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AIR COMMAND In-Depth Tutorial - Galaxy Note 8

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The most detailed tutorial on the internet for the new Air Command and all its features for the Galaxy Note 8. Enjoy! Custom S Pen Sounds: https://youtu.be/El6Q0I_rQos Note 8 Playlist: https://www.youtube/playlist?list=PLvXKDsTIBiWP9N7srEE4Uit85x2n0ixvR THANK YOU!!! DON'T FORGET TO HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON AND SUBSCRIBE. IF YOU REALLY LIKE IT, SHARE IT!! My YouTube Setup My Camera: http://amzn.to/2x8BrXz My Other Camera: http://amzn.to/2w9WVVs My SoftBox Lights: http://amzn.to/2pYh5Qy My Microphone: http://amzn.to/2pYjo5S My Mic Stand: http://amzn.to/2pfg9XY Acoustic Foam Link: https://arrowzoom.com/collections/pyramid 10% Discount Code on All Products: "AZ-JIM" Thumbs Up! Subscribe!! Follow me!: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jimmy-Is-Promo-1136153979746934/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimmyispromo Instagram: https://instagram.com/jimmyispromo/ Xbox One: jimmyispromo
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Text Comments (80)
DAW Video Kanal (26 days ago)
....and how can i turn it off???? Im using it as color picker (the button) but the air view opens!!! it is annoying!!!!!!!!!!
Ptwainthepoet (11 months ago)
Can you open the shortcuts thru bixby
Skippi Names (1 year ago)
"hey, I need you to buy me this." lol
Gatita Mendoza (1 year ago)
Thanks again, great work!
ŠąăB Łøöğ (1 year ago)
hi bro i want to root my note 8 n950f
Kenzie LaMar (1 year ago)
Is there a way to turn air command off? Or at least change or disable the button on the stylus always launching air command? It is messing with art applications.
Michael Del Rosario (1 year ago)
hi i have a problem switching on the floating icon. it's turned on but in grey color meaning it's not functioning. thanks
K Slade (1 year ago)
I do not have a "finder " option on the air command options.... please advise.
iPhonePRO (1 year ago)
Not impressed. I'm faster with my fingers and my hand writing sucks.
Wally P (1 year ago)
Is that Note8 background screen available for downloading somewhere? I want it on mine if possible. HELP...
James Townsend (1 year ago)
Here's the creator of GIF discussing the right pronunciation of the acronym, mate: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-22620473 So as you can see, technically it's pronounced as ’Jiff‘.
Leprechuan (1 year ago)
Mine just stopped working every time I take out the s-pen it wont have an icon
Eddie Scorsese (1 year ago)
My air command is greyed out. i cant bring it back please help
Plopis McGlopis (1 year ago)
Eddie Scorsese I just fixed mine by updating the system. So basically try to update your phone and it should be good.
Plopis McGlopis (1 year ago)
Jimmy is Promo I'm having the same problem. It didn't work though.. Even deleted the data.
Jimmy is Promo (1 year ago)
+Eddie Scorsese try going to settings-apps-tip right click menu for System Apps-scroll to air command-storage and then clear cache. See if that works
ibrahim Türk (1 year ago)
Angela n (1 year ago)
For some reason I cannot click into my air command... I need help
abceasyas123 (1 year ago)
Thank you for the awesome and informational videos. You can also erase by pushing the button on the s pen.
Mike Benjamin (1 year ago)
That was fast lol thanks.
Yobran Colon (1 year ago)
what launcher u using?
Kunjan Patel (1 year ago)
sir pls...find out the old features of the not series..of the spen..when u see advertises of note series..
wristis jr da2 (1 year ago)
best informative video on note 8 and s pen
S&S Channel (1 year ago)
Great job man! This is the video i was looking for
helderman2000 (1 year ago)
Does the note 8 have action memo and the scroll capture feature introduced in the note 7?
helderman2000 (1 year ago)
Introduced in the note 5...sorry
tramaine nottage (1 year ago)
I tried downloading the mario sound and sprint pops up is it bcuz i dont have the note 8 yet
AMcho (1 year ago)
U were n the calender.... would u please tell me Samsung's calender finally has repeatable tasks?
Johnnis (1 year ago)
Light Saber sound with bright red s-pen 🤓
Benny Maldonado (1 year ago)
Makes me want to get it, I had the Note 7 and I used it all the time for my business, I now have the iPhone 7plus, but it’s missing things in my opinion and for my use....thanks for the video!!!
Mitch Morgan (1 year ago)
Hi Jimmy. How can I convert measurements in the Note8? Thx.
Montse Cereto (1 year ago)
So great and useful review,thank you. I can't wait to have this phone!
cynanne1 (1 year ago)
Did they do away with the stationary part of notes on the note 8? I have the note 4 and it has backgrounds in different colors, patterns, landscapes as well as different templates. By the looks of your review its missing now. Yes?
Scott D (1 year ago)
Great video but please talk slower, you showing something to people who don't already know!
Marcus Jackson (1 year ago)
Dope vid. Very in depth 💪
Mickey Mania (1 year ago)
Damn I can't believe I'm getting this phone for $545
I_found_BACON (1 year ago)
Keiah Billingsley they are trading in their other phones :b
Keiah 2Technical (1 year ago)
Phillip Pugh why so cheap
Phillip Pugh (1 year ago)
Me to hehe
Dennis Haughton (1 year ago)
I've owned every note except for the first one (N2-N8). I absolutely love the note series. The s pen is awesome. I can't understand why some folks thinks that the s pen is gimmicky. The s pen is something that I use on a daily basis. Bring back action memo Samsung smh. It was extremely convenient & an extremely dope feature
Liam Fletcher (1 month ago)
Me too by the way... and completely agree with you
Liam Fletcher (1 month ago)
And photo note... and air view for finger.. and action memo ... And the old s note.. so many things they introduce then just don't continue it... makes me fucked off
Haley :p (1 year ago)
What's the action memo again?
Paul Fils-Aimé (1 year ago)
Dennis Haughton Same here dude. I didn't get the Note 5 due to the lack of the SD. I don't see myself using any phone other than the Note
Tony Dinh (1 year ago)
The Note 8 isn't for everybody, it's for the person who like the best specs Samsung has to offer and if your multitasker and know how to utilize the the functions makes sense. These phone wars crack me up because if your talented and figure out the pen options, than it's not for you. Having that many gigs will insure m. That I can can do way more than just shitty Google!
Marshall Moonstruck (1 year ago)
Just a tip regarding the functions for erasing things You've written or drawn. When using the s-pen as a writing tool if you hold down the side button on the s-pen then the s-pen will function as an ereaser until you release the button.
gehtnurdurch (1 year ago)
Finally someone who knows what he is talking about. Very informational and fun video. I can´t wait for the Note 8 (no it´s not an S++)
Mani Manideep (1 year ago)
Another awesome video from Jimmy Can we play games with S pen ? Can you upload a video related to S pen supported games : )
Shaft 2020 (1 year ago)
Jimmy is Promo this is by far the best Note 8 video on YouTube Great video!! Great beat intro!! 👍🏾👍🏾👏🏾
Oscar Rivera (1 year ago)
Excellent tutorial, thanks Jimmy! Do pages scroll up or down if you have the s pen hover on top or bottom of screen?
Steven Richards (1 year ago)
Awesome info! Was wondering what all the options were! Can't wait to get my hands on my new Note 8!
Joel Bailey (1 year ago)
Is that the real deal or a official prototype?
KOOL BROTHA (1 year ago)
You are the man!
k brooks (1 year ago)
Great video
Daniel Evans (1 year ago)
Didn't the inventor of GIF say it's pronounced like the peanut butter? How do you pronounce the word Giant, George, Geography, etc.. =0 https://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2419339,00.asp Great video. But I'm going with JIF ;). Subbed
Victor Le (1 year ago)
InvisiMan Jreat to hear
InvisiMan (1 year ago)
Daniel Evans yes, it's pronounced JIF... Just like Gin is pronounced "jin".
johnjkj4 (1 year ago)
So much great information. Thank you very much 👍👍👍
arpan roy (1 year ago)
Great video. Thanks
arpan roy (1 year ago)
Great video. Thanks
arpan roy (1 year ago)
Great video
Jason Cotrell (1 year ago)
This is the type of videos that I want to see, plus you pronunce correctly GIF ! so yes...... LIKED AND SUBSCRIBED ! 😃😉
Massimo Crimi (1 year ago)
Great video very informative thank you
latif (1 year ago)
does commenting on ur vid helps you grow?
Jimmy is Promo (1 year ago)
I believe it helps yes. Comments, likes and average view time all helps with ranking and exposure.
icebeam23860 (1 year ago)
This is my first time seeing your videos. This has so much great detail! I'm so hype to get this. So glad I pre-ordered on day one.
Jimmy is Promo (1 year ago)
Amazing! And welcome to the channel!
Joseph Rego (1 year ago)
Great video man! Liked and subscribed 👍 Pre-ordered mine last week, can't wait to get it!
DR. GIRISH RAHEJA (1 year ago)
Thank you for giving so much valuable information about note 8 and Air command features. Good video 👏
Jimmy is Promo (1 year ago)
Thank You!
Omar nieves (1 year ago)
Do you use any launchers or just stick to the Samsung experience?
Jimmy is Promo (1 year ago)
I do like the Touchwiz UI. So I usually keep it the way it is. If I change It, I put on a theme
Anthony Z. (1 year ago)
Are you going to make a video reviewing cases and screen protectors for the note 8?
Jimmy is Promo (1 year ago)
I will be. I have a speck case on it now. Also one ive used called Base. I have tech 21 sending me cases as well and a screen protector for it too.
Device Geek (1 year ago)
Wow! Best video online to date for Note 8
latif (1 year ago)
Nice vid bro!
Jimmy is Promo (1 year ago)
Thank you
Muzammil P.M. (1 year ago)
Hey Jimmy.... You are awesome man.. In recent times I liked a lot your videos... I'm so happy and satisfied with your videos like this... Thankz bro
Muzammil P.M. (1 year ago)
Jimmy is Promo Do more and make happy like thiz
Jimmy is Promo (1 year ago)
Thanks man. I sincerely appreciate the comments. Just happy to help

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