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There's something new inside Yandere Chan's room and it's frustrating to say the least..leave a LIKE if you want more Yandere Simulator episodes! Yandere Simulator game link: https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/ Kubz Scouts Yandere sim playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCkQ-tj-zGs&list=PL4vF-TxbCczJ6egMHkzxhcu6ZshL5tgqp Follow me on Twitter! ► https://twitter.com/JayKubzScouts Watch me on Twitch! ► http://www.twitch.tv/thekubzscouts Follow our Instagram! ► https://www.instagram.com/thekubzscouts/ --------------------------- We're here to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously, so any negative comments will be automatically deleted! Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (6003)
Belen Santos (1 hour ago)
Jay i love you so much and my sister love you she has a crush on you
norazlina ghani (9 hours ago)
ugly ass hairstyle..
Via Oliver (13 hours ago)
Jay they don't change color you learn her topic\opinion then check over it and select the thing club or whatever
Cool Cat (1 day ago)
Didn't you know that there's a hard mode on the mini game magical girl Miyuki the hard mode its like this so it's where Miyuki her eyes are taken out and there's blood everywhere no pink butt red the first time I played on yandere simulator I fell out of my chair I was laughing and pain oh my gosh don't play The Hard Mode I mean it it's scary cuz I fell out of my chair I laughed in pain and then I stopped laughing I got back up I fell again and this time I was only standing and the second time I got back up I looked at the screen I said let's do this so I plead the hardmode and I beated it my fingers were hurting from Spain the buttons no but still I beated hard mode I was proud of myself yay.
Amelia Kranz (2 days ago)
You can see it somewhere in her profilzzzzz
Baruna Macwater (3 days ago)
1:19 happy?? WHAT ARE U DOING HERE!!!??? 😂😂😂😂
Aki Nanoko (9 days ago)
Gema is copying Neji from Naruto!
Ima Cat (12 days ago)
I was thinking Gema would look like Riki Soma, Kokona's suitor. I like Gema's new look! But his original look looked better. I liked his weird glasses 😂
Dearsya Saskia Puteri (13 days ago)
7:27 im wheezing 😂😂
Devin Jones (15 days ago)
Can you fight delinquents in cyborg mode
Leon Chua (17 days ago)
Jay I got one 1) kill someone 2) dispose the body 3) join the science club and carry the robot 4) walk on the blood bloody foot prints
PandaWamen (19 days ago)
How to befriend someone (in steps): 1. Lets say you see someone a mile away and your that awkward kid. You : HI!!!!! Person : WHAT????? You : HIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!! Person : WASUP RANDOM PERSON!!!!!!!! You: HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII :] 2. If your 2 feet away from someone and your that popular mean kid. You : BE MY FRIENDDDDDDDDDDD :|] Person : (Slowly Backs Away) Like for more. Im funny. :]
The Horror Studio (19 days ago)
Jay I have a question In your Time portal Video (yandere SIM) when you can to feed the gangsters you need to find a ring or something round over a box if you can take it what's gonna happen??
Riley Retiz (21 days ago)
Looks like a wuss
VocaloidCutie (22 days ago)
Gema is beautiful boi.
Find the difference ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd DdddddddddddddddddddddᗪDddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Did you find it? •
Michele (23 days ago)
jay I got one 1 go to kokona with blood on your clothes and bloody bucket 2 make sure you are in front of her 3 poor it on her 4she will say did someone poor blood on you to and don't forget your THAT DUDE!!!!!!!(!!!!!!!!!!!!+++++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+!!!!!!!!
Lillian Delgado (24 days ago)
I would date gema
Blossom Mythical (24 days ago)
Rage mode. Yaaas
BearyLary (25 days ago)
Jay i got one 1. Kill somebody else (but i choose kokona) 2. Show the body to the teachers pet 3. Leave the body where the teacher pet can see it 4. Hide 5. While the teacher is talking about what happened to the body show her that you got bloody clothes 6. While she is chasing you go to forgive sins 7. Keep the bloody knife and don't hide it just keep it on your hands 8. Kill somebody again and keep the knife 9. Forgive sin again 10. Mop the blood quickly before the teacher gets you 11. Leave the body 12. Put the blood in the bucket (i forgot to say it sorry) 13. Pour it on kokona 14. End the day before she go nudes (don't forget to keep the knife before you end the day) Will you get arrested by the police because of the bloody knife (they thinking like that you sliced some tomato) or kokona will get arrested because of the bloody clothes (they thinking like she go to art club and pour some red colors in her clothes) I'd just put a teacher to chase you to made it hard because your that DUDE!!!! (you can just not do the teacher to chase you if you want and skip the teacher scene to make the easy way)
Eaglemeowzy Gacha (25 days ago)
Since there are basement tapes now *Idk?*, I just request, can you pls listen to them? PS: YOU'RE THAT DUDE!
Sayomi Hoffmann-Scott (26 days ago)
4:00 Lol
Sayomi Hoffmann-Scott (26 days ago)
The Question question marks show that you haven't gone to that room yet so you have to go to that room so that it will show so you don't have no more negative or no more positive
Sherly Sucuahi (27 days ago)
Jay try this 1 go to cyborg mode 2 get the sword 3 kill a random student 4 drop the sword and carry the dead student to the teacher 5 run and get the sword Can you kill the teacher while its chasing you
Winkdeep Is Science (27 days ago)
I now remembered Osana Najimi/Najmi means childhood friend in japanese -_-
Sedric Gale Garcia (1 month ago)
Vanoss have “Habada” and jay have “Hamana” xD you two are cool dude 😍😆
Who knows applejack from my little pony gema’s her lololol
Jay i got 1 1.kill osana fan (if u can) 2. End the day Will her name be still osana fan or a new name btw *YOUR THAT DUDE*!!!
KatFartz (1 month ago)
I'm having Dark Souls flashbacks. Jk I think Dark Souls is much easier than this
Gacha Life 1000 (1 month ago)
I think he has a pony tail smooth hair and doesnt wear glasses
RavenMystic1013 (1 month ago)
Everyone talks about the minigame while me be like, "Hey, is that 'wow' sound effect that plays when Yan-chan had a red scarf from Fairy Tail?" 👆😂🤣
Lynsey Myers (1 month ago)
Vani Ketis (1 month ago)
GG_Gamer Gg (1 month ago)
4:16 boi he look like Dracula
Jordan Mohtashemi (1 month ago)
Touhou in yandere sim ANIME GAMESEPTION
Aiko Galuh (1 month ago)
saki: wanna cupcake? natsuki: yes plz
S e p h (1 month ago)
gema looks like less edgy fafnir from dragon maid.
Yanderedere Chan (1 month ago)
Wow!, I must try this!
Sonicmlp Golden (1 month ago)
To be honest, Gema looks like a girl when his appearance changes.
Saloni Goyal (1 month ago)
i watched the video where he beat the minigame before this video and i'm thinking - wow, his video game skills have been BOOSTED
Slyfox 09 (1 month ago)
I got a challenge for u 1 be a normal yendere chan 2 have a teacher chasing you at all times 3 kill every student. 4 YOUR DAT DUUUUUUUDE
assala show (1 month ago)
Gemma's hair style is BOOTIFULL
Zheng Xuan Piao (1 month ago)
it looks like he is a girl
OwO whats this? (1 month ago)
He looks too much like a girl
Osana Najimi (1 month ago)
Love your channel <3
Arzu YT (1 month ago)
I have one! 1. Turn into the yandere punch thing mode? (Forgot the name) 2. Change your clothes. 3. Change back to your school uniform. Will you have you’re uniform on while you are in the punch mode?
Epic Sans (1 month ago)
Jay it’s called bullet hell for a reason
Alex Drake (1 month ago)
Gema looked better before the bullies roasted him
PedantOfTheCentury ? (1 month ago)
I actually really like Genma's new hairstyle
Tahsina Jannat (1 month ago)
Dayla M (1 month ago)
I love his hair style if he put his hair to the side it will look more better like what he did before he change almost everything
Nheki Kate Tusit (1 month ago)
Jay I got one 1. Get the screwdriver 2. Teleport in the rooftop 3. Go to the vent 4. Now you'll see what I am talking about and you can kill Osana or other characters and clean the evidence
galaxy gamer (1 month ago)
Ani's Second channel ! (1 month ago)
Jay I have a question 1.Get a mindslave 2. give them a weapon 3. Pick the mindslave itself Do they kill them self? Jay is THAT DUDEEEEE
Adia Van (1 month ago)
*fUll GRoWn piZZa*
Baby Becca (1 month ago)
angel santos (2 months ago)
it is better
adri yxol (2 months ago)
jay i have one! can u take a picture of delinquets or there panties
PastyArt YT (2 months ago)
The mini game is like a reference to the show the two boys were talking about
Sugar Gacha (2 months ago)
Jay Senpai
Waldy Duran (2 months ago)
Nekoplays yt (2 months ago)
8:15 and until 8:17 Me:YOU CAN DO IT SDTDUUSHSZSZ Mom: *screams louder than me*
Miya Hughes (2 months ago)
I have a question what if you put your bloody uniform down on the ground with you clean up all the other evidence what will happen
peachy chyna (2 months ago)
Jay yandere dev is going through a lot just to let you know
egg lave (2 months ago)
jay watch yandere simaliter
jay you need to look at her info and says with a green smily face what she likes and with a red sad face what doesnt like
Luke the Awesomeness! (2 months ago)
Uhh looks like tohou 6:33
Olly Oldskool (2 months ago)
itcat lover (2 months ago)
I dare you to make yandere be student Council
Makenna Gering (2 months ago)
is it just me who came here for the thumbnail???
theRobloxgamer :3 (2 months ago)
Hiyuki is the fungirl
Galaxy Wolf (2 months ago)
I watched one of Yandere Dev's new videos, and he said he's trying to make harder mini games so eliminateing or achieving somthing will be more diffucult. I diden't know he would make it this hard. Cmon Yandere Dev!
Nico ©han (2 months ago)
Her name is Ayano not Yandere
MLGkillerjeffy 3 (2 months ago)
4:38 strawberry shortcake
MysticMoon X (2 months ago)
He looks like a girl transformed into a man then came back to being a girl like seriously
Julieana Prah (2 months ago)
If you go in pose mode you can have a another essttr egg
LizaYTCookie (2 months ago)
Gema looks like a girl XD
Orla Gacha (2 months ago)
I like new gema
Sakura Ayame (2 months ago)
Whenever someome says "Shift Key", I swear, I promise you that I keep hearing "Shit Key".
Akane Toriyasu (2 months ago)
This happend on october 31 (on the way home from school and it was halloween) Me:Emely Emely guess what Emely:what Me:there is a new person coming in my class Emely:who? me:fall party (got trolled)
Oka Ruto (2 months ago)
I got one 1.wait for the bullies to bully someone 2.get a teacher to follow you Will she aprehend the bullies??
Sacha Waghorn (2 months ago)
Its not a secret its an update:
Sofia Alonzo (2 months ago)
I like gemma’s new look better than the previous!!
hazimah haziman (2 months ago)
Jay i think i have one 1. Kill kokona 2. Buried kokona 3. Take some cigeret (i dont know ho to spell that smoking thing) 4.tell the councill that kokona smoking Question: Did the councill will angry to kokona even he buried?
Arthur Morey (2 months ago)
I know or whatever his name is looks just like my hair or without the ponytail
MaryFoxWarrior 420 (2 months ago)
Wait the music in the new mini game is the music on the radio lol I never noticed dat
xX666CHAOS666Xx (2 months ago)
I thought Gema would look like Albus Dumbledore
Alicia Brown (2 months ago)
Ahem so buckle up and let's get right into it
Baba (2 months ago)
PENNYPLAYZ GACHA (2 months ago)
I love it!!!♡♡♡😄😄😄
JulyWTFYT (2 months ago)
Miyuki looks like a trap XD, the photo on the right makes him look like a trap
iii VivxelRobo (2 months ago)
heya jake, i just wanna say.. you make me laugh a lot, you make my day!❤️ i hope you would notice me, im a supporter, i loved watching your vids when i was 7! ❤️
Lilly Richards (2 months ago)
Strawberry Puffs that's what Saki makes.
Ar! An!mates (2 months ago)
The description of Saki matches me (close)
Stephanie Kim (2 months ago)
I HATE Gemas hairstyle!
Flooop (2 months ago)
wassup im dying
Huong Than (3 months ago)
i think Gema's hairstyle look.......SICK!!!!!!!!
Suye Sito (3 months ago)
To be honest when you play that magical game the bullets look like hot dogs Sooooo you can eat those bullets/hotdogs

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