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Smart Casual Work Wear Ideas For Men

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Marks & Spencer shows you how to comfortably dress for the office - and still look smart ماركس وسبنسر تريك كيف ترتدي ملابس مريحة للمكتب مع المحافظة على أناقتك
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christian casaboza (9 months ago)
button down shirt with a tie, No no.
Ume no Saisho Daijin (6 months ago)
christian casaboza You can wear a tie with a button down shirt. More casual looking ties like Club ties or wool ties would compliment the less formal button down shirt style. The oxford shirt is THE button down shirt every man needs. This button down - tie combo is part of the preppy look or university rugby lads on a night out look. I've seen it. It can work.
TheCloneX2 (1 year ago)
The man in this video is too old to wear skinny jeans that look like they were sprayed on. Go slim fit rather than skinny at your age.
Ume no Saisho Daijin (6 months ago)
TheCloneX2 or he is wearing slim fit jeans but his legs are thick.
WyB Clan (2 years ago)
there is a series of videos very similar to this in youtube you know about what im talking about?
Edwin Contreras (1 year ago)
like a bootleg Mr. Porter lol
mrsammy07 (4 years ago)
And the pink sock...? They are not brave my friend ...they are plain ugly
Ume no Saisho Daijin (6 months ago)
mrsammy07 There not pink. They are red and white stripes. When viewed at a distance the colours meld and appears pink.
mrsammy07 (4 years ago)
Im sorry... But that outfit is not classy or even to be considered well dress in my opinion...
Ume no Saisho Daijin (6 months ago)
mrsammy07 The matching jacket and trouser lounge suit is sackcloth compared to morning dress, black tie and white tie. Once upon a time it was unthinkable for a gentleman to wear a lounge suit in public. Lounge suits are the norm in mid level formal events nowadays but now they're fading out in favour of the jacket and trouser separates style loved by today's young men. It is a lounge suit superficially but worked in different fabrics. It can be classy and well put together. With a lounge suit you don't have to put too much thought in dressing. You already have a matching jacket and trouser all that's needed is a white shirt and tie. With the modern jacket and trouser separates style you have to put thought into how the outfit will come together, thinking about fabric, colour and texture of each individual garment and how they will harmonize as an outfit. This gentleman in the video has put some thought in his outfit and it works. There's a lot worse men can do with their wardrobe. This gentleman is still putting in the thought and effort with his attire and I have respect for that.

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