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My New Koga WorldTraveller Touring Bicycle For A 2-Year Bike Trip!!

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Like my videos? Consider supporting my work directly on: PATREON (Monthly rewards!): https://www.patreon.com/cyclingabout PAYPAL (One-off donation!): https://www.paypal.me/cyclingabout CYCLINGABOUT (Endless bike travel info!): https://cyclingabout.com I flew to the Netherlands to visit the Koga factory and take delivery of my new WorldTraveller touring bike! These wheels will take me all the way from Argentina to Alaska over the next couple of years. Let's go! Insta: https://www.instagram.com/cyclingabout/ FB: http://fb.com/cyclingabout/ Web: http://cyclingabout.com
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Mario Mario (4 days ago)
New touring bike aluminium is perfect but in lon run aluminium is loosing ,shape and riding properties unlike good quality chromoly . So if you want to enjoy many years a touring bike buy good chromoly and first af all very good wheels ( more important than frame ) . That with welding in any village is just legend
CyclingAbout (4 days ago)
This information is incorrect. Aluminium does NOT lose shape or riding properties over time. Aluminium touring bikes are engineered to be literally three or more times stronger than steel bikes so that they aren't affected by fatigue, easily withstanding the repeated loads and stresses of bicycle touring for as long as you use the bike. A well-designed frame of any material won’t be affected by touring stresses – steel, titanium, carbon or aluminium. I've written very extensively about frame materials on my website: https://www.cyclingabout.com/frame-materials-for-bicycle-touring-aluminium-vs-steel-vs-titanium/
Dirk Diggler (2 months ago)
How are the bars holding up? I am torn between those and the jones bar. The jones bars seem more rugged, but i haven't ridden either. Am building my first touring bike, any input would be most appreciated. Thanx.
CyclingAbout (1 month ago)
I love the Crazy Bars! Check out my review on CyclingAbout.com. The Crazy Bars are definitely as rugged as the Jones too - I've taken them on some really rough terrain. I think you really need to try each of the bars to see what suits you though. If I didn't use a handlebar bag for my SLR camera, I'd probably pick the Surly Moloko because it has less sweep (~30 degrees is more ideal for me) and has a nice hand position for being somewhat aero.
Chris Kroell (2 months ago)
Dan D (2 months ago)
How many kg. do you expect to carry, without your weight ?
CyclingAbout (2 months ago)
I carry 25kg: https://www.cyclingabout.com/gear-list-cyclingabout-the-americas/
Jose Moreno Porras (2 months ago)
Nice BIke. Only 1 question,why not a Pinion Gearbox instead a geared hub?I love that grey color.
CyclingAbout (2 months ago)
Rohloff is a bit lighter, a bit more efficient and a bit cheaper. Rohloff has also had 20+ years to iron out any kinks in their product.
Why not a surly?
CyclingAbout (2 months ago)
Koga wanted to sponsor my journey.
Sung Yoon (2 months ago)
Too much emphasis on equipment. Go out there & take even a small trip ride even with a Walmart bike. Once u r actually riding it, then figure out what requires improvement, then invest. I see so many people just do shop talk & buy $10k bikes & sell it for pennies on the dollar few years later. Most often I get discounts by reminding them this will sit for years & price is not going up. Afterward, I always thank them for the donation to my pleasure! Rescued 7 bikes that way so far.
CyclingAbout (2 months ago)
Have you seen any of my other videos?! I put my bikes through hell and back in the world's most remote environments. I think riding a fancy Koga is justified here. 😅
Great Dimitri (2 months ago)
Too much money for nothing. You can get a $1,000 tourer with disc brakes and built up wheels. I've ridden over 20,000 miles on my sub $1,000 tourer without any issues and it has blackburn 1.5L bottle cages, lightweight racks...etc. Certainly no need for 2" tires...
CyclingAbout (2 months ago)
That's great to hear! You can definitely go on big bike tours on cheaper bikes but I, unfortunately, have a taste for the top-end stuff and can't go back now. 😂 I completely disagree that there's no need for 2" tyres though... in fact, I'm fitting some even wider tyres next time 'round to increase comfort and allow me to ride on rougher terrain! 💪🏼
Alex Morgan (2 months ago)
Wish I had bought the same when the English pound was strong against the Euro making the price less salty, but now the exchange rate is terrible. Also Koga do not sell frame only. They refused when I asked a few months ago. Only complete built up bikes.
Alex Morgan (2 months ago)
+CyclingAbout Sadly I think the English Pound will become weaker still with all the doom and gloom and uncertainty about crashing out of the EU without a deal. I'm happy with my Surlys for the time being. Thanks for replying.
CyclingAbout (2 months ago)
Good to know about them not selling frames! I assumed they did because the price is in the configurator. I hope the pound strengthens for you soon!
mohd maliq efandi (3 months ago)
I really like the KOGA bike that you use, but it's too expensive for me to buy 😊
mohd maliq efandi (3 months ago)
+CyclingAbout maybe one day we can cycling together. 😊
mohd maliq efandi (3 months ago)
+CyclingAbout okay 👌 thanks
CyclingAbout (3 months ago)
Maybe you can start making YouTube videos and get sponsored by them in the future. 😊
s0012823 (3 months ago)
Hi, I wonder what your length is because I saw you in other video's riding quite a small frame with large seatpost. I am 1.87m and also went to Koga in The Netherlands and thought that 57cm would be the one (that was also the one that came out of the configurator). But when I rode the 60cm it was just better. It leaves about 8cm seatpost but it just looks better.
CyclingAbout (3 months ago)
The 60cm frame will likely be the best size for you. I'm 10cm taller than you, but I prefer a more 'aggressive' fit, so that's why I sized down. 👍🏻
Knut Inge (4 months ago)
They had pinion gear a few years back, why not anymore.
leftymadrid (4 months ago)
Just had to sub you, adventure time, you are so lucky to be able to do this! But many don't really understand what all this entails... may you have an incredible and safe tour. I must say you have balls to do this kinda thing, not many folks can do this type of riding, lots of talkers, but few doers out there. I wish you the very best, and will be following your adventures for sure!!! Take GOOD care my friend, and take a couple of those belts with you, sorry my OCD kicks in lol
CyclingAbout (3 months ago)
+s0012823 Definitely let us know if you're a doer or talker!
s0012823 (3 months ago)
@leftymadrid: You triggered me with your post. Will I be a talker, or will I buy the bike and be a doer..... I guess I can tell you after next summer.
CyclingAbout (4 months ago)
Thanks! I definitely try to be a doer as much as I can in life. I've now put 20,000km into my belt and it's still all good! Got a spare in my bag just in case... 😊
Marc Kirk (4 months ago)
I still laugh my head off when these people think that their triple butted reynolds frame can be welded up if broken in some remote village. That guy in the village with the fat hands and arc welder will more than likely blow a hole through your tubeset bigger than the bottom bracket shell.
Shark Mentality (16 days ago)
Infact, I watched the construction of a bamboo bike on youtube. The fabricators are now using scotch cast as the joint wraps.
Shark Mentality (2 months ago)
Medical grade fiberglass tapes (scotch cast) are now available at Home Depot and others. Featured on Shark Tank the packages (various names) are water activated, extremely strong and easy to apply (latex gloves). Used as a quick fix in lower extremity prosthetics, bike frame breaks... I carry a package just in case.
CyclingAbout (4 months ago)
It's definitely a misconception that steel is easily repaired. It's easier if you know what you're doing, but as you said, most welders have never worked with a 1mm thick tube before.
Pi Bk (4 months ago)
Amazing video, you lucky bastard! I'm so jealous you could visit the factory :) So cool!
CyclingAbout (4 months ago)
I'm wayyy too lucky to be riding this fancy bike everyday! 😊
Escher Dreshure (4 months ago)
Sweet! BIke!
Barr Chan (5 months ago)
What an gorgeous facinating dreaming bike!
Camille Manet (5 months ago)
"Koga don't make their frames in Holland - they are made in Taiwan by a subsidiary of the Japanese Miyata company." As per an article in Cycling News. Taiwanese frames.
jose a. hermoso m. (6 months ago)
Excuse me..how do you get the power for the light and the pther equipment? There is any kind of dinamo. Where is located?
CyclingAbout (6 months ago)
I use a dynamo front hub to generate power. You can read about them on my website: https://www.cyclingabout.com/best-dynamo-hub-bicycle-touring-bikepacking/
survival video (7 months ago)
I like
Saper (9 months ago)
You need to fix the audio. It's unbearable.
Saper (8 months ago)
It's the bass of the music. It rips the ears off.
CyclingAbout (8 months ago)
What are you listening to this on?! Audio is perfect on all my devices.
Gabriel Hawi (9 months ago)
How much is the bike?
CyclingAbout (9 months ago)
Not sure exactly, you can check here though: http://www.koga-signature.com/configurator/
Cosmic Speed (9 months ago)
My Koga Miyata Worldtraveller come from 1992. The Shimano DX components will never give up;)
M W (15 days ago)
I opted for Shimano XT with XTR shifters, the efficiency/cost benifits over a complex hub its weight and belt drive system would not be for me.
CyclingAbout (9 months ago)
That's cool!
CORRIGEEN71 (9 months ago)
How much?
CyclingAbout (9 months ago)
You can play with the configuration/pricing here: https://signature.koga.com/#/1/en/gb
Jimbojet (10 months ago)
What an interesting bike that is. I love the idea of the belt drive and those wheels look really useful. In fact the rear hub and the charging capability was good too. Love it. Thank you.
Aramis7 (10 months ago)
really interesting bike mate. Good looking. All the best. cheers
Mike Foster (10 months ago)
How much did this bike cost all up ?
CyclingAbout (10 months ago)
I'm sponsored by KOGA. You can configure one to find a more specific price here: https://www.koga.com/en/koga-signature
Susanto Uno (10 months ago)
OMG my dream bike
كم السعر ...و أين موقع الشراء على أمزون
mark reynolds (11 months ago)
Exactly the information I was looking for,,, thank you!!!
Shubhamay Barman (11 months ago)
Heard about tht bike, nice
recycled365 (11 months ago)
Dream bike !! Congrats ! Wishing you much luck and safety.
Alpha plus (1 year ago)
Awesome bike If you have 4000 to 5000 Euros laying around ....
Uni Amni (1 year ago)
Is the price in PESOS or in sand corns ?
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
Just sand.
Simanta Dutta (1 year ago)
You made me realize that my bike is shit ... & I don't appreciate that feeling 😡😡 ...
Leendert Dijkhuis (1 year ago)
That is one hell of a bike. I have a Koga (City Light Delgado), best bike I've ever had. Actually took it with me to Australia when I moved there, still serves me well daily. Have a good tour the coming years!
normie x (1 year ago)
If the machine does the truing then the wheels are not actually handbuilt. It`s just cheaper to have a human put the spokes in place than buy a robot to do it. It`s called hand assembly. Handbuilt wheels are entirely constructed and trued by hand and that`s why they are better than the other kind.
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
I like my wheels tuned to precision and would, therefore, argue that a robot does a better job. Robots can instantly calculate the flow-on effects of every extra newton of force applied to the nipples, and push out a wheel with dishing to within 0.05mm. It's a proven technology adopted by almost all high-end wheel companies. 👍
Sebastian Wolf (1 year ago)
Only Oldscool Steelbike for travelling, like a Trek 920, Panasonic MC, or Spezialysed Rockhopper))
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
The 920 was a steel MTB in the 1990s. 👍
Mike Grizzle (1 year ago)
I thought the 920 was aluminum?
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
Fair enough, but you're missing out on all of the latest tech innovations. 😉
swish jam (1 year ago)
rip surly
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
She still lives! Someone else has taken the reins.
Saleh Badhafari (1 year ago)
?what is the maximum weight that can be handled by KOGA world traveler or signature
Saleh Badhafari (1 year ago)
I am planning to go solo with full packing. I have already contacted Koga and they told me officially as per their measurement record is 130 but it can go up to 150/160 with no supported measurement. That is why i changed my mind and bought The Thorn Nomad due to its durability
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
I'm not sure, but it's a LOT. Probably best to email Koga. What are you planning on carrying?!
P R little B (1 year ago)
This made me very insecure about my​ bike, I had to stop watching it.
Srbistanik 01 (2 months ago)
P R little B Man this bike is worth the money, I has Koga Miyata Roadrunner for 12 years and at least 10.000 km in all kinds of weather but still no mayor problems beyond rear ligh replacement and regular maintenance :-)
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
Sorry / not sorry. 😎
Bruce W McLaughlin (1 year ago)
It was a good looking touring bike till I saw the belt drive . Never mind that the belt is strong or won't wear out I would be more concerned as to where do I get another belt when some guy can't steal your bike and decides to cut your belt off in aggravated spite.
Alex Morgan (2 months ago)
+CyclingAbout There will always be haters.
vizak20 (9 months ago)
Belt drive up to 30% less efficient than chain
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
Bruce W McLaughlin I might have to do monthly photo essays on my website then. 👍🏼
Bruce W McLaughlin (1 year ago)
there are those of us, probably few in number ,who do not use instagram or facebook!
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
I do daily updates on Facebook and Instagram.
Bike X The World (1 year ago)
What‘s the name of the Schwalbe tyre again?
Bike X The World (1 year ago)
CyclingAbout thanks that was quick are you already in South America
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
Schwalbe Marathon Almotion
CyclingSoreThumb (1 year ago)
Love the bike, however would have went with a sinewave cycles beacon USB light over the plug. Can’t wait for your trip reports. 😊
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
The Beacon is a nifty bit of gear. I can't wait to test one when I finish my trip to Alaska.
esteban cervantes (1 year ago)
Nice bicycle...if is not too much for asking...how much do you pay for it ?
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
It's around 4000 euros for a build like this. You can check the exact price and weight in the Koga Configurator.
Ulrik Jagd (1 year ago)
Nice bike - where are the handlebars from?
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
They're Velo Orange Crazy Bars.
Get at it son!!
GazSChad (1 year ago)
Steel is real:)
Paulie Cycling Paulie (1 year ago)
I have a Koga steel bicycle the Randonneur 2011 do you think that now Koga don't do steel bicycle any more will my bicycle frame still under warranty?
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
Koga frames with unsuspended front forks have had a lifetime warranty since 2007. So yes, if you're the original owner, it will still be under warranty. I'd say Koga have surplus steel frames in storage for the times when something goes wrong.
Bruce W McLaughlin (1 year ago)
Having toured on a normal diamond frame bike for several years before getting a recumbent , I think I would have gone further with less pains had I gotten a recumbent sooner. No pains except tired leg muscles and speed is comparable . However the main thing to remember on a tour is to look and see what is around you, not race by it in a blur , if that means you do a 36 km ride in a day , who cares you are seeing what most of us never will. have a good time and lets hope your travels are uneventful.
Bruce W McLaughlin (10 months ago)
Well my touring recumbent does not jump roots and logs , nor does it climb hills with great speed, nor does it do single track trails , so I leave that to the bikes that are designed for that purpose. However you are correct , at the time they were banned they were considered to be a threat to the diamond frame bikes as they presented a race between designs rather than a race between individuals . An unfair advantage that I enjoy is less wind resistance, but I am not competitive and if you get to the top of the hill first , I will still be enjoying the scenery on the way up.
TheGreatOldOak (10 months ago)
Because recumbents are superior to diamond frame bicycles so they banned them.
Bruce W McLaughlin (1 year ago)
Roy N. when I coast down a hill I pass normal bikes as I have less wind resistance. My legs are not hanging down like the riders on normal bikes , my legs are almost horizontal to the ground . Tour de France is governed by the rules of UCI which state what a bicycle is or is not. According to the UCI a recumbent or for that matter a tandem upright is not a bicycle and therefore is ineligible to compete. The race is supposed to be between riders not a race between technologies. BTW if you review the history of the UCI you will find way back in 1934 that there were competitions between recumbents and normal bikes but the bicycle manufacturers could not compete with the speed that a recumbent can attain on flat or downhill runs , so if you can not beat them , ban them and your bicycle company loses that competition to sales. Recumbents have come a long way since being banned from racing but they are not mass produced like Giant , Specialized, Trek, or Norco. Less than 1% of bikes in the US of A, are recumbents. If you want speed get a recumbent , if you want comfort and speed get a recumbent, if you want comfort , speed , and no more pains on long rides get a recumbent. If you don't have pains when riding and you can't handle peer pressure stick with the normal bike.
Roy Nonnenmann (1 year ago)
Wonder why I've never seen a recumbent in the Tour de France
Gridloki (1 year ago)
bro you make me want to cycle the world, how much does that bike come in at?
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
My bike is 4000+ euros (US $5000+). But that's the upper end of the spectrum. You can tour the cycle the world on a bike worth a quarter of the price or less. Check out my website for tonnes of info on touring bikes.
Old Bum On A Bike (1 year ago)
Love them bars 👍
Bosis of Sweden (1 year ago)
Why is it they didn't have one red shade at all???
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
Not a question I can answer! If they've used red in the past, they might do a one-off for you. 😉
YUKI INU (1 year ago)
@1:45 we finally are shown the bike for a few seconds, @3:10 got tired of watching the commercial with touch computer display. should have started with video of actual bike, point out all its features by hand, then show the stuff about manufacturing and the computer available interaction etc. as in all advertising first convince the customour they need that type of product, then tell them why your product is the one they should buy. the poor presentation of the advertisement makes potential customours wonder about the quality of the bike.
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
I got a tour of the Koga factory before even seeing my new touring bike. The video is in the same order as my day! (Also, you can scroll through the video to get to the bit that you're interested in... FYI)
Supa Nova (1 year ago)
Nice bike....Just wondering, what was the total cost of this set-up?.....Hope it doesn't get stolen during the trip.
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
It's around 4000-4500 euros. You can check out the configurator with the exact price!
TheoDINHeli (1 year ago)
100% bike porn 😀 I own a Koga Miyata Randonneur Extra and love it.
carforumwanker (1 year ago)
OIl system brakes on a tourer !!! get ready for another nightmare. Just use AVID mechanicals . far more reliable and work better in super hot climates
M W (15 days ago)
+Alex Morgan I found Avids work great if you take a tumble and damage a hydraulic line bye bye brakes.If your miles from anywhere and can't fix it that's bad news.
Alex Morgan (2 months ago)
Just no, no, no! All that pad rubbing and squealing because pressure is only applied to one pad of the pair. No chance. The hydraulic Shimano XT disc brakes on this bike are far far far superior to any AVID cable brakes. LoL.
carforumwanker (1 year ago)
touring on a None steel frame !!!!! try getting that fixed in the middle of a "shit hole Country"
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
Two things: The failure rate on bike frames is so low these days that broken frames are rarely a concern. Fixing a steel frame in a 'shit hole country' is generally a very temporary fix (I've met people that have had their frames re-break within a day), given the thin wall thickness of steel tubing which requires a high degree of understanding and skill.
Dave Mitcheson (1 year ago)
Love the bike. Especially the Crazy George bars. I love the tech but would worry about the possibility of finding replacement parts if anything does fail. I’m absolutely sure all the components are super reliable and will see you through the whole trip but I’d imagine it’d be far easier to locate a square taper BB and a set of brake blocks in darkest Peru! Good luck, I’ll be following your trip.
deviceology (1 year ago)
thats a lovely steed , when are you setting off ?
deviceology (1 year ago)
nice one ^5 , hows the Koga doin?
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
I'm two months in. Currently in Patagonia. 👍
RuneRexx (1 year ago)
Looking good! I'll definitely be following your trip! One thing I'd mention though, is an issue I've had with using the oversized bottle cages on an aluminium Koga. I had a similar cage (Topeak) on my WorldTraveller29, with a 1 litre fuel bottle in it, and had cracks develop around the cage bosses when my loaded bike fell over. The downtube itself had twisted slightly due to the weight and leverage of the larger bottle, and I could bend it back into place by hand. This happened in the first week of a 3.5 month tour, so I was pretty bummed out about it. A local bike shop said it was probably okay to ride, as long as I removed the weight off the cage and kept an eye on the bosses, and I had no further issues during the trip. Got a replacement frame from Koga once i returned home, so no issues with warranty. Just something to keep in mind with these thin, butted aluminium tubes.
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
Interesting – will keep an eye out, I've never seen this happen before!
RuneRexx (1 year ago)
Also, Tubus has a 30 year warranty and 3 years free of charge replacement service, according to their website :)
João Miguel (1 year ago)
Wow... what a bike man :O How can i follow your adventure???
João Miguel (1 year ago)
Thanks... have i nice journey :)
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
Insta: @CyclingAbout Facebook: http://fb.com/cyclingabout Website: CyclingAbout.com
Walter Dunston (1 year ago)
Aluminum for a touring bike? I'd rather gain a few pounds for the reliability of steel...
Charlie Whiskey (2 months ago)
+Walter Dunston For a bicycle I reckon the theoretical fatigue life of the material is pretty insignificant. Airliners are even more weight sensitive than bikes and when properly engineered they've a 20 years designed life being repeatedly inflated and deflated like a balloon plus all the aerodynamic loads. You don't get that sort of severe load scenario on a bike. You get bending loads and it's all concentrated at the welded joints where the workmanship counts a heck of a lot more, as with any other material.
Fred Bouwman (6 months ago)
I travelled on a Koga World Traveller for 4 years around the world. The old idea that you need.a steel frame is kind of silly. Reliability is important for your wheels, pannier racks, spokes, tires etc., but there is little chance the actual frame is going to break with the quality of materials these days. My Koga frame will last longer than 100 sets of tires so if you're concerned with breaking down, focus on the parts that actually break down.
craig me (1 year ago)
I think build quality will have more affect on reliability than the material!
Walter Dunston (1 year ago)
I've been a Fan of Koga from way back! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10202706470049879&set=a.10202684957112069.1073741835.1442797597&type=3&theater&ifg=1
Walter Dunston (1 year ago)
I would like to see Koga do something more liker this, but only with a Much stiffer Frame: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10202791716540988&set=a.10202684957112069.1073741835.1442797597&type=3&theater&ifg=1
Jeff C (1 year ago)
Velo Orange crazy bars are the number one hidden gem in the cycling industry
philparker97 (1 year ago)
Top bike - good choice! I like all the modern additions, both technically and aesthetically.
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
@TheTruthQuest123 - I accidently deleted your comment somehow! Regarding the belt drivetrain, I've completed over 100,000km on belts and am really happy with how they perform with the Rohloff hub. In terms of money, I am in the fortunate position these days where I can work while I travel, but in the past I've literally sold everything I've owned and combined it with my savings. You can travel with less than US $5-10k per year with a bike because all you really need to pay for is food and accommodation where it's available and if the budget allows.
plutoplatters (1 year ago)
i'm thinkin this bike costs more than a house.
Owwliv (1 year ago)
When you're touring your bike is your house!
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
In some countries... possibly!
Stephen Peel (1 year ago)
Same as mine other than the handlebars, seat, and colour. Praying you don’t have the same problems as I have had with my own brand new KOGA, having to cut my world short. It is a real shame that KOGA couldn't have helped me from where I was in Europe instead of my having to return home to the UK. It has been good being home for Christmas with my daughters. Rohloff on the other hand have been very helpful and we have had some good communication. Rohloff management and I had a great chat on what would best suit my needs given my intended world tour. The conclusion was that I would revert from belt to chain drive. Still keeping the main Rohloff hub, as that is running perfectly, but just changing the front and rear sprockets and add a Campagnola 9 speed chain. Rohloff have also supplied me with plenty of spares, including a new splined carrier as well as the new one they have just fitted, a threaded carrier too in case I want to go with that, and a spare carrier clip and some tools. They have also supplied a new rear belt sprocket in case at some point I wish to revert to belt drive once more. All in all then if I include the new belt sprocket, I have enough spares for 3 full repairs, including a spare chain. Rohloff have also serviced and changed the oil in the hub, so I am happy with my support from Rohloff and looking forward to my return on the 1st of March to carry on from where I left off in Marseille. I have only completed 3300 km's after all. I hope you don't, but if you at some stage start to hear a clicking noise and feeling it through the pedals, your first thought might be the bottom bracket, it was for me, but it turned out to be the splined carrier. The best thing to do if this is the case, is to check everything is tight and not lose, as the belt tension has to be spot on with this new carrier. If it then persists, Rohloff and Gates have instructions available for adding a special thick grease to the carrier / components. This will keep you going again. After grease was applied to mine in La Rochelle, really poorly by the way by some really horrid people at Ecovelo Bikes, I managed over 2000 km's before it failed, and even then I could have limped on some more. Who knows, I may pass you in the Americas. Best of luck and wishing you well on your tour.
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
Should be all good. I'm using the threaded carrier rather than the splined to be safe. 👍
Peter Oldwood (1 year ago)
Great bike. My only concern is the hydraulic brakes. Most touring bikes producers install mechanical disc brakes due to easy repair and maintenance any biker can do. I hope they won't break in the wilderness. Good luck and hope to see the updates from your epic tour.
Justmyopinionlol (1 year ago)
this bike is so over the top for world touring....one of the more predictable part about any sort of touring is theft and I can see this bike getting chopped to pieces when the rider goes take a leak.
Mootpoint Jones (10 months ago)
Bruce W McLaughlin Breaking Bad style!
Bruce W McLaughlin (1 year ago)
just make it look as hard as possible to steal with bike locks all over it and the thief will move to the easier one to steal. One really good use of the U lock is to attach caught bike thief to chain link fence by his neck.
craig me (1 year ago)
Yer, enjoy your beautiful bike, shit bikes get stolen too..will be a pleasure to ride, and look at! A masterpiece!
Bruce W McLaughlin (1 year ago)
He may be a fool but he will be a rather well educated fool when he does what we only dream about.
Test Bed (1 year ago)
Make sure its caped in crap as you ride through South America. I used to think these bikes were perfect but they are old school touring. When a propper bike thirf sees pinion slowloff and smidt they rush some to cut through the u lock with an angle grinder then strip n sell in parts on ebay. Id put black ductape all over haphazardly to make it look shit. Also if u gash a sidewall just stitch it up with fishing braid and superglue. Works at 100psi fine.
Eric Schuijt (1 year ago)
I am just back form a rough two month trip in South East Asia on the wonderful Koga WT S. Please check after a few hundred kilometers the bolts in the innerside of your fork of the Tubus Duo carrier rack  (and also check the others as well and perhaps use Loctite).  And of course tighten your spokes after 500 km's. The bike will be OK on your trip, but Allee I hope you are OK with the Patagonian winds:-) Have a save trip!
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
Thanks for the advice, Eric! I'm very well accustomed to the Patagonia winds now. 😂
Alexandre Ribeiro (1 year ago)
That is my dream bike, unfortunately is too expensive, and out of my pocket reach. So, I am doing a reverse trip, Alaska to Argentina, hope to cross with you somewhere. Thank so much for all valuable info that you put on you site, turned my planning a lot easier.
Gregory Thorne (1 year ago)
yewww go Alee!!!
The Vegan Cyborg (1 year ago)
Very awesome first look at your new bike, man! Im really diggin' the colorway and the options you chose for it. May you have many many miles of adventures on your new machine! Aloha
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
Thanks – I'm super stoked riding it every day!
Manu Puebla (1 year ago)
Hey! Great bike. Cheers for that, man!. Btw, I'm argentinean and recently I've discovered the universe of bike touring through a bunch of videos over YT and a very humble initiation to this in Japan. Took the Shimanami Kaido trail in Shikoku-Honshu and it blew me away. When I came back to Argentina I found your videos riding Hokkaido. Just floored by everything: the place, the riding. It just hits me in a very inspirational way. Thanks for that! If you stop by Buenos Aires and are up for some coffee and chat, just lemme know. Cheers Manuel
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
Hi Manuel. So stoked that you're bike touring! I hope I can capture the beauty from your region of the world and will try to let you know if I end up on your side of the continent. Alee
olee22 (1 year ago)
Great video! And happy to see that you are testing some European touring bikes! :-)
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
It was bound to happen one day.
Johan Mer (1 year ago)
I've heard that there's been a durability problem with the new splined rear cog on the belt drive and that Rohloff is working on a solution but hasen't found one yet. Did you discuss this with Koga?
Shark Mentality (2 months ago)
Glad you addressed Stephen's issues with Koga and Rohloff. To say the least he was not impressed with Koga's customer service.
Eric Schuijt (1 year ago)
On my last trip in Thailand, Laos, Cambodja and Vietnam, the splined sprocket caused some noise. I went to a garage, put some grease in the narrow spaces of the splined carrier and the sound was over.
Alex Morgan (1 year ago)
Thanks for your reply.
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
- Exactly. The old-style cog screwed directly onto the hub. I was trying to use the diagram to show how the splined system is an adapter. - The frame in the pic isn't a Troll because it's aluminium! - The Troll frames need to be modified to fit a belt. This is do-able but not recommended. You're better off finding a frame that's designed around fitting a belt – I've got a long list on CyclingAbout. - I can't say whether or not the Troll frame meets the stiffness standards for a belt drivetrain. Just looking at one isn't quite enough. Having ridden a Troll, however, I think you'd be surprised at how stiff they aren't. - Rohloff hubs need to be specified for belt use when they're ordered. Not sure what the cost is to have them converted – you'll need to check with your local Rohloff supplier.
Alex Morgan (1 year ago)
So is it possible to get a screw on centre track sprocket as the one in the pic on your site shows a splined one? Also in the pic your bike frame looks remarkably like a Surly Troll although it might not be. I know people who have converted the Troll to Rohloff belt drive. Is it a frame officially recognised by Rohloff as being suitable/stiff enough? If not, I don't know what other frame would be stiffer as it is built like a tank. And the Rohloff hub would have to go back to Rohloff to be converted? Cost? Thanks for your help.
Tommi Eronen (1 year ago)
Super excited to hear that you are going on tour. =) I would recommend to give a try for noseless saddle spongy wonder. I didn't know either how bad normal saddles were before I tried that one. :D But first noseless saddle is difficult to ride because you don't have that support from the nose.
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
Will have to try one day!
John van der Hulst (1 year ago)
Good to go Alee, have a safe journey.
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
andy zootie (1 year ago)
rock on!.love internally geared hubs
MusikPiratCH (11 months ago)
Yes, but there is probably even a better solution than the Rohloff: a Pinion Gear Box (P1.18)! I've chosen the Pinion instead of a Rohloff and I love it! :D
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
Cheers Andy!
Saxn (1 year ago)
super nice bike, I wish you the best of luck for the adventure mate!
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
Shiva Balasingham (1 year ago)
Wow I’m so excited!!!!
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
Me too!
Mr Bicycle (1 year ago)
Hell yeah
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
Zeta Reticuli (1 year ago)
Really like them handlebars. Good luck on your adventures..
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
The handlebars are awesome... give them a go one day!
Brenton Farris (1 year ago)
Looking forward to more content about/during your trip on this platform!
CyclingAbout (1 year ago)
Thanks Brenton. I'm hoping to do roughly one film per month!

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