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Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Bass cover with TABS)

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https://www.facebook.com/basshiver Hey Guys and Girls! This song have an amazing bassline, it's very cool to play and have a classic rock'n'roll feeling attached to it. Sorry for no slow version, but it would be around 10 minutes video, and nobody would want to watch it :) Queen - A Crazy Little Thing Called Love Take care, Bas Shiver
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Text Comments (38)
beamflies (16 days ago)
Very nice thank you 👍
Daniel Navarro (18 days ago)
So amazing. I love it. Ik the chords on my guitar. But the bassline is crazy hard but that's what makes it great
FallenstaRIP Gaming (20 days ago)
We have desame bass m8
T- Series (27 days ago)
Thanks! <3
Nico Joshua (1 month ago)
I am Working learning this song on Guitar, nice bass cover hehehe walking bass always exciting to listen :)
brian olguin (2 months ago)
Joe Strickland (4 months ago)
You are the best and easiest version of this song.
Fred Sandoval (6 months ago)
Very helpful, thanks
Michael Byrn (6 months ago)
Outstanding. Thank you for the great camera angle, too.
Neil Hopkins (7 months ago)
That Bass sounds lush!
Nicholas Stocco (9 months ago)
Is this Roger Waters guitar bass?
Daniel Bartleson (1 year ago)
Those slides make this bass line a lot harder than it sounds. Thanks for the tabs!
So much tension on that left wrist
Emilio Farfan (1 year ago)
I wonder if you could send me the bass tab???
Ok thanks
techfreak111 (2 years ago)
awesome playing... I like your tutorials cause they are simple, and no talking just the music.
westfield90 (2 years ago)
BigGunKaraoke (2 years ago)
Thank you for creating this tutorial, I really like they way you play this and I have adapted this as I am now playing in a cover band and we are playing this song. Thank you much, you have made this as easy as possible to learn!!!!!!
Constantine Isslamow (2 years ago)
I'm working on learning this song. Your cover is played really well. Thanks for sharing with us. Cheers
sarawut srion (3 years ago)
Magdalena Ryba (3 years ago)
Thumbs up if you think the same as me that my bassman and his tutorials are awesome! :)
NitromeSupporter (3 years ago)
those slides sound cool
Robbie McCreath (3 years ago)
Glad that your uploading more frequently, awesome tabs thanks!
Luis Alvarez (3 years ago)
Great ! (Y)
Bas Shiver (3 years ago)
@Boendergaard123 I'm very happy that You like my Tutorials and find them helpful in some way, my goal was always to make them as easy as possible (I always want to make them in a way i could understand when i was young bassist). I would like to make more uploads, but I have full time work and 2 bands, so i barely have time and when i do I'm just tired and want to chill :) I usually need a whole day to make one video, and like to do it at once, thats why i upload so rarely.  Take care, Bas Shiver :)
Nice tutorial! Could you try to teach "Persiana Americana" by Soda stereo? That's would make me happy :(
Eduardo Estrada (5 months ago)
Bas Shiver we're a lot of south Americans who would like that, several countries :D Ps. love your videos
Bas Shiver (3 years ago)
+Rafael Fernández Sánchez Thank You! I can't promise anything because i have a few songs planned next, it may happen when i run out of ideas but generally i try to do songs in English so more of You would like to learn it. It is cool bassline, but there are also a lot of cool Polish (my country) bands basslines that i don't do because not many people will find it helpful. Hope You'll understand, cheers m8! Bas Shiver
Boendergaard123 (3 years ago)
@Bas Shiver Yo man, I really appreciate your tutorials. I love how they are so simple, but they have such a nice groove. I just overall love how simple you're keeping it. I was also wondering a bit. Is there any chance you could do some more uploads, or are you too busy feedin' them gunz?
Martin Figueroa (1 year ago)
Boendergaard123 that last part made me cringe
Robin Maury (3 years ago)
with you i have discovered many groups ( Excuse me for the faults i'm french :) )
Robin Maury (3 years ago)
+Bas Shiver thanks !! you are very kind ! :)
Bas Shiver (3 years ago)
+Robin Maury There are a lot cool, fun and no so hard songs to play, it depends on what music do You like to listen, to have practise motivation :) try to play along with the song (theres one cool way to train - if You have headphones output in You amplifier, put earbuds in it and in your ears so You can hear Your bass clear, and than put big headphones on earbuds with the song You want to train - it will improve Your articulation, and it is just cool thing to play with your favourite band the songs You like) There are a lot songs on my channel, You can try like Bruno Mars - Treasure, Bastille - pompeii or Metronomy - The look. Cheers!
Robin Maury (3 years ago)
+Bas Shiver Can you give me title to start bass please ? :) i practise since 6 mounth but i don't progress beacause i make song to hard to begin
Bas Shiver (3 years ago)
+Robin Maury Your English is very good, thanks a lot for Your comments and I'm happy that You found something interesting to listen on my channel :) Cheers!
Fioelm (3 years ago)
Love it!
Robin Maury (3 years ago)
Good tab !!

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