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Bruno Mars - 24K Magic [Official Video]

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Get the new album '24K Magic' out now: https://brunom.rs/24kMagic See Bruno on the ‘24K Magic World Tour’! Tickets on sale now. Visit http://brunomars.com for dates Stream ’24K Magic’ Spotify: https://brunom.rs/24kMagicStream Apple Music: https://brunom.rs/24kmagicAM Download ’24K Magic’ iTunes: https://brunom.rs/24kMagic Amazon: https://brunom.rs/24kmagicamazon Google Play: https://brunom.rs/24kmagicGP Pick up the 24K Magic World Tour Collection in Bruno’s Official Webstore: https://brunom.rs/brunomarsstore Connect with Bruno: http://www.brunomars.com http://www.instagram.com/brunomars http://www.twitter.com/brunomars http://www.facebook.com/brunomars
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Jaypex (3 hours ago)
Never really a Bruno Mars fan but this song...you just want to sing along.
Royal W (3 hours ago)
Bruno💜💙🖤🙏🏿🙅🏿‍♂️❣😎Best Dancing Band In The World 🌎🌍🌏💝🥀😍🤗😚What U Tryin Da Do?Make Me Smile😀😘
!じょうじ (4 hours ago)
A Lonely Potato (5 hours ago)
only bruno mars can say he's dangerous man with a money in the pocket while dressing up like a female circus freak
장민석 (6 hours ago)
부르노마스가 노래 부르노
이 이 (6 hours ago)
딱좋다아아~~~~ 기분 딱좋다아아~~~
happpitrip (6 hours ago)
Novermber 2018 Australia.
Peace andLove (8 hours ago)
Mn is a great
Peace andLove (8 hours ago)
Peace andLove (8 hours ago)
Yegdhndndhdjbrieg3uevei r.h qoheoehe9heiejmn is a good example for the bs
Puttichon Mitchai (9 hours ago)
은주 임 (9 hours ago)
You Ryu (9 hours ago)
Party people,that's what i like!!
Riley Quibuyen (10 hours ago)
Man Bruno trying to keep up Michael Jackson's style of singing alive but why did dis gets so much dislikes even tho it's fire
Gagan Guru (10 hours ago)
Who’s after saw the America got talent 🤗 honestly,Bruno famous everywhere in the world 🌎
Nolan Wazni (12 hours ago)
I hated this when it came out because it was overplayed. But now... now it’s a bop
Kim H. (12 hours ago)
I'm so mad he splashed that girl with that champagne !!! 1:53 .... LOLOLOL
COLIN CHEN (14 hours ago)
*Bruno Mars Donates $1 Million To Help Victims Of Flint Water Crisis* https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/bruno-mars-flint-water-crisis_us_59918b7ae4b08a247275bae7
Edgar Garcia (14 hours ago)
I love you Bruno
COLIN CHEN (14 hours ago)
*Bruno Mars Pays For Thanksgiving Meals For 24K People In His Home State Of Hawaii* https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/bruno-mars-thanksgiving-meals_us_5beb09e8e4b0caeec2beac49
jdog gamer (15 hours ago)
jdog gamer (15 hours ago)
love love (16 hours ago)
This is me on the last day of school
SantiGD (16 hours ago)
24 Carrot Magic
Hilalia Wisham Racmat (17 hours ago)
24carrot magic in the air😂😂😂
YULIYA Nik (18 hours ago)
Ну я сейчас в ударе, что самцы вылезли на тропу? Пройдохи, девченки бегите от их, употребляют и не вспомнят😭😜👍
MEGA GAMER (18 hours ago)
No disrespect, Bruno is not the next Michael Jackson (king of pop) but he is good af
Gamer royal Gamer royal (18 hours ago)
ohh yea 24k magic
Lucía Gómez (18 hours ago)
Es feo pero se mueve y canta bien :v
TheTuss - Fortnite (19 hours ago)
kamil piatek (19 hours ago)
wow https://youtu.be/UqyT8IEBkvY?t=25
Totally (22 hours ago)
anyone from GTA VI trailer? that isn't even out yet
F Mahend (23 hours ago)
November 2018?? make some noise !!!
love a nurse 55 (1 day ago)
3:18 yeah man
Stephen Tube (1 day ago)
oh shit
Daniel (1 day ago)
24 k
MaiWei (1 day ago)
We got money, bitches, and playaz. The only thing we're missing is guns and we'd have ourselves a soulless rap-song folks. Almost, Bruno. Almost.
道江大翔 (1 day ago)
AMANUEL ABEBE (1 day ago)
Old staylish bruno mars you are best of all bests.
Shivam Prajapati (1 day ago)
Hit like for Bruno Mars
PES 2018 anyone?
Eleanor-Faith Brown (1 day ago)
Eleanor Faith brown ☺🙇🙇
Rebel Lord (1 day ago)
November 2018,,,,,,Anyone??????
リンモリ (1 day ago)
charlotte marzouk (1 day ago)
ɞoň soň.. mѧıs pouяզuoı ţouţ ʟє ţєmps νoıя Ԁєs ċuʟs séяıєu×... єň ţouţ ċѧs à ʟѧ ғıň sı єʟʟє pèţє sѧ ţêţє єʟʟє νoʟє à ɞяuňo 😂😂
simplylovingRP (1 day ago)
I have loved this song since it came out but never seen the music video until now. Its 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Noviembre del 2018 alguien cerca
박재원Park Hyung (1 day ago)
1998 still listening ?
Victor SK LP (1 day ago)
Jeanette Newby (1 day ago)
Sarah Knight (1 day ago)
Keep up! LOL
Jaqueline Armenta (1 day ago)
money maker king bruno mars
Dr Kitties (1 day ago)
1 BILLION VIEWS??? Where have I been
Trisha Auer (1 day ago)
This is me on summer break
Mulequada se diverte
Ana lover (1 day ago)
Me song favorito i like forever
Rich Barnes (1 day ago)
Tequila, bud, a woman, this song...
rodrod (1 day ago)
Droops Dlg (1 day ago)
am i the only one who sees the guy in his jesus sandels through the whole video!!!😂😂
2018? happy my, 브루노 화성
Giampiero Aurelio (1 day ago)
Cristopher (1 day ago)
november 1983?
omo. peachy (1 day ago)
T U S M A N (1 day ago)
24 MILL?
YASİN BEY (1 day ago)
bu klıpde neden beyaz kadın yok amk
Pes 2018
Sathish Kumar (1 day ago)
Ah bringing back old memories
Silvio Tufiño (1 day ago)
Te copiaste de nuestro baile lo creamo en 2015 copion bruno mar copion
henrique __ (1 day ago)
brazil sends hii!!
Saul Zorrilla (1 day ago)
Que estupendo eres
Free Fire Gaming (1 day ago)
*Best song in universum.*
Yuniar Alwi (2 days ago)
no wonder he's hot he came from mars
Crazy Crammond (2 days ago)
Weird flex .but ok...
Numair Khan (2 days ago)
Bruno makes me dance everytime
Rylie Ramones (2 days ago)
I went to your concert in Hawai'i on Saturday(It was the best bruno concert to me) love you bruno
Shubham Kushwaha (2 days ago)
I'm here from the post,Bruno offers thanksgiving meals to 24k people.....so I'm here to subscribe... loll
Wise Gene (2 days ago)
A celebration of life🥳
Fair XD (2 days ago)
PES 2018 XDD
Michael Matthews (2 days ago)
Bruno makes everything seem possible. . .
Khanh Linh Chu (2 days ago)
24 carrots magic ?
Amo ele
Udo Hennig (2 days ago)
rkmm 0310 (2 days ago)
I'm cheering you up in Japan.
ColinsTravels (2 days ago)
All I can think of is Hershey’s right now...
Matheus Souza (2 days ago)
Escuto, escuto, escuto e não enjoo , canta de mais 👏👏👏 parabéns vc é foda
Ananda Putra (2 days ago)
Who 2018?
Kaylee Clemons (2 days ago)
Rajeshkumar N (2 days ago)
Addicted to this song
Sheila Sams (2 days ago)
I knew bruno mars had to be the one singing this on the Hershey's Gold commercial,Thank God for Google!!I found it yeeeeees✌💖🌺😎
Terry Hurst (2 days ago)
Arun Chakka (2 days ago)
Why do people hate this? They jealous or what? This is purely 24k magic. Nothing else except that.
E & A SPICE (2 days ago)
Omg 😲 he so fineee
I don’t know Kid (2 days ago)
Wait is it 100 carrot magic or 100k magic
eduardo gustavo (2 days ago)
Pes 2018 *
Elaine Bologna (2 days ago)
Show de bola essa música...
mehdi saadouni (2 days ago)
Pes2018 song😂
Michael Porter (2 days ago)
Funky I love this song this is on Fire!!!!!!!!
Roshiar Fares (2 days ago)
2016 was the happiest time...
Camila Keller (2 days ago)
2019 ANYONE?
Mafia Gamer (2 days ago)
Damn 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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