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The Most Insane Ways To Test Knife Sharpness! Mike Vellekamp

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DID YOU ENJOY THIS VIDEO? Make sure you are subscribed to our second channel: DID YOU ENJOY THIS VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/aperturefightfocused A knife video NOT for easily triggered vegans! Be warned, do not try this at home...do it in your shop! Knife making is an art form and a way of life. Mistakes can be made in the process. In this video, Mike Vellekamp demonstrates sharpening techniques acquired through decades of practice. He takes us a bit deeper by showing us some really interesting ways to test a knife's edge for sharpness. Learn more about the CDHK: http://www.theultimateknife.com/Mandiola-Defense-CDHK-Cold-Dead-Hands-Karambit-G10-Black-Knife_p_67.html Learn more about Mike: http://www.mvknivesanddesignworks.com/ Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/vellekampknives On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mike-Vellekamp-Knives-Designworks-1581755795432441/?fref=ts Thank you for watching our channel. Your subscription is valuable to us. Please consider subscribing. JOIN THE TEAM and get AWESOME REWARDS at our Patreon Page: http://bit.ly/2pvjcs7 For business inquiries including video production, social media management, product integration and sponsorship please contact our Operations Director: [email protected] Get Connected With the Team! Funker Tactical Website: http://www.FunkerTactical.com Funker Tactical FB Page: https://www.Facebook.com/FunkerTactical All of our videos are for entertainment and educational purposes only. Please do not try anything you see in a Funker Tactical video without the supervision of a qualified instructor. These actions are potentially dangerous and may cause injury or death. Always exercise the highest level of safety when handling weapons and firearms. Please check with your local authorities regarding the lawful ownership and use of any weapons, firearms, kit and gear you see in any of our videos. We are not responsible for the consequences derived from the purchase, importation, possession or use of any items you see in our channel. Once again, it is important that you check with your local authorities first.
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DID YOU ENJOY THIS VIDEO? Training Tools & Exclusive Videos: http://aperturefightfocused.com/ Second Channel, Just Fighting Stuff: https://www.youtube.com/aperturefightfocused
Josh Richards (1 day ago)
Save some pussy for the rest of us
Garrett Goodwin5078 (2 days ago)
Now that's sharp
Bruce Davidson (8 days ago)
If you can shave your girlfriends bikini area while she sleeps at night WITHOUT WAKING HER UP, you have a crazy sharp knife. Unfortunately mine was not crazy sharp.
DerEchte Yama (12 days ago)
Berlin Wall (25 days ago)
I actually thought about doing the shaving method to test for sharpness. Haha!
Berlin Wall (25 days ago)
Jeez, I thought it was legit. I don't know much about knives so I really believed it up until an embarrassing point. This is how I found out I was an idiot.
Fooos (1 month ago)
What knife was used in this video?
jimihenrik11 (1 month ago)
Sorry, bur if you don't cut yourself when performing that thumb test the knife is not as sharp as it could be. I once saw a nice kitchen knife in a store and wanted to try the sharpness like that. It cut into my thumb without even pressing in the skin the slightest. I didn't realize I touched the blade until I saw the blood.
Andrei Grumeza (1 month ago)
Here is a good way to check if your blade is sharp :) https://youtu.be/aZze5KFW44g
Sarah Weals (1 month ago)
Just put it up to your jugular when your heart beats you should be able to tell if it has a razor sharp edge
FlameyZ Z (1 month ago)
This is the most satisfying video ever in my opinion
Yavuz Unal (1 month ago)
great sharpening tests. i have a question. on the last part what kind of rock kind did you play. i am not asking the songs name. and please do not just say like 80 alone. i could not find just like the rich rock you played.
mira bitterbook (1 month ago)
Omg I though you were going to cut yourself and your mouth omg I got a scare but cool video
Luke Evans (1 month ago)
Just came here to say stab somebody.
American Patriot (1 month ago)
Instructions not clear__ Currently bleeding and lost part of my finger_ Send Help.
ThisGuyCJ (1 month ago)
I need me some NatGeo, I've been using regular printer paper...
Flinch Fu (1 month ago)
Chopping toilet paper is a good way too. The fibers are soft, fragile and extremely tiny, if you can make a clean cut without frays or rips it's pretty damn sharp. I normally hold up a couple squares and give it a flat vertical chop. Just watch your fingers when you try it.
Robert White (1 month ago)
OMG, I'm not the only one who licks the knife edge to check the sharpness .
Lord Roo (1 month ago)
There were actually more tests in this video to find out if you are an idiot than there were to find out if you have a sharp knife :D
jaw baw (1 month ago)
What??? Edging a blade before adding guard and handle? Edging was the last step I performed before inserting the blade in the sheath.
Jeez Scott (1 month ago)
can a person make razor sharp edge without a machine? cause they didn't have electrical grinder out in the bush did they, so in saying that can you sharpen a knife without a electrical grinder. Grandpa would shave with a knife after he sharpened a knife and I thought papa was crazy . make video on that techneque and my spelling isn't that good. Its a challenge and I'm calling you out in public and do it without a machine . so lets see you do it saying your the best and I think your not the machine is the sharpener.
FreedomTruth (2 months ago)
....another great way to test if your knife is sharp is to run it across the head of your cock. If it cuts it cuts the head off effortlessly, then it's sharp.
Really great information and techniques
Blue Cord Soldier (2 months ago)
Very cool
Enkhe Bathsaihan (2 months ago)
Did he said "Do not try this at home" line ?
Joe Cumner (2 months ago)
Can you show how to sharpen a convex edge?
Safetyleed Nkom (2 months ago)
You cant also shave you pubic hair to test the sharpness of your knife.. haha just kidding! You are good in guitar man!
JP de la Torre (2 months ago)
That's quite a dull knife. A sandstone sharpened knife would have gone through his thumb and tongue like butter.
Brenden Robert (2 months ago)
This is my first time on your channel and I just have to say you’re a badass!! 😂🤘🏻
Preacher (3 months ago)
Dude his eyes are glossy asf! I need me some of whatever y'all are smoking on over there
killerkowalczyk (3 months ago)
You can feel how sharp an edge is with the one thumb method he’s talking about just pull downwards a bit more rather than straight across like he did.
Bilal Hasan (3 months ago)
A "Do not try this at home" would be nice
shonuffisthemaster (3 months ago)
all i see is a basic level of sharpness, probably ok for a "factory" edge but nothing to brag about. if it was seriously sharp, you should not be able to put your thumb on it with that kind of force and move it back and forth without cuting your thumb. paper slicing is an extremely basic test, arm hair shaving at the skin level is a bit better but still not perticularly impressive. I wouldnt expect much more from a knife that was ground on an fairly coarse belt and then power stropped right after with no other refinement, no matter what kind of magic japanese only stropping wheel you claim to have. split some hairs, or push cut a ripe tomato and i will be impressed. or better yet just do a thread test because thats the most accurate and least subjective test you can do with matereals most people have acess to. compare it to a feather carbon double edged razor blade and if your getting close to that sharpness, ill be impressed.
if u want to kill somewone u can easly do it with a pen :)
MuslimSoldier (3 months ago)
Another way to know if your knife is sharp is to try to shave your balls with it
Filip Kowalski (3 months ago)
What’s the music in the background
Mighty Roy (3 months ago)
Fuckin madman
Res Art (4 months ago)
If i lerned anything from berserk its dont lick the blade in battle
maryjewhanas jewhanus (4 months ago)
why dont you cut your hair with it?
Carlos Matos (4 months ago)
My test is if the knife says ZT or Spyderco I know it will be sharp af out of the box.
Carlos Matos (4 months ago)
I would love to have one of those belt sharpeners
4MAZ3D (4 months ago)
just cut a paper with a knife god gamn it
It’s literally a knive
Gray Au (5 months ago)
see that grind angle? it's this kinda guy who is fucking up your knives with secondary bevels, smh
HoopleHeadUSA (5 months ago)
This video taught me how to test an edge, and that I’m an idiot 😝
Tactical Ant (5 months ago)
Ok, no question this guy is a master at what he does, but...safety man! No glasses and loose free flowing long hair near high speed spinning machines?!? Kids, dont try this at home!
Londinium Armoury (5 months ago)
Why is it sparking if it's a pure leather belt? Are you sure that belt doesn't have some form of oxide coating? I'm not being a jerk I really don't understand, and just want to know what's causing the sparks, does leather friction cause sparking?
BF3 forever Greene (5 months ago)
6:50 🤯
BF3 forever Greene (5 months ago)
I shave the hair of my arm, and that’s sharp enough for me
CMAenergy (5 months ago)
Your method of testing for sharpness is fine, But how you sharpen your blades is another I would consider useless.. AS a machinist for many years, one cuts grinds into the steel always, (never dragging) and you leave no burr on the edge of the blade to play with, then you hone or lap after that to get a razors edge,
Pika Power (5 months ago)
Havoc’s Channel (5 months ago)
8:55 what the.... so unexpected
Joe Blow (6 months ago)
Nice equipment! Makes things alot easier so I'm sending you all my knives to sharpen.....Thanks !
1CME90 (6 months ago)
Can you test the sharpness of your knife by cutting off your pubes?
NNuur Sss (6 months ago)
God im a freak 😂
White Hawk (6 months ago)
I definite saw somebody lick their knife before, is that on TV? (Anyway now we know they are testing for sharpness.)
SeNsEi Ramen (6 months ago)
Did anyone find that satisfying at 6:50
Boban Jelic (6 months ago)
7:05 God im a freak 🤣🤣🤣🤣👌🏿👌🏿
Jordan Vlogs (6 months ago)
Your crazy
Kaspar nybø (6 months ago)
I guess my knife is sharp...I cut my tounge
Santo 16 (6 months ago)
how long you gonna talk😂
NixsterV (6 months ago)
Mark Gorospe (7 months ago)
kids dont try this at home
Gabriel Meneghetti (7 months ago)
"God I am a freak" LOL
Nate Dill (7 months ago)
How is it barbaric to shave hair off??????? Stupid Japanese
Benny Kyle (7 months ago)
Could have done without the shitty guitar solo
Don G (7 months ago)
Damn, this guy fucken loves knifes
EricTheBoringOne (7 months ago)
Knife people are weird but in a super lovable kind of way
ciderandthorazine (7 months ago)
my sharpness test is to see if the blade will glide silently through medium-weight cigarette-rolling paper (green/red rizla papers). i think it's a pretty good test, because those papers are fastidiously uniform. true push-cuts are only possible with extremely acute geometries, but it seems an edge that will gladly pull through in a slow slice is equivalent to a very comfortable shaving edge. smoking's a mug's game, but why not use the superfine, super-consistent papers y'can get in the local store for a few cents? anyways, that's my system.
Shaheir Gullen (7 months ago)
You are an ass
Stings2pee (7 months ago)
Real men test for sharpness using their dick.
Arellano Nino (7 months ago)
Hey brother thank you for the great video, hopefully you can answer a couple of questions. When taking the burr off what kind of paste do you use , what is the difference in using a felt wheel or your Japanese wheel and lastly what do you mean about when using a 180 grit you the the rpms into account.
Antonio Carbone (7 months ago)
I use my lips
Aptionx (7 months ago)
I hoped for blood :(
Adriana Kuzmikova (7 months ago)
another way to test sharpness of a knife is to put it in your ass and if it cuts you on the way in or out its razor sharp.
AN Prod. (8 months ago)
I just HATE the camera guys... whats wrong with the FOCUS! And some of your ways to test if your knife is razor sharp are so dumb.
Neo Neo (8 months ago)
Yea i just rub an sharp knife on my forearm just like you do when you get rid of the fillets of an fish you know on the skin. And i do that to myself and if it’s sharp my layer of skin will turn to tiny tiny white crumbs and if it’s not sharp nothing will happen.
Jammy Grooves (8 months ago)
Is it weird that I love touching knives??? Am I crazy?
Da Sava_ge Fal_kon289 (8 months ago)
You forgot five finger fillet #rustycage
Matthew Fox (8 months ago)
Good stuff! I use my lip.
wdw_avery15 (8 months ago)
The thumbnail made me cringe 😬😬
grzegorz breitkopf (8 months ago)
Is it possible to buy a leather wheel like that anywhere
Samuel Jenks (8 months ago)
9:02 read the caption carefully
Peril (8 months ago)
Isiah Tilley (8 months ago)
You idiot
Luke Schwed (8 months ago)
Ohhhh so Monica Lewinski was testing to see if Bill Clinton’s Weiner was sharp or not. Very kind of her
Daniel Birky (8 months ago)
Man this guy really knows what he's doing
Anthony Smith (8 months ago)
what the hell
Gloria Martinez (8 months ago)
put the knife all the way up your ass that's another way to test the sharpness
games i'm shit at (8 months ago)
music was a bit epic and loud to go through so much of the video especially of parts where you are talking. kind of distracting. the actual content is great though.
Josh Buchanan (9 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzTPAPnCajb5pUXr8cKGuNw Sub plz
Antsisawesome 21 (9 months ago)
Seems kinda lonely at the comments section
A A (9 months ago)
Another way is to cut your wrists and check if it kills you or not
Elektrikman 143 (9 months ago)
my knife was too sharp it cut off my tongue
MEME {C.A.M} (9 months ago)
I stab my self in the arm and if it goes through, it’s sharp 👍🏻👍🏻
TheColonelKlink (9 months ago)
How do you get Band-Aids to stick to your tongue?
Tanaka Harutora (9 months ago)
Wtf he got that it's mostly use for making katanas
Treven Stanley (9 months ago)
Fucking cool
L1gM4 - (9 months ago)

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