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RAZOR SHARP Fillet Knife VS. Alaskan Halibut: 33 Fish in One Hour FT. KastKing Fillet Knives

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Text Comments (21)
tom Nord (5 months ago)
Sadly they don,t ship to norway😓
Anthony Delanzo (6 months ago)
Flounder same
Anthony Delanzo (6 months ago)
To slow
Anthony Delanzo (6 months ago)
Ok iam only on 2 fish. By my calculations in 1hr is 60minutes. So lets see. Took him 2minutes to fillet one fish which i consider easy. So if indv keeps up 2m pace thats 30 hr. 1mnt all i need. And a fillet knife thats sharp a a razor
KastKing (6 months ago)
For a halibut?! Thats great!
2Bears Outdoors (6 months ago)
pretty amazing..
2Bears Outdoors (6 months ago)
KastKing Ahh, stop it.. Loll
KastKing (6 months ago)
YOU are amazing!
Fishing With Flenner (6 months ago)
Lightly Fried Fish Fillets
BambulanceMan (6 months ago)
mmmm some good fillets there! gonna grab that knife
Bait N' Boujee (6 months ago)
Those knifes are the real deal! I love mine. I don’t use it to filet fish but use the bait knife for multiple purposes.
Len Dog (6 months ago)
The slip resistance cutting board is nice also!
Len Dog (6 months ago)
kerry wright I don’t know I wish I did
kerry wright (6 months ago)
Is this made by kastking? If not where can I find it?
PondBoss Baits (6 months ago)
Fishing In Columbus (6 months ago)
Impressive, have to get one of those.
GOONIE GOO GOO (6 months ago)
I can believe it, i filleted 25 catfish in a hour and a half witu a cheap $6 dollar walmart knife, and all the cats were 24 inches or bigger. Will definitely be buying a KastKing fillet knife
i2aspire (6 months ago)
Not bad at all, thats some good eating
This is just AWESOME. I have the bait knife and love it. The larger fillet size is definitely next on my list.
Joe Weymouth (6 months ago)
I need one of these.
TriniRCmodels (6 months ago)
Awesome one bruh

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