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Best minimalist leather wallet! Cash, coins and cards. Unique design. Practical!

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Get it from https://www.etsy.com/sg-en/listing/618533041/tauruscamp-base-wallets Base wallet is a handcrafted minimalist wallet. Neatly fits nearly 5 cards, cash and coins inside. This is a great pick for both men and women who want to avoid bulky pockets but carry all necessities. The wallet is crafted from a single piece leather wrapped around itself with unique folding technique held together with a single line of saddle stitch at the bottom to give a minimal look. + Insider coin pouch - Carefully positioned to let the coins slide out easily. + Fits nearly 5 cards - One outside pocket for everyday cards, one inside for lesser used ones & IC + Side slot for cash - Easy to push and tap in your cash. Fits big notes. + Well crafted - Entirely hand-cut/dye/stitch and finished with traditional and old age methods + W 7.5cm H 10.5 cm The wallet fits comfortably inside most front and rear pockets. The wallet ages beautifully as you use with different types of cards, cash and coins.
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Jon Boyd (5 months ago)
Have you thought of selling the template? I would love to try making this
Israel JR (7 months ago)
Do you guys gonna sell it on aliexpress or Amazon too ???
Tauruscamp Leather (7 months ago)
Tim Harlow (7 months ago)
Will additional cards fit in the coin slot for those who don't carry coins?
Tauruscamp Leather (7 months ago)
Hi Tim, Not with this design, since it was specifically designed to carry a few coins. The coins are held half-way to avoid getting stuck at the bottom. So the cards will not fit in the coin pouch. But if you want we can custom make one that fits cards. Thanks.
Meow Tow (8 months ago)
That's actually a pretty cool design!
Tauruscamp Leather (8 months ago)
Meow Tow Thank you!
Jose Matus (9 months ago)
Nice Minimalist Wallet I like The Design.
Tauruscamp Leather (8 months ago)
Jose Matus Thanks
Tauruscamp Leather (10 months ago)

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