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Real Talk: Microsoft SQL Server Certification (MCSE/MCSA)

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This session is about the current possibilities of gaining certifications either MCSA or MCSE new or old.
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Jhony Jhony (27 days ago)
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Hong N (2 months ago)
Hey what books or Study Materials do you recommend?
SQL TV (12 days ago)
Depends on your Study Goal. For the Basics I recommend the corresponding Microsoft Press Books.
BN S (4 months ago)
Good explanation...do you think its still worth doing 70-461,462 and 463 now?
SQL TV (12 days ago)
I would says so, although the path is shorter for MS SQL Server 2016 with only 2 instead of 3 exams. Also the 462 is very focused on DBA topics and if you really are a developer you might not be too interested in that.
Barney Qt (4 months ago)
What do you recommend in terms of practicality and real world use if someone with a database development (MCSA) to take for his third course in order to earn his MCSE? I'm thinking of cloud solutions or datawarehouse? Is that a practical choice or should I prioritize one over the other?
SQL TV (4 months ago)
It pretty much depends on what is needed by your current or future work place. Normally i'd say that Cloud Solutions is a good investment since every major company wants to jump on that hype train currently and probably will also in the future. Disclaimer: I did not do that course. Also you should be aware that the cloud solutions topic is constantly changing since it is so fresh and new. The data warehouse topic is a solid one and surely is a good topic to know since it's older but still used by many solutions. However there are certain forces within Microsoft that do a "modern data warehouse" approach which partly is canceling out the classic data warehouse. I think this is more a dream of Microsoft than a current trend so in the end do what you want to do and you think is helping you the most.
Yogiraj Zala (1 year ago)
Bro I want to ask you tht do I need to have any IT experience to give MCSA exams ??
GSH RDY (11 months ago)
Lucas Franca (1 year ago)
Thanks dude, i thought i had understood the new certification system but you really proof i was wrong!! The new MCSA are really good and you go direct to the point ! Thanks for clarify !
Biplab Mondal (1 year ago)
I am looking for a reading partner for MS SQL Server certification. Please email me/ add on skype: [email protected] Thanks.
Mahmoud Reda (1 year ago)
there's any one know where MCSE for SQL administration will be released ???
Al Shey (1 year ago)
Flow chart it next time on the white board, I kind of lost you.
SQL TV (1 year ago)
good idea, sorry for confusion.
carsonky (1 year ago)
You had me at "won't expire". Bye Comptia
SQL TV (1 year ago)
It won't expire BUT it is only valid for a certain Version of SQL Server.
Ray Rivera (1 year ago)
tips on how to prepare for a MCSA would be helpful, there are so much information everywhere I get confused. I'm starting with MTA in SQL and prefer not to buy a book for every exam forward. The MS Virtual Academy videos are decent but seems more like introductions than training. btw Great channel, su'b!
Kayley Coons (1 year ago)
Thanks for the info! Well organized.
Dongling Li (2 years ago)
Great video and I really enjoyed. Generally, there are two levels,which is MSCA and MSCE. Is there a big difference between SQL 2016 Database Dev and SQL server 2012/2014.Besides, my major is business analytical. I don't know which one is good for the data analyst or data scientist career path. I really appreciate it.

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