
Pure Beauty...The Hand and Heart of God is present here.My Christmas wish for all.."Reach out and accept the Gift..Love..Hope." Merry Christmas to each and everyone..and your love ones. May God's Blessings be forever with Alison..Love you!!
Mister Spitfire (3 years ago)
So beautiful!
David Sabine (3 years ago)
I do like me some Alison , the voice of an angel I wished she would come to the Tampa bay AREA.
Deanna Rozum (3 years ago)
love this song. One correction....I believe it is the chorus...the line In your love I fine relief, it should read In your love I find release.
David Sabine (3 years ago)
Not trying to be critical , but know matter what mistake Alison make's the songs still sound good.
badgerbasser (3 years ago)
Powerful! Alison's voice along with such inspiring words tug at the heart!! I love listening to her music.
BB jta (3 years ago)
nice choice pogo
BB jta (3 years ago)
WILLY IWON ??did you see ?   so true Good song
Rebbekkah Holt (3 years ago)
My brother is very sick and we expect he wont be around much longer.. I played this for him.. He doesnt speak very well and is very weak but I saw tears come to him.. He hugged me and hugged me.. He is such a sweet angel and he appreciated this song so much.. Thanks for posting..
I hope in The Lord's mercy that your brother be healed and restored, Amen.
Diane SMITH (3 months ago)
mzbecker2 (7 months ago)
My brother passed today and this song reminded me of him.
Paul Guthrie (1 year ago)
David Sabine (3 years ago)
Sorry about your brother but I hope he is saved and if he is good for him , my self I can't wait to Die I LOVE Jesus and can't wait .to see him. I know this sounds crazy but I want know one crying at my funeral when I die I want everybody to party hearty
Bob Harris (3 years ago)
Wonderful song and words.
Chelsea Helmick (3 years ago)
Allisons voice is one of my favorites im proud to say ive grown up listening to her this is an amazing song and of course she nailed it!!!
David Sabine (3 years ago)
I saw her when she first appeared on hee haw years ago I loved her then and now
Libertea (4 years ago)
I love this version, however, my favorite is with Aled Jones but I cannot seem to find his version of this song on YouTube. Beautiful voice.
David Sabine (3 years ago)
The. reason why you can't find the other version , is because Alison is the only one that can sing it the way it's meant to be sung.

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