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God will make a way lyrics 2013

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Kanakei’s Video (1 month ago)
God will makes way where there seems to be no way he works in ways we cannot see he will be my guide Happy day and I hope we are all blessed and happy 😊
Kanakei’s Video (1 month ago)
Let’s pray and I hope that you have a great day amen
Gugu Dube (4 months ago)
this song is powerful It shows that we serve a miracle working God
I love songs
I love the song
3 games channel (9 months ago)
R Syed (9 months ago)
Anuradha Vaz (10 months ago)
Lovely 😘
Mitela Kinny (1 year ago)
Blessed Sunday
Martin Maben (1 year ago)
Jesus is my strength n such a lovely God
jimmy kurian (1 year ago)
l believe my lord will give me a way in this age time.what a sweet friend is jesus
Shalom Atienza (5 years ago)
I really like this song since highschool. I always sing this song when my family is encountering so much problem. I believe that God is with us 24/7. To God be the glory. :) -- Hazel.

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