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How To: Take Your Own Measurements for a Suit

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To ensure proper fit when buying clothing online or off the rack, it's important to know your basic suit measurements. No need to enlist a professional—you can take them yourself with a fabric tape measure and the help of a friend. Watch this tutorial to learn how to measure your neck, shoulders, chest, sleeves, jacket length, waist, and inseam. Learn more about Birchbox: http://www.Birchbox.com/men/join
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Leech Little (7 months ago)
I am making my own NBC suit from scratch, thanks my goodpeoples
scottosau (9 months ago)
No outside leg?
Izumiorra (2 years ago)
cannot work when you're looking for the right fabric to see how much fabric you're going to need
Aiden Quinn (2 years ago)
Instructions not clear, for my dick stuck in the wedding cake
Aiden Quinn (2 years ago)
jk thanks
Sōshi Miketsukami (4 years ago)
I'm having a coat made for me and I need to have the measurements all set, this video is a big help, thx!

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