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Patient Cop Gives Drunk Man Every Chance To Go Away

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) ** Body camera footage released by the Spokane Police Department Wednesday shows how Sgt. Eric Kannberg was dealing with one drunken individual when another person approached him and intervened. During the incident, went on for nearly four minutes, Kannberg asked the individual to step away from him multiple times and, at one point, the man hit the officer's hand. Eventually, after running down the street, Kannberg caught up with him and took him into custody. Donate to PoliceActivity: https://www.patreon.com/PoliceActivity Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PoliceActivity Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Police_Activity
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Text Comments (13210)
tortiraz (48 minutes ago)
To touch or not to touch.. thats the question
Dumb ass drunk sissy bitch..
tomj528 (1 hour ago)
An excellent example of professionalism!
Bjorn Blackman (2 hours ago)
This drunk ass motherfucker
itscolin81 (5 hours ago)
just give him a ride. help him out. or... fuck off. this isn't a 'police' matter.
Josh Tracy (8 hours ago)
What's going to happen to this guy when he tries to get a grown up job, people always find the dirt on you.. his liberal Democratic political career is over.. lol
vbuen323 (9 hours ago)
Ha if he was black he would have been shot already....
C86 (11 hours ago)
I'm 95% sure his battery was dead the whole time and he was just word vomiting to no one on the other end.
Robert Rovski (12 hours ago)
TOUCH ME, TOUCH ME! I wanna feel you body...
Matt McNeill (13 hours ago)
This is the 99% of cops. Great to see
Chronixs (16 hours ago)
omg how he ran im done lol
Richard Anderson (16 hours ago)
He fucked that cop up with comedy
Peter schon (19 hours ago)
wonderfull that swj catoy got it .
Colton Wes (20 hours ago)
Little goalless muthafucker
Jose Castro (1 day ago)
“Take a seat on your stomach”
Isaac Stetson (1 day ago)
Wayyyy too much to drink.
Syntax (1 day ago)
Nerves of steel
kosmique (1 day ago)
alcohol never did anything good. its crazy its even a thing.
Robert Copeland (1 day ago)
Great police officer I would’ve thrown his ass on the ground and arrested him
daforetoldplaya (1 day ago)
But if he was black
S. R. (1 day ago)
What a waste of food and space on this planet with this guy.
laughing Hawk (1 day ago)
The cope was so mellow.
Sean Murphy (1 day ago)
What a dumbass
peter lewis (1 day ago)
Who thinks they have the patience level of a cop nowadays ? I wont last 2 mins before i would have someone tasered , i also would have to carry a few extra tasers just to get through my days shift Lol
btrim1974 (1 day ago)
What a fucking idiot stupid drunks
Peternkim (1 day ago)
This is Spokane, WA for anyone curious
No Name (2 days ago)
What a fing idiot. That cop deserves a medal for dealing with a POS like that drunk ahole.
Kaleb Hopkins (2 days ago)
Lol I am pretty sure the asphalt he ate immediately when tried to stumble off was such good karma!
Paulito Paultio (2 days ago)
Drop this drunk in the holding tank for 48 hours with the boys. Lets see how loud he gets there. He drunk ass should be arrested and fined.
Joe Joe TV Yo (2 days ago)
There definitely needs to be a follow-up to this video by the person who just got arrested. More or less a public service announcement of what not to do in front of law-enforcement.
William Martin (2 days ago)
The guy on the other end of the phone was warning him of arrest lol
MontcomHorror (2 days ago)
There just went another Antifa fruit on his day off.
ccAshercc (2 days ago)
I'm all for how this cop acted, but I mean this guy was clearly 10/10 drunk and of no threat to the officer. So the officer did exactly what he and everyone else should do, deal with the drunk idiot in a calm manner. Congratulating him for not physically harming the harmless drunk even if he could have without disciplinary action shouldn't be congratulated. But in this climate unfortunately it seems required.
TopKek Lordie (2 days ago)
Hope he rott 1 year in prison for that, good cop handled nicely, we need more like that.
Jax (2 days ago)
Drunk fuckin retard
AllieRedCat (2 days ago)
He’s so gross
Mo Bahjat (3 days ago)
The funniest video on this channel.
cdreyes81 (3 days ago)
"don't touch me until i record this" lol
IphigeniaAtAulis (3 days ago)
You know everybody said they wanted police to have body cameras to show all the bad things that they do. Instead all it has shown is how patient they can be with drunk idiots.
LV RB (3 days ago)
So sad the way these cops treat this innocent white boy... we need Trump
Robert Diffenderfer (3 days ago)
Even the dude on the other end of the phone is like, "dude you're ganna go to jail".
Eric Salyer (3 days ago)
Cop was actually pretty damn respectful Drunk moron
Karii Phillips (3 days ago)
Can like K-A-N? You have no acordination over me
Hänggi Florian (3 days ago)
Thankyou Seargent for your coolness:D
gerald hills (3 days ago)
Ignorant pillock.
nelsonta00 (3 days ago)
Just another self-entitled Millennial. This is one of those videos where I wish some force was used to wake up a moron like him.
suffern63 (3 days ago)
Every time I see one of these videos,I cringe to think at the number of times I've been a drunkard arse over the years,but I do like drinking.
Wade Cahill (4 days ago)
stay on the line and help me, pkeaseeeeeeeee
Vladimir Shcherbak (4 days ago)
Thank you officer. This drinker guy is idiot
eduardo rosa (4 days ago)
this is why i agree with cannabis legalization
Calvin Nguyen (4 days ago)
Is he asking for gay sex? I mean c'mon "TOUCH ME TOUCH ME TOUCH ME"?
Mickey Bitsko (4 days ago)
Liberal snowflake.
Dirk Jung (4 days ago)
"all of this is being recorded".. ROFL
Kwame Baroown (4 days ago)
The way he tells the male cop "touch me"......is oddly sexual....
vextender (5 days ago)
This officer is an inspiration
Sophie (5 days ago)
Whenever I need a good laugh, I just come and watch this video.
George Collier (5 days ago)
what an a-hole
s_ shaddows. (5 days ago)
These idiot sjw’s and feminist I swear they think everyone else is entitled when they are the ones who are entitled lol. I’m ashamed to be in this generation I swear.
Tyler Ash (5 days ago)
i loved the part where buddy fell into the curb LMAO
Eric M (6 days ago)
Eric Kannberg is a hero!
Ali Al Mughays (6 days ago)
Very good officer.
DGETHIS01 (6 days ago)
i was hoping a bus would come by and just smoosh this rat. always look both ways
DGETHIS01 (6 days ago)
taze this mofo someone!
This little freak should have listened to Joe 😁
Frank Gappa (6 days ago)
Probably a Hillary voter.
yoboverthetop (6 days ago)
I'm surprised one of my sisters hasn't snapped this guy up.
Vk (6 days ago)
"Police Brutality"
Ryan Michael (6 days ago)
No amount of alcohol would make me act like this
irishmetalfan (6 days ago)
some people shouldn't drink this guy is a fucking retard
Kaelyn Brynn (6 days ago)
0:45 _Cuz this foo has no ... 'accordiation' over me._ I'll admit I'm no lawyer, but I do believe he's right. The law doesn't give anyone accordiation, verisimilipalitude, nor poofalickization in this particular scenario, and I'll back that up all day.
MMAFreak402 Google (6 days ago)
Worthless human.
TK101Warhammer (7 days ago)
Im always 99.99999% on cops side but here because im a democrat and antifa terrorist liberal im on drunk mans side coz im gay and i think hes 🔥.
OnTheRocks (7 days ago)
I'm ashamed to say I've been exactly this drunk before but thankfully it was with goods friends in a basement and not on a public street. Never again.
Claire (7 days ago)
"sir please have a seat on your stomach" this guy knows how to talk to drunk people xD
Silly faget alcohols for men
Wyatt Cassidy (8 days ago)
The guy on the phone is like wtf?
David Angel (8 days ago)
Even his friend on his phone told him he is going to jail
firstname lastname (8 days ago)
the land of FREE SPEECH !! what a joke..
Chrystale Moore (8 days ago)
Omg... I needed that laugh cool cops... I bet the drunks momma is proud lol
Dixie D (8 days ago)
Dude stick 2 Coke next time aye mean the drinking Stuff # dam that Cop must have got his leg over with the wife before he started his shift 👍
5pointoh (8 days ago)
When he bagan to run and fell😂
ROOKTABULA (8 days ago)
Lesson: If you're dumb as fuck and a modern, entitled bitch? Don't drink.
Bon Leofen (8 days ago)
Touch me Touch me Touch me Touch me Touch me Touch me Touch me Yessssssssssss!
Subcomandante73 (8 days ago)
You have the right to remain a prick for the rest of your life, but if you choose to do so don't bitch about it on your phone :)
TheArgosReed (8 days ago)
A total "Beta Soy Boy". You go girl, put that hand on your hip. At 1:43, he says "touch me touch me". I think this guy loves men (it's is his right to do so). It seems this guy is fine telling random men to touch him, touch him. It's sad...not sad that he's a homosexual; but sad that he allowed himself to become so intoxicated.
chrispyRL (8 days ago)
I want that sergeant to mentor me and teach me the secret to remain that calm around these morons.
Whìs (8 days ago)
Ah.. idiot!... lol!
Salty 25 (9 days ago)
Can't fix stupid.
Peter A (9 days ago)
This cop needs a lifetime supply of free donuts. Good fucking work.
Humble one (9 days ago)
He should have spanked him and returned him to his mommy. Diaper and all. His little bitch ass would have lasted 30 seconds in chicago. He should be locked up for his own safety , he's not an experienced drinker. Shameful . Good job officer you probably saved his life.
Scott Markus (9 days ago)
haha....just wow
Vincent Hoang (9 days ago)
Good cop sir
KeanOun MeeHnai (9 days ago)
Bullet ,man bullet
Kinsey Benedict (9 days ago)
Even his friend on thephone was telling him to stfu.
mike müller (9 days ago)
Jägermeister is a hell of a drug
zurdo z (9 days ago)
the cop was very patient with this idiot.
JCM 420 (9 days ago)
This idiot falls trying to get away and the cop is just walking 👊😂
RickitySplitz (10 days ago)
Luckily, the police officer was very patient/
Insane0815 (10 days ago)
Legend says kelly is still on the line
Samthegreek Boy (10 days ago)
Cop would have been applauded had he bent this fool over his knee and spanked his brains out.

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