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How to use purchase credit notes in Xero Accounting Software

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Did you receive a credit note from one of your suppliers but don't know how to process it in Xero? Watch this tutorial to learn how to: - create and edit a purchase credit note - apply it to an outstanding bill - apply a refund against the credit note Try Xero accounting software for free: http://www.xero.com/signup/
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Hikary Kumiko (1 year ago)
This video is so helpful!
C&G Medicare Ltd (1 year ago)
I'm having real trouble with credit notes is issue to customers who are vat exempt yet pay the vat in their initial purchase from us. We have to refund the vat to them. The issues arise when the purchase from them has been paid and reconciled. I can raise the credit note without a problem but then what do I do after this as their initial invoice was already reconciled
*Xero how to* What to do with a credit note you receive from a supplier - how to get the accounting right for this in Xero. ^OG

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