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Clothing for Middle-Aged Women : Dress Your Best

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Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Ehowbeauty Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/Ehowbeauty Dressing your age is a very important part of fashion. Learn about clothing for middle-aged women with help from an experienced fashion professional in this free video clip. Expert: Jana Coke Filmmaker: Blyth Kemp Series Description: It's always important to dress your best, no matter how young or old you may be, or what profession you may be a part of. Get tips on how to dress your best for a wide variety of different occasions with help from an experienced fashion professional in this free video series.
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Paul Heffernan (1 year ago)
She looks very hot in the suit Paul
Denise Beaird (2 years ago)
I cannot believe somebody would say that middle age is between 32 and 41. Also to say 4142 right before you turn 50 that's eight years before you turn 50.she needs to find a new career because clearly fashion is her forte looks like she's ready to hit middle-age anytime
I like squirrels (3 years ago)
I guess he beauty is trying to brainwash people into thinking that anyone from 32 to 41 is considered middle age. Who are earth in their right mind would want to push that agenda? Soon 25 will be middle-aged!
Sonja Homer (3 years ago)
I was like what middle age stops at 42 I am 49 years old !!! I I guess I better have that sobbering talk with my 26 year-old daughter and my 30 year-old son. LOL!!! People in my family live well into their 90's I guess we are dust at that age. OMG! Alright I need to do a Blog about real women between the ages of 45 and 65 and discuss our issues that are germaine to us. Apparently the young lady that did this video is hallucinating she is very much a child. You are only as old as you feel or who feels you!
Somenameforyoutub100 (3 years ago)
What a ridiculous video. Middle age starts at 32 or something like that and ends at 41? So I'm 44 what am i old? Am I an old lady? seriously f you.
Sandra Hammons (3 years ago)
How freakin' old are you? You have NO idea what middle age is girl. Wait until you get older than 41 and see what middle age really is!  I can't believe Google would let you say you are associated with them! I happen to be 50 and this video is a pure insult. What, women my age are suppose to die soon? Are you kidding me with this?
Joseph Panzarella Sr. (4 years ago)
lucky my wife did not see this. middle age caps at 42. dont think so.
ellenmeilee (5 years ago)
Middle age age 31? And what if you are between 42 and 50?? Would that be old age??

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