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Da Flame God answers prayer lyrics

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Da Flame God answers prayer lyrics
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Text Comments (485)
kemar lyn (3 days ago)
Bow down thy ear oh Lord
Elizabeth Blake (4 days ago)
God is the answer to my prayer always!
Kemeisha Lewis (4 days ago)
Please heal me Lord
Kemeisha Lewis (4 days ago)
My God Answers Prayer!!
CRAIG PINDER (5 days ago)
This is a beautiful song, I never heard it before until one of my good friends sent to me on Nov/14/2018 and he died on Nov/16/2018. I cannot stop listening to it, truly no matter what you are going through God answers prayers.
Rusheena Wilson (8 days ago)
Yes he do answers prayer on his timing.this song did brought tears to my eyes.
Patsy Downer (9 days ago)
Oh Jesus
Ibhee Toya (11 days ago)
Love it!
Condacy Morris (12 days ago)
Praise God Hallelujah God is the Answer and God answered prayers Hallelujah He might be late in your time but one thing for sure God answered prayers and He’s a on time God Hallelujah
Wayne Salmon (14 days ago)
my song this
Mashauna Brooks (15 days ago)
Yes almighty God answer with fire your deliver me from bandage pls
Debbie Rivers (17 days ago)
So true, God answer prayers...
Shakira Adams (18 days ago)
God forgive me 😭
Alexcian Reid (18 days ago)
God will always answer me an your prayer just believe in him have some faith in the lord😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏🙏
N F (22 days ago)
God is the answer
Arlene Fisher (23 days ago)
I'm so happy to call you Father, without you Lord where would I be, thank you for always being there
Jasmine Harrison (24 days ago)
First time I heard this song I cry god really answer prayer
Omar Brown (24 days ago)
Saver help me please o god hallelujah Jesus please pray for me Oren
Dian Wilson (25 days ago)
Najai Mclean (26 days ago)
I Will be singing thia song today at Men's convention wish me luck guys
God do answer prayers it may not be as soon as you want but he always comes through
Nickesha Reid (26 days ago)
My testimony 🙏🙏
Suzette Gayle (27 days ago)
Oh yes oh yes my god is the answer and my god answers my prayers
Hey ItsŞharon (28 days ago)
One thing is for certain is God answers prayer, to god be the glory.....
Craig Brown (1 month ago)
Capital God the almighty God god other fake gods there is a difference.
Pleasurenae Henry (1 month ago)
Anytime I'm down I always listen this song an it gives me strength an couarge
Tristan Mamby (1 month ago)
I am 14 year old Christian and God ears my cry
Daar Kolawole (1 month ago)
https://kolahood.blogspot.com/2018/11/mess-up-what-devil-has-been-doing-in-20.html?m=1 Enough for the Devil in your life
scorpian angel (1 month ago)
This song play at my bestfren funeral oh my god I was so sad its emotional I cried . I love you kimmoun Campbell rip 💔💔😢
Marcalee Saddler (1 month ago)
God is the answer and nothing else he sees everything
breanna scarlett (1 month ago)
Everytime i hear this song it bring tears to my eyes i always listen it because it keeps me going😢😢😢😢
racquel thompson (1 month ago)
I love this song ❤️❤️❤️
Kleen Howitt (1 month ago)
It makes me cry but I love it
Kleen Howitt (1 month ago)
Thelicia La Borde (1 month ago)
Oh yes He always does in His own time
Loretta White (1 month ago)
I haven't heard such a powerful anointing on a song/recording artist in a long time! God bless you sister....you never know how much you minister to the broken, hurting. I have looked for the sheet music to this song and can't find it. Our church has been fasting/praying for revival for a year. Last week, the Lord told me He is going to send the broken for us to minister to. I want to learn to play this sing and use it as our "theme song"
Shaday Wedderman (1 month ago)
I love this song so much it motivate me alot when I feel down and out😔
black grapes (1 month ago)
this song is full of virtue..mmmmm
juleen cassanova (1 month ago)
I love this song.
Joyana Johnson (1 month ago)
I know that god can do it for me answers all my prayer
Vivene James (1 month ago)
Love this song. Yes he answer prayers 🙏
sasheka Dennis (1 month ago)
I love dis song its makes me feel bless n have faith in d lord
Kashona Peart (1 month ago)
god answers prayer
Tajay Brown (1 month ago)
If you every feeling down my god answer prayer
Junior Boatswain (1 month ago)
yes God answers my prayers thanks God for answering my prayers 😭😢
Tamar Thomas (1 month ago)
God is the answer 😢
Tinagaye Morgan (1 month ago)
My God answers prayer....How good of God is he?.......He see every weakness, every trials ....My God is good...Love this song.
Rohan Thomas (1 month ago)
Love this song
Avalon Watson (1 month ago)
Thanks you Jesus Christ
Shanice Thompson (1 month ago)
he see every weakness every trial every mountain an seas an he see every tear drops an he wipes them for me i love this song
N N (1 month ago)
Yes God answers my prayers....
Errol James (1 month ago)
Love this song God answers prayer. I can testify to that, God is always there.
Carol Osbourne (1 month ago)
God answers prayers ...amen
Akeela McBean (1 month ago)
l love it
Jasmine vill (1 month ago)
Please father God I want u understand me I want u hear my praye
Super Model (2 months ago)
One of my fav song ❤❤ #GOD Is The Answer 🙏🙌🙌🙌
Leighanne Garrick (2 months ago)
That s my 7 year old daughter song
Nerissa Cawley (2 months ago)
God help me please I knows you answers prayer
Nicholas Campbell (2 months ago)
Nobody greater than you lord.
Nadine Hanson (2 months ago)
If I love ths song one more time
Angelee Russell (2 months ago)
This song say it all no one like myJesus
Miriam Rosa (2 months ago)
Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers much love to you Jesus my family and my kids and myself it's love
Miriam Rosa (2 months ago)
Jesus remove from miriamrosa all curses that Edward iraola sends me through text or call my phone in the name of Jesus remove everything that Edward iraola has done in my life in the name of Jesus thank you
Ryanna Williams (2 months ago)
Fav ❤
Reina Valentine (2 months ago)
I love this song that I play it over and over. God is the answer to all problems.
chormazz queeda (2 months ago)
I know my god is good and I know he will heal me from all sickness amen
Simeon Deer (2 months ago)
My god answer prayer
angella kerr (2 months ago)
Busy signed
Gabriel Rose (2 months ago)
God is the answer
Nicola Francis (2 months ago)
Because God is the answer and God answers prayers I will faith and hold on to him🙏
Hopelyn Daley (2 months ago)
praise be god god answers pray
Nadine Hanson (2 months ago)
Ths song touch me deep
Ornellia Black (2 months ago)
Lord help me to let go of those who don’t truly love me.
Nadine Hall (2 months ago)
This song had me crying
Kimone Johnson (2 months ago)
This song help me through my hard and trying times in my life.
Chrisana Maxwell (2 months ago)
My God answers all the prayers
Alicia Murray (2 months ago)
thank u Jesus I knw he answers prayer...
Tyrone Daniel (2 months ago)
Love it some much
Barbara S. cooper (2 months ago)
satan tries to weary the saints,...destroy all that is holy and true. just hang on saints.,...we're almost home
Dorren Mcinnis (2 months ago)
So am taking care of this cancer patient, and I play this song for him all the time .
LadyFlameRP (1 month ago)
that's wonderful
Sandra Gordon (2 months ago)
Plss pray for my family amd and I. I believe he will bring us through.
Natacia Natacia (2 months ago)
Yes! One thing for certain is that my God answers prayer! Thank You Lord! I love You Lord!
Trãp Kîñgß (2 months ago)
Rae Ng (2 months ago)
Pardon me, ..so true the words.
Rae Ng (2 months ago)
Beautiful & meaning song, so tulrue the words. Thank you for singing, God bless you richly..
Amanda Lawrence (2 months ago)
The best song it give me hope
Charisse Barrett (3 months ago)
Thanks for the song Da Flame awesome words
Alison Salmon (3 months ago)
Yes my God is good the answer
sasheka Dennis (3 months ago)
I love dis song
Shaneka Samuels (3 months ago)
Thank you Jesus for ur kindness n mercies towards me
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Negro Lady (1 month ago)
Zuriel Divine (3 months ago)
My song at all times. It gives me joy and hope for my future. Hallelujah.
Samantha British (3 months ago)
I love this song
Yasmin Neufville (3 months ago)
God is good
Daniela Clarke (3 months ago)
This song make me cry
IBASTI IBASTI (3 months ago)
My song 😭😭 as a 16 year girl God is the right way to go
IBASTI IBASTI (2 months ago)
My church is in asbury on Saturdays
cameisha bedward (3 months ago)
😎don't give up don't say your done .becsuse god is the answer 😘😘😣😥😥love this song amen
Shellyann Bernard (3 months ago)
thank God, for this Announced song, sometimes I feel like I want to give up ,because when things are not bright in your life ,people wants to take liberty of you,ineedGod grace ,grace over my health,my families health,our finances is not good,i need your help jesus,cover us with your blood,in your precious name Amen,Halliluyah .
Negro Lady (3 months ago)
Where can I buy this song????.not at Amazon music.....Where can I buy....Help?????

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