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Juxtapoz Presents: Muzae Sesay In The Studio, Oakland, California

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One of our favorite artists working currently in the Bay Area is Oakland, California painter Muzae Sesay. His most recent, acclaimed 2018 solo show, "Domestic Dive", at pt.2: Gallery in Oakland found Juxtapoz back at his studio to check on the new body of work that he is working on. Stay tuned for more Juxtapoz and Muzae coverage in the coming months. Film by Chop em' Down Films
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GummyTumor (6 months ago)
Why is everything you guys post so short? Half the time it's just b-roll. I'd love to see more in-depth videos with insight into the art or artists, or backstage content about working on the magazine. Not just 30 second clips of urban sunsets and streets.

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