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Getting dressed in the 14th century

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Two women get dressed in the medieval fashion of 14th century England. Costumes based on the illustrations in the Luttrell Psalter. Thanks to support from https://www.loveniplaw.co.uk/ Director/Cinematographer: Nick Loven https://www.instagram.com/crowseyeproductions/ https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/83a22H Producer/Costumier: Pauline Loven https://www.instagram.com/periodwardrobe/ Women: Kirsty Hannah, Lucy Sherre Cooper Production Assistant: Lilli Stoddart Voice-over: Martha Milne https://www.instagram.com/machinequilter/ Location: The Saxonhouse http://www.saxonhouse.co.uk/ Hair: Anita Cudbertson Carpentry: Peter Halse Pottery: Andrew MacDonald of the Pot Shop, Lincoln https://www.facebook.com/potshop1/ Music: Luttrell Psalter plainchant arranged by Kate Witney and recorded by Bryan Rudd Stella Splendens performed by Azhriaz Dularne and Sara Rollit, recorded by Brian Rudd
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Text Comments (2732)
Mina the fiddler (1 day ago)
for the people who ask, what did they do when they had their periods: 1. there was probably more female underwear around in the middle ages than is generally shown. Male researchers don't like the idea of it and there's very little research into it. 2. Consider that women in the past were on their periods FAR LESS OFTEN than we are today. A woman has no period when she is pregnant and neither when she is breastfeeding a baby (for a certain time, after which fertility returns and the possibility to become pregnant and with this periods start again even if she can keep breastfeeding the first child). There was no contraception available then so women would have had babies very often. Also when your nutrition is lacking, girls mature phyisically later in life than today and if the nutrition situation is very bad and you're starving, your period stops. this effect is known in modern women when they suffer from anorexia. Frequent times of starvation might sadly have been a regular experience for many people in the middle ages. 3. underwear, also for men, could be constructed in a very simple way (a cloth and a string...) and it's not far fetched to say that women could fashion something to wear a rag between their legs during the period.
Musa Bashir (1 day ago)
Do a video for the golden age of the middle east
laser679 (1 day ago)
Now people wear torn up jeans
Tree Topley (1 day ago)
I watch these videos for them ankles 😩
ChevyBM (1 day ago)
The towel heads of today still almost wear this kind of crap.
Ulysses Ubias23 (2 days ago)
She probably added like 30 pounds of clothes to herself
ABluePheonix Soaring (2 days ago)
I really needed this for my project, thanks!
Nicole Ross (3 days ago)
Holy smokiness! That poor actress!!😩🙊
Marcus Taber (3 days ago)
Etc= Et Cetera, not Ek cetra. Way to sound intelligent narrator.
casual sun (3 days ago)
Lives up to 25 at most spends an hour a day getting dressed
Tina Cris (3 days ago)
I'm now obsessed w this channel ❤️❤️❤️
captain caveman (4 days ago)
Now she needs to take it all off and wash it as it smells like smoke
Filipeczeg (4 days ago)
They look exactly the same as the muslim woman right now lmao
MrLuridan (4 days ago)
Reminds me of a scene Vermeer might depict. I know....different era!
Eselcool AJ (4 days ago)
Getting dressed 2018: Girls that try to look "sexy": underwear booty shorts bra crop top flip flops
Naomi Myles (4 days ago)
This is beautifully filmed and delightfully educational, but never in my life have I been so grateful for my ratty grey jogging pants and tee-shirts.
TheComing IsSoon (4 days ago)
imagine 14th century women watching 21st century women getting dressed. This is a pair of panties use as under garments, sometimes women could also wear tongs under their low waist jeans...
ahmedmujtaba007 (4 days ago)
And now they have an ISSUE if a Muslim women or girl wears hijab or head covering. It's a religious thing and is for modesty....
13무명씨 (5 days ago)
우리도 이런 프로그램 만들어 보급하자! 14세기 의복에 대해서는 아직 고증이 아된 부분이 많으니 19세기 부터 시작해서 들어가본다면 많은 발전이 있을 것이다
faris abdul aziz (5 days ago)
If you are wondering if they feel hot in those thick layer of clothes in europe. They dont, back then tge world was 5 degrees (celcius) more cold than today
Michael Saxonson (5 days ago)
Bruh, that 'hood' the made put on at the end. That was a kerchief 😂
Vincent T (5 days ago)
2:12 is what your looking for
Teufel Hunden1371 (6 days ago)
Personally I think these women are way more beautiful in their chaste apparel than the girls who go out in spandex and a tank top. I want to enjoy your face and not have to fight the urge to look at your body! Save your curves for your spouse. That applies to both men and women. The idea that promiscuity is sexual freedom is a new and deceitful idea. Our bodies are beautiful and can be enjoyed beautifully, and it’s a shame that they are defiled by our culture
Eva R (8 days ago)
They probably had less yeast infections as well. Cause of the freeness
Cheyenne R (9 days ago)
Looks comfy honestly.
Milk Boy (9 days ago)
Can you guys make a series of videos showing what nuns from different periods of time wore? I've been very interested in the lives of nuns from the past. Even as someone who practices Judaism, I find some of the catholic aesthetic beautiful.
Giovannina Cilena (10 days ago)
Underwear Medieval: Women wore the knickers? The Menstrual Cycle...
Destiny Boykin (12 days ago)
This is why it takes girls so long to get dressed
Stacie McKenty-Assal (12 days ago)
Those hose were awful. They look too baggy. My ex husband wore a pair of my socks once and stretched them out just like those hose. I threw them away.
j (12 days ago)
I'd marry the heck out of the first girl <3
Page Samantha (12 days ago)
Watching all that smoke in the room makes me wanna cough 😕 killing your lungs to stay warm..
Eye of the Star (13 days ago)
Imagine a world without "STRETCH" !
Maria Maria (14 days ago)
Jw why they don’t put the socks on first
Lacy Hay (17 days ago)
It goes to show how much clothing has changed over the years. Clothes were so simple back in the day.
Andressa Souza (18 days ago)
If you have to braid your hair to let it out of the way just cut it
nemo (18 days ago)
Thanks to God women exist and give their light touch to life through time.......
debari1251 (20 days ago)
Can’t they open a window? How can she breathe in there?
Mr Chaos (25 days ago)
So much layering but did I hear right? No undies?
hestia petrina (26 days ago)
Love the aprone
DaFujoshi :v (26 days ago)
Me at 3:00 am
Olivia Bengtson (26 days ago)
Ok, this was beautifully filmed and edited. Where can I get some of those clothes, because I just love them! Not having to wear a bra or underwear would rule!
Mina the fiddler (1 day ago)
you have to make them yourself. That's how they did in the middle ages. Or you find an online shop for reenactors.
Kelli Andrews (28 days ago)
Wow!.... You my dear have a soothing voice!!! Lovely videos
violet lep-bau (29 days ago)
How was the cloths in the year 1000?
Cecilie (29 days ago)
That’s so interesting that medieval European women covered their hair for modesty. I wonder what point in time that ended
Jaiz. C (29 days ago)
Beautiful 💛
poopidi goop (29 days ago)
*no under drawers were worn* so what happens if you were on your period?
Allayza (30 days ago)
How you filmed it is beautiful.
Natalie Sutton (1 month ago)
Trŕt and I
Hanna Ocampo (1 month ago)
Y'all should do the Victorian era for working class and noble-born women and men
thevioletskull (1 month ago)
1:12 so that's were batman's utility belt came form
Aditya Gaikar (1 month ago)
Europe* 14th Century EUROPE*
Camelya Goh (1 month ago)
I wish we can bring back the modesty from the 14th, ppl be wearin clothes but still looking buck ass naked lol. These ladies be covered up but lookin cute
Veronica Manley (1 month ago)
I was born in the late 1940s in England and nobody would go out or be seen dead, without their heads covered by a hat or scarf, this carried on and ended in the 60s for whatever reason I don’t know, but I still love to wear a hat or headwrap/scarf.
Ellie Chung (1 month ago)
How many layers they wear in winter then? It seems every layer is very thin and the head piece as well.
jacqueline schael (1 month ago)
The buckled shoes looked pretty contemporary..
colabama (25 days ago)
I thought so too Jacqueline.
Vale Tophy (1 month ago)
I'm so glad I don't remember my past life. It must've been hard living, I mean just getting dressed was so 😩
Kong Thai (1 month ago)
Is that India? 🤪
Mackenzie Sigmon (1 month ago)
This video was so calming... something about the smoke in the sunlight and the soft tones of the room
Neerg Nerrad (1 month ago)
such a pervert. watching a girl get dressed
TaxCollecter (1 month ago)
SHIT, I'm late for school!
Iahel Cathartes Aura (1 month ago)
Wow I wonder how they made buckles back then. I suppose blacksmiths formed them? I just subscribed. Your videos are absolutely fabulous. Exactly what I love to spend my time watching. Many many thanks!
Love Lucy (1 month ago)
Today you can just go and walk at the street with only bikinis
Alaura Alcero (1 month ago)
Protective layers?
minorka2 (1 month ago)
Should be retitled 14th century peasant fashion
Libby Smith (1 month ago)
I'm really glad I live in the time I live now. Ya girl likes wearing one layer of skirts and super into this indoor plumbing business
chevon1920 (1 month ago)
What the hell did they wear in summer, there’s no way they walked around like that, they would have gotten a heat stroke.
Mina the fiddler (1 day ago)
one layer less. Plus, the weather didn't get as warm then as it does now, it's called the Little Ice Age. Indoors, specially in a building made of heavy stones, it remains cold, even in summer. I've tried it. ;)
Turquoise Wolf (1 month ago)
Is it just me or does the lighting look fake?
Judith Jones (1 month ago)
Not fake. The sunlight was shining through the window and was highlighted by the smoke from the fire.
Kill the Censors (1 month ago)
Oh my god, I wish I could just tell all the people who think that they'd overheat in those clothes that linen and wool is much more breathable than modern clothing. Essentially today we're wearing plastic bags over our skin. Think about it, when you sleep in your beds, you place the blankets with the most polyurethane plastic on top because that is much more heat reflective than the cotton blankets. Also, for all of you people saying that it must have been dreadfully uncomfortable and hot, think about it for a minute. Do you really think that your ancestors were so stupid that they'd go about wearing clothes that would give them heatstrokes? Really? No. People haven't changed since then. We always preferred comfort to discomfort. One more thing to consider. Ever heard of Muslims? Look at how they dress in Saudi Arabia. You understand it's pretty hot in Saudi Arabia, right? See, when you don't wear polyurethane plastic all the time, your clothing is much more breathable. They're not dropping dead from heat stroke in the desert, your ancestors in Europe wouldn't drop dead either.
Mina the fiddler (1 day ago)
+Milk Boy that's the main point. I've worn medieval clothing for the length of two to three days several times. And yes when it's hot, three layers of linnen is hot. But it wouldn't get that hot outside very often. Also inside an ancient building, specially if it's a castle made with thick stone walls, it's pretty chilly even in summer.
Milk Boy (9 days ago)
Also, the weather and temperature was very different in those times. Europe had experienced a mini ice age for a while. The people from the past dressed accordingly to what the temperature was.
Lily Chu (18 days ago)
Yes. High-qualify natural fabrics are not cheap though. I splurged on two pairs of well-cut linen pants a while ago and during hot weather, they are cooler than wearing shorts while keeping my skin protected and appropriate for non-casual settings. However, the cost/ wear worked out very well for me: I found myself wearing them more often than cheaper clothes because they were so comfortable.
Camelya Goh (1 month ago)
+Pi for breakfastits better to cover yourself in the heat with breathable clothes as sun protection than taking on the sun head on. I live in southeast asia and ppl working hard labour will don some sort of hat or mask.
Pi for breakfast (1 month ago)
Ro Bastard, last summer, I wore long cotton dresses and a thin white long sleeved cotton blouse as sun protection. I can tell you I was a million times cooler than when I wore shorts and a tank top. I was so much more comfortable. Add a straw hat and I was able to step outside during the hottest days of summer. No disgusting sun block clogging my skin, too, making me hotter. This was 35*C weather in the shade.
mad sone (1 month ago)
What if she was on her period?
Elizabeth Ilko (1 month ago)
Do you know how difficult thick, curly hair would have been to keep like that?
I seriously wouldn't mind this if I lived in Europe where it never got too hot. I like a lot of loose layers and dresses (though I don't much wear them as other things are more covenient at the moment). Although I tend to prefer to the light loose Roman/Greek style tunics, obviously more fitted to their climate. I could do previous centuries easily, clothes wise. As long as I wasn't a slave, I would be fine. And, if I was a slave, not that I'd love it, but not all slave-owners were terrible. Maybe I could find a way to buy my freedom. But I'd just as soon prefer if I was an average, free person, even if I was a servant. Freedom kinda matters.
Yoongi Yasss (1 month ago)
I don't know why but this makes me so calm
Kovu Kingsrod (1 month ago)
I love these videos so much
d_storm (1 month ago)
Actually i think they had better shoes than we have now🤔
Rotom Black (1 month ago)
that second woman was so racy lol
Mar C (1 month ago)
So many fucking layers. Nope. Thank god we were born in these times
Skye ID (1 month ago)
Proof positive that the muslims are still stuck in the 14th century and it's past time for them to get out of it!
Super Enthused (1 month ago)
Watching this warms the cockles of my heart.
Rita Ghanem (1 month ago)
the background music tho😂😂
s43 w4v3s (1 month ago)
Back then they wear hijab and now they are about to eat us for hijab. I wish I could roast you and feed you to wild animals
Mina the fiddler (1 day ago)
your right but your hatemongering isn't going to help anyone.
ciyarah eliana (1 month ago)
it just makes you realize how modest they tried to be and now look what we wear😂
Jeannette Esther (1 month ago)
love this!
Mon Mi (1 month ago)
omg the smoke drove me crazy
BabyBlueSteel13 (1 month ago)
seriously all I'm getting is creepy ass simple futuristic utilitarian vibes.......and then i think of Idiocracy....
Camilla Aston (1 month ago)
Do you have a getting ready for the Regency period?
Astra In Your Area (1 month ago)
It seems like this would be a quick process? Nope. I reenacted the medieval ages and it took me literally half an hour to get completely dressed.
RIVERTHOUGHTS (1 month ago)
why do i love watching these types of videos??? sooooo interesting!!! <3
Miss Annabelle (1 month ago)
Looks much more comfortable then clothes of today.
Olena Smykavchuk (1 month ago)
wait, whats the first under garment useful for?
Hilary Benoit (1 month ago)
Can you do the Crusader era clothing? For women?
Good thing I wasn't born that far back
vickie g (1 month ago)
Can I form a support group for people who want to dress exactly like this every day but don’t want to be made fun of? I would wear underwear tho
Mike Puorro (1 month ago)
I love medieval music and women getting dressed.
Mariam Ngousseme (1 month ago)
Any body else saw the add Nadaam when they showed the lamb the clothing might be made out of lamb fur 😑😒😥😤😤🐑🐑🐑🐑
Ana Maria Oliveira (1 month ago)
The smoke in room😖😖
Megiddo Jones (1 month ago)
Dear God, no bras? I'm so glad to live in this era.
Hannah Paige (1 month ago)
Okay but happened when they got their periods
Emily Lian (1 month ago)
People have been wearing head dressing from the beginning of time yet ppl still want to give Muslims issues about them 🙄
gill426 (1 month ago)
Yeah, so hard to believe that people in the 21st century would have issues with misogynistic shit from the middle ages being brought back into European nations against their will.
ChunkyYetFunky Yep (1 month ago)
I was looking for a comment like this. I agree with you. Same with child brides. They would give 11 year old brides to 40 year old kings
ANDREA Perez Candil (1 month ago)
Music Of 14th Girls Vocal - 1400's
April Fools Jesus (1 month ago)
I came here just because I was interested in the actual clothing, but these comments have been plagued with I wIsH tHE womEn of TOdAy dReSSeD MoRe modESTly! NOw evEryOnE iS a WHOre! People sure forget that we're a pretty fucking long way away from these times, considering it is the 21ST CENTURY.
Resting Funeral Face (12 days ago)
Everyone commenting about it seems to have never learned that from 1300 to 1870 we were literally in an ice age. It made sense to need so many layers during the year. Now with global warming weather is increasingly extreme on both scales- hotter summers and colder winters mean wearing the same style of clothing all year round is totally unfeasible. Setting aside people's opinions on ThE SkAnKy MoDeRn ClOtHiNg, even people who dress in historic clothing for a living or as a hobby can find it extremely difficult to keep temperature regulated wearing completely period accurate clothes- it's just meant for entirely different weather than what we have now.
Amel (30 days ago)
April Fools Jesus so fucking true

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