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Sharpening Damascus knife (Razor Sharp)

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THIS IS A BRAND NEW KNIFE. THIS KNIFE DAMASCUS STEEL BLADE High quality Original Damascus steel 1095 and 43-40(312 layers) forged HAS ACHIEVED ROCKWELL HARDNESS OF 58 ~ 60 IN THE LAB AND HAS GOOD CUTTING ABILITY. THE KNIFE REVEALS BEAUTIFUL DAMASCUS PATTERNS ON THE BLADE. ITS BLADE IS VERY ATTRACTIVE AND GORGEOUS.This Damascus Knife cost over 350 dollars. As you see the New Patent Block Knife Sharpener took this beautiful Damascus knife Sharpener than New.With out devalueing the knife.Block Knife Sharpeners, Patent Sharpening Rods are made to flex, There for Block Knife Sharpeners pick up on knifes Original cutting edges.Taking very little to know steel off knife, Yet you will get Knives (Razor Sharp).Block Sharpener are great in the filed or home for all your sharpening needs.You can learn more about Sharpening knives with a Block Knife Sharpeners By visiting us at ( http://www.theblocksharpener.com) or Face Book (Block knife Sharpener)
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Paul Block (1 year ago)
5 stars Does A Very Good Job On My $400 Damascus! ByLouis Caton August 25, 2017 Color: Orange|Verified Purchase This review is 100% verified purchaser and I have had no contact at all with the seller or manufacturer. I recently purchased a $400 Boker Tree Damascus drop point pocket knife made in Germany and wanted a way to sharpen the beautifully patterned 300+ layered Damascus stainless blade without damaging it. After doing some research I came across The Block Sharpener. This device did a very decent job with no marring, chipping or scratching the blade at all. I would highly recommend watching The Block Sharpener videos on YouTube and on their website and to use oil as recommended. I have also ordered on Amazon a $10 leather razor strop to get an even finer razor sharp edge but the videos say you can use the rough side of an old belt or even cardboard to refine the edge the Block creates. After a first try I can confirm that it does follow the original curved edge grind as advertised and does sharpen! Is it like a $700 EdgePro...absolutely not, but really is well worth the money and does quite a good sharpening job! I don't understand why some say it does not work because really it does. I definitely purchase more. See Photos!!! Thanks!!! Jerry review image

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