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Best Kitchen Knives Of 2017

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Here is my final knife video of 2017. See what my top picks for best knives for 2017 is, and my pick for BEST KNIFE OF THE YEAR. You'll love every one of these knives. Top Picks https://burrfections.com/toppicksFB Thank you, for supporting my channel with purchases made through these links. Top Picks On Amazon https://www.amazon.com/shop/burrfection Favorite Knife Retailer https://burrfections.com/CutleryandMore Best Sharpening Supplier https://burrfections.com/SharpeningSupplies STAY IN TOUCH! Patreon https://www.patreon.com/burrfection VLOG : https://www.youtube.com/rykytran Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/burrfection/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rykytran/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/rykytran HELP TRANSLATE MY VIDEOS !!! https://goo.gl/f1Qv9t
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Burrfection (11 months ago)
Please give the video a THUMBS UP if you liked it!!! and Please Share!
MaZEEZaM (2 months ago)
Burrfection I wonder how many knives you have now? You must have a lot?
Malcolm Gee (3 months ago)
Best slicing knives for big pieces of red meat!
KJRawX (5 months ago)
I've watched a few of your videos. Your a stand up guy and have helped me become more knowledgeable about knives. Thank you for your input.
Jerry Smith (10 months ago)
I have owned and presently own a number of knives, especially chef knives, many of them are the old carbon steel which I find very desirable to work with, but a pain to maintain as other people use them. The mid price range ($100-$200), is what I am willing to spend anymore for a good 8” Chef knife. I gave away my Shun premium, and Miyabi...mostly because of the ergonomics. My feeling is if they had the exact same ergonomic design as my Victorinox fibrox but with a higher end steel, that would my go-to knife forever. My present favorite is the Wustoff Ikon, which I think has the steel I prefer as opposed to the super hard brittle Japanese, and the ergonomics are good...but not as good as the fibrox. After 40+ years in the kitchen, I just bought my first carbon steel Chinese cleaver and find that although it has a slight learning curve, I quite like it. I enjoy your videos.
Michael Verdon (10 months ago)
Jelte Goemans (5 days ago)
At our kitchen (professional) we use the victorinox breadknives. They are very thin and flexible, I really like to use them for a variety of tasks. (pro tip, breadknives are King at cutting tomatoes
MichaeL MyerS (26 days ago)
Bruno Fabry (1 month ago)
I'm really sorry but I can't agree with you. My children are the best of the world as is my brother's dog "Blacky" (just kidding, I love you and your family too). Regardings knives I can't have an opinion on the blades, I'm sure they are all quite perfect, but gosh, Ô Lord, Jesus and all the saints, what sad and ugly handles ! Black, black, black - compressed black epoxied linen, all the same thru all brands. What a pity ! I live near a small french village named Laguiole which I'm sure you heard about. Here, handles are made of precious woods, bones, horns, all natural and beautifull materials, they are red, white, blue, green. For 60 bucks, you have an ebony handle. In your selection, the blades are pieces of art but except for the Miyabi's (which I particularely love) the handles are.... sad. Maybe confortable, maybe resistant but so sad. I want handles that remind me the multiple colors of the food I'm preparing, I don't want to slice my truffles with plastic ou epoxy handles. And I will happily pay more for a knife with a handle that talks to me. There has always been something carnal between a man and his knives/blades and thru the ages many knives and swords reflected this relationship. The role of the blade is simple: cut and don't brake (or you're dead). And when you come home after the war, the blades are in their scabbards and nobody sees them. You only see the handle. It is not without reason that you find the Miyabi Birchwood so nice, and it is certainely not because of the blade ;) Making sad handles for such good blades is like putting a Renoir in an Ikea frame.... beuha ! Best regards and mind your fingers
Seymour Mayne (1 month ago)
Great video! I've been testing knives for a new Santoku and I need one that doesn't stick to root vegetables. Why do some knives stick to potatoes and zucchini? Thanks!
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
there are several factors, type of steel, the coating, if any, the ration of height to the product, the stickiness of the products, etc. That's why you see many santokus have "cullens" in them (airpockets) to reduct the surface area. That's also why some people prefer a chefs knife to a santou. The more moist and the more starchy an item is, the more it will stick. Also the slicing motion you make matters, too. I am not a big fan of santokus but I own a few. I DO recommend them with "cullens". I would also HIGHLY recommend, flat belly, as opposed to a "rocking santoku" It almost a contradiction in terms but there ARE some nice ones that rock.
He Great Than I (1 month ago)
Ricky, I don't see any reviews of Global knives????
chris bond (1 month ago)
I love to cook and I love knives, been collecting and using all kinds of knives for over 60 years,, and frankly , I think there is as much cobblers spoken and written about knives as there are stars in the Galaxy... The fact is , if you are comfortable with a knife, cheap or expensive , then ,,happy days,, the food does not taste any better if prepared with an expensive tackle tarts knife!! Practical is the name of the game! And of course many many many of the knives , yes the English plural ,IS, knives, NOT knifes,, shown online are NOT available in , red tape wrapped namby pamby , gut wrenchingly crass U.K.!! So suffer little knife lovers of the U.K. collectors and connoisseurs alike, you may see it ,lust after it,, but may have to shift heaven and earth to actually have it!!
therealchickentender (2 months ago)
Bread Knife: Tojiro ITK, for days and days. One of the most surprising and versatile knives I've ever bought on a whim. Oh, and it cuts bread amazingly too.
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
excellent knife I also recommend the Tojiro MV knife.
solar zhu (2 months ago)
I bought a chef knife, wallop dragon knife, works great too. I think you should try.
Carlos Tijerina (2 months ago)
Hello, Would you be willing to do a channel of an Amazon Chef Knife I sell? I can send you the product [email protected]
Killacamfoo O.G. (3 months ago)
I love my Ikon knives. Guess I should look at the Santoku now.
eddiekytia (3 months ago)
Im looking for a kitchen knife set with at least 4 straight edge steak knives under 800. Whats your opinion
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
I would recommending getting a chefs knife seperate from the steak knife set. Steak knives are better with softer steel because your guests are gutting up against hard ceramic plates, not a nice cutting board. There are some excellent choices of steak knives for 40 -80 bucks for the set, even less on sale. Your dinner guests might or might not see your kitchen, and even f they do see what other type knives you have, they're not going to say "they don't match" I'd also recommend getting individual knives, not matching sets becaue most sets give you knives you don't want. All you really need is at least one chef or santoku, a utility or petty, a paring and a bread knife. If you are fairly advanced, I even recommend getting a Japanese chefs AND a "beater" german chefs for different product. if you're just a good home cook, I'd go german steel, AUS8 or BD1n steel. As for the chef knife, we don't know about your level of skill, how willing you are to care for your knife and what your cutting style is, how tall you are, how big your hands are, etc. At that price range, there are a ton of great choices. But you have not told us your skill level, what type product you are likely to be cutting, and how tall you are, whether you're a rocker, or a push cutter, etc
Mark Moore (3 months ago)
I have the wusthof santoku and I absolutely love it
Daniel Tucker (3 months ago)
I work 60 hours a week cutting hundreds of pounds of fish/ vegetables. I’m surprised the Wusthof wasn’t in the conversation for chef knives
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
he's mentioned it before on other videos especially the awesome ergonomics of the Ikons series but if you do cut 62 ours a week, you should consider the Dragon Chef knife. You'll only have to sharpen it once a month instead of twice a week and You'll never have to hone it.
Guillermo Abella (3 months ago)
Hey Riky, the Enso HD is on sale at USD $77 on Amazon. Heads up!
7115ortega (4 months ago)
Seems like Enso HD made a number of appearances in different categories. Would you recommend their set of knives above others? Looking for a wedding present and was going to buy miyabi artisan set. Now I’m rethinking that...
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
Enso is a value "house brand" They take top of the line knives and rebrand them with their own name sort of ike what Nieman Marcus does with clothes. Enso are all made by Yaxell which has a sterling reputation with advancd gourmets and wih working professionals. The HD series is VG 10 core based on the Yaxell Zen. They have a new Enso SG2 series based on the Yaxell Gou. Miyabi Artisans are superb values for the dollar too. they save money by only being 3 layers instead of a zillion layers so their labor and fabrication costs are less which they pass on to the customer to attract them. After 3 layers, it's only cosmetics anyways. I peronsally own BOTH mutiple enso HD's , Multiple Yaxell Zens, Mutiple yaxell Gous and multiple Miyabi Artisans and highly recommend each.
Blue Zither (4 months ago)
could you make more video on each category for price range like $80 to 180? I think that's the most popular budge for people who seriously start looking at knives without breaking the bank.
MichaelMing (4 months ago)
Where is the link for Yaxell Dragon knife?
Burrfection (1 month ago)
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
There are several retailers, but one with great prices and customer service is https://www.cutleryandmore.com/search?s=dragon
Bill Ridge (4 months ago)
where can i find a Blade guard for a Enso HD Hammered Damascus 5.5-inch Prep Knife
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
It will fit a standard "fold over plastic type", Vittorinox makes a great one called blade safe, Apollo make one for cutlery and more out of bamboo that is held on by magnets, so no saya pin to lose and now enso has wooden ones, also with magnets
KJRawX (5 months ago)
Hello. Have you tried the Enso SG2 5.5 inch Prep Knife? It's the same exact knife as the one in your video except it is made from SG2 steel and has a solid handle. If you have tried it, what do you think of the SG2 version? Is it worth the money? Thanx.
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
it is not the same knife. in addition to the better steel which you noted (for those who are not familiar, Enso HD is 67 layers VG10 core damascus, SG2 is 101 layers with an SG2 core), and of course different handle, there is a quality difference in fit and finish. SG2 "feels" very much like Aogami super except that it wont rust. It is tougher than VG10 and less likely to chip. it is harder so retains edge longer. it is marginally harder to sharpen, but takes just as good or better an edge as VG10
Esquisto arte de erramientas de cocina
JO-CHI Kuo (5 months ago)
Hi Ryky, I have been watching your video for a week and found it very informative than others and very helpful too. My mom always has Japanese knife in her kitchen but what I have is just random knives from here and there, the only one "brand" I could mention is Zwilling Henckels ( gets dulled fast). I cook at home and I am in the hunt for knives. Debating to buy a set or individual knife in each category. Couldn't decide because I found in a block set there are some knives I do not need. I do not wish to buy a beautiful displaying set but something I love and use. So far, I am interested in Enso prep, Yaxell Mon Chef and fusion dragon (knife of the year). I agreed with you, don't really need any fancy bread knife. What do you think? Am I missing something? Oh, and for the sharpening tool, Chosera 3000 grit will be enough to start, right? Do I need 800 too? Thank you
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
You are right that Henckels do not hold their edge, but they ARE easy to resharpen and they are very robust. I'm not sure which Henckels you are after, but make sure it is one with TWO men, not the ones with one man. There are many other knives, but of the ones you mentioned, the Yaxell mon, is a 3 layer VG10 core (and more than 3 layers is just cosmetics). It is an excellent knife at a superb price, but it, and the enso, are VG10 core and it takes some discipline and skill to use. like a car, a better knife does not mean you have to have better skill, not less. It has Both have great fit and finish, great durability. The yaxell dragon is a very good knife. It is harder and less chippy than the mon or the enso but it has a very very german geometry. Very good for rockers, not good for push or pull cutters. The Other yaxells are more traditionally shaped. Yes, I do NOT recommend buying block sets. I highly suggest just buying the styles you need. I'd rather have 3 different makes/models of gyuto than a whole block of anything for the same price.
Pedantic Pete (6 months ago)
I’d like to see a video or part on the offer shaped knives. Like the Dalstrong eagle claw pairing knife that goes in a set.
Pedantic Pete (6 months ago)
I’ve got Shun, Wustoff, Henkel, Dalstrongs. So far I’m happy with the Dalstrong for value. I want to try the Dragon soon.
olivertopple (6 months ago)
Hi, may I ask why Global knives don’t ever feature in your vids? Even if they do not match up to your high standards, in the UK at least they are very popular and your opinion on them would be very useful. Thanks for your hard work!
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
It is NOT that global does not meet his standards. Global just does not give out many sample knives. Now that he's over 100,000 viewers maybe they will. Globals are very nice, but they are NOT for everyone. This is a knife you need to live with for a week. Despite that it is objectively good steel and objectively good design, that does NOT mean it fits peoples ergonomics and their style nor their "feedback" expectations. People love them or hate them. Do I recommend them? YES. But only really if you try it and NOT just cutting one potato, I mean live with it.
yout00b (6 months ago)
These are the best free knives of 2017?? This is kind of a strange competition since you aren't testing very much variety and only what was given to you. In the utility knife competition 3 of the knives are made by Yaxell and all of their handles are pretty much the same. In the Nakiri competition 2 out of 3 knives are Yaxell with the same handle. I'm a big fan of Yaxell myself and own a few of the Gou knives but I don't think awarded a knife as the top pick of the year is very reasonable when you are testing 3 or 4 models and a few by the same company. The Enso and Dragon aren't even the high end of Yaxell knives. I think some of your viewers will watch this and trust your opinion and think these are the best knives out there and buy one. There are tons to great knives to choose from but maybe this is what you and your sponsors wanted
Rahul (7 months ago)
thanx for the info about knife
TheEnzoferrari12345 (7 months ago)
your videos are way too long , gets really boring in the middle...
Peter Albers (7 months ago)
Thnx for this review. I am looking for a replacement of my "oldenhof" knife. Oldenhof is a shop in Holland that sells kitchen stuff. My oldenhof kosts 45 euro's. about 30 dollars. It's a verry nice knife, but difficult to sharpen. I want to step up, so i am thinking of bying a usefull, but budget chefs knife. Your review give's me great info! thnx!
Tom Riddle (7 months ago)
Great video! I would like to buy the Enso HD prep knife and the Dragon Fusion but it seems literally impossible to buy those from Europe... :( Any idea how to get those? Also do you have a video about sharpening ceramic knifes?
Tom Riddle (7 months ago)
What about the the Miyabi Santoku knifes? You mentioned miyabi only in the shef knife segment.
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
Miyabi makes probably about a dozen differnt lines for various prce points and styles. ALL are excellent values, especially on sale. Some of the Miyabi santokus have a large belly for a lesser experienced home cook. I HIGHLY recommend almost all Miyabi knives, but I do NOT recommend their santokus called "rocking santoku". It's wierd that the higher lines do not give a real santoku, but the lesser lines of Miyabi do, it should be just the opposite. A more experienced cook will want the flat bellied santoku and the lesser experienced should want the rocker. Have you thought about a Miyabi chefs knife, instead?
Kyle M (7 months ago)
I see the Miyabi has dropped to $230. Does that change your overall recommendations at all?
curt31tom (7 months ago)
Hello i did all kinds of searches and have not been able to find the Enso 8 inch HD Chef's knife for under 130.00 you said you've seen it below 100 dollars and as low as 80 dollars where did you see it at that price??????????? thanks Tom
Luciffrit (7 months ago)
I can dream... here with my $11 k-mart knife with a square handle. At least I know how to sharpen it to the point it can split atoms as it goes dull often enough. ^^
Captain Ron (7 months ago)
Excellent review on a very challenging subjective subject. Cheers.
Shawn Wilson (7 months ago)
Do you experience with Sakai knives if so are they good?
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
There are several brands called Sakai. Some good some bad. Some companies say they are from the same city, and hope to capitalize off the name of the big companies, most notably sakai Takeyuki which are Superb knives. They don't give out samples so it will be expensive to run a video on. They make over a dozen differnt "series", all of which are superb from the tp to the bottom. Pricing is high, but fair for the quality. they are very highly thought of by professionals. However we do not know which Sakai company you are talking about. Most japanese brands do not give out sample knives to reviewers, but ask any chef or line cook and we will rave about Sakai Takeyuki
Thomas Gronek (7 months ago)
Thank ou for another fantastic video. It seems that you are sticking to the top-selling brands, and neglecting the finer quality knives, Like Takeda (for example) or even a high quality budget knife like a Murata. There are also some mid-range knives, with aogame super, for a really great price like a Moritaka....The aforementioned knives are all hand-forged, and worth taking a look at. These are the type of knives that I have built my collection around, and I am greatly concerned that I have made a mistake... I would greatly appreciate your review of these type of knives, and you feedback on my decision. Thank you Bunches for your time and dedication to this art.
Edwin Santiago (7 months ago)
What do you think about the KAI chef knife 7". Ir is seki and something else. Btw, nice concept.
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
Jai does not make a "Seki" model, they are made in Seki japan. They are the parent company of Shun just as Chvy is the parent company to the higher quality Cadilac. They make several models. and they are an OK quality entry level knife. A few are good values for the dollar, but there are better for the same price
Dominik B (7 months ago)
Where would be a Wüsthof Ikon in the Chefknife ranking?
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
It is VERY hgihly thought of by working professionals and by advanced home gourmet cooks. It has strengths and weaknesses. It is german steel so it is pretty soft, a pro would need to hone it multiple times daily and sharpen it at least weekly. But because it's soft it is easy to sharpen. because it's soft, it doesn't chip easily. The handle is a little thin for some hands, but the angle is a DREAM on the wrist, you can cut for hours and hours without too much pain or fatigue. It has a very well designed blade, especially for rockers. it is very durable, it is instantly recognizable from across the room as a fine product. I need a harder blade for almost all my cutting, but when I need a german blade, the wusthof is one of the ones I reach for first. HIGHLY recommended.
Wilbur Fernandes (8 months ago)
I would like to know about zelite infinity chef knifes
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
about the quality of a dalstrong> FAR better quality for the same or less money
Keep up your great reviews. Love them all. Very educational.
Marek Ciślak (8 months ago)
Could You the a How To video with different knife types and their proper uses.
Emery Boehnke (8 months ago)
I'm sure the dragon fusion nakiri is fine, but it seems wrong to compare it to other nakiri style knives since it's not completely flat along the bottom. A nakiri is supposed to be a more specific purposed knife for cutting vegetables where fibers etc. may not get cut with a curved knife if you are doing an up and down motion. The rock chop style works with curved blades, but makes comparison less meaningful.
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
agrees, A nakiri is supposed to be flat!!!! But many Americans prefer a rocking nakiri or a rocking santoku (blows my mind). Just for sure, do NOT get a rocking kiritsuke!
Precise Estimating Ltd (8 months ago)
A very detailed and informative review, thank you Burrfection.
Jowamushi Pedal (8 months ago)
Hello Ryky, first off I just wanted to thank you for all the amazing videos you have on your channel. I've always dreamed of making a channel like yours but I know how much work it takes to accomplish something like this, and I definitely have lacked the willlpower. As far as sharpening goes, I've bought my share of Japanese waterstones, and I find that I keep going to my shapton glass stones when it comes to sharpening (500-2000-16000 progression) because I don't like waiting for stones to soak, they cut aggressively, and are easy to maintain. When it comes to knives, I find it interesting that I have come across many of these knives in some way throughout the years, the most recent of which is the Yaxell Dragon. I picked up the 10" at a pawnshop (not knowing anything about Yaxell) because of your videos. When I brought it home to sharpen, I found that creating a burr took a lot longer than most other knives I've sharpened in the past, the knife still being relatively sharp initially. When I read up on BD1N, there wasn't much, but IIRC found that it is very abrasion resistant, and maybe this is why it was so difficult for me to sharpen and also why it can maintain it's edge for so long. In terms of sharpeness, I tried to sharpen it as acutely as I could, around 12 degrees per side. The knife didn't feel as sharp compared to other knives I've sharpened at the same angle and I believe this is due to the nature of BD1N steel. What impressed me the most is that while not being the sharpest knife, it has great edge retention for a factory stainless steel knife. I'm hoping I can have a conversation with you sometime about this, and other great knives out there. Thanks again for all the work you put into your videos.
Jack HAMMER (8 months ago)
discount code must have expired
Yonatan Shenhav (8 months ago)
What Myiabi were u examining in the Chef comparison? was it Myiabi 6000?
FullAttach (8 months ago)
How easy is it to rock the fusion? Leafy herbs, etc.
Burrfection (8 months ago)
you can rock from tip to heel. no problems at all.
Ricky Burton (8 months ago)
They all look great! Excellent quality, even the lower priced ones. Its hard to pick just one! So the Dragon must be really nice!
Gary Kansky (9 months ago)
Aloha! I'm going to be in Tokyo in couple weeks. Where can I buy the Miyabi and Yaxell Dragon knives?
Burrfection (8 months ago)
i have no idea what retail looks like Tokyo. if you live in the US, they may be cheaper on amazon http://amzn.to/2p1ex1Y or cutleryandmore https://burrfections.com/Yaxell
gregory carter (9 months ago)
awesome, so look forward to 2018 more power to you
Burrfection (8 months ago)
thanks Gregory. just doing my best.
gregory carter (9 months ago)
thank you . it is so good to hear some one,who is being personally responsible for their comments. You are open and responsible (it would seem )for your appraisles thank you , I can think for my self and decide which to choose, but that is only as good as the information upon which I make the decision. thank you for helping me with more information that helps me make that decision.
Burrfection (9 months ago)
hey Gregory. just doing my test. thanks for watching and dropping a line. stay in touch
lolzman122 (9 months ago)
I really want to buy a miyabi but they are so much more expensive in Europe than there unfortunately :/
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
wow, really? I'm surprised because they are owned by Henckels.
Richard Smith (9 months ago)
Amazon code BURRFECT doesnt work
Curlygirl shawna (9 months ago)
I mean can’t you just buy the victorinox knife to review it for us???????
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
I'll give you a review. Excellent knife for butchers and BBQ'ers. ery non slip handle and the very soft steel bends but doen't chip easily. It does NOT stay sharp like ATK video claims. In a working kitchen we need to hone it 10 times a day and sharpen it once a day, and that's with minimal use because everyone has their own knives. It is NOT well liked in the kitchen because of it's hard plastic handle which is an advantage for butchering, but a disadvantage in a working kitchen. Same with the steel, as mention it is SO soft it won't chip, so we do things we'd never do with a good knife. But it is inexpensive which is why it used to be seen in many kitchens as the company owned knife. We didn't care if it got accidentally lost or thrown away. But victorinox lost their market advantage and have been replaced by better knives at the same price point, like Dexter icut pro, Mercer genesis, Mercer renasance, Wusthof Pro all at about the same price or by Sanisafe, Tramontina and Mercer Millenia on the lower end. they are now popular in home kitchens because of that stupid video, so the price has gone up. it defeats the purpose of a victorinox over a quality knife because it was basicly considered disposable. And you don't need to dremmel the handle and dremmel the spine with the other knives I mentioned, but you DO need to with the victorinox. I still have a few vickies, and i DO recommend them to butchers and to BBQ enthusiasts, but for a home cook or a working cook, get something better for the same price, or get the same quality for cheaper.
VooDoo (9 months ago)
I know I am a little late to comment but this was a great video. Congrats and have a great 2018......V
Bradley Gong (9 months ago)
After the workout it got for Chinese New Year, I sharpened my Fusion for just the second time, and was thinking about not straightening out the radius the whole time! I'd be interested to see your approach when sharpening this fantastic knife!
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
Excellent comment! yeah, BD1n is pretty wear rsistant so it will take a lot of effort to flatten the radius but it probably should be some, rememeber you're also going to need to thin it at the same time. let me know. I did not buy one because I hated the curve.
CrampedStyle (9 months ago)
You may have answered this previously, but did Dalstrong change its steel in the Shogun line from VG10 to AUS10? That's what I'm seeing quoted on Amazon now.
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
+CrampedStyle I would not say they fall apart on the stone, but it is no great whether VG10 or their new AUS10. the mindset is make tons of them and quality be damned. BUT Dalstrong does have enough buying clout that they can do a litlle better QA before they laser in their logo. They are NOT a bad knife, but they are NOT a superior product or even an upper end product by ANY means. there are FAR better knives for cheaper. The reson why dalstrongs are priced the wy they are is because they have superb customer care for the home users that need it. the comparable knife to a shogun would cost 60-80 bucks on alibaba. It is the superb customer care you are paying for. I often recommend them for a home user who has bad habits. I would NEVER recommend them for someone who is an advanced home gourmet cook or a pro. Although I might recommed their Phantom series as a "thrasher" knife. As a knife, I am NOT impressed by Shogun, shogunx, Shogun AUS10. But as a company, I AM impressed. A pro is NOT likely to use one because we can get a FAR better knife for cheaper and we do not need to pay for the customer care. but a home cook with bad habits very well might need the customer care. Although I have seen a few kids that do and many of us were given samples. AUS 10 is also less chippy than VG10 so that will cut their costs and as ryky noted, Takefu is shipping out less steel to chinese companies like dalstrong uses.
CrampedStyle (9 months ago)
Wow, good to know, thanks for the reply! Love the channel. Hey, not to bring up controversy, but I heard another knife merchant say that Dalstrongs "fall apart on the stone." Any opinion on how the steel holds up?
Burrfection (9 months ago)
they are going to all aud10. no more vg10 for non-Japanese companies.
Michael Duncan (9 months ago)
Hey Ryky, I have never seen you review, or use any MAC knives. They are a major player in the professional chef world, and are Japanese steel as well. Why is that? Any plans to include MAC in the future? Thank you for your informative channel and reviews. Michael
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
MAC NEVER gives samples. Even to someone of rykys viewership Yes, they have several series, all of which are objectively excellent. The MAC Pro is used by some of the top chefs in the world including Thomas Keller and Morimoto. But it is VERY french in design, many Americans perfer german design. Fit and finish is OK, but reliability is superb. ease of sharpening and edge retention are a very good mix. It is NOT super brittle. FAR better objectively than the Chinese knife with the Japanese name and only 10 dollars more. I have less experience with the superior and the chef series, maybe a few dozen hours with each. Very good knives and cheaper than those chinese made knives with the japanese name markted by an American company
Richard Head (9 months ago)
I wonder how the Wusthof would compare to the Misono UX10 Santoku?
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
there are multiple Wusthof. And of courde as you know there are multiple Misono. First misono UX 10 is ASYMMETRICAL. Wusthof are 50/50 the steel is about the same hardness, but the proprietary misono steel takes a far keener edge and hold it longer. Misono is more french inspired. Of coarse wusthof are ALL german, no matter which series. of course the wusthof will be a little more comfortable for rockers. The Misono better for push cutters or pull cutters. The wusthof Ikon handle is a DREAM when cutting for hours, I wish the handle had a slightly larger circumfrence. Fit and Finish better on Wusthof ikon. Both are superbly reliable Both highly thought of by professionals and by advanced home gourmets
sea bass (9 months ago)
Favorite bread knife: forschner victorinox 10 inch fibrosis handle!
Tamara I (10 months ago)
That Yaxell knife at 13:41, I cannot find it on any of the links that you provided. Where did you get that specific knife?
Tamara I (9 months ago)
thank you!
Burrfection (9 months ago)
back in stock ! http://burrfections.com/fusionnakiri
Tamara I (10 months ago)
Burrfection (10 months ago)
it'll be back in stock soon. i contacted Dragon, and they will let me know when stores will have them. i will post in in the COMMUNITY section
Steve's Kitchen (10 months ago)
I rarely use my Paring knife also, it's not the most Practical knife in the Kitchen but I really like that you pointed out the Dragon knife hight, it makes that little fella actually some practical use. I like my German Knives and I have to say this is a great round up Thanks Buddy. I might get myself one of those little Dragons. I am travelling with my Classic Ikons at the moment but never know when I might add something new. I am really missing my Boning Knife, forgot to pack it.. Thanks Buddy.. Steve
Burrfection (10 months ago)
thank you, for sharing your experience, and expertise. just doing my best. stay in touch!
Ron Jetko (10 months ago)
Hope you get lots more subscribers - your commentary is very well thought out and informative.
Neil Walker (10 months ago)
It's depressing how few of the knives in this video are available in the UK. Those that are available are generally more expensive than in the US. I'd be interested in your thoughts on Zelite Infinity knives. They seem to be very similar to Dalstrong and have a similar marketing approach. I'd be amazed if they weren't produced in the same factory.
Jorgen Sandstrom (10 months ago)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Great personal review! 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
Joe Wind (10 months ago)
how come the chefs knives in the text list above are not the same knives talked about in the video? Does this win me a Masamoto white steel knife? :)
Michael Verdon (10 months ago)
Will you be testing any of the newer powder steels... anytime soon? Say HAP-40? I can't find one... any leads? I'm hearing RW 68, is this true?
Harrison Hamada (10 months ago)
HAP40 is best around Rockwellc 63-65 It won't go to 68 without problems. ZDP489 will go that high
Burrfection (10 months ago)
i have a hap-40 here and just got a zdp189..... will be posting a video soon.....
anthony page (10 months ago)
Sooo gutted I’ve been watching all your videos and there amazing , so I thought after all this why not buy the knife of the year , and after a day of trying to hunt it down , there is know where that’s sells it or anywhere that I can buy it in the u.k :( not even amazon .. can you help ? But I did buy the dalstrong Thanks Rickie
herbert jauch (9 months ago)
yep import/exports are really though. I'm from austria and about 70% of all the knives that I see on youtube , I cannot buy cause they don't ship to my country.
Burrfection (10 months ago)
ahhh.... friend. so sorry to hear that.... import/exports are tough these days....
Brandon Penfold (10 months ago)
Please take your picks and rate them again in a year after use. I'd really like to know how they hold up, even if you lend them out.
Brian Jones (10 months ago)
I'm actually excited about knife restoration auctions, what a neat business idea. Very much looking forward for more news on that.
LM Edwards (11 months ago)
I enjoy your videos. I like good chef knives even if I can't afford them. I do manage to have knives similar to the japanese chef knives. I shape each cheap knife to the proper style I prefer. I have a state of the art sharpening area in my shop. I maintain my cutlery by sharpening regularly. The best knife in the world is no good if not mantained.
xyz123 (11 months ago)
Hi Ricky! Great videos!! Could you please do a review on the Bulat chef knife? Thank you!!
Iwsif Kolas (11 months ago)
Can you please make a review of the kamikoto knifes ?
Harrison Hamada (9 months ago)
absolute JUNK. They are Chinese knives with a Japanese office. They have an "F" fakespot rating. there is no such thing as niigata steel. I challenge them to show more than a dozen people who have ever bought any of that at full price. they have a HUGE inflated msrp that bears nothing to reality then discount it so that it's still almost certainly over priced. they have one Japanese guy that no one has ever heard of on the Board, then hint that he is the one that makes them when they are machine made in communist china. I don't have one, but the sheer lack of honesty of this company makes me believe that it is also producing crud quality too.
Harrison Hamada (10 months ago)
RIP OFF. CHINESE made knife with an OFFICE in Japan and a Japanese knifemaker that no one has ever heard of on the Board of directors so they can claim it has a Japanese heritage. There is no such thing as Niigata steel. Fakespot gives it an "F" rating
Daniel Kurpiel (11 months ago)
So just wanted to tell you that 99% of restaurants, hotels, and corporate establishments never use such fancy knives. Real chefs use contracted brands that come in sharpened once a week, and they are always a stamped knife. So yes fancy knives are nice but the professionals really just use whats available to them them.
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
You are speaking a "half truth". yes, the "house knives" (company owned) knives are inexpensive stamped blades. but that is because we expect the cooks to bring in their own knives. Unless you work at mc donalds or olive garden, those knives on the wall are only if we forget our roll at home, or as a way to establish disciple. I have NEVER worked at a place where we were not expected to bring in our own knives.
Harrison Hamada (10 months ago)
Not true one bit unless you work at a place like chipotle or panda express or maybe a hospital or nursing home. In almost all real working kitchens Line Cooks and above bring in their own knives. Most prep cooks and comis do too. There are "house knives" like Victorinox, Dexter, Mercer, and Wusthof Pro. The comis is expected to sharpen them a few times a week as his "chores" but no one uses them unless they forget their own.
Burrfection (11 months ago)
never claimed to be a chef - just a humble knife enthusiast. thanks for sharing.
kyung park (11 months ago)
Question here. By the way i'm addicted to your videos. I bought yexell mon and found not beveled 50/50. Can you help me with this? I want to make sure 30/70 or 50/50 sharpening on wetstone.
Harrison Hamada (10 months ago)
yaxell mon is 50/50 bevel. And they have VERY VERY high quality Assurance. I'd email them if I were you. But it's very easy to fix yourself in 5 minutes Do you think your knife isn't 50/50 because the hamon line is different on both sides? It's supposed to be slightly different.
Burrfection (11 months ago)
it's technically, supposed to be 50/50. what you'll find sometimes, is because they are hand sharpened, and the sharpener may end on right side (in most cases), it will appear to have slightly off from 50/50.
Andrew S (11 months ago)
Love your videos!
Andrew S (11 months ago)
Hey buddy, I've used up my King KDS 1k/ 6k. What should I get to replace this for years of field and kitchen knife sharpening. BTW, I love sharpening and honing, but can't buy $1k worth of stones. Thanks, Andrew
Burrfection (11 months ago)
haha. you DON"T need $1K worth of stones to enjoy sharpening. i'd say.... if you still want soaking stones, the Cerax 1K and rika 5K, are my top picks. if you want splash/go, chosera 800 and 3000. if you want higher mirror polish..... kityama 8k, shapton glass 8-10k, all here https://kit.com/Burrfection/knife-kit
frankyfun09 (11 months ago)
what about the kasumi? you will do the rewiew?
frankyfun09 (11 months ago)
Burrfection (11 months ago)
working on it
Jonathan Welch (11 months ago)
Great videos! I purchased a Dalstrong Shogun Series 9.5" Chef Knife new and thought l was receiving a VG10 but mine says AUS-10V. It still has the Tsunami Rose Damascus finish and I'm happy. Does Dalstrong make 2 different versions of the 9.5" Shogun Series chef knife?
Bradley Gong (10 months ago)
Dalstrong is gradually transitioning their Shogun series (maybe all?) knives from VG-10 to AUS-10V.
Burrfection (11 months ago)
there is a 10.5" model with the hammered finish, and i believe its SLIGHTLY taller than the 9.5" version. same steal and handle.
Ashan Gunathilaka (11 months ago)
Could you please tell me when these discount codes are gonna expire?
Ashan Gunathilaka (11 months ago)
Abben Hung I got $14 off
Abben Hung (11 months ago)
What was the discount percentage for Dalstrong with your code?
Ashan Gunathilaka (11 months ago)
Burrfection thanks
Burrfection (11 months ago)
They are supposed to expire at midnight New Years. I MAY get them extended, so but will have to wait to find out.
Daniel Heo (11 months ago)
You should star your wife for some guest reviews - especially where she has an opposite opinion, or where she uses the knives differently than you do! Sounds like she has fun w/the knives you get and what you do. :)
Joe Stevenson (3 months ago)
It sounds like she has no idea what a parking knife is actually for.
Burrfection (11 months ago)
Happy New Year, Daniel!
Daniel Heo (11 months ago)
Burrfection Awesome! Love your channel, by the way. It was great running across it on my knife journey, and it's been awesome seeing your channel grow. Have a great New Year!
Burrfection (11 months ago)
you have NO idea what's in store.... hahah. it'll be fun.
david kowalkowski (11 months ago)
please, get a victorinox fibrox knife. it is a really nice affordable stamped knife.
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
thaere are FAR better quality for the same price an even cheaper. Victorinox WAS the knife that many companies used as the "house knife". But vickie sat on it's laurels, in the meantime other companies have fine tuened their products and introduced other product lines to compete head to head in the same domographic. Dor instance there is aworld of differnce in a Wusthof Pro and a Fiberox. Wusthof pro has better steel, takes and holds an edge longer, is easier to sharpen, has better handle material, has better ergonomics and is LESS money than a fiberox Please ask a working cook and stop watching Americas test kitchen. Most asinine video I've ever seen and it completely destroyed their credibility
Burrfection (11 months ago)
will look into it.
Zymphad (11 months ago)
Please compare Dragon Fire Chef Knife to the Miyabi Artisan. Your thoughts BD1N vs SG2?
Harrison Hamada (9 months ago)
a better comparison would be the Miyabi Artisan to a Yaxell Gou. Just because a steel is hard does not mean it has the same characteristics of another knife with similar hardness the Dragon IS a good knife. I personally own one. But it is in a different class than the Gou or the Artisan/Mizu. the Artisan/Mizu and the Gou require a higher skill set and much more discipline to use. The dragon seems to be very ductile so it's not likely to chip. and it's very inexpensive. I wouldn't loan out my Artisan or my gou, unless it was to someone I was 100% capable and disciplined. but I have no problems loaning out my dragon. It takes a pounding like german steel, but it keeps an edge like Japanese steel. Nice comfortable handle. The belly is VERY pronounced, it's for rockers only. For the average American cook, this would be a good choice. BUT it is a BUMMER to sharpen. You should also look for something in AUS8 which is easy to sharpen, holds a longer edge than german, but is less finisky than VG10.
Burrfection (11 months ago)
coming soon....
Joseph PrzNCE (11 months ago)
Thank you, i enjoyed the review.
Stephen Peters (11 months ago)
Wow, just found this channel! Learning how to cook on my own, bought a victornix last year and enjoy it, but bought an Update International chefs knife a bit before Thanksgiving for around ~$15. Seems quite decent to me, and I'm wondering if you ever used one and have any comments on the brand if you did?
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
its a company that makes institutional quality stuff. Sturdy, but not particularly high quality. About the same quality as your Fiberox. Not better, but not really worse. 8.99-17.99 is a good price for it. 20 was too much. A dexter sani safe or a mercer millennia are better for LESS money or a dexter icut pro or wusthof pro are much better for the same price you paid which was too high. OR for only a very little more you could have had some things with much more finesse in the 20-30 dollar range. But at that price point, that's double, so it's relative. I've probably got some update international measuring cups around the house. The company produces sturdy stuff/ Another thought, and it may sound hypocritical from someone how has several hundred knives, but for the price of the fiberox plus the price of the update international, you could have gotten one truly good knife, instead of one mediocre one and one poor one
Digs Fossils-n-Knives (11 months ago)
Great vid. Definitely worth a thumbs up from everyone.
Dimchik Minecraft (11 months ago)
Dimchik Minecraft (11 months ago)
Lian Wang (11 months ago)
Hi Ricky, I am having a lot of trouble sharpening my Shun Yanagiba recently, I think that's because my stones are not cutting enough. I have the shun 1000/6000 stone. Is that a bad stone for proper sharpening of yanagiba? VG10 is very wear resistant and also is very hard so it is more difficult for me to sharpen. I am curious if there are stones that would cut a lot better. And what other grits would you recommend? Thank you!
Lian Wang (11 months ago)
Thank you Ricky! I managed to sharpen my tojiro yanagiba (white 2) faster than I could with the shun (which is still not sharp) using the same stone that I have (shun 1000/6000). The shun 1000/6000 seems to be badly designed stone to shapren VG10 steel yanagiba properly. I did the brick treatment to both of them and tojiro is a lot easier to sharpen probably because it is pure carbon steel knife. And thank you for the roundup of 2017 stones video. I was thinking about chosera 800+3000 combo after watching your video and before I saw your comment. You videos are really awesome and thank you for being a great youtuber who takes time to reply to all the comments! Hope to see your sharpening video of the kramer damascus soon since I got that knife very recently as well. ^_^
Burrfection (11 months ago)
https://kit.com/Burrfection/knife-kit, look at cerax 1000 + rika 5000, or chosera 800 + 3000. all listed here. those are the best combinations of stones at the moment.
Ozyrob2 (11 months ago)
well done mate. love your channel
horriblebreast (11 months ago)
thanks for all the videos! i hope 2018 is good to you
Peder sundström (11 months ago)
I would love a Tamahagane San Kyoto review,
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
they do not give out samples. it is a very nice knife. A bit overpriced to it's value, but I'd recommend them
Zymphad (11 months ago)
Tried using AP0GEE10 discount code for Yaxell dragon knives. Doesn't work. Is my spelling wrong?
Falcon (11 months ago)
14:00 where is the dalstrong 9.5 inch gyuto ??
Bradley Gong (9 months ago)
YAXELL DRAGON FUSION NAKIRI TESTIMONIAL: this is an AMAZING knife!! While it is an unusual design/profile, that's also why it's so useful and effective. I was attracted to the wide blade, and the fact that it had a belly... I have used traditional nakiris and Chinese cleavers, but never liked a fully straight edge. In the Fusion's case, I believe the overall curve (edge belly and similarly along the spine) is a big reason why it has such consistent cutting power along the entire edge, as it brings the tip just a bit closer to your hand, giving you greater leverage. It is made with relatively thick stock, so it isn't "light" or "nimble", but I prefer a slightly heavy knife, and this one feels just right in my hand... it feels like it belongs there! I also think the belly makes it work like a longer blade, without feeling unwieldy. I did have some VERY SLIGHT chipping after using it for a while out of the box, but after a sharpening session, I haven't had any other problems. The only improvement I'd like to see for the Fusion would be a hammered finish, because it looks cool, and to help reduce product from sticking to the blade. Still, as is, I'm not surprised at all to see the Fusion chosen as Ryky's Knife of the Year... it's definitely mine!!
Ben Tan (11 months ago)
Mercer Culinary Renaissance or Victorinox Fibrox or Kuma Chef knife? I cant decide which one to get please help! My budget is $50
mydogskips2 (1 month ago)
+Harrison Hamada Thanks.
Harrison Hamada (1 month ago)
+mydogskips2 Tojiro White #2 is about 50 bucks, but it requires a bit of skill to use, It is very hard takes a spectaular edge, but it can be "chippy if you have bad habits. Remember this can rust, so it will also take good discipline about keeping it clean and dry. I've had a few of these over the years and I probably still have one. Richmond has a good wa handled knife at about 80 made of AUS 8, which is a little more "forgiving of bad habits" and it is rust free. And it's made by Fijiwara which is a great company. but it's a bit more expensive at about 80. They also have one in VG10 at about 80. Of course VG10 also takes discipline, but it is a good steel (it used to be considered a super steel 20 years ago). Good edge, and no care stainless, but you still have to use some discipline. And I don't in any way want to take away from ryky's advice, but he is looking at it from a sharpeners point of view and I'm looking at it from a retired chef's point of view. And there are some others in our little community that ryky founded that are really great at offering their knowledge and experience, too.
mydogskips2 (1 month ago)
+Harrison Hamada The Mercer Renaissance looks like a very good knife, but personally I don't like the western-style handle. Having read many of your comments you seem to have some knowledge about knives; may I ask what you would recommend at this price point, $50 and under, for a knife with a Japanese style handle?
Harrison Hamada (9 months ago)
Mercer Renassance or Genesis are very respectable knives used by working cooks. Neither of these two knives are even close to the category of the Kuma or the fiberox. they are in a whole 'nother class than the Kuma. Kuma good value for the dollar, for a home cook who will never need to use it for more than 5 minutes 3 times a week. It is a much different steel and quality than any of the other knives we've mentioned. that doesn't mean it's bad, just aimed at a different set of expectations The Fiberox would be a better comparison to a dexter sani safe, mercer millennia or a wusthof pro. it is not a bad knife, it just doesn't even come close to deserving the hype it has. A wusthof pro blows it out of the water, and it's cheaper. You might even want to look at dexter icut pro at the same price point. BIG difference.
Ben Tan (11 months ago)
Thanks a lot!
Bruce Yan (11 months ago)
Ricky, I know you review a lot of Japanese and German chef knives, but can you recommend any decent Chinese cleavers? I've been using this $10 cleaver for the past 10 years and feel like I could be doing better. Thanks!
Bradley Gong (9 months ago)
Harrison… there's a grandma I saw, but nothing compared to this old guy! https://youtu.be/8uYVYhox2Rw
Harrison Hamada (9 months ago)
LOL Bradley, I freely admit that a Chinese grandma could probably kick my but when it came to handling a Chinese cleaver. I am not good with one. I'm simply amazed at what some guys do.
Bradley Gong (9 months ago)
Harrison Hamada… grandmothers 😏
Harrison Hamada (9 months ago)
as jon P said ShiBazZi is a great value and pretty well made. Amazon had a good all around 2308 model for 2 bucks. I bought it for a student knife but decided to keep it for myself at home. huge bang for the buck The dexter 5198 is used by tens of thousands of professional cooks. it is SO famous, you can mention the numbers and many chefs and cooks worldwide would know exactly what you're talking about. Zhen makes a pretty good one of VG10 core at a good price. One thing. READ DESCRIPTIONS on your Chinese cleaver, some will say heavy, light some will say ok for bones, etc. (obviously not heavy bones, mostly for joints or poultry) There are some great upper end Chinese cleavers, but they are VERY VERY expensive and I've had limited experience with them, in hand, I don't know enough about Chinese technique and knife skills. So I don't feel qualified to give more info. I think most of the regulars here are in the same boat as I am on this one. We'd appreciate if you can ask knowledgeable people, chefs, cooks, grandmothers, etc in your area and teach US.
Jon P (10 months ago)
Bruce Yan take a look at ShiBaZi cleavers
THEDRAGONBOOSTER8 (11 months ago)
You made some great points..Pardon the pun..
Ron Floyd (11 months ago)
What? No cats? LOL Seriously, thanks for all of your hard work on this channel. I don't cook much, so most of your reviewed knives are way too expensive for so little use that they would get from me (I did buy the Kuma because of you though). But, it's fun watching the quality and craftsmanship of these knives - I was in manufacturing for nearly my entire working life. There's no doubt that you influence the market though. I looked up the Dragon 8.5" Fusion, and it's sold out nearly everywhere! The Cook's Warehouse was the only place I found one - $142. I love the "Whale-like" profile that it has, for sure. Quite an accomplishment for you, in my opinion. :-) Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to you and yours!
Ron Floyd (9 months ago)
Already out of stock again - LOL
Burrfection (9 months ago)
back in stock! http://burrfections.com/fusionnakiri
Ron Floyd (11 months ago)
Oh yeah, I'm not going anywhere - I always look forward to notifications that you have a new video up.
Burrfection (11 months ago)
Hey Ron, thanks for dropping a line. I'm just doing my best, and have no idea how many knives sell, or don't sell, because of what I do. Please, stay in touch. I've got a strop saved for you, which should ship out the second week of Jan.
Harrison Hamada (11 months ago)
try cutlery and more for the Dragon

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