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KonMari Method - Kitchen Declutter / The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

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Find out more at https://lifeinnotions.com/konmari-your-kitchen/ It has been 16 months since we completed decluttering and organising our home using the KonMari Method. I have been slowly working my way through our home, applying Marie Kondo's methods, for a second time. Having already gone through Clothing, Books and Papers for a second time, it is time to begin tackling the Komono categories. The first subcategory I decided to declutter was our kitchen. Playlist of KonMari videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUzq28rpx11R9CnF8pytheOwSxJPRVfyN Natural Cleaning Products, Tips and Methods: https://youtu.be/5xHA6ahI-qA Tim's Pizza Recipe: https://youtu.be/7PQ-bMcIuxI https://lifeinnotions.com
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Text Comments (39)
Dorothy T (1 month ago)
I love those Pyrex baking trays. I live in the US and they don't sell them here. I paid a lot of shipping but it was worth it. Two are about the size of a normal baking tray here. But often we didn't need a whole tray, or things would have different baking times. So now we can split things up as needed and they really are easy to clean. No rust, should last forever. They also fit in our toaster oven. This comment is not sponsored- just had to say something because I put off buying them for a while because of the cost but was very happy when we decided to just go for it. I bought ours off Amazon, don't recall shop.
NicholsKT (3 months ago)
Really enjoyed how you edited this.
Amna Al Hashimi (4 months ago)
Loved everything about your kitchen, wall color, cabinets color, and most of all how bright it is. Would love to have a similar kitchen
Jackie V (4 months ago)
Your kitchen is very beautiful
Debbie Mettler (5 months ago)
Love your organizing videos. Any new ones? Take care from the U.S., in Los Angeles!
I just purchase the Pyrex baking trays, I love them!
rebecca seal (7 months ago)
Loving your space in your kitchen plus dog biscuits in the jars above the fireplace
Flam Flam (7 months ago)
Your kitchen is super charming.
MerrySims21 (9 months ago)
I LOVE those white mixing bowls. Where can I get some!?
Life In Notions (9 months ago)
Thanks! I have had them for years and love them! I don't know if they are still available but they are the ceramic mixing bowls made by Nigella Lawson x
S. (9 months ago)
I'm 1 minute into the video, saw a pic of a malamute on the wall, and I'm sold straight away. Thumb up from me! Now on to the rest of your video :)
Toozlepops (10 months ago)
I use the Bonne Maman jars to store dried fruits, seeds and nuts. They are the perfect size. All in the same drawer, with stickers on the top, so I can see perfectly what they contain.
gwyneth grove (11 months ago)
Love this, thanks. I’m a huge fan of decluttering. A rework is always good. Nice kitchen colours by the way, very calming.
Carla Garrett (1 year ago)
you have inspired me to take a second look at my plastic/glass catchalls, today. thank you.
Nannyssillysoap co (1 year ago)
Save the planet and get a milkman. Save the planet and get a milk man. Glass bottles every time.
Life In Notions (1 year ago)
If we bought milk regularly we would probably use a milk man but we only buy milk every now and then so it is not worth it for us x
Simple Gal (1 year ago)
New subscriber....well done!
CMS Sultana (1 year ago)
How much are you using your IP? Have you done a review?
Life In Notions (1 year ago)
Hi :) Yes, we love it! I was away all of last month but Tim continued using it in my absence, which I found very surprising! We haven't yet done a review as we wanted to test out lots of different things first. We will do one soon though x
CMS Sultana (1 year ago)
Re: jam jars, for anyone in similar situation, please find another use (leftovers, bulk food purchase, arts and crafts) then donate to thriftstore before sending straight to recycling. Someone setting up their house or moving out from home could really use 10 of those!
Life In Notions (1 year ago)
That's a great tip! I will bear it in mind for the future :)
Tracy Howard (1 year ago)
I declutter my home once a month, It doesnt take long as I thouroughly decluttered a while ago. Its amazing how much stuff Im able to toss/donate out each time.
Mai L Lee (1 year ago)
I love your house, so I'm going to subscribe. I also want to know more about KonMari!
Life In Notions (1 year ago)
Thank you :) We have a fair number of videos about the KonMari Method, and even more information on our website https://lifeinnotions.com/the-konmari-method-of-decluttering/ :)
M Munroe (1 year ago)
Nicely done ... sparks ideas! Thank you. I will definitely be checking out your website.
Life In Notions (1 year ago)
Thank you! I hope you find it interesting - we have been on a break but will be adding lots more content very shortly :)
SL (1 year ago)
You have such a wonderfully calming presence, and I love your home. I've truly enjoyed watching your Konmari videos because you are one of the people who actually did what she suggested and grouped like with like during the process. It truly makes a difference in helping to realize the abundance of what you have. Good for you for returning to each space and re-evaluating.
Life In Notions (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment :) x
Bailee Pilon (1 year ago)
I love that table oh my goodness. And the color of the walls. I'm kind of doing the same thing as you, I went through and decluttered my house with the konmari method a while ago and I'm starting it again. I just uploaded my decluttering my clothes video!!
Life In Notions (1 year ago)
+Bailee Pilon Thanks! I watched your clothes decluttering video and I loved it! I’ve subscribed to your channel - look forward to seeing more videos from you soon x
Denise Carter (1 year ago)
I would move the empty jars to the bottom and food into the upper. Easier to see. Just a preference.
Life In Notions (1 year ago)
The reason that we have not done it the way you suggest is I cannot reach the back of the top shelves in the upper cabinets (I need to hop on a chair or stepladder lol)! Also, I have a fear of upper cabinets crashing down (believe me, it happens!) so I prefer to store heavy goods such as food in lower cabinets :)
My Heavenly Days (1 year ago)
I can KonMari everything I own easily except my makeup. I have TONS eyeshadows palettes and lipsticks and blush and also brushes. It is super difficult for me to let go. I only use makeup in the weekend as I stay at home mom. I also know that I like natural look and not complicated steps. Please help me!!
Life In Notions (1 year ago)
thefundamentaledit If you’ve seen my KonMari makeup video, you will have seen I also love makeup 😊 I just emptied it all out and then sorted similar items together. I think if you put all your lipsticks together, eyeshadows together, etc then it becomes much clearer to you which ones you tend to reach for and you genuinely enjoy using. The first time I KonMari’d my makeup, I discarded literally hundreds of products. The second time, I realised that some products I thought sparked joy for me last year were actually items which were too old or that in reality I never reached for. I also wanted to keep my collection small enough that I could store it all in a train case, and setting a limit really helped. The pretty colours and packaging (as well as knowing what they cost) can make it difficult to purge makeup, but at the end of the day, packaging doesn’t matter - the product does. And you’ve already spent the money so there’s no point keeping an item that makes you feel guilty whenever you look at it, knowing it was expensive, but you don’t use it. For me personally, I ended up taking my time, sorting it all by type, thinking about how old it was, and if I enjoyed using it. What it ultimately came down to was did it spark joy? If a product makes you happy, keep it 💄
Aussie Organiser (1 year ago)
Great! Kon Marie says to do her method on the house every 2 years. I do some things every year. I have 4 kids. I do their toys annually about this time of year before Christmas!
Jeanne Bowes (1 year ago)
I did paper maintenance today and was amazed that I had over an inch to shred. And I am super fussy about paper. I run through my Kon Mari categories periodically as I do my cleaning zones.
Life In Notions (1 year ago)
It's amazing, isn't it, how quickly clutter sneaks back into your home, even when you think you are staying on top of it! Do you use the Flylady zone cleaning methods, or something similar?
And then she said (1 year ago)
Another inspiring video. Thank you
Life In Notions (1 year ago)
Thank you very much :)

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