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The Magic of Making Sound

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In Hollywood, everything is magic and make-believe, even sounds. When you watch a film that immerses you completely in its world, you’re probably hearing the work of sound artists. If the work is done right, you won’t be able to tell that the “natural” sounds on screen are manufactured with studio props. That's the challenge for Warner Bros. Foley artists Alyson Moore, Chris Moriana and mixer Mary Jo Lang. Theirs is a practice in recreation, one creative element at a time. Tune in to "That's Amazing" every Sunday at 9 p.m. on The Weather Channel. SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/vR6Acb Follow us behind the scenes on Instagram: http://goo.gl/2KABeX Make our acquaintance on Facebook: http://goo.gl/Vn0XIZ Give us a shout on Twitter: http://goo.gl/sY1GLY Come hang with us on Vimeo: http://goo.gl/T0OzjV Visit our world directly: http://www.greatbigstory.com This story is a part of our Frontiers series, where we bring you front and center to the dreamers, pioneers, and innovators leading society at the cutting edge. Let us take you along for a trip to the oft-imagined but rarely accomplished. Great Big Story is a video network dedicated to the untold, overlooked & flat-out amazing. Humans are capable of incredible things & we're here to tell their stories. When a rocket lands in your backyard, you get in.
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Text Comments (5983)
Dennis Braganza (3 hours ago)
2.6K people have no ears.
Kevin (5 hours ago)
2:17 snow sound lol I loved it !!!! So real
Miss Amazon (1 day ago)
I wanna find one of these.... but about zombies!!
WhyBe OhFree (1 day ago)
So foley people are the original asmrtists?
Livia's Dennis (1 day ago)
I have to wacth this for English hw
Simran Shriya (3 days ago)
Amazingg guyss
XxÅurėłiaTiffyyxX (3 days ago)
This is just ASMR for movies
Eung (3 days ago)
Now i know that my whole life is a lie.
MrBuc128 (3 days ago)
I still think talkies are just a fad
Flexsquared (6 days ago)
I wonder how the hell it sounds just recording the real things live with the same high end mics they use???🤔.....🐗+🐺=💨🌊☔️.....or...or.. A 🖕🏻🔈=🧤+✋+🖕🏻= ..... you hear 👂 it?? I’m just a hater lol sounds 👍🏻
Shibu Squad (8 days ago)
this is one way to record sound but what if they just record the actual thing?
fuselage03 (8 days ago)
They are the real artists for sure
Amin Asghar (12 days ago)
It should never be revealed...!😏😏
Digital Emotions (12 days ago)
Amazing! I love this video...
Alderson Napolitano (12 days ago)
ASMR. Hmmmmmhh
randomshittutorials (13 days ago)
My life is a lie
Tony Ray Jones (13 days ago)
I'm a voice over artist love what these folks do so talented!
Smaakjeks K (13 days ago)
If I didn't already work at my dream job, this would be something I would love to do.
Chris Soba (14 days ago)
PataponCreeper (14 days ago)
I love practical more than digital effects, too much CGI, motion capture is great, but practical effects will always look more real, and this is great
Kayla Lowe (15 days ago)
This has ruined my childhood. I used to think everything was real :(
Goddly Unicorn (15 days ago)
*walks on rotten tomatoes*
Alexander Heil (19 days ago)
yes it does makes sound with it it is really cool
Rob Vargas (19 days ago)
My ears have been lying to me all these years I feel so cheated
Matt's Van Life (20 days ago)
Drop a coin in a cup of water and add the sound of a cannonball at the pool.
Sean (21 days ago)
why not record the real sounds instead?
Diogo Pereira (22 days ago)
The art of Cinema, my favorite part of the whole process :)
Big Red (22 days ago)
This has ruined movies for me now.
Basavaraj.K Basavaraj (24 days ago)
Really amazing 👌👌👌
Douglas baiense (24 days ago)
amazing profession
So fascinating and inspiring!
Amsoily (25 days ago)
3:36 Plugin above Pro-Q2?
Dude Bro (25 days ago)
3:50 BAYMAX!!!!
doilybox (25 days ago)
What a great video. I would love that job.
only funny (25 days ago)
Nice pair even if they just colleagues
Ali Tahiri (25 days ago)
You have just ruined the way I watch movies now!
Jimmy Ayele (26 days ago)
Eevo MGO (26 days ago)
1:47 , who is that girl?
Abhishek Jangra (27 days ago)
It's really interesting Nice to appreciate this art as well. It's amazing ❤️❤️❤️
Macaroni Gamer (29 days ago)
5:40 sound *COOL*
Talon Fist (29 days ago)
subb for subb! comm
mapo (30 days ago)
What did he say at 2:16? (the things inside the bag)
Adam Conner (30 days ago)
So cool
San San (30 days ago)
lest do it
Foodbook (1 month ago)
Such an informative video , thanks a lot . keep up the great work
RedNasty7 (1 month ago)
Lazy... go out and get the real “sound”
Robert Guinn (1 month ago)
Reminds me of this https://youtu.be/4IRB0sxw-YU
Andrew Rivera (1 month ago)
But what's the problem with real sounds?
locant23 (1 month ago)
A mic won't pick it up properly in the field, post production will also affect it, that sound didn't exist during shooting but was added for ambience.
Hizkia Yosurandri (1 month ago)
I wanna work there!
Joshua Bibler (1 month ago)
Abilton live is one best custom program besides pro tools.Ablton is more easier I think on making and mixing any musick or sound effects. You can rewire all of your daws into it , including, frutiy loops, reasion, protools, cubase, soarnar.all those daws add more power into you ablton daw.plus you can add plugins into ablton on top.its gos on for ever.I love ablton.alot of famous bands , djs, Electronic music producers use ablton. Because its very custom to midi.and its a powerful live daw.
Joshua Bibler (1 month ago)
I new how sound effects works since I was young but still really, really amazing me how they still use old tenuiq but with all the computer effect you can do unlimited things with those.
Brendon Nel (1 month ago)
Thats Amazing
orion van der Velde (1 month ago)
i wonder if they listen to John Cage
Doggo • Lover • (1 month ago)
my life is a lie.
Arizky Pulungan (1 month ago)
I could listen to their effects clearly without those back sounds
cookinsdabest (1 month ago)
This is so stupid it could be a Tim and Eric skit. Why not give us reality instead of this artificially sweetened bullshit
locant23 (1 month ago)
Because reality doesn't generally sound good in the field, also the scene may not be prepared for audio recording. The sounds me be added for ambience, meaning those sounds aren't there when shooting. Post production kills everything but actor dialog a lot of the times, but a scene would look weird without the sounds our brains think we should hear.
Weston Hepler (1 month ago)
Well dang, I’m deaf...
Chan Park (1 month ago)
how do you get this job?
my whole life is a lie
Gussy (1 month ago)
my teacher showed me this
MbseedM (1 month ago)
This is incredible. Thank you for your work!
Awesome SK55 (1 month ago)
This is better than ASMR
Steph Harden (1 month ago)
Its just me or by knowing this it makes watching movies less exciting now..hmm. sorry
jishwa dunn (1 month ago)
Spectral (1 month ago)
Fascinating! Also, I wish moviegoers learned about the visual effects artists and their craft that makes the imaginary worlds so real for us to see and enjoy.
Crystal Amalgam (1 month ago)
I really like foley, its super interesting
Mattison Park (1 month ago)
This looks so fun for some reason 🤷‍♀️
Nikola Tesla (1 month ago)
Why don't just use a good microphone and get the sounds from the real source??
locant23 (1 month ago)
Just watch deleted scenes from movies that haven't gone through post production you'll understand. The sounds don't come out right, or they aren't there too begin with. Everything in Hollywood is fake even if it's real.
mik zed (1 month ago)
ASMR with foley artists
Adrian Denila (1 month ago)
dequan spruill (1 month ago)
This is too relaxing
Jfaferrie Music (1 month ago)
For people wondering why this is necessary, there are quite a few reasons why this is still done for films and TV shows. Firstly, movie sets are noisey. There is noise from equipment, from crew and from uncontrollable background noise from the set location. This is the same reason why even the dialogue is commonly rerecorded later in a process called ADR. Secondly, recording these sounds in a studio means that you have more control in the aesthetic of the soundtrack. An example of this would be in comparing the sound for a movie fight scene, where the sounds are very exaggerated and hyped, and a real life fight. Thirdly, it's important to keep the dialogue audio and the Foley/sound effects audio recorded separately from each other. This is so that the dialogue tracks can be removed and replaced for dubbed foreign translations. This would not be possible if the audio was recorded as is on set, as the dialogue would be present in the recorded SFX.
Rieffath Fath (1 month ago)
Why i keep looking at this video since 2017 ! BecAuse im satisfied!!, af
dish care (1 month ago)
God bless the team
Ria Jogi (1 month ago)
Awesome job great job
Alise Brus (1 month ago)
Everything is lie
6Foot4Honda (1 month ago)
this was actually super cool. never thought of this
RB STUDIOS LIVE (1 month ago)
This is the loudest snow i heard in my life. The grinch 2018. Bigger sound
Denise 4 life (1 month ago)
Can this be my job?
Sandew Vishwagith (1 month ago)
Great talent
JustSimple A.H (1 month ago)
Some of those big hunchback film cameras dont record audio. So usually the video is mute and the video file size is enormous.
locant23 (1 month ago)
Most professional grade cameras don't record sound you do that sperate.
Yaliema Kickass (1 month ago)
Coool job
Saman Simo (1 month ago)
Best Job in the World :D
Soldan2905 (1 month ago)
My life is a lie.
Jhay Baldonado (1 month ago)
Creative! And seems fun to do
azzam hassanal (1 month ago)
cosmik x (1 month ago)
The Magic of Making Fake Sound
crzykoment (1 month ago)
why not really recorded in real? i mean, theres a high quality recorder now. why they not recorded it, sample in snow footsteps, they can place high quality mic on snow and then they can step on it and recorded it? or they doing this bcos it would be cheap?
locant23 (1 month ago)
It's not a money thing, this process is actually more expensive then that would be. But this sounds way better and recording audio let alone background ambience is extremely difficult on set.
thanish vamsi (1 month ago)
Illusions made by sounds!!!
Romin Hawk (1 month ago)
It sounds like the most fun job in the world. Add to it modern days digitizing, editing, clipping, this is a dream job for anyone who likes sound effects and they have good hearing and good timing.
codzydee (1 month ago)
underated sound................is sound!
Hayley Comet (1 month ago)
Seems like such a fun job!
OkayNiceOne (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who thought not a single one of their sounds matched with the videos?
Why not use the original sounds by recording the sounds naturally ..
Tsukiko Chan_ (1 month ago)
I think the background noises will recored too
dequan spruill (1 month ago)
More accurate making the sounds with the mic right there
Gamingworld0s (1 month ago)
I really respect their job. It makes alot of fun.
Foxy Fox (1 month ago)
3:37 how do you see something that you hear without looking at it😶😶
Emil Brandwyne (1 month ago)
i think its called imagination
Suresh Omkar (1 month ago)
Can we get the contact details and address of these Foley Artists.. It helps a lot as we are in film making things.
Cielo Nuestro (1 month ago)
This feels like ASMR
Min Suga (1 month ago)

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