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Start Me Up & Livin' On A Prayer Glee Lyrics

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Originally By: The Rolling Stones & Bon Jovi Performed By: Mercedes Jones, Rachel Berry, Tina Cohen Chang & Santana Lopez w/ Brittany S Pierce & Quinn Fabray
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Text Comments (30)
Isabella Benvenuti (1 year ago)
Who are those 35 who dislike this magic?
Billy Wright (1 year ago)
Start me up and livin on a prayer
Billy Wright (1 year ago)
start me up and livin on a prayer
Roy (2 years ago)
If lea's voice werent so whiny it would be perfect
Brandon Beck (2 years ago)
I can't argue against that your kinda right
Roy (2 years ago)
I freaking love her voice too!! But that whiny thing she's addicted to kindda spoils it a little for me. It kindda sorta weakens her versatility
Brandon Beck (2 years ago)
I love lea Michelle's voice and I think she nailed it just like every other song she sings
Milena Walsh (2 years ago)
Ali Z (2 years ago)
If only brittany got to sing a verse on her own. i feel like this song would've suited her voice really well :p
Vivian Minevamp (3 years ago)
i think Quinn deserves more solos in things, i love her voice!
rocoya18 (11 months ago)
It sucks she didnt have verse
Jessie Chia (2 years ago)
same! she's my favourite
sheerri (4 years ago)
Last time I checked a guitar was an instrument and there was no singing in that section hence instrumental break. Perhaps you should grab a Merriam Webster Dictionary and brush up on your definitions.
Audrey Kennedy (1 month ago)
TheGolden Decade (4 years ago)
"Instrumental Break" You stupid, its called GUITAR SOLO, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LEARN SOME FUCKING MUSIC 
Stxr Gordy (1 year ago)
Wow bitch much? A guitar is an instrument dumb ass
Roy (2 years ago)
Are you out of your right mind? A guitar is an instrument and if there is no one singing it is a break, so... istrumental break. Your comment's gotta be the most stupid thing I've read today. Lol
Bluff Springs (4 years ago)
Wow one thing to say to you Instrumental brake and Guitar solo are basically the same thing you say SHE has to learn some fucking music but you need to learn it more than her! If you don't know Instrumental brakes are basically indicating it's a guitar solo genius! 
TheGolden Decade (4 years ago)
One word. Rape. Mick, Jon I'm so sorry brothers! 
Sophia B. (5 years ago)
I have a girl crush on Santana omg I love her
Jemaica Elena Andrade (1 year ago)
I'm three years too late but gotta reply to you "I love Santana Lopez and I'll always will!"
Shani & Piton (5 years ago)
Cool work, man! Fabulous pix!
Marie Ngo (5 years ago)
how bout' the lyrics toso emotional or valerie by the way, I LOVED UR VID
tanisha mcfadden (5 years ago)
Mercedes face in the picture at 1:49 had me cracking up. LoL that face is just to funny ;)
Jhericho Kasper Bautista (3 months ago)
your rude its not that funny but what matters is she got a gift a very powerful gift
kaitlyn;) (5 years ago)
great lyrics, definately one of my fav lyric videos
sheerri (5 years ago)
Season 2 Episode 6 "Never Been Kissed"
Léa G. (5 years ago)
C'est quel épisode et quelle saison ??
msleamadge (6 years ago)
omg thank you so much!!!!

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