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El Paso To LA: The Hard Way! - Roadkill Episode 1

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On the premiere episode of Roadkill, HOT ROD's David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan head to El Paso, TX with money and a mission - to find a car they can buy, fix up, and drive back to Los Angeles. The catch? They only have $1500 bucks to do it, and they need to sell it on eBayMotors.com before they get home! Roadkill appears on the Motor Trend channel. http://www.youtube.com/motortrend Subscribe now to make sure you're in on all the action! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=motortrend Facebook - http://facebook.com/motortrendmag & http://facebook.com/hotrodmag Twitter - http://twitter.com/motortrend Google+ - https://plus.google.com/101867967859016552744/posts Website - http://www.motortrend.com & http://www.hotrod.com
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Text Comments (2117)
Harris Bambang (45 minutes ago)
Im back, I miss the old Roadkill
John Lambe (1 day ago)
Another dirty room by Dan Bell
Henry_b (3 days ago)
Feeling the Nostalgia! Had to watch the first episode again!
lindilu (4 days ago)
GM also had the Grand Am in this body style and the front styling was also for the Grand Prix, which all the series were popular and cool rides of the day:)
Av8tore71 (5 days ago)
That receipt was O'Reilly's, they are the only ones to have receipts like that
Av8tore71 (5 days ago)
Hey I see FT Bliss from there at the beginning of the video. Go along Dyer ST and you can find plenty of vehicles!!!
:D101 (12 days ago)
Don’t change guys
Tim (12 days ago)
[email protected] 3 bucks,thats a gallon,try $2.40 a litre in nz
Moses Gichuki (15 days ago)
Can road kill do an episode featuring a BMW or a Mercedes benz
Christian Montoya (19 days ago)
I found out about roadkill a couple weeks ago and I've been watching some vids but haven't seen this one till right now and when I herd the was coming to El Paso I freaked out cos I live over here and btw they were at Scenic Drive at the beginning and at night if u go up there on 4th of July it's so nice looks dope
Chris Troxler (25 days ago)
I want the hearse.
Austin Drumm (26 days ago)
Gotta rep Yuma 🔥
Carlo Varga (26 days ago)
This reminds me of the old TV show Route 66. Two guys on a road trip......
Lu KN (1 month ago)
SFV stands for Super Funny Vehicle, right? :D
fuqoff aye? (1 month ago)
I miss this show. This is my fav episode.
captain chaos (1 month ago)
$3 a gallon for fuel you luck lucky.......
Shot flyer 5764 (1 month ago)
i have a trx450er and its the best thing ever
DeeEight (1 month ago)
Eggs, sausage....aluminum foil...cook on engine block
Sherrt Denison (1 month ago)
Love this show
flattabang (2 months ago)
Fuel cost? Hey, gas here in sweden is like $1 and 17 cents.. per LITER. What is that, like a quarter gallon or something like that. You guys pay what, half that per gallon?
Tommy lugan (2 months ago)
Wtf? My home town
Leonard Carr (2 months ago)
Free !
Debonaire Catalina65 (2 months ago)
The one time they used a Pontiac, turned out better than almost every car in a trip.....figures
Joshua Martinez (2 months ago)
That seen where they were on the mountain I'm stationed there good ol fort bliss XD
Noam Pitlik (2 months ago)
Everything that starts out good ends up crappy.
Adam Blaknovski (2 months ago)
Why no put ATF in the fuel to stop carnies and injectors from sticking, keeping valves clean, cleaning the engine and fuel system, oiling the fuel pump and tank to reduce corrosion, unsticking compression rings etc.. Aaaand put it in the oil to unstuck oil control rings and lower compression rings, free stuck lifters, especially hydraulic, keep oil pump clean and happy, etc..
lost on long island (2 months ago)
try this in your car and let us know how it goes..and what exactly is a carnie?
TheRobloxGamers (2 months ago)
you guys need to buy a Model A, Restore it, And Road Trip It From Chicago To LA.
Nicholas Carlton (2 months ago)
They should try to drive to Hawaii.
Einshine Goku (2 months ago)
On that day, a legacy was started
Mike Martin (2 months ago)
LOL i havent seen this since it was released. theyre all young and skinny lookin lmao
Norman Alvarez (2 months ago)
I had a 72 Pontiac Catalina station wagon the thing would not die they don't make them like that no more
TimTatoz (2 months ago)
It would be funny if I actually know I've seen this car somewhere. If it was from Roadkill I would laugh because it's 6 years later in a old people neighborhood where it has the same wheels and it paint is awful. I'd like to have it fixed and painted green with wheels ment for a real muscle car 😆
Chris Livibgston (3 months ago)
Oh I love that car it's classic Pontiac it's my dream car
Jude Rhodes (3 months ago)
Who is here 2018
AlexTheFinnishGuy (3 months ago)
Watching in 2018! \o/
Mac Gyver (3 months ago)
love it 😎
c zehner (3 months ago)
now that your doing tv with all the reruns from utube nothing new? oh well corporate stuff lasts not long does it?
Carl Spackler (3 months ago)
This just came up on my feed on YouTube God I miss the good old days of Roadkill quit watching it a couple years ago with the Muzak background music and the fake photo clicks :/
AC4400CW Productions (3 months ago)
Nice motel on day one See any freight trains
AC4400CW Productions (3 months ago)
Rob Glob (3 months ago)
Does anybody else notice that he almost messed up his intro on second 4 or 5? Look at his lips and you'll see he almost says something else.
JOHN RIPIENSKI (3 months ago)
Melissa Thomas (4 months ago)
Can someone tell me the point of this show
Vera Garcia (4 months ago)
I saw a T Bucket body in the workshop at the start of this show....when are you guys gonna do an old skool rod ? you must have enough parts to throw one together. use up all those odd ball parts.
inyasha wyosaki (4 months ago)
Raj Ramey-Rodgers (4 months ago)
Anyone have any idea what happened to the missing $12 at 8:45? They added up having "$743 and some change" and "10 bucks [actually 12 dollars] vanished" but the post-edited tally at 9:17 says that they still had $755.35. Did they later find their missing $12?
J Lerma (4 months ago)
You guys should of through the Salton Sea !! Would of had $$ spare and saved time
First name Last Name (4 months ago)
Ah back when roadkill was free... the good old days...
lilgrimm lock (4 months ago)
A.B. Sam Pedro (4 months ago)
#VonZipper 😎
A random Talking car (4 months ago)
The Catalina. A classic car clearly built in the 1900’s. But, it was at least made after, 1947. Your lucky it still works.
graygt (4 months ago)
i miss old roadkill so bad
John Werner (4 months ago)
Where it all began. It's got most of the ingredients for the soufflé already right out of the gate...I mean oven. (well, I do miss the garage hacking time soon to be a staple). Seriously, there's some good ideas and ingredients here. The buddy trip travelogue works especially using the device of a starting point being decided by a dart to map throw. That's cool. We meet a very unique American worthy of a stop with interview. That would be Jay Allen of Bizbee (or Lowell???) Arizona who has stayed in a town that time literally stopped many decades ago. Allen's collection of cars and Indian bikes is quite worthy. The one let down is...a Pontiac Boneville? Really? Is there a more boring car? Hey, it was cheap and ended up being both reliable enough and sold for just a few dlollars less than it was purchased for. After watching I've got one thought: could I get a job at Hot Rod magazine? These guys are living a dream and now they're actually be somewhat famous while they have lots of fun with cars.
Eternal Slushy (5 months ago)
best show. dropped 6 cents on hotel floor refused to pick it up !
Daniel Salvaggio (5 months ago)
This comment is a sears advertisement
Michelle Christopher (5 months ago)
I like road kill and super nice car
Dirtbike demander (5 months ago)
I just now see the intro is like top gears
Cole Anglin (5 months ago)
Buy a surbu brat
Bang Shift Productions (5 months ago)
Muffler gets dragged off! Lol bring this roadkill back!!
Ian Micheal (5 months ago)
first good car you guys bought
Ockie Ditchbank (5 months ago)
I always thought Motor Trend was a magazine for mature adults.  What a shock to find it's now targeting grade-school juveniles who aren't even old enough to drive.
the snake guy python (5 months ago)
I miss roadkill
stu booth (5 months ago)
That mine looks like the back of the truck stop in "dusk til dawn"
Robert Moitoza (5 months ago)
Did that first Chevelle eventually become the crew cab Chevelle!?
bring back roadkill
Genocider Sho (5 months ago)
I would have been sold on the hearse.
Bob Vesting (5 months ago)
Been watching u guys from the beginning love it I always was the one that got asked to go with someone to pick up a car lol it was a blast great time ...I live in new Jersey...we got a 68 tbird lift to a buddy and we had to go to north California to get it from his aunt and we did a piece of rt 66 and went to the Cadillac ranch it was the best road trip ever and the car only let us down 3 times dum things .....
Stefan Huber (5 months ago)
Legacy record fork await contribution addition assistant like himself mood.
undertaker666dead (5 months ago)
I would love to buy that hearse
DarkVampire (5 months ago)
i found a carbon copy of my four wheeler but red
fanghicheck (5 months ago)
i liked the HEARSE
Dick Cumberton (5 months ago)
If you were coming to Texas should have came to Houston. Could have got a low rider with some bows 😂
xdy (5 months ago)
He said fur not hair lol
1Brain4Wheels (6 months ago)
Loving the use of the trunk lid as a means of writing out the expenditures... 😂
Oskarsigns! (6 months ago)
METAR (6 months ago)
Jordan4Ibanez (6 months ago)
I experience this every day, it's called my daily driver
Liam Guild (6 months ago)
when your laptop costs twice as much as your car
Reynaldo Rivera (6 months ago)
Lol I know where you broke down at
Marius Hansen (6 months ago)
2012, time really flies! Good to be back tho!
Gav Brady (7 months ago)
I've just found this courtesy of my brother. Episode 1 down and loving it.
Leland Harper (7 months ago)
“Chicks dig it” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
darrell crotty (7 months ago)
Lil chicken wing Vlogs (7 months ago)
Why don’t they do the this stuff anymore
awillz28 (7 months ago)
I'd took the hearse
WhackyJ in AK (7 months ago)
RedneckTipsByScott (7 months ago)
You lost most of your clients by ditching youtube.
Benjamin Turkov (8 months ago)
Bring Roadkill back to Youtube! and we miss Jason Camisa
GamingForLife! (8 months ago)
Any ‘El Paso-ens’ here? I am! 😄
Lunchbox Productions (8 months ago)
minusmodest (8 months ago)
ahhhh.. remember when this is what we got. no mtod bullshit. dont get me wrong im subbed, but.. life was so much simpler back then
Mark C (9 months ago)
You have heard of rock sliders? What about curb sliders? LOL
Burak Muhammetoğlu (9 months ago)
Came here to see if David was born with those shorts and sandals.
Ryan Adam (9 months ago)
You guys need to buy that back and put the crusher big block in it. If you don't, there's not a man in either of your families
Bad Boys (9 months ago)
My dad was born in 1954 to
Tyler Bandle (10 months ago)
Look at all the fun you could have with just 1 and a half of Pelosi's crumbs. At least Finnegan didn't aim for a shithole country.
Nanashi (10 months ago)
Do you still have the car? Ill give you 5k for it right now
DaebakMonkey (10 months ago)
“A lot of guys would go to Vegas and blow on strippers.” Six years later (six days until exactly six years) and it is still one of my favorite lines.
2018 and I'm still watching you since 2013. Damn guys you rock!
Tim Harris (10 months ago)
as far as the ad not being in english, would you feel better if it were in German??

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