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www.DieAntwoord.com Album: TEN$ION Directed by NINJA and Terence Neale Director Of Photography: Alexis Zabe Edited by Saki Fokken Bergh at Left Produced by Zef Filmz in association with Egg Films Post production by Blade Titles and special touches by Pushbak Next Level gear supplied by Panavision and Media Film Service KEZIA EALES runs this muddafucka
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Text Comments (164912)
la poderosa (32 minutes ago)
wuao que chido que canción tan chingona😈😈
alekmys oof (34 minutes ago)
expected a lot more skam comments
정 정 (35 minutes ago)
One thing!
Cristhian Quispe (48 minutes ago)
Aquí un comentario en español xd
Patricia Debreciniova (55 minutes ago)
On je idiot ten stari
meri petshop meri (1 hour ago)
*wat to fuck*
Srimurtini Mur (1 hour ago)
Maja Ž (1 hour ago)
This should be banned
Mrs_Tetero 22 (1 hour ago)
Она малость жутка, лишь не обсирайте
YT LizunTLee (2 hours ago)
Кто российский лайк
Я российская лайк
Выпей сухпаееееек
Jessica Smith (3 hours ago)
You need 6 watches for what.. M
ты дурочка
Аноним (3 hours ago)
Ты такая же
Verunka Tříšková (4 hours ago)
Omg 😳😳😳🤐🤐
Kayanja Lillian (4 hours ago)
This is so stupid
dakota aaa (5 hours ago)
bon bon
dakota aaa (5 hours ago)
No puedo dejar de escuchar esta canción...
Phillip Olague (6 hours ago)
I can’t hear shit like blah blah mostly 🤣🤣
jess martinez (6 hours ago)
HecTiicLord47 (6 hours ago)
yo it show her tittys at 3:28
Citrus Fox (6 hours ago)
Прикольно,однако...В чем резон?Я британский не оч
-Dmntrix- ŁÄPȚ (6 hours ago)
Nmms 😂😂😂que pedo...tan raro que se te pega la cancion...pero que random el video...esque es extraño lo que uno siente cuando ve estos videos😂😂divertido pegajoso pero raro..
Cylus d Roberts (6 hours ago)
I like the music
Love Bird (7 hours ago)
This is so disgusting 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Rocio Fernandez (7 hours ago)
Alina Novikova (7 hours ago)
Voki Von and Jonathan Perrut were here
Johnnie Creel (7 hours ago)
Honestly wat is this
Huri Lozano (9 hours ago)
Chappie 2
Nahu gamer (9 hours ago)
stephany 101 (9 hours ago)
Quien mas se traumo? Psd: como llegue aqui :v
monse bronse11 (10 hours ago)
Elvis Argueta (10 hours ago)
What t fuck?
I Cant Sing (11 hours ago)
how have I never heard of this till now....
Bee (11 hours ago)
Bitch what i am doing here
Annabelle Knight (11 hours ago)
Wtf did I just watch
Wendy Whittaker (11 hours ago)
Summer Wilson (11 hours ago)
MysticGacha_ (12 hours ago)
First time listening: Wth Second time: Again what the hell Third time: Actually, it’s not that bad Hundredth time: My fav song
Aaliyah Bachtell (12 hours ago)
K.A Vlogs BG (12 hours ago)
Pero qué mierda acabo de ver ...
German Person (13 hours ago)
Is that even a woman?
Daimus Domergu (4 hours ago)
Yolandi Visser ist 34 Jahre alt, sie wurde am 1. Dezember 1984 geboren.
Zane Horst (13 hours ago)
I love DIE ANTWOORD listen to them all the time
erno turo (14 hours ago)
Desirae Pouliot (14 hours ago)
A whole other level of "out-of-control teen" also, A GUN BONG XD
CANNIBAL QUEEN (14 hours ago)
Did you know they were actually married at one point and have two kids together?
CryMyself_ ToSleep (14 hours ago)
I cant find lyrics to this anywhere...XD
Daimus Domergu (4 hours ago)
Here you are. "Baby's on fire". Showtime, motherfucker, it's on Apocolypse now, I'm droppin' this bomb You can't fuck with this song I'll stick to this spliff, I'm not klapping this bong I'm a wild child, I don't wanna go to bed Oh, shit, sorry man, I'm stoned again Ooh, now everythings getting so psychedelic When I'm doos dronk then I forget all my fokken lyrics Like um, uh, who gives a fuck? Don't worry 'bout it, just blow a kiss to me I like danger, romance and mystery I'm a lucky ducky, get mad shit for free I rock more bling then Mr. T I make it look easy 'cause it is to me My daddy says it's lekker fokken spif to see A South African cherrie makin' history Baby's on fire She's got me going fokken crazy soos a mal naaier O jirre God se Jesus Baby's on fire Hi-Tek, drop that four to the floor I get real paid, what you think I do this for? My bodyguard help me get to the bar Neill Blomkamps makin' me a movie star A lot of bad boys wanna piece of me If you're a lucky boy I'll let you sneak a peek My Zef styles motherfuckin' freaky-deek I don't got beef 'cause I don't eat no meat I'm on some other shit, yo, I know I speak unique Fuck your whole shit up when I freak the beat I love it when Kimmy talks sweet to me C'mon, c'mon, Kimmy, Kimmy, speak to me I take a trip down memory lane Like yo, fuck fifteen seconds of fame I'm a young blood comin' up fresh in the game Yo-Landi Vi$$er, motherfucker, ja remember the name Baby's on fire She's got me going fokken crazy soos a mal naaier O jirre! God se Jesus! Baby's on fire Aaah, freak out! No need to get so deep Nothin' quite like a motherfuckin' techno beat A techno beat - a techno beat A techno - a techno - a techno beat Just say what's up, don't try to get so deep You know me, maar ek ken jou nie Ek ken jou nie - ek ken jou nie Ek ken jou - ek ken jou - ek ken jou nie Baby's on fire She's got me going fokken crazy soos a mal naaier O jirre! God se Jesus Baby's on fire Flame on, motherfuckers!
Imanoob5668 OK (14 hours ago)
Where the fck are their eyebrows ?
Robin Robin (14 hours ago)
i honestly have no idea what is happening
Carmen Johnson (14 hours ago)
This is a Satanist music if you listen to this and that's what you are they even pray to Satan in the video.
ZeeZee Zputnik (14 hours ago)
eye roll please! 😂
ReeRee Kennedy (15 hours ago)
Iam capping on this ....
Harrison Perlmutar (15 hours ago)
Do not put it on 0.25 speed
Harrison Perlmutar (15 hours ago)
New Barbie 2018
Harrison Perlmutar (15 hours ago)
This should be on YouTube rewind
Micaela Fletcher (15 hours ago)
Micaela Fletcher (15 hours ago)
Dude why is this even on YouTube
juju diversão (15 hours ago)
Mas que voz irritante do cão
K8lyn Don't Surf (15 hours ago)
First time I ever watched this video I was high as balls. Not good.
g and b vlogs forever (16 hours ago)
What the frick
aylin Rodriguez (16 hours ago)
Que csd
Ściopa 86 (16 hours ago)
good shit
MonMon. exe Draws (16 hours ago)
Wtf did I just watch.....????
gonzalo alderete (16 hours ago)
1:40 Youuutuubeee
Sims Celia (16 hours ago)
Daniel le russe devrait passer par ici...
Filip ssd (16 hours ago)
Kill this
Emma Reethi (16 hours ago)
So here we have an overly sexual sister and her extremely hypocritical brother who almost gets killed by his little sister because she threw a brick at him because he was going to shoot her boyfriend I think they need family therapy
Daimus Domergu (3 hours ago)
It's just another day in South Africa.
Miriam Marinescu (17 hours ago)
Fiorella Marchetto (17 hours ago)
Estaba buscando un comentario en español y cheque mi casa cheque mi cuarto y nada >:v
lol anyway u (17 hours ago)
Cøugh no eyebrows in the family
Manu ASMR (17 hours ago)
doofy the dragon (17 hours ago)
Can you tell me your Number
spooky ruby (17 hours ago)
im sorry, what language is this??
Daimus Domergu (3 hours ago)
+spooky ruby It was my pleasure.
spooky ruby (3 hours ago)
Daimus Domergu thanks!
Daimus Domergu (3 hours ago)
Afrikaans mixed with English.
Haven Peigan (17 hours ago)
shit i jerked off
Maria Isabel Calleros (18 hours ago)
What the fuck?
Cindy Trylesinski (18 hours ago)
This is soooo bad it I can’t say it
одна педофилия нахуй закройте такое уебанство
+Daimus Domergu на кол таких будто ты и схожих,что поддерживают сегодня распутство и секс!!! Старый ты извращенец!
Daimus Domergu (17 hours ago)
+Ельцин Итальяно В голове у тебя пропаганда, глупец молодой.
+Daimus Domergu не произнесли что девченка такая,а пропаганда сама сущность видеоклипа!
+Daimus Domergu ты педофил,поэтому и не замечаешь!!!
Daimus Domergu (18 hours ago)
Где Вы схожее отыскали? Йоланди старше Вас раза в два, быстрее итого.
YaBoi Caden (18 hours ago)
This is actually the worst song I’ve ever heard in my life
leech wizard (18 hours ago)
5:20 Jake paul
ÇORUMLU MAPPER (18 hours ago)
Dennis Green (18 hours ago)
What a.. Are moving
leech wizard (18 hours ago)
She's ugly
Има ли българииииииииии
Sander Brouwer (18 hours ago)
Funny how much the language sounds like Dutch. I could recognize a lot of Dutch words
Daimus Domergu (18 hours ago)
It's Afrikaans, so no wonder.
Cindy char char Lol time (19 hours ago)
Gamer HD (19 hours ago)
I will fuck dis Girl she is Nice
Sofija Drikic (20 hours ago)
Sofija Drikic (20 hours ago)
pink fan (20 hours ago)
What the fuck is that
Haileigh Ellis (20 hours ago)
Petra Candia (20 hours ago)
I hate this song 😡😡😡😡
danya (20 hours ago)
Рожочек эт я прив
Valerie P. (20 hours ago)
Alguien que hable en español tengo miedo 😱
Julian7u7 (20 hours ago)
Wi ki (20 hours ago)
Nayeli Pedraza (20 hours ago)
She has pikachu slippers!!! I love her!
Low-key a dumbass (21 hours ago)
The worst part is that I like it 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
POP TARTS WORLD MSP (16 hours ago)
Low-key a dumbass ikr

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