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DIY TUMBLR HALF & HALF T-SHIRT | No sewing | Men's Fashion | Daniel Simmons

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DIY TUMBLR HALF & HALF T-SHIRT | No sewing | Men's Fashion | Daniel Simmons Hi Everyone! Today is another DIY TUMBLR inspired video. How to design your own half and half t-shirt without out any sewing at all! + Items needed 1. Strong Fabric Glue https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fabri-Tac-118-56-Medium-Bottle-Clear/dp/B00178MNFO/ref=pd_nav_hcs_rp_t_3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=WN8DAXTVQM52M95F28T5 2. Sharpe Scissors https://www.amazon.co.uk/AWinEur-Scissors-Stainless-Dressmaking-Adjustable/dp/B07BYQRLXW/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1528042067&sr=8-2-spons&keywords=fabric+scissors&psc=1 3. x2 Graphic T-shirts Black - http://shopstyle.it/l/LwKi Purple - http://shopstyle.it/l/LwKt Give it a go! You can't do worse than me haha! Thanks for all the support everyone, means heaps! Sweet as, See you next time. + Stay connected with me daily. Instagram: @imdanielsimmons https://www.instagram.com/imdanielsimmons Email: [email protected] + Keywords / Tags #fashion #mensfashion #streetwear #mensDIY#mensfahionyoutubechannel #fashionyoutubechannel #styleyoutubechannel #americancrew #styletipsformen #mensfashiontips #streetwear #summerlookbook2018 #howtostyle #spring2018 #nosweing #halfandhalftshirt #springtrends #drmartens#urbanoutfitters #lookbook #TUMBLR #howtostyle #mensfashion2018#menshealth #howto #DIY
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Text Comments (85)
HEY STOB IT (9 days ago)
Thanks for the tutorial :D I’m female but I love oversized shirts so I’ll definitely try it ☺️
Karim Younes (1 month ago)
Danny Mosticchio (1 month ago)
Can you wash it even if it's only held by glue
Ky Fisher (2 months ago)
you remind me of the male model friends Zoolander had at the start of the first movie.
Imeen Logan (3 months ago)
Thanks for this ideal bro I’m going try this and send it to
madi archer (3 months ago)
Anyone else come here from seeing Taeyong wearing one of these? 😂
taykarrin (3 months ago)
It looks cute cause ur cute
Joshua Costley (3 months ago)
Is it better to sew or use the glue ?
Cosmin Andrei Chiriac (4 months ago)
Just 472 likes?.It's best 10 mil likes
MIRAS MAKSIMOV (6 months ago)
классная идеа
Sebastian Avalos (7 months ago)
I have 2 lefts hands but I’m gonna try to do it hope I have the product jajaja great video bro ! 🇲🇽
MLODSZY SIMBA (7 months ago)
finally one that is not gay
John Rossiter (7 months ago)
Daniel when you record and home and then post your content does your face seem to flip like it doesn’t mirror your face . If you get me sorry if I said it confusingly aha. Thanks man
LYRICS -VKpop (7 months ago)
Wow i love you...im from việt nam
Bill Bob (7 months ago)
can you do a vid where what to wear with beanie like urs ?
Le Bridé (7 months ago)
I love the concept 👍🏻
Phuong Nguyen (7 months ago)
Yoooo this is so dope!
ORIGIN FITNESS (7 months ago)
Sick idea! Definitely giving it a go! Btw what's your nationality?
Adam (7 months ago)
great video, background music abit loud thou.
Дмитрий Юдин (7 months ago)
Very good. Greetings from Russia!
edward (7 months ago)
Bro! So fricking dope! I swear I thought that it was a shirt that you bought from somewhere, looks hella good! Great stuff brother, much love. Enjoy your holidays!
Johnny (7 months ago)
Sangiev approves
Antoam 21 (7 months ago)
bro have a room tour🔥
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Will do that soon :)
Harley Lyons (7 months ago)
Love it bro I have a Lower shirt from there 2011 season I think. It has a one half Lakers and the other Half with a rock band it’s sick haven’t worn it in ages but seeing you with it I might have to get it out!
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Thanks! Do it man!
Payday Pickups (7 months ago)
Ayyy came out so sick bro! Definitely going to try something out similar!
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Yeah I think I'm ready to try it with a Tommy item now! Let me know how it goes my bro!
_Aknown_ (7 months ago)
Bruv i never thought of thhis idea, my parents know how to sew so i will defenitly do this!!!! i will dm a picture when i do this, THANKS FOR THE IDEA BRUV🙌🏼 keep up the work
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Awesome bro! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out! Thanks for the support!
Anonymous (7 months ago)
sickk bro!
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Thanks my man
Benjamin Mason (7 months ago)
I think Pinterest half & half t-shirt might be better title, just a thought. Nice video though
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
I think you could be right haha!
James Steel (7 months ago)
Where did you get your dungrees
James Steel (7 months ago)
Yah thanks man :)
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
From Asos :)
GreenReaper (7 months ago)
Hey man, great vid! What size are you wearing for the acne tee?
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Thanks mate, I'm wearing a size Large.
Peter Wesolowski (7 months ago)
Wow. This is soooooooo cleaver. Wouldn’t honk about something like that on my own.
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Thanks for the support Peter!
GROOVY GHOUL (7 months ago)
Yo this is @illghxzt on Instagram , I like your content , keep it up very dope 🙏🏽 .
Jan Pascual (7 months ago)
Hey, man! Interesting DIY. Looks great!
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Thanks, really appreciate the feedback!
Prayosh Pachu (7 months ago)
Definitely gonna make use of those unwanted t shirts into these 😀. Great video bro
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Yes bro! Let me know how it goes! Thanks :)
Yung Genshi (7 months ago)
Thnx bro😂just commented about it last video
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Haha I got you!
Itia Salmon (7 months ago)
That's really cool!!! 😁
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
allan fuentes (7 months ago)
That outfit looks so clean Daniel. Keep up the amazing work!
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Thanks so much! I really appreciate the support :)
Frisku Zir (7 months ago)
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
My man!!!
Donavan Rooi (7 months ago)
You and not ironing tshirts 😆
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Haha its my flaw
Fuck the Ibises (7 months ago)
damn! more of these! it's such a great way of having unique pieces made by yourself. really reminds me of those color block gosha sweatshirts from some time ago.
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Thanks heaps! Yeah man I feel you on that!
c3yhun EDM (7 months ago)
Really You are very cool boy 👍🏻
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Thanks you :)
Donavan Rooi (7 months ago)
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Carmen Keung (7 months ago)
Hey I don't expect you to be good at DIYs and building desks😊
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Hahaha Thanks!
Phung (7 months ago)
Helllllllla creative
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Jonny Peters (7 months ago)
Check your IG dms bro! I messaged you a few days ago. Peace!
nellek970 (7 months ago)
That shot looks dumb as fuck...😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😭😭😭
organ108 (7 months ago)
sick idea but i like it :P
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Thanks :)
Matthew Gordon (7 months ago)
Another banger ,keep grinding bro ❤
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Thanks bro!
Lxmbofgod (7 months ago)
This diy is insane mate but tbh I’m afraid to try it out great video !
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Do it bro! If I can, you can haha!
EclipseS (7 months ago)
Nice vidddd
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Aldo Rivas (7 months ago)
Serhat Akdeniz (7 months ago)
Love the acne studios tee
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
It's a goodie my guy!
Serhat Akdeniz (7 months ago)
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Damn thats fast bro!!
niklas (7 months ago)
Kia ora!
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Kia Ora my bro!
JIM KOSTOP (7 months ago)
First Sick tutorial brother!! Love the whole idea...the process is easy and the final product is amazing!!
Daniel Simmons (7 months ago)
Jim killing it as always brother!

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