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Female Pole Vaultor compilation 01, why jumpers tend to be beautiful?

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this video was filmed, edited and uploaded by ajyari the 3rd, and owned by ajyari the 3rd. the video was filmed on the competition film free.
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Text Comments (16)
Drac03 (2 years ago)
I want to know who are the Ultra feminist or scrotum lickers that gave this video thumbs down?
Alex (2 years ago)
we need a viedo 10,000 hours of the blond from sweeden walking back
ckaz007 (2 years ago)
I could stare at Meijer's ass all day. Oh no, it's time for bed.
Daniel Storey (2 years ago)
I'll give them a pole to vault over if you know what i mean... hehehe ;-)
and...Why games assistants tend to be Asians ?? Rio is in Brasil isn't ? just a curiosity...
Eric DeBlanc (2 years ago)
BearCatmaximus g (2 years ago)
Meijer is built so perfectly. Sweet swivel.
BearCatmaximus g (2 years ago)
Pena & Kennedy for President!
Amazon Intact (2 years ago)
A minute in and I'm already drooling my god what an ass.
Dexter811 (2 years ago)
The First Swedish Girl has such a Perfect Ass.
listpapirja (2 years ago)
Meijer is just wow
Lleo Oneiro (2 years ago)
Why ask why!
Kevin C (2 years ago)
mmmm mmmmmmmmmm Meijer. :) :P
Fernando Marquez (2 years ago)
shes alls We are delicius , please more zooms this beautifuls babys. thanks
Ilario Martinez (2 years ago)
mucha vellesa para ver solo una vez
van helsing (2 years ago)
Q buenos culos

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