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"Camelia" Kawasaki Ninja 250 Custom Motorcycle by

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"Camelia" Kawasaki Ninja 250 custom Street Tracker by Rich Richie Ride Garage Solo - Indonesia Video by Solo Camera Music by The S.I.G.I.T - Red Summer Find us on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Richrichiesolo Instagram : https://instagram.com/richrichieridegarage/ Many Thanks to: Yudha Nugraha as a Producer & Art Director Anggula as a Videographer & Editor Faris Sugiarto as a Videographer https://instagram.com/sugiartofaris/ Charry Ghafur as a Assistant Videographer Arniga Arsawaputra as a Assistant Videographer Eko Macheda as a HeadCrew Eko Aryanto as a crew n rider
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Text Comments (12)
Yuda Taufiqurrahman (1 year ago)
Tanapakorn Wanmahachai (2 years ago)
What your motorcycle frame??? Very nice
NorCalSaint (2 years ago)
Voted down for the thumb nail
Aan Setya (3 years ago)
njiiir keren dah..gw pernah liat jg ninja r tp, dbkin cb men
Stefanus Bayu Prahara (3 years ago)
@bram satria Solo Camera & Rich RIchie Jl. Dr. Soepomo No. 17 (selatan Tiga Serangkai) Solo
Bram Satria (3 years ago)
alamatnya dimana bro
Kintha D. Narothama (3 years ago)
ANJRIIITT!!! Awsomeness Everywhere! Awesome Garage, Awesome Bike, Awesome Video!
Yudha Solocamera (3 years ago)
Rancak bana..
Lussy Mardiana (3 years ago)
Rich richie ride garage kerenn boss
Naufal Zakiy Darmawan (3 years ago)
Plat R Purwokerto boss?
Fikret Kayan (3 years ago)
+Fikret Kayan fakülte
Fikret Kayan (3 years ago)

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