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Taylor Swift's Exclusive VIP Reputation Magazine (New photos and Behind the Scenes)

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Haley Drewes (7 months ago)
Please come to Edmonton again Taylor ily i have been a Swiftie for 5 Year's now and i have Tried to see u on your 1989 Tour But didn't get to so i hope i see u this year on your Reputation World Tour i love ur cds BTW
Lokesh Garg (7 months ago)
Lol I already have 3 CDs of reputation and I'm going to get a 4th one. I bought one separately then I bought the 2 magazines which includes 1 CD each. And then I've bought the VIP ticket. So I'll get one more with the package. Which total 4 damn CDs 😂😂 and now I'm broke af
Error - (8 months ago)
You can buy that same magazine in hmv for around €28
Ithfa Hanyf (8 months ago)
I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yubraj gurung (8 months ago)
I want that too.😫😫
李揚竣 (8 months ago)
oooh hope I can get it for my B-Day gift......💗
Syafika Swiftie (8 months ago)
Nikhil Kumar (8 months ago)
Taylor: “Don’t read the last pag-“ Me: *** Violently flips to last page ***
Faria A (8 months ago)
petrus davies (8 months ago)
This is SO out of the world Reputation of the show You are very cool Girl go for best
Swiftie Fan (8 months ago)
Im jealousssssssss nowwwwwwwwwww TT
Can we buy it ? 💔
Hiroshi Hamada (9 months ago)
What else is included?
Janeth Benjamin (9 months ago)
I want that 😢😢😢
Luigi Aurora (9 months ago)
It is lovely, I'm gonna be trying to get one for sure.💝🌟🎶
ALLY GIRL (9 months ago)
She's so extra!
Spill_the.tea_ (9 months ago)
When you have no money for vip tickets:
J-Hope I HATE SNAKEU (8 months ago)
I want one so badly
zoeytheawesome (8 months ago)
Well she needs to hook me up then lolol
TayTayNews (9 months ago)
The box came with the invitation for the tour, she is sending the invitations to many YouTubers
Kin Ting Wong (9 months ago)
Thx 4 the video!!! I would really like to hav 1 too!!! 😍😍😍❤❤❤😚😚😂
axejedi (9 months ago)
Our song, key of (:><:) /\ ¡ |="=| ¡ _/ <3 <3 <3
Karina Sandoval (9 months ago)
#Taylor swift 😺😺✔🍀💝🎸🎉😉💝🎵💚💟😘😎👍☺🍓💜🌼💞🌿💕🌌👑💖✅👍👍🌹🌸🍓🌸🌸🌹🌿
Pam Timmins (9 months ago)
Taylor is so beautiful creative and talented, I want one. Good luck on your tour Taylor it will be wonderful as have been your others. You make it all look so fun.
Emma Dolliver (9 months ago)
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa!! This just makes me go even further over the moon!! So excited for mine to come!
Emma Dolliver (9 months ago)
You have to get tickets to her Rep tour. And when you get tickets you have to get a VIP package as well, the VIp package doesn't change only the seat.
Ermioni Kalampouka (9 months ago)
Emma Dolliver i want one too...how can i get one..?
Allie Andres (9 months ago)
so it’s like the ones you can buy at target lol
Mika Mew & Rinnosuke (9 months ago)
Allie Andres plus more
Maliha fariha (9 months ago)
Ana.Rexic (9 months ago)
Theme song😻
Jimuel Matthew Matic (9 months ago)
simran Pant (9 months ago)
Jimuel Matthew Matic, same here 😦😦
Donuts022 (9 months ago)

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